Red Clay’s Skyline Middle School promotes all students 100%

Skyline Middle School
 Date updated – Spring 2016

School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6 100.0%
Grade 7 100.0%
Grade 8 100.0%

The way Skyline parents descends upon the school board with complaints of out of control student behavior to a point they are concerned about their children’s safety one would think a few of these thugs would have been held back!  

Did Red Clay pay for a AVID trip to Orlando when Philly was closer ?

What is AVID?

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is a global nonprofit organization that operates with one guiding principle: Hold students accountable to the highest standards, provide academic and social support, and they will rise to the challenge. AVID’s kindergarten through higher education system brings research-based curriculum and strategies to students each day that develop critical thinking, literacy, and math skills across all content areas. Learn more about the AVID SYSTEM.

AVID is the most appropriate partner to achieve student success in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While the CCSS describes “what” students should know, AVID strategies provide “how” students will learn and master the knowledge and skills needed to meet the standards.

AVID Summer Institutes – #AVIDSI2016

Orlando (July 6-8)

JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton

4040 Central Florida Parkway

$189 Single/double

So Red Clay taxpayers spring for airfare to Orlando Florida when it wasn’t necessary whereas they could of save taxpayers money by waiting to attend, Philadelphia (July 18-20)!

AVID is all about holding “students” to the highest standards whereas the adults couldn’t wait to go to Philadelphia where they could have carpool.  

AVID may be a good program but come on! Why Orlando and not Philadelphia  

Merv pulls a AIMS Hat-Trick

duPont (Alexis I.) Middle School


Not Met

School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6 100.0%
Grade 7 100.0%
Grade 8 100.0%

Go figure ! A.I Middle Schools fails to make AYP but yet no student was retained!

WEIC stalls on goal line and Governor Carey intents to run it in for touchdown!

Legislators push back redistricting vote to next year  and , The News Journal

One of Gov. Jack Markell’s legacy issues will linger into the next administration since state lawmakers refused to pass education reform in the last hours of the legislative session.

A plan that was hailed as historic by civic leaderswould have shifted money toward high-poverty schools and redistricted parts of Wilmington, but it failed to get enough support in the state Senate before the clock struck midnight Friday, ending the legislative session that started in January.

Lawmakers ultimately voted to allow the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, which created the plan, to continue its work and try to pass it again next year when Markell will be out of office.

His likely successor, U.S. Rep. John Carney, who is running on the Democratic ticket for governor, said in a prepared statement, “I believe strongly that we need to preserve the progress that WEIC has made and build on it next year.”

More sign future Governor John Carney intents on using the same educational playbook Rodel stuffed in Jack Markell’s $$$$ back-pocket.

I’ve said it before and will say it one more time! This is the plan that need to improve fair and equatable education being denied Delaware’a at-risk children whom many are poor black Wilmington children:

Being there is no Red Clay traditional “middle or high school” in the boundaries of the city of Wilmington, those students living within get to chose their Red Clay suburban-based middle and high school with preferential transportation. Delaware’s Choice school law sounds great! However, without choice transportation poor children are locked in their feeder- school. T

Red Clay robbed a neighborhood of it’s traditional middle school (Conrad) converting it to a Choice only magnet school with an entrance test. Students living in Red Clay’s Alban Park and Robinson Lane were reassigned to new feeder schools miles away.   

Laws needed to be enacted to change charter and magnet schools admission process to a straight-up open lottery end entrance test to “public schools”.  

As far as the WEIC plans someone is overlooking the millions up millions of dollars in needed capital improvements in Christina’s schools destined to be turned over to Red Clay. There has been “no” independent assessments of those schools.  Operational funding!!!! Well we now know the state plan is provide seed-money the stick the Red Clay taxpayers the burden of providing move money to fight the education poverty gap and need-based funding.

There is no need to pawn Christina’s poor students off on Red Clay! The problem with Wilmington’s failing students is WILMINGTON!

If we’re going to combined school districts in New Castle County Delaware let’s combined them all into one New Castle County School District! Yea yea !! I know ! We’ve been there and done that!  

If Red Clay was the answers to improving education among Wilmington’s children what have they been failing along side Christina? Why did Red Clay create a Conrad magnet school the purposely reassigned minority students? If data is to drive improving public education take a looks of Conrad student population data by race and poverty? Honesty,  it appears lately the Red Clay and the board seemed to be more concerned about the “Redskin” issue than the black-skin issue! I hope the board will lead  the charge to address the Red Clay Choice, Charter and Magnet school inequities harming all at-risk students district-wide!   

As far as John Carney!!!! Looks like 8 more years of Jack !!!!!!!!!!!      

WTF !!! Red Lights in Wilmington don’t mean complete stop?

