Obamacare to stay and Trump moves on to another lie! @realDonaldTrump #Trump

Yea yea Kilroy voted for Trump ! And I’ll do it again if Clinton runs or even Michelle Obama runs.

Repeal or replace it! That is what Trump said about Obamacare! Well Thursday is judgment day and Trump is going to lose! All he had to do was eliminate the mandate and Obamacare would have folded $$$$ in on itself. It still might and Trump set up himself to take the rap for that! 

Trump will have his tizzy-fit and move onto trying to accomplish other lies! I am still glad I voted for him! And hopefully he’ll full-fill on of his lies and eliminate the United States Department of Education. 

And then there is loser Paul Ryan who needs to be overthrown re: Speaker of The House! 


The Sun Rises For The Delaware State Board of Education

Exceptional Delaware 2017

The Delaware Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee voted today not to Sunset the Delaware State Board of Education.  Sunset would have shut down the board.  I will write more details later since I arrived late for the meeting due to a prior commitment.  As for the State Board’s Executive Director, Donna Johnson, the board voted for option one in regards to her role: The Board will present to the Committee a revised Executive Director job description to better align with the Board’s duties.

Issues surrounding public comment got a bit of discussion.  The JLOSC voted unanimously that the State Board of Education shall allow public comment before each action item but with an amendment.  Public comment may not be allowed during action items that have a pre-established and finite public comment period, such as regulations and charter school issues.  The reason for this is because state code allows for…

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Delaware’s new governor held hostage for former governor’s sins

Under the watchful eye of Delaware’s democratic controlled House and Senate Delaware slipped into a $350 million dollar budget deficit at the hand of former Governor Jack Markell.  And to top it off, Governor Markell ignored the cries of dire needs of our prison system and the call for reinforcements to fight the out of control murder rate in Wilmington.  Governor Markell was a no show in improving the quality of life in Delaware! Governor Markell appointed himself the education czar bent on re -engineering Delaware public schools to appease the Washington-Wall Street education ponzi scheme. Well he had help! The democrat majority supported Markell’s request that Delaware enter the Race to The Top race! The fools allowed rewrite of laws and regulations to boaster the chances of Delaware winning the Race to The Top 3 year education grant. Delaware won and the race is over and many of those RTTT laws are now being $$$ back-filled by local taxpayers.

Folks Delaware is broke! It can’t met its current obligation with out budget cuts and / or raising taxes! The rest of the county is enjoying economic growth but because of Jack Markell’s trash and burn on the way out of office the people will be force to wipe $$$$ his ass!

In comes the new Governor! John Carney! The wolves are at the door begging for more funding for public education, prison reform, law enforcement and  general aid to non profit community services. Our teachers union just say raise taxes its for the kids! Yet they want better pay and protection from paying more towards their healthcare. Some are on the boat defending Obamacare but guaranteed if ask  that all state-workers join the Obamacare healthcare exchange they’ll cry foul!

Governor John Carney was pretty much elected the day he enter the race for governor. Many forget former Lt Governor John Carney  who ran for governor in 2008 loss in the 2008 primary against former State Treasure Jack Markell. Many democrat elected officials turned their backs on John Carney and went with Markell as did the teacher’s union. Folks John Carney owes these people NOTHING!

Governor Carney is in a tough $$$$ spot! He recognizes our prison system is a powder keg and can’t afford to have another prison uprising! We honestly don’t want the Delaware National Guard to step in acting as prison guards. That is what will happen if Carney doesn’t address the powder keg. Education ?????????? Those ignoring other problems caused by former Governor Markell’s blunders don’t get it! THERE IS NO MONEY ! YOU GOT YOUR $$ CANDY WHEN MARKELL WAS GOVERNOR! Playing the card, “those who don’t support education tax increasing don’t support kids” bullshit is getting old. They worry about Trump’s plans to cut funding for Meals on Wheels but ignore the facts when school taxes go up somebody in need feels the $$$ pain!

Governor John Carney is a hard read! But make no mistake! He has teeth! And those wanted to trash him for not support expanding education series at a time their is no money better beware! Your $$$$ demands on Carney is nothing more than throwing gas on fire!  

As for Delaware elected democrat officials. I don’t think throwing stones at President Trump will deflect the truth you had a hand in Markell’s dictatorship! 2018 might not be the usual cake-walk in getting re-elected. You’ll support raising taxes between now and than and we’ll remember who you are!   

Trump’s Budget Ax long overdue!

Spend spend spend we did ! Raise the debt ceiling we did ! Save the world we tried ! Dipped into Social Security and not pay it back we did!

