Will Red Clay be required to return disputed referendum mony back to taxpayers?

Red Clay Community Financial Review Committee Tuesday, October 13, 2015

II. Referendum Lawsuit Ms. Floore explained the ACLU suit with Red Clay for the referendum procedures. Our attorneys filed a motion to dismiss. A Motion to Dismiss is not argued on the merits of the case. The judge ruled not to dismiss. The judge added to his ruling that we could avoid a trial with a revote. The Board will receive the advice from the attorneys on the process moving forward. Ms. Thompson also said there will be discovery, which will be expensive. We could ask for summary judgment. She further explained that there was talk about appealing to the Supreme Court right now. It will get very expensive really fast. 

Mr. Clampitt asked what would happen if the claimants prevail? Ms. Thompson stated we lose the referendum. The collected money would be in question. Mr. Piccio asked if the collected money is being placed in escrow. Ms. Floore explained that there was no “stay” on the tax ordered. We are using that money for salaries and supplies and those things promised in the referendum. Mr. Piccio stated that whomever loses, will appeal. Ms. Thompson stated the people who brought the case to the ACLU aren’t paying the fees. Mr. Clampitt asked to we have any idea of the cost of an election. If we simply had another vote, we could avoid all of the cost. Ms. Thompson stated we could hold another vote without the events we had at the time of the first time. Ms. Floore explained that Christina held a referendum on the same day as ours, with events and their referendum did not pass. The factual elements in the judge’s opinion are not correct. Ms. Floore has not had any conversations with the attorneys. Mr. Clampitt believes that the Board should have this information so they can do a cost analysis and make a decision based on that. Ms. Floore said we cannot go back in time to February 2015, the conditions that existed at that time, no longer exist.

Red Clay Charter School Accountability Committee Recommends NO Renewal of DCPA’s Charter

It is recommended that the Red Clay Consolidated School District not renew the Charter for the Delaware College Preparatory Academy.

 DCPA has been on probation since 2012

 Enrollment concerns

 Financial concerns

 Academic concerns

 Compliance concerns

It’s time to end this charter school cat and mouse game! Red Clay has done their best with what they had to right this ship and it’s time to sink it.  Red Clay administrators lack the skill-sets to effective provide oversight to ensure DCPA serves children with high quality education services. Damn Red Clay adminstrators in charge of DCPA oversight couldn’t even get the school to post board meeting minutes in a timely manner.  


Every Red Clay board memeber and local legislators at risk of losing seats!

School realignment plan calls for property tax changes  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

“Among a slew of proposals, the commission also wants the state to give the Red Clay School District about $6 million and temporary authority to bump up property taxes. The goal is to bolster the district so  it can absorb Wilmington students and schools currently served by the Christina School District.”

“A property tax reassessment would also help Red Clay handle the influx of new students, the report says. Until that happens, the commission wants to give the Red Clay School Board authority to make small increases to its property tax rate without getting input from voters.”

You know damn well a temporary $$$$ cash infusion will be permanent and reassessment of property will set the stage to unseat “every” legislator serving  within Red Clay’s boundries.

If we’re going to FUCK with the way we fund traditional schools than we need to fund them like Votechs! Let the legislators set the property rates like they do with votechs.

God help the senior citizens living on fixed income and the impact on local businesses will cost JOBS!

Perhaps we need teachers and administrators to start paying their fari share in healthcare cost! Red Clay’s adminstrators receive a rasie every year while employees in the private sector goes 3-4 years without a raise. And perhaps we need to end healthcare coverage for state legisalators. They all act like volunteers serving the community and yet it a big pay day for many with all the extra $$$$$$$ serving on committees.

Red Clay school board elections coming May 2016 and I think we need a sacriifical lamb to let other board members they are next! EACH AND EVERYONE!

Delaware parents being hoodwinked by labor re: testing opt-out

I am all for allowing parents to opt-out of the federal standaridzed test called The Smarter Balanced Assesment. However, the opt-out movement is more about railroading the Smarter Balanced from being used in teacher evaluations.

I remember the teacher outcry opposing DSTP! Unions said, give us a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held account for student growth while in our care! Well they go their wish and it was called DCAS. When it was time to pay the piper uinons baulked.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for fair means to hold teachers accountable and state / federal standardized test being called student assessment test isn’t the answer.

Where is the plan Delaware teacher unions presented to hold themselves accountable? NONE!

What pisses me off the most is, there are those educators stoking the parent test opt-out movment from the sidelines. I can them fence-riders.   

The solutions isn’t simple and rather comlexed. However, a great place to start weeding out educators who perhaps are better suited for other carrers is ending or limiting the VT card!     

Integerity  must start at the district level and we need an accountability process that fair to teachers but doesn’t prolong purging unsatisfactory rated teachers out of the system. We do need due process protecting employees but we need to address this issue now. I hope parents pushing the testing  opt-out the best of luck and hope they can see the light in that we need tangible teacher accountability. Some of you know I may have alienated myself from some union friends but fuck them if they think I am going to stand behind their agenda that manipualtes good people in doing their dirty deeds. When it comes to organized labor I am all for it. However, we’re not talking bricks or steel beams here! We’re talking children and asking unions to stop the dog chasing it’s tail agenda and produce a district level teacher accounablity that purges the unersiables from our chidlrens lives isn’t asking too much. P.S to punk-ass bitch, be  careful when talking the Kilroy smackdown talk in your little social-circle. You might have to man-up! 

Why did DCPA remove 8/15 & 9/15 meeting minutes from public view?

No doubt Red Clay School Board will look the other way and not confront DCPA for their game of smoke and mirrors. DCPA removed 8/15 & 9/15 board meeting minutes from public view. WHY ?

Board Agenda & Mtg Minutes

Reduce student testing but Smarter Balanced off limits! Don’t bite the hook!

Folks don’t you smell the agenda? It seems like everyone is on the same page that we need to reduce the number of tests students take each year. And yep there will be that collaboration with the stakeholders! Nothing more that another Kool-aid fest! 

The best course of action is, continue the Opt-Out movement. Our state legisaltors need to override Markell veto on the opt-out legisaltion. 


Guess who is going to dinner at ISIS house ?

Delaware student’s are being cheated by 1506 Emergency Certificate that allows inexperienced teachers in classrooms

1506 Emergency Certificate

“Certified” means holding a certificate in a specific content area at designated grade levels

“Emergency Certificate” means a temporary credential issued to an individual who has obtained employment or an offer of employment with an employing authority and holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License, but lacks necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area. The temporary credential provides the individual with a limited time to meet the requirements for certification in the specific content area.

Hello, “lacks necessary skills and knowledge to immediately meet certification requirements in a specific content area.” So they learn via OJT with mentoring from other certified teachers. Folks these inexperienced teachers spend most of the day alone with your children. What this means is, a PE teacher can become a math teacher without skills and knowledge in math. Or a math teacher teaching reading! This practice should not be allowed! Teachers need to teach in their content area where they hold a certificate.

We talk about raising the bar on students with Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment but yet put them in classroom with inexperienced teachers? 

Relax Mr. Matthews, I am not bashing teachers or teacher unions. They have enough problems with core labor leadership deficiencies. My point is, children fall behind or no get a head when we put teachers in positions they are not qualified to teach. Are parents advised their child’s teacher is not certified in content area? NO.

I hope Delaware PTA leadership keeps moving into the sunlight and continue the shift away from rolling in bed with the likes of Jack Markell. Parents need to know these “little things”. Delaware PTA needs to continue educating parents on ways to improve meaningful engagement for the betterment of education for their children and for the betterment of parental ownership of public education. The pouring of political agenda Kool-Aid needs to stop.  

So What Changes Can We Expect In The New Improved ESEA?

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Today an agreement was announced by leaders in Congress and a conference to hammer the differences between the Senate and House Bills will soon be set.  The target for passage is by the end of the year.

You are probably wondering what this portends?

In synopsis fashion it goes like this:

On Accountability

  • states would still have to test students in grades 3-8 and once in high school in reading and math.
  • States would get to decide how much those tests count for accountability purposes.
  • States would be in the driver’s seat when it comes to goals for schools, school ratings, and more
  • States would be required to identify and take action in the bottom 5 percent of schools, and schools where less than two-thirds of kids graduate.
  • States would also have to identify and take action in schools that aren’t closing the achievement gap.

On Opt-Outs

  • It would allow states…

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Breaking Exclusive Mammoth News! Newark Charter School Network! Or The Attempt!

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My street-level sources found out some huge news today.  Turns out Newark Charter is looking to become a charter dynasty here in little old Delaware.  But one of their attempts didn’t work out quite the way they planned.  Instead of going to a charter leader at another Delaware charter with their recruitment into the Newark Charter Network, they went to one of their assistants instead.  When the charter leader found out, they fired the assistant immediately. 

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Delaware’s obviously next governor is missing the mark with he college saving account plan

Carney plan would change college aid  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The legislation Carney plans to introduce in the House of Representatives would have the U.S. Department of Education create a pilot program that would make Higher Education Savings Accounts for students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

Those accounts would contain the maximum award from Pell Grants, the primary federal student aid for low-income students. At the moment, that amount is $5,775 per semester, though any increase in the grant would be matched in the accounts.

Students who perform well academically could be eligible for further contributions to the account.

Carney said he wanted to leave many of the details, like how many students would participate in the pilot, up to the department.

The system would help families plan for paying for college, Carney said, in the same way Social Security gives workers regular notice on how much they’ve accrued to help prepare for retirement.

“Too much talent is being wasted because low-income students don’t think they have the wherewithal to afford higher education,” he said.

To start off, John Carney will be Delaware’s next governor. The Delaware GOP has “nothing”. An early congratulation John.

I hope the U.S. Congress don’t buy into Carney college savings bullshit plan! What needs to be reformed is government backed college loans and perhaps higher $$ grants.

As far as the government’s current college loan program, it needs to change. Too many college graduates are deep in loan-debt and will be paying for 10-20 years. We need a payback system that for each year loans are paid on-time for the year, 1% drops off the interest rate and after 5 years of on-time payments, the college loan drops to zero %  interest. And perhaps reward those who paid their loan payments on-time for 10 years with forgoing any outstanding loan principle.

One would think our children of poverty once graduated from college will be heading into careers lifting them out of poverty. Let’s stop the handouts and give a hand-up. Carney needs to encourage Delaware business to increase private college scholarships.  

Folks keep in mind the buzz word, “education savings accounts”. Delaware is tracking towards school vouchers for k-12 education and that sweet news for the Delaware GOP.

I encourage John Carney to lay out his entire education plan for Delaware’s public schools. He once talked about decentralizing the Delaware Department of Education. John, did you forget? What about public school safety John ? Your only fear was, walking the halls of Saint Mark’s and running into principal Ron Russo. John was something else on the Saint Mark’s dance floor. You should have seen him strutting his stuff as the Selectrons spun their 45’s. And then there was trying to catch B-Mac on the track field ;) But then again, football was John’s thing. Now the question is, do we give John Carney the Delaware education ball and cross our fingers he won’t pass it back to Rodel or private citizen education consultant Jack Markell? John sometimes the quarterback needs to run the ball into the end zone! But you know that ;).

John, there are many college graduates still looking for jobs in their fields who are strapped down with college loans. Many still live home with mom and dad. Markell rolled the dice on invisible cars and now Bloom both promising good paying jobs and he screw the taxpayers and those looking for good paying jobs. 

John when you get settled into campaigning in Delaware how about you and I inviting Publius to a beer summit at the Bull’s Eye? 

Another White-Flight agenda brewing in Delaware / Red Clay School District

Watch this video ! Delaware is next!

Just as the charter school movement was born and crafted in Red Clay, the school savings accounts agenda aka school vouchers are being plotted.

Many in Red Clay aren’t happy with WEIC and the Red Clay school board’s recent blunder. However, WEIC is fueling the need for school vouchers that are nothing more the another escape-hatch for affluent whites. Sure there’ll be new private schools popping up to attract minorities or even low performing charter schools closing and converting to private schools. Remember what I’ve been saying, traditional public schools “had to fail” to justify charter schools and now charter schools “have to fail” to justify school vouchers. Once the Christina / Red Clay merge happens or a done-deal waiting for the plan to go in motion, every Red Clay board member will be voted out of office. And it seems PTA is kicking around ideas to get board members booted off before the end of their term.

As you can see the next phase re: charter schools have to fail, ACLU: Delaware charter schools causing resegregation.” 

This is the Delaware seed legislation using disability and poverty as the hook-in. If this legislation were to pass the $$$$ vacuum created in traditional public schools compound by that of charter schools would cause an implosion of what’s left of the public school system.

Hudson and Lavelle both are legislators serving in Red Clay.  Hudson is a Greenville elitist.  


Rep. Hudson & Sen. Lavelle 


(6) “Eligible student” means a resident of Delaware who is any of the following:

(a) A “child with a disability” identified as having a disability under section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973 (29 United States Code section 794); a child who because of mental, physical, emotional, developmental, speech or learning disability problems, as defined by the Department of Education rules and regulations approved by the State Board of Education, requires special education and related services in order to develop that person’s own capabilities. A child with a disability is eligible for services beginning on the child’s third birthday, or earlier if otherwise provided in Delaware Code, Title 14, Chapter 31.

(b) Any elementary or secondary student who was eligible to attend a public school in Delaware in the preceding semester or is starting school in Delaware for the first time and is a member of a household whose total annual income defined in Section 3, paragraph 4 of this act.

(c) A child of a parent or guardian who is a member of the armed forces of the United States and who is on active duty.

(d) A child who was or is a ward of the juvenile court and who achieved permanency through adoption or permanent guardianship.

“We always talk about how, in Delaware, the money follows the child. But that’s only true within the government schools,” said House Minority Whip Deborah Hudson, one of the bill’s sponsors. “That unnecessarily limits some kids, and we want to change that.”

“When a family is challenged economically, they can be trapped in failing schools or in a school that doesn’t meet what their kid needs,” said Senate Minority Whip Greg Lavelle, another sponsor. “We want to give them the option to send their children to the school that is best for them.”

So Greg, protect the gates of Charter School of Wilmington and give these children vouchers to get into Sanford? You know damn well Markell’s want-to-be minoritie leaders will open private schools or close and convert minority charter school to get a piece of this $$$$ gravy train. 

You can bet every affluent parent will get a 504 to qualify until the law is modified to allow all student this opportunity.

WEIC is setting the stage to help push this allegation to reality and weak-kneed Red Clay board members will get the boot. 

The Draft Plan For Wilmington Redistricting Presented To State Board Of Education Yesterday

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As this document put on a public website clearly says,

DRAFT: November 3, 2015, not reviewed in full or approved by Redistricting Committee or the Commission, not for dissemination or distribution

I will note, one more time, this is a draft, not approved yet.  I always have to crack up when I see things put on public websites that say “embargoed” or “not for distribution”.  The very act of putting it on a public website means it is now “out there” on the internet for anyone to see.  Granted, I don’t know how many dive into the agenda for a State Board of Education retreat, but I digress…

Here it is, but don’t stop reading after you finish that one, cause there is more

And once again, we have the same disclaimer on the appendices, which includes Red Clay and Christina’s plans with all of this and tons of funding…

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Exceptional Delaware found in the nude at front and grunt!

For all of Kilroy’s rants about Race To The Top and DSEA’s role in it, we NEVER hear one word about the charters support for Race To The Top.  They had a role as well.

OMG ! Exceptional Delaware jumps on a grenade for DSEA! You know, the rank and file knows they got hosed and they know the former queen was rewarded with a DE DOE job.  

Is there benefit for Kilroy to go gangbusters on unions and not the charters?  Probably not, but then I looked at who the bulk of the commenters are on Kilroy’s nowadays.  Die-hard charter and choice lovers.  Led by the always controversial Publius.  We know Kilroy has sidebars with a lot of his commenters.

