Vote For Kevin Ohlandt for Capital Board of Education on May 10th!!!!!

Will Red Clay require Conrad’s alumni to remove offensive school artifacts and not display “red skins” on school property

No doubt Red Clay’s school board will vote the committee’s recommendation which will put an end to Conrad “Redskins” and any references to it on school property or district property. The hard question will be, will the district impose rules on the Conrad alumni barring them from referencing “Redskins” on Conrad during school sporting events as a participant on field activities such as alumni band or cheerleaders.  Maybe not at first but the issue will come up! After the board makes their official vote they’ll be required to make an official district policy and here’s where the it will get tough! 

So you can bet the farm the board will put an end to the Redskin question. However, will it be an end to Conrad’s school logo? The logo isn’t offensive and doesn’t represent Redskin!

To the alumni; I am with you and feel for you. You will not save “Redskin” ! However, you must save the logo! Without that logo “your” Conrad is GONE! If the district ask for you continue support you’ll be a fool to accommodate. The Conrad Alumni is a brotherhood and sisterhood of “people” and will continue. With taking the school logo away the district and board will disenfranchise from Conrad.  

As far as discrimination, look at Conrad’s all choice enrollment policy! Children living around Conrad must apply via Choice because, Conrad is not a feeder school even to those students who can see it through their bedroom windows. They change Conrad to an all choice from a feeder school to purge minorities living along Maryland Ave and Alban Park. Those student’s feeder-pattern we’re changed to Skyline, A.I. and Stanton. Red Clay’s way of trimming the tribe! Conrad should be a feeder school to comply with the intent of the neighborhood schools act aka law. Making good with local Indian tribes is beautiful. However, closing a neighborhood school to at-risk black children who can’t meet the Conrad entrance test is immoral and an injustice.      


Washington in need of radical change! Trump! Why not!

So Donald Trump is off the wall! Washington has been screwing the people far too long! So now its our turn to screw Washington by sending Donald Trump to the White House.

As far as Delaware, the DE GOP leaders have taken the party to the extreme right alienating  party members right of center. The time is now for major shakeup in the DE GOP. No chance for the governorship! No chance for Lt Governor! The only game in town is trying to knock Sokola out! DE GOP leaders don’t have a clue re: ace in the hole that can do it! Sokola’s opponent Meredith Chapman is a graduate of former DE GOP leader Terry Stine’s Leadership Delaware . Surely she was indoctrinated in the far right values. Personally, I am on the fence and will come off it Forth of July after the close of legislative session. 

Back to Donald Trump! Trump is a warning shot of what’s to come in America. If we don’t have radical change in Washington America will continue to fold in upon herself. America refuses to embrace a third-party to break the ongoing D.C. deadlock! Trump represent nothing more than a radical takeover of the GOP! And made he can excite the middle! For-sure independent voters will swing his way and for sure for-sure the minorities in this country will see Clinton for what she is! She helped fueled the prison system in America to make it one of the largest industries in America feeding many $$$ profiteers.

So why do you fear Donald Trump?  



Big Red Clay Chief blows smoke up buffalo’s ass! re: Conrad Mascot

Redskins name divides Conrad community , The News Journal

The committee on Monday voted 9 to 4 – with all three alumni members and one parent voting against the measure – to recommend that the school board get rid of the name “Redskins.”

I agree to rid Conrad of the word  “Redskins”. The word is offensive to our native Americans! However, keeping the logo with the the letter C and Indian headdress is not offensive! 


You can bet the farm Red Clay School Board will vote to remove all images and symbols of Indians.  

If Red Clay chiefs real cared about our native Americans aka American Indians they would ban all images of Thanksgiving within their schools “and” require history teachers to tell the truth how our forefathers evicted American Indians off their own land!  Conrad sits on former Indian land.

 “Thanksgiving to the Native American Indians may not mean the same thing that it did to the white settlers in American History.  To the Indians, Thanksgiving would mean a totally different thing. This was the beginning of their end – a time where they had given up their land in return for gifts that were full of disease – which would kill many of them later down the road.”

The Red Clay administration orchestrated the committee process and rules knowing the final outcome. They’ll hide behind , “The committee’s decision”. Well, I agree with removing the Redskins reference but not the image of Indian. So now the culture exchange will begin ! Local Indians will come in and do some dancing and  sharing of language.  I call this insult to injury ! 

Board members ! Vote to keep the logo !

Delaware State Senator David Sokola Faces Competition From Republican Meredith Chapman In 2016 Election

Exceptional Delaware

For over a year now, many people in Delaware have felt State Senator David Sokola has served for far too long in the Delaware Senate.  Today, a Republican named Meredith Chapman publicly announced she is running for State Senate in District 8.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Chapman’s resume includes the following summary of her credentials:

Award-winning, nationally-recognized digital strategist, educator, communicator and former journalist, known as @MediaMeredith. Highly motivated and polished public relations manager with expertise in higher education, public affairs, government and politics, community outreach, crisis management, multimedia and strategy development as well as relationship cultivation. Innate leader with successful track record in management, organizational development, and strategy creation and execution. More than 10 years experience with and in the Delaware…

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Howard High School (Delaware) Your thoughts?

Police ID student reportedly beaten to death inside Wilmington high school

Witness tells me fight was one on one then others jumped victim. Victim hit head on sink then lost consciousness. — Chad Pradelli (@chadpradelli) April 21, 2016

Obvious the girls weren’t out to kill her but though she hit her head on sink as a results being jumped by others we should be talking manslaughter charges. This crime can’t go unpunished! Sorry doesn’t cut it!

