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Delaware teacher calling out DE Dept of ED re: teacher evaluation

Three cheers for Mike Matthews for staying true to his blogging roots. Matthews, older and wiser and now shaving puts it all out there re: DPAS, DCAS and RTTT. And someone will need to tie him down when Delaware hits the switch on the Smarter Balanced Assessment set to replace DCAS and further alienates local school board control.

Mr. Matthews needs to stop blaming the Delaware Department of Education and take his fight to Delaware Education Czar aka Delaware Governor Jack Markell. But don’t get me wrong, I agree DE DOE lacks capacity but that level of capacity is gauged by what the governor allows.

As far as Race to The Top a federal grant not law, Delaware must comply with the RTTT agreement which is a four-year contract. But by time Delaware really gets into implementing teacher accountability the RTTT contract will be expired. Mike Matthews highlights something way beyond teacher accountability and doesn’t go deep enough as to the impact on students. Listen to his comments, due to lack of computers it’s near impossible for all student in one district to take the same test even if given in the same month ( he didn’t say like that but suggest the test window is so wide because of needed computers) Also, some students will be tested on material they haven’t been taught in contrast to those who would take the DCAS towards the end of May. Remember DCAS is a growth model test to assist students and teacher but once again the push from the Wall Street ponzi scheme its also the means to hold teacher accountable. We all acknowledge NCLB and DSTP was flawed and don’t blame the unions for designing those educational Frankensteins. Unions had to suck it up and be team-players sometimes called stakeholders.

Mike Matthews represents the newest generation of teachers that will be pressured by change brought about by the failed NCLB and DSTP. Mike’s generation is more adapt to use technology and creatively than any generation before him. We have so many bright people like Mike willing to be public school teachers because they have passion and creativity. I suggest those who view his video plea for help best take noticed. Do we really need a bunch of pre-wired Stepford wives as teachers? Or do we want creative teachers teaching individuals not widgets.

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