So now America is $$$$$$$$ terminally $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ill !!!!!

No!  I am not proud I voted for Trump! The alternative was Hillary and more of the $$$$ same! 

Comes down to this !!!!! I have to live within my means and so should America !  

As for Delaware and Governor Carney! Don’t nail him to the  cross for the sins of Jack Markell! The democrats dumped John Carney in 2008 and you honestly think John Carney is going to feel your D pain!  

The new Delaware reality ! NO MONEY !

It wasn’t that long ago Jack Markell had the dice in his hand and DSEA hanging over his shoulder blowing on them for good luck! He releases the dice and the rolled from one end of the table to the other ! SNAKE EYES ! Race to The Top aka the lat chance to get it right ! A moon shot!

Governor Markell gambled away our children’s future as he rearranged the education landscape! Markell was a complete failure in reforming Delaware public schools and as governor!

Now for the fallout! Governor Carney now holds an empty cash bag with no fault of his own! Odds are Markell’s gambling buddy DSEA will be nipping at his heels to do something! Folks there is NO MONEY ! 

Governor Carney mops up Jack Markell’s prison mess!

Carney calls for 75 more officers, new equipment in prisons Matthew Albright , Jessica Masulli Reyes , Brittany Horn and Esteban Parra , The News Journal

Gov. John Carney wants to add 75 new correctional officers and buy new safety equipment for prison staffers after an officer was killed last month during a hostage crisis at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center near Smyrna.

In the short term, Carney has authorized $340,000 to purchase new protective gear and communications equipment. His administration also has increased the frequency of random security sweeps at Vaughn by specialized teams.

For the longer term, Carney said he will ask the General Assembly to hire 50 new correctional officers at Vaughn and 25 new officers at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution. That would cost an estimated $2.3 million.

The governor also wants to spend $1.2 million next year on new safety equipment.

It’s a damn shame Former Governor Markell allow such conditions at our correctional center !  Once again Governor Carney has to mop up the Markell mess!

I hang my hat on educational issues but the reality is public safety and safety of those maintaining our prisons comes first!

Good Job John Carney!  

Rep Longhurst inflicted with brain fart!

Report: more affordable after-school programs needed , The News Journal

Delaware needs more affordable and accessible after-school and summer-learning opportunities, according to a new report, especially as a lack of those services is leaving working families with insufficient after-school options and putting students at a disadvantage in school.

These were among the findings of the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Task Force, which brought together a collection of leading after-school care providers, educators and state agencies last year. The task force, created by House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst in June 2016, for the last several months has studied the issue of after-school and summer-break care for Delaware students, issuing its findings and recommendations Wednesday.

HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funds for the extra school time were appropriated from 1997 to 2008 but cut in fiscal 2009 due to budget shortfalls, according to the task force’s report. It’s unlikely funding can be restored this year — the state is facing a $350 million budget deficit — but Longhurst said it should be made a priority in the near future

2009 !!! Isn’t that when Jack Markell became Governor ??

In the meantime, Longhurst would like to form an Expanded Learning Opportunities Council, which could work with the Department of Education to complete a detailed market study documenting “in detail, current after-school and summer program offerings throughout the state in order to identify gaps in services.”

Yep another study another committee! 

Val there ain’t no money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tell Title 1 parents whose schools have been failing their children that school vouchers are bad for them?



This title may be cited as the “Choices in Education Act of 2017”.


(a) Repeal.—The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 6301 et seq.) is repealed.

(b) Limitation On Secretarial Authority.—The authority of the Secretary under this title is limited to evaluating State applications under section 104 and making payments to States under section 103. The Secretary shall not impose any further requirements on States with respect to elementary and secondary education beyond the requirements of this title.


(a) Grants To States.—From amounts appropriated to carry out this title for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall award grants (from allotments made under subsection (b)) to qualified States to enable such States to carry out an education voucher program under section 105.

(b) Allotment.—From amounts described in subsection (a) for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall allot to each qualified State for that fiscal year an amount that bears the same ratio to those amounts as the number of eligible children in the qualified State (as determined by the Secretary on the basis of the most recent satisfactory data) bears to the number of all eligible children in all States in such school year.

(c) Reallotment.—If a State does not receive funds under subsection (b) for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall allot the remainder of such funds to each qualified State in an amount that bears the same ratio to such remainder for such year as the amount received under subsection (b) by such qualified State bears to the amount received under such subsection for such year by all qualified States.

(d) Deficit Reduction.—Any amounts remaining after allotments are made under subsection (c) for a fiscal year shall not be available for any purpose other than deficit reduction.


(a) Application.—To be eligible to receive a grant under this title, a State shall submit an application to the Secretary that includes assurances that the State will

(1) comply with the requirements of section 105; and

(2) make it lawful for parents of an eligible child to elect—

(A) to enroll their child in any public or private elementary or secondary school in the State; or

(B) to home-school their child.

(b) Approval.—Not later than 30 days after receiving an application from a State that meets the requirements of subsection (a), the Secretary shall approve such application.


(a) Education Voucher Program.—

(1) IN GENERAL.—The State shall distribute funds received under this title among the local educational agencies in the State based on the number of eligible children enrolled in the public schools operated by each local educational agency and the number of eligible children within each local educational agency’s geographical area whose parents elect to send their child to a private school or to home-school their child.

(2) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—It is the sense of Congress that States should distribute non-Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in a manner that promotes competition and choices in education.

(b) Identification Of Eligible Children; Allocation And Distribution Of Funds.—


(A) LEA IDENTIFICATION.—On an annual basis, on a date to be determined by the Secretary, each local educational agency shall inform the State educational agency of—

(i) the number of eligible children enrolled in public schools served by the local educational agency; and

(ii) the number of eligible children within each local educational agency’s geographical area whose parents elect—

(I) to send their child to a private school; or

(II) to home-school their child.

(B) STATE IDENTIFICATION.—On an annual basis, on a date to be determined by the Secretary, each State educational agency shall inform the Secretary of the total number of children identified by all local educational agencies in the State under subparagraph (A).


(A) IN GENERAL.—Subject to subparagraph (B), the amount of payment for each eligible child in a State shall be equal to—

(i) the total amount allotted to the State under this title; divided by

(ii) the total number of eligible children in the State identified under paragraph (1).


(i) In the case of a payment made to the parent of an eligible child who elects to attend a private school, the amount of the payment described in subparagraph (A) for each eligible child shall not exceed the cost for tuition, fees, and transportation for the eligible child to attend the private school.

(ii) In the case of a payment made to a parent of an eligible child who elects to home-school such child, the amount of the payment described in subparagraph (A) for each eligible child shall not exceed the cost of home-schooling the child.

(3) ALLOCATION TO LOCAL EDUCATIONAL AGENCIES.—Based on the identification of eligible children in paragraph (1), the State educational agency shall provide to a local educational agency an amount equal to the product of—

(A) the amount available for each eligible child in the State, as determined in paragraph (2); multiplied by

(B) the number of eligible children identified by the local educational agency under paragraph (1)(A).

(4) DISTRIBUTION TO SCHOOLS.—From amounts allocated under paragraph (3), each local educational agency that receives funds under such paragraph shall distribute a portion of such funds to the public schools served by the local educational agency, which amount shall—

(A) be based on the number of eligible children enrolled in such schools and included in the count submitted under paragraph (1)(A); and

(B) be distributed in a manner that would, in the absence of such Federal funds, supplement the funds made available from non-Federal resources for the education of eligible children, and not to supplant such funds.


(A) IN GENERAL.—From the amounts allocated under paragraph (3), each local educational agency that receives funds under such paragraph shall distribute a portion of such funds, in an amount equal to the amount described in paragraph (2), to the parents of each eligible child within the local educational agency’s geographical area who elect to send their child to a private school or to home-school their child (as the case may be) and whose child is included in the count of such eligible children under paragraph (1)(A), which amount shall be distributed in a manner so as to ensure that such payments will be used for appropriate educational expenses.

(B) RESERVATION.—A local educational agency described in this paragraph may reserve not more than 1 percent of the funds available for distribution under subparagraph (A) to pay administrative costs associated with carrying out the activities described in such subparagraph.

(c) Rule Of Construction.—Payments to parents under subsection (b)(5) shall be considered assistance to the eligible child and shall not be considered assistance to the school that enrolls the eligible child. The amount of any payment under this section shall not be treated as income of the child or his or her parents for purposes of Federal tax laws or for determining eligibility for any other Federal program.


In this title:

(1) ELIGIBLE CHILD.—The term “eligible child” means a child aged 5 to 17, inclusive.

(2) PARENT.—The term “parent” includes a legal guardian or other person standing in loco parentis (such as a grandparent or stepparent with whom the child lives, or a person who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare).

(3) SECRETARY.—The term “Secretary” means the Secretary of Education.

(4) STATE.—The term “State” means each of the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

(5) QUALIFIED STATE.—The term “qualified State” means a State that has an application approved by the Secretary under section 104.

I understand the argument re: impact vouchers will have on public schools! However, the right to school choice belongs to parents! What do parents of at-risk student send them to under-performing charter schools? Because that is their choice !  

Parents need as many school choices as possible in order to make a choice that fits their child’s needs!  

Delaware has a history of spoon feeding Title 1 parents

The State of Delaware’s Compliance with No Child Left Behind Public School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Provisions

FINAL AUDIT REPORT Control Number ED-OIG/A03F0002 November 2005  

Finding 1 – DDE Should Develop a Process to Adequately Monitor LEA Compliance with the ESEA Public School Choice and SES Provisions

DDE did not adequately monitor LEA compliance with ESEA’s public school choice and SES provisions. Although DDE provided guidance to LEAs, it did not have a process, including

Finding 2 – LEAs Did Not Comply with School Choice Requirements The school choice parental notification letters sent by all of the LEAs reviewed failed to include all of the information required by ESEA, and based on the enrollment data provided by each LEA, also failed to reach all students enrolled on the first day of school. In addition, the charter school LEA (MTA) eliminated some school choice options for students, and also failed to budget the minimum amount of funds for school choice transportation costs.


Title 1 “school Choice” with “transportation” kept under the rug!

Title I, Part A, School Improvement & Public School Choice (PSC) Schools in improvement must meet specific requirements for communication with parents and guardians, and offer programs and services that support students who struggle to reach standard on state tests in math and reading. Your child’s school is now in a Step of improvement that calls for Public School Choice or PSC. This means that the district must offer parents or guardians the option to move their student to another public school not in improvement. At the start of the new school year, the district must send you information that talks about Public School Choice and explains how it works.

Eligible Students Public School Choice is an option for every student who attends a school 1) in a Step of improvement, and 2) funds added instruction and services through Title I, Part A. So, PSC provides an option you can consider once your student’s home school enters improvement. Household income is not a factor.

Transportation Free Until Your School Exits Improvement Public School Choice is free. Districts pay for transportation to another school out of Title I, Part A Program funds—as long as your neighborhood school remains in a Step of improvement. Once transferred, your student can remain in the new school even if your neighborhood school makes sufficient progress for 2 years in a row and is no longer in a Step of improvement. However, at that point, you will have to provide transportation to the new school.

So who wants to explain this in a way and average Title 1 parent can comprehend ? 

Black lives matters even when it comes to public education

The time has come to charge Hillary Clinton!

Yes the time has come to put the crazy bitch away ! 

4 to fight out for Red Clay School Board Seat !!!

District “C” expires 2022 – Ashley Sabo (3/3/17)
Thomas Pappenhagen (3/3/17)
Henry Clampitt (3/3/17)
James R. Startzman, Jr. (3/3/17)

Governor Carney has grown some armor over the last 8 years and he has teeth .

Those who think they’re going to get tough with Governor Carney might have a big surprise coming!

John Carney was kicked to the curb in 2008 by those who supported Jack Markell during the 2008 primary. Jack Markell made a first class mess of public education and now as we see, our prison system.  Beating up on Carney for more public school funding by those who kissed Jack Markell’s ass won’t yield $$$$ anything. Thar look in Carney’s reads ,”I didn’t get us in the mess Jack did” and “I am not here to wipe Jack’s ass”.

Education issues has been my niche since I became in the education issue around 1995. Sometimes we get in our out bubble blocking out other important issues in our community! Public education consumes nearly one-third of the state’s budget and then there is the local $$$ share. I think Delaware taxpayers has done $$$$$ plenty to support public education. Blaming teachers for piss-poor performance of many students particularly our high needs kids is unfair! The problem with Delaware school is the Delaware Department of Education and over bloated $$$ district administration. Public education is BROKEN due to leadership not teachers! But I’ll add one thing! We need to end the VT system for those who received poor ratings from the building admins. Delaware allows out highest needs schools to become dumping grown for VT. HOWEVER, in those schools are some of the greatest teachers who are there because they want to be there! The time has come for the district to dictate which schools teachers are  to teach in as long as it’s in their subject matter.

Back to Governor Carney! He appears to be a person who won’t be bullied parents or legislators. And he doesn’t appears to be a person who’ll dream up ass-hat programs like Jack Markell did! I think he will study and digest all the information and facts! Then he will decide a course of action.

Delaware is tipping towards a recession and home forecloses are red flag supporting it! And for those who say, ” if you don’t vote yes for referendums you hate kids”! I’d say which union rep poured Kool-aid in the back of your head! More money isn’t the solution! Better efficiency of current funding is needed! So for those beating up on Governor Carney you might consider demanding you school district to expand their spreadsheet and reveal all their so-called consultants and their pay!

Word to the wise ! Be careful how far you push Carney!