So where do we point the finger? The morals and ethics of our society degrades with each new generation. We’ve spent millions upon millions on Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. None of these programs have made schools safer! 

Long ago back when Baby Kilroy was attending Conrad Middle School they had the conflict resolution program. We had Peter Naylor and his wonder dog at Richey Schools teacher elementary students about personal boundaries.

Hopefully all the details of events of the Howard High incident will be made public. All schools need conflict resolution programs were students and address their differences and bitch it out if need be! Peer pressure from the circle that forms around two individuals often sets the path to negative outcomes. If one crew real caries about one of their own they shouldn’t egg them on to fight! Yea yea I know, dog eat dog world and only the strong survives! Howard will be scarred for many years and this graduation year will be the saddest!

Little brothers and sisters of Howard! Chill the fuck out and come together and demand a conflict resolution program. Do it for Amy Francis-Joyner. As for those who were just witnesses, you’ll carry the sights and sounds the rest of your lives. As for those who will be charged with crimes, the ignorance that led you down the hateful path is sad and pitiful. Sure it wasn’t suppose to end like that but it did! To others within, there is no need for street justice aka an eye for an eye! The world you live in sucks and if you don’t help break the cycle your community will never be free.   


Delaware legislators lack courage in overhauling school taxes

The time is now for legislation to overhaul Delaware public school tax process.

We need to move away from referendums and move towards the same funding method as Delaware’s votech school districts. Is there any Delaware legislator with any backbone in Dover?

For sure there are many legislator with their heads up their ass and others with heads buried in the sand.

School Board Bill Reducing Terms from 5 Years to 3 Years


Below is a copy of the bill which would reduce the number of years someone can serve on a school board from five to three years. Every three years a school board member would have to run for office. I am not sure how I feel about this bill. I served on the Red Clay School Board and it really takes a full year or more to really understand what is going on in a district, especially a larger district. Five years is really a long time for someone to commit to serving on a school board.

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School board election and referendums on the same day re: SB#165

148th General Assembly

Senate Bill 165

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Hudson & Rep. Ramone


Sens. Bushweller, Henry; Rep. Bolden

Introduced On:


Long Title:


Synopsis of Original Bill:

(without Amendments)

The purpose of this Act is to eliminate the potential for improper electioneering in schools being used as polling placed and to increase voter participation. To accomplish this purpose, this Act directs the Department of Elections to conduct all public school elections by United States mail and requires that all voters participating in such an election be registered voters.

This Act also provides that all public school elections will be held on the same day, the second Tuesday of May. This includes referendum elections under Chapters 19, 20, and 21 of Title 14 of the Delaware Code and, therefore, a school board may hold only 1 referendum election in any calendar year, on the second Tuesday of May.

Lastly, this Act makes several amendments to Chapters 19, 20, and 21 of Title 14 of the Delaware Code to reflect the change in method of voting in public school elections to mail ballots.

Current Status:

Senate Education Committee   On  07/15/2015

What do you think about this legislation? A no vote for sitting board member at the same time  voting no for referendum? 

This legislation is loaded with radical changes  and might need to be scaled back! One thing needs to be done is, no school activities after 3 p.m. on school board and referendum election days. Conrad’s parking lot was a fucking nightmare! And it would put a damper on Red Clay’s perfected intentional activities on referendum nights! 

Voting by mail could bring more problems! Where’s the verification? Registered voter? I think the time has come to explore that idea! Register voters for voting on referendums might be better if only property owners vote.

As far as referendums, I think we should move to traditional public schools the way we do votechs!

School board elections!! Move them to the general election whereas only registered voters can vote.  What school board elections will become political?? Right LOL !! 

Response from DOJ regarding DE Charter Schools Network Lobbying Efforts


On February 4, 2016 a letter was sent to the Department of Justice expressing concerns with regards to Delaware Charter Schools Network and their lobbying efforts in Dover.

On March 30, 2016, we received a response from the Department of Justice with respect to our concerns.

On page 3 of the letter it states that Ms. Massett accounts for the time she spends lobbying and estimates she spends 3% of her time as Executive Director on the direct lobbying. The records from 2015 showed that Ms. Massett signed in at Legislative Hall 17 times in 2015. The state goes on to say assuming for the sake of rough calculation Ms. Massett spent half of the work day – or 4 hours – at Legislative Hall each time she signed in, that would account for approximately 3% of Ms. Massett’s work hours for all of 2015.

My response back to the DOJ is in 2015 when…

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Why I Want Your Vote For The Capital School Board

Exceptional Delaware


For those who haven’t heard, I am jumping into the fire!  Anyone reading this blog knows my stances on education.  Is it enough though?  We need change and we need it now.

These are the reasons I am running.  I will tackle each reason below.

  1. Far too many Dover residents don’t want to send their child to Capital School District.
  2. Every student needs to be treated as an individual and not a test score.
  3. Our middle schools need a lot of help.
  4. We need more fiscal transparency and accountability.
  5. Low-Income Students.
  6. The Every Student Succeeds Act.
  7. Student Data.
  8. More participation from parents in the district.
  9. Special Education.
  10. More participation in state legislative matters.
  11. Charter schools within our district.
  12. Kindergarten.
  13. Support for our teachers.
  14. Ensuring opt out of standardized testing is honored as a parental right.
  15. More focus on the arts.
  16. Perception of the district.
  17. Perception of Dover as a result of…

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Breaking News: Paul Herdman Selected As Acting Delaware Secretary of Education As Godowsky Resigns!!!!

Exceptional Delaware

Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Steven Godowsky, less than six months after being confirmed by the Delaware Senate, announced his retirