Reviewing Smyrna School District “Student Code of Conduct” and WTF ?

The following Discipline Code of Conduct is in force:

1. On school property prior to, during, and following regular school hours.

2. While students are on a school bus for any purpose.

3. At all Smyrna High School-sponsored events and other activities at which school administrators or staff have jurisdiction over students.

4. Off-School Property resulting in criminal charges.

Nothing is the code of conduct say the district has the right or even any reference to the district subject all students to Breathalyzer test before entering certain school hosted function such as Proms and Homecoming? 

I review Smyrna School District’s Online Parent Center and nothing there regard Breathalyzer testing 

Smyrna High School Student Code of Conduct School Year 2016 – 2017 nothing here !!!!!!!

Online school calendar 

Homecoming Dance
When:Sat, October 29 , 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location:SHS Cafe’
Nothing there !!!!!

Smyrna Video Gallery 

Nothing there !!!!!

Well here is a school district  in Ohio that has a “written” Breathalyzer policy  (The Cuyahoga Falls School district ) Can someone PLEASE SEND ME SMYRNA’S ??? Hey 1T do we have one ???

My conclusion: I can’t find Smyrna’s written policy on breathalyzers! It doesn’t mean they don’t have one but Damn!!! Being something so important it should be common knowledge and reinforced once a year (perhaps at the beginning of the schools year) so parents and students know the policy. So if it has been going on for years but the expectations parents should is know is bullshit! As for Smyrna’s super vaguely using the MADD  card as some-kind of justification is another bullshit! Smyrna’s communication policy is fractured at best! Smyrna’s Super needs to take a little better ownership is ongoing communication.

The questions and concerns about breathalyzers used as condition to attend after school functions is a debate. Yes we want to protect our kids in school! But in this case it seems more about controlling disruptive behaviors that tend to spoil a good thing for other students! I get it and its great! However, what about disruptions in class that impedes teaching and learning? What about searching all students and students lockers if a gun if found on one student? Then again one could argue such test prior to school events is more social conditioning for America’s future to great a passive society when in comes to encroaching on liberties! Its a tough debate! And the magic system card for those who defend this is, its for the kids and if you don’t support it you don’t care about kids! Just like referendums! Also, why not test on duty school staff at these events! Hell no you’ll be crossing legal and union lines! After all, we’re talking adults not kids! Bullshit!  

Hey you members of Red Clay’s School Board! Lets be a little proactive here and revisit yearly notification to parents of such policy if it exist! But not to my knowledge one exist.

Jax how did I do ??     


Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘We Will Incite Riots EVERYWHERE If Trump Wins’ By  | July 29, 2016

Prominent ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist and rapper Tef Poe has a message for “white people”: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere’.

So the alternative to Trump is Master Lady Hillary ?? 

Sadly this election has become about RACE !  Trump is the poster child for what many blacks hate about whites! Blond, rich, a bit conceded and looks down his nose on others! I get it !! But riot against “white people” many whom support civil rights and stands with minorities in their hour of need and fight for social justice. Unorganized riots to trash, burn and kill is an insult to Dr. Martin Luther King and those who embrace his teachings. And as for the riots ! Brother Obama may have to order shoot to kill brothers and sisters that follow Poe’s path!

I’ve often wonder once Obama is out of office with the high aka pride of having an African-American president would wear off and back to same old same old? Sadly for all of us, no matter if Clinton or Trump wins we’re all going to suffer ! Clinton will let more illegal in which we feed on jobs at the bottom and Trump wins he’ll closed the door on illegals. Remember one thing about American history!  We have brothers killing brother and there were brothers helping in the capture and selling of brothers back in the day! 

Racial riots tend to destroy predominantly black neighbors burning business and those within out of jobs! Peaceful protest is more powerful than non peaceful! Sadly its easier to start a riot where thieves and murders thrives than to convince the community to come out and stand peacefully ! 

Smyrna District Supervisor needs to step down and the board needs address this issue NOW ! re: all students subjected to breathalyzer at proms and homecoming!

Homecoming breathalyzers irk Smyrna parents , The News Journal

Tina Vass couldn’t believe it when her son told her a breathalyzer test was being administered to every student walking into the Smyrna High School homecoming dance.

Like many parents, it was the first she had heard of the practice of giving mandatory breathalyzer tests before homecoming festivities and prom.

“I didn’t know about it until after the fact,” said Vass, who has lived in Smyrna for 10 years. “It’s not the fact that they did it that makes me angry. It’s the fact that they didn’t notify the parents.”

Even the police can’t give a mandatory breathalyzers ! Sure the drive can refuse and suffer legal consequences.  However, the police must have some sense of probable cause.

Smyrna School Superintendent Deborah Wicks defended the right for the district to continue the long-standing practice that was started in 1994 in response to a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) initiative, saying it continues to be a way to keep the students safe.

“We believe it has saved lives,” said Wicks, who has been in the district since the tests were started. “It’s been a good practice, and we’ll continue to do it for the public good.”

So no matter how parents feel about it Wicks will continue on !

Wicks acknowledged the complaints from the parents who didn’t know about the practice. She said the district could certainly do a better job of getting the word out that a breathalyzer will be given before any student is admitted to homecoming and prom festivities.

What a dip-shit ! WTF ?????? Before any student is admitted to homecoming and prom festivities ???????????????????? Even if they don’t drive or have a car and if their parents brought them?????????? 

The superintendent said the district is looking into different ways to alert parents. Among those are printing an alert on the tickets themselves, putting a notice on the discipline contract each student must sign at the beginning of the school year and printing a notice in the Messenger newsletter that is distributed three times a year.

“We can certainly do a better job of letting parents know and we will look into that in the future,” she said.

Well somebody has to be held accountable !!!!! Either Wicks or the district PIO! And being minors parents should have a right to know! What happens if the student test positive? Call the police or parents ???

Hey Wicks do you have random drug and alcohol testing for teachers and staff?  

Murder my mother I’ll murder your’s! Doesn’t that sound fair !

Man pleads guilty in 25-year-old mother’s killing  , The News Journal

A New Castle man has pleaded guilty in the 2015 killing of a woman and the injuring of her 4-year-old daughter and her 51-year-old friend.

Tyler Carter, 23, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, home invasion, second-degree conspiracy and first-degree assault Friday in Superior Court in Wilmington.

In exchange for the plea, the state dropped additional robbery and firearm charges and agreed to cap its recommendation for prison time to 35 years.

Carter faces a minimum of 26 years in prison when he is sentenced in February

This guy deserves life in jail without parole ! But no he’ll serve 26 years and the be helped finding a job to reintegrate back into society! What a fucked up plea-bargain! Why no let Charges Manson out of jail!

Hillary Clinton supports raising Obamacare premiums

Obamacare increases stress for families , The News Journal8:35 a.m. EDT November 5, 2016

Sam Hobbs is yearning for the old Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan he had for 32 years pre-Affordable Care Act. It cost about $895 a month to cover Hobbs, his wife and two teenage boys with a $4,000 deductible.

But it was discontinued as insurance companies revamped their plan offerings when Obamacare became law and started requiring new plans. In the past 14 months, Hobbs has had two Highmark plans canceled. Today, he is debating a plan that’s close to $1,800 a month with a $14,300 deductible.

The jury is in ! Obamacare didn’t low the cost of healthcare nor did it slow the pace of rising cost! Factor in the out of pocket deductible which continues to go with monthly premiums the cost of healthcare is getting no so affordable for many middle-class with limited Obamacare Health Credits.  

Personally I think its time all elected officials state and federal be required to participate in this corrupt healthcare exchange!  

Will Delaware Governor John Carney really defuse Delaware Department of Education ?

REFOCUS THE ROLE OF DOE FROM A REGULATORY AGENCY TO A SUPPORT AGENCY. Change has to start at the top. The Delaware Department of Education should be a support system for teachers and administrators. Too often, it acts as an enforcement agency focused on implementing reforms. Teachers and principals are in the best position to understand what their students need. DOE should be a resource that helps educators implement their ideas and move students along the path to success. John will reorient the Department of Education from a focus on monitoring and mandates to a focus on collaboration and support for districts. He’ll create resource centers at DOE to ensure that teachers and curriculum directors have access to experts with deep knowledge in critical areas who can provide advice and guidance and help share best practices across district lines.

Hey John ! Does that mean you’ll give Rodel their walking papers? And FYI back in the debates of 2008 you did take a position on decentralizing DE DOE. Glad you’re sticking to your guns!  

Hey John ! You might want to throw ice on the plan to raise legal high school dropout age from 16 to 18 years old! No only would it require additional funding for for services but you’ll been more SRO’s and metal detectors!

John it kind of sucks you were anointed for being the next governor! Just please don’t be a conceded dick like Jack! Those of us (education bloggers) have a lot of passion for what we do and all we ask is for better transparency and OMG !!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ban commercial credit-cards and use of personal credit-card is all public schools especially  charter schools. And FYI service and supply vendors are giving Christmas $$$$ kick-backs to a few charter schools. And what those maintenance vendors😉. Somebody is about to be exposed! 


OMG !! US AG tried to stop FBI going to congress re: Clinton’s E-mail

Hillary Clinton emails: What we know, and what we don’t USA TODAY7:06 p.m. EDT October 30, 2016

Did Lynch try to stop Comey?

Yes. Lynch shared her objections just hours before Comey sent the letter, according to USA TODAY’s source. The FBI director weighed the attorney general’s advice during a spirited discussion of the matter Thursday and early Friday, but in the end, Comey felt compelled to act.

Welcome to America DOJ! Guilty until proven innocence re: Teflon Hillary

FBI Obtains Warrant for Newly Discovered Emails in Clinton Probe — as Reid Accuses Comey of Hatch Act Violation 

The revelation ignited fierce criticism. Citing the longstanding practice of avoiding even the appearance of acting in a manner that could tip the political scales, former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller said that “most people, when they hear that the FBI is involved, automatically assume the negative.”

Good enough for the people good enough for the Clinton’s ! And guess what ???? With the DOJ getting their noses bent out of shape the message is they are protecting Hillary Clinton ! 