And I’ve met the in public. I respect everyone’s “opinion” even Publius. Doesn’t mean they are right nor I feel, I am right! So threats of outing because they don’t agree with you! OMG! 

I usually talk to him every couple weeks myself.  But is Kilroy being inundated with the charter special sauce?

Now play nice! You know I am trying to open a charter school for the language arts!  

And why would someone do that?  Perhaps if they were running for a local school board in the next few years.  That’s right.  Word on the street has it that none other than Publius himself will be running for a local school board!

So you won’t love me anymore if I am his campaign manager?  

While some (okay, many) know who Publius really is, you won’t hear it from me.

But you’re dying to tell! Should I require every person leaving comments to use their real names? FYI, Publius is a low-level insider! Non-threat! You have more to worry about re: punk-ass Susie Homemaker. Don’t let him bait you in which his bacon-wrapped asparagus.

It would greatly benefit Publius to have Kilroy turn the public against the local unions.

I am pro-union as they come but when leadership sells out rank and file they need to be spanked! 

Is Publius working Kilroy?  I sure hope not, because Kilroy wouldn’t be too happy if he found out!  But in my eyes, Publius on a local school board is more frightening than the last episode of American Horror Story!

Damn you! You let the cat out of the bag! Publius is my pool-boy and drives downstate to Helen Sausage House and brings me back a sausage and egg sandwich. 

Publius won’t be on any local school board because they meet in the evening. His night job at 84 Lumber putting rubbers on termites so they won’t fuck up the wood prohibits him from engaging in evening community activities. ( OMG! Look out Brian is going comment about my foul mouth)

Say what you will about DSEA.  I agree with some of Kilroy’s points on them.  They could have taken a much stronger stand on opt-out.  

Don’t kiss my ass now!

I have no clue how they really stand on the opt-out penalty and what their role is.  

They support the opt-out because the test is wrong but without the 95% DO DOE and Markell can’t use The Smarter Balanced in teacher evaluations. I support not using it. However, we need to end VT unless for good cause. Teachers receiving less than satisfactory evaluation where they have no job in that school shouldn’t be allowed to VT because the only openings are usually in high poverty school. 

Someone is either telling the truth or they are lying.  Yeah, sometimes the truth is in the middle, but in Delaware politics, someone is usually playing someone else for their own benefit.  It’s a tricky slope to sled down.

My point! And parents need to organize in groups as parents without educators as part of there group! PTA is finally coming out of their coma and they need not take part in pour Kool-aid for the likes of Markell. 

I firmly believe, that with WEIC and the redistricting effort, Mike Matthews wanted to take on a greater role because he knew the responsibilities of being President of RCEA were going to greatly increase this year.

Mike Matthews cares about his community and colleagues. And he’s been know to give DSEA some push-back! But responsibility one union is defend the paycheck and benefits and ensure due process. That’s a good thing. I see him emerging as a state representative and sure he’ll be pro-union but he is in tune with the breakdown of our society. Mike, see every child / student the same as in equal. He doesn’t give up on one child! He like many other teachers get blamed for students not being prepared, not willing to engage and learn and not meeting the standards ( those standards are so skewed and misaligned)    

More focus and focus plus schools as well.  And we all know Mike will stand up to the DOE, which is desperately needed these days, and I wish all local education associations would do this instead of sitting on the fence.

No Kevin, it’s time for parents to push teachers aside and take control of Dover! It’s a now win when teachers try to take on DE DOE and Markell! Mike, knows the truth and needs to educate parents on all the bullshit terminology.

Kilroy said this has never happened before.  Well guess what Kilroy, the time to defend teachers against the onslaught of the DOE has never been greater!

As long as teacher union leaders keep fucking up when dancing with the likes of Markell they remain their worst own enemy. My push for those board recording benefits all: parents, teachers, educators, school board members and clueless fucking politicians sitting around with their thumbs up their asses!

Pubic schools belong to the public and have a responsibility their child’s teacher has the tools and resources needed to educate their children. And like it or not Charter schools, magnet schools and votechs are part of choices parents want and demand. However, the doors need to swing the same way for all children.

Keep up the good work Kevin and I know, you know I am pulling your chain.