Wilmington’s $1 million in red-light camera revenue at risk  Karl Baker, The News Journal

The General Assembly’s Capital Improvement Committee passed a bill Thursday afternoon that would forbid municipalities’ red-light camera systems from ticketing drivers who roll through a red light to make a right-hand turn, unless cities can prove that the turns are dangerous. The legislation still must pass the full Legislature, which is in its final day of the regular session on Thursday.

Dopey-Ass state legislators!  Red Lights mean complete stop! 

Per State Law :


Motor Vehicles

Operation and Equipment


Subchapter II. Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings

§ 4108 Traffic-control signal legend.

(a) Whenever traffic is controlled by traffic-control signals exhibiting different colored lights, or colored lighted arrows, successively 1 at a time or in combination, only the colors green, red and yellow shall be used, except for special pedestrian signals carrying a word or symbol legend, and such lights shall indicate and apply to drivers of vehicles and pedestrians as follows

(3) Red indication:

c. When turns on red are permitted, the right to proceed to turn after stopping shall be subject to the rule applicable after making a stop as at a stop sign.

“after stopping” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“subject to the rule applicable after making a stop as at a stop sign.”

So the rule would apply to only municipalities ????? No change to state laws ????

RED MEANS STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See Killary’s lying eyes on Benghazi !

No question about it! Hillary Clinton’s eyes tell it all ! LIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

President John Kennedy speaks to Hillary from the grave

Jenny bails on Delaware DOE! Their loss

Jennifer Nagourney Leaving Delaware DOE By Exceptional Delaware

I have to admit, I was kind of bummed to hear this.  Lord knows I have issues with charter schools, but I do recognize they are here.  If you were going to have someone do the job, Jennifer Nagourney was the right choice to run the Charter School Office at the Delaware Department of Education.  She inherited a huge mess and had to put out a lot of fires during her time.  But she did it with grace and aplomb during a very troubling era of Delaware charter schools.  I know I kept her busy, but the reality is it would have been a great deal worse had someone else been in the job.  There were many things going on she had absolutely no control of.  The actions of others in charters who were doing what they did long before her time.   

READ MORE …………………

Normally I’ll bash some of the folks leaving the Delaware Department of Education but in Jenny’s case, I wish her the best of luck.

Jenny might be a little paranoid of some of us outspoken Delawareans but her limited engagement was appreciated.  During her stay at DE DOE she did help raise the bar on charter school application and oversight. She replaced a DE DOE Rodel puppet who had no grit!

I can only imagine working for state with such micromanagement with strings going all the way back to the governor. Because of Jenny Delaware thinks a little bit hard before approving a new charter school application and doesn’t let the concern with negative backlash on the charter school movement get to them when closing an existing charter school. Believe it or not I support charter school but only question the skewed racist charter school admission protected by law. Publius and the other charter schools supporters that don’t give a rat’s ass about “fair and equitable” access to charter schools are heartless. In my opinion no public funding school should set entrance test that knowingly will exculde at-risk minorities. Also, a system of charters designed for achievers and  underachievers is nothing more that segregation! Sure we can call it de facto segregation whereas poor parents made the choice to send their child to a charter school full of at-risk students. However, with Delaware law allowing racially seeded utterance test what choice do they have.

DE DOE Jenny does tip her hand and I know she cares about some of the rooted issues and does care about equal access. However, she quickly learned the Delaware way where Jack Markell owns all. I hope wherever DE DOE Jenny goes they “empower” her to do her job in away to be fair to all children and not be part of a political agenda!

DE DOE is a victim of a Delaware political agenda and should be held accountable. So Jenny good luck where ever you go !     

What Happened AFTER The WEIC Vote

Exceptional Delaware

Immediately after the Wilmington redistricting bills passed the House, local and state media interviewed State Rep. Charles Potter and Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Chair Tony Allen.  Both stated this is a positive step forward.  Allen reiterated that if the funding isn’t there, the plan will be suspended by the commission.  He stressed the funding is critical at this point.


Afterwards, Delaware Governor Jack Markell came down from his Legislative Hall office and offered congratulations to Jea Street, Tony Allen, and Senator Margaret Rose-Henry.  After that, Markell, Allen, Dan Rich, Senator Henry and the Governor’s Education Policy Advisor, Meghan Wallace all went up to Markell’s office for a closed-door discussion.


Rumors are swirling that New Castle County will be giving money towards the redistricting plan.  There has been no verification of this, how much money, or what the source of the money would be.

The redistricting resolution heads to the Senate…

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If we want radical change in Washington why not sent radical Trump to D.C.?

Honestly at the end of the day we all lose with Clinton or Trump as president! Which is the worst of two evils?

As for the republicans, Donald Trump is a hybrid teabagger  whereas, the Republican Party seeded the Tea Party. The Trump Party is a radical one man political party.  No matter what win or lose Trump existence will be the turning point in reshaping the Republican Party and for-sure, we’ll see a shift back to right of center vs extreme right in the Delaware Republican Party.   

Go figure ! Smarter Balanced Assessment not good enough to hold Delaware teachers accountable !

Delaware teacher evaluations could see less focus on test scores , The News Journal

Delaware would all but eliminate the role of test scores in teacher evaluations if a bill in the General Assembly passes. The practice has been part of an ongoing debate about measuring student achievement.

The state currently requires that annual appraisals of educators include how well student scores grew on the state standardized test if they teach a subject included on that exam. But Rep. Earl Jaques, D-Glasgow, chairman of the House Education Committee, said the system is too narrowly focused and doesn’t accurately reflect the abilities of the educator.

I am not a big fan of federally seeded local public school student assessment and certainly not a fan of holding teachers accountable on the skewed testing outcomes. However, what are the “transparent” means to hold teachers accountable?     

Rep Jaques says, “the system is too narrowly focused”! Is he referring to the common core standards? And what about parents rights to opt their child out the skewed testing process?

Before our legislators throw in the towel on using the Smarter Balanced Testing results as “one” of the measurements in teacher evaluation perhaps he offer and an alternative plan! 

“In the NFL, when a team goes to draft a player, they don’t look at one game and make a decision based on that,” he said. “They evaluate them over the course of a long time.”

Hello McFly Jaques ! Education our children is a sport and you analogy has no relevancy!

State Department of Education spokeswoman Alison May in statement said state officials “expressed some concerns to the sponsor” and is glad that the state is starting with a pilot.

“We agree the system should be improved, but have concerns that this bill will make the student achievement component, and the whole evaluation, less useful in identifying the most effective teaching practices as well as areas in which educators need more support,” May said.

May said the department was open to changes like excluding the test scores of students who miss more than 15 percent of class time.

I can’t believe I am say this! But for once I can side with DE DOE! And excluding student test scores of those students and their parents don’t give a rat’s ass is a step in the right direction. 

Delaware’s largest teacher union supports the bill.

“This really focuses on the student as a whole, not just a test score,” said Jackie Kook, a Christina School District teacher and member of the Delaware State Education Association. “The test score is easy because it is uniform, but it doesn’t reflect all the many things we do.”

So true and the weight of poverty in a class room needs to be factored in! I think a good way to weed out those in the profession who are cutting it is ending the VT process for those teachers who receive and unsatisfactory school level evaluation. Why push under-performing teachers  to other schools? Most of the VT’s end up in high-needs schools.  

So before our state legislators support Rep Jaques, they need to demand an acceptable teacher accountability plan. Also, we might want to wait until Governor Carney takes the oath of office.

Critical bill fails and Red Clay will implode under the weight of WEIC

House Committee can’t move bill smoothing WEIC path James Fisher, The News Journal

A bill meant to ease tax-power fears about the redistricting plan for Wilmington schools failed to clear the House Education Committee Wednesday, making passage of the the broader plan a tougher sell for its supporters.

The bill was supposed to assure that if the Legislature approves the redistricting plan, it would not be giving school districts statewide any new authority to raise school property taxes without taxpayer permission, said Rep. Sean Lynn, the bill’s sponsor.

With no sustainable funding Red Clay will $$$ implode under the weight of WEIC. Also, rumor has it Rep. Earl Jacques is looking the other way in regards to the $90 million dollars capital funding needs to bring Christina’s schools destine to be Red Clay’s  up to standards. Many of these Christina schools are on their last HAVC leg. Folks the years of Red Clay progress will slip backwards! The weight of more high poverty students Christina is dumping on Red Clay will negatively impact all high poverty students and those students who are not!  The start up WEIC seed money is not sustainable and great financial burden will shift onto the backs of Red Clay taxpayers via more and more referendums.

More proof DE DOE idiots oversee charter schools

Delaware Department of Education 2014-15


See page 4 of the report! When did Conrad School of Science become a “charter school”? How fucking stupid are these idiots ? Conrad is a “magnet school”! The data summary is SKEWED ! 

QTD ? Who will battle it out for Sen. Karen Peterson’s Senate Seat?

State Sen. Karen Peterson says she won’t run for re-election , The News Journal

Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, told surprised colleagues Tuesday she would not run for a fifth term in the state Senate.

Peterson, the state’s first openly gay state lawmaker, was a leading champion of the same-sex marriage law that passed in 2013. She announced her decision not to run again after noting her wife, Vikki Bandy, was in the Senate chamber.

“I wanted her to be with me as I announce my retirement. I will not be running for re-election this year,” Peterson said as several colleagues gasped in surprise. “You just know in your heart when it’s time. And it’s true. For me, it’s time.”

I have a hunch who may run for Senator Karen Peterson’s senate seat and who will run for seat the political seat that person vacates.

Anybody have any guesses ???