Clinton called the move an “unprecedented” departure from FBI policy, and on Sunday, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid scolded Comey for potentially breaking the law.

“Your actions in recent months have demonstrated a disturbing double standard for the treatment of sensitive information, with what appears to be clear intent to aid one political party over another,” the letter says. “I am writing to inform you that my office has determined that these actions may violate the Hatch Act.”

The act bars government officials from using their authority to influence elections.

So its OK for the highest elected official, President Obama to go around on Air Force One and campaign for Clinton and take to the air waves from the White House?

The odds Teflon Hillary will win November 8th! However, wouldn’t be nice if Trump were elected just to “F” Washington ! 


If Clinton was a black elected official she be charged and convicted re: E-mails

Image result for hillary clinton

Fast-forward! November 9, 2016! Headlines! God Abandons Earth! Clinton Wins!

Hillary Clinton is the matchstick that will ignite World War III

Remember Hillary proudly proclaim she broker a nuke deal with Russia reducing nuclear missiles.

Looks like Russia didn’t get the memo:

Hillary ! Don’t let Bill hold the biscuit  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton is setting the stage for major D backlash in 2018

As far as I am concerned the 2016 presidential election is over ! Clinton wins! But she is setting up many democrats for a big fall in 2016!

Clinton’s efforts trying to paint every republican running for office in 2016 as one of Trump’s political terrorist will come back and bite democrats running for reelection in 2018. 

Clinton isn’t going to win because America loves her! She is going to win because of the hatred towards Donald Trump. Many call her the worst of two evils! Therefore, she is evil! 

Clinton will fall on her face within a year and half after taking office. So the backlash is, those democrat elected officials who openly supported Hillary Clinton now will pay the political price!

Clinton refuses to take responsibility for her crimes! Clinton will leads us into World War III and another major recession. So in two years other democrats will pay! 

Trump is the best thing that ever happen to the GOP! He shook the part to the core and is pushing the far right off the edge! Delaware GOP is a classic example of a party that went too far right to the point of alienating those in the center and center to right! Also, pushed many Independents away! Charlie Copeland is real a decent guy but politically he is snow-blind!  Hr doesn’t get it! The old GOP playbook is outdated! Sure we must stick with the core values but the GOP needs to move off the extreme right edge.      

Will Netanyahu kiss President Hillary Clinton’s ass ? Bibi its time to go to the opera!

Dancing in the dark with Hillary; Hillary’s Israel problem is not good news for Jews.Jack Engelhard,  23/10/16 08:57 Arutz Sehva

For Hillary, Israel would present a problem. Her advisers, as we learn here, would prefer that she drop the subject in public. They don’t want her to mention Israel because (Gevalt!) it might upset her touchy Democratic/Liberal/Progressive followers, if, that is, she were to name Israel as a valued ally.

So true! We hear nothing in regards to Israel coming out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth!  

Given Liberal hostility against the Jewish State as revealed by Wikileaks, we can only assume that however it was for Benjamin Netanyahu under Barack Obama, it would be the same for Israel’s prime minister under Hillary Clinton — and maybe worse.

I’ll go with worst !!!!!!!!!!! President Hillary Clinton’s name will be engraved in history as the fist women president and great emphasis on former President Bill Clinton as being First Gentleman! Image that! Bill Clinton being elevated to America’s First Gentleman! A  molester !  

If I were Benjamin Netanyahu, I would pull the trigger on Grand Opera before Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office. This will make damn sure Hillary will “engage” in the support of Israel.  If not I don’t think a Clinton administration will have Israel’s back! 

Presidential election too nasty to discuss in classrooms! CUT ME A BREAK

See the attached video !!!!!

First I would like to point out the teacher is talking about role-models as she wears a banned old Conrad logo offensive to Native Americans! The same logo the board voted to remove! 

I agree with what this teacher is saying but personal attacks have been going on for years, election after election! Look at the cheap shots Obama and Clinton took at each other in 2008. Yes we have the over the top Trump factor this election but lets no kid ourselves! Today’s kids see all this ugliness on the streets! The student bullying crisis has been festering for years upon years! So my point is, cut me a break we’re not harming virgin ears! 

I’ll bet you when these students get intense and even ugly during classroom debates they’re  just parroting  what their parents say at home! Also, there is a racial line embedded!  So can we stifle freedom of the expression part of , “freedom of speech and expression”? 

Perhaps this teacher could let her students know George Washington the father of our country was a “terrorist” in the eyes of the ruling government! If such a man lived today in American and led a movement to unseat the government he would be labeled a “terrorist”. Perhaps the teacher should have a debate on how native Americans were butchered and rape for “their”  land!  And lets not forget they were rounded up like cattle and put into pens called “Indian reservations”. Public education has a way of suppressing the truth and doctoring the textbooks to condition the minds of young children! The ugliness in American suppressed for so long is bubbling to the top and heading to boil-over. I wonder, is the black live matter debate is of limit in Red Clay’s classrooms?  

Israel’s worst nightmare heading towards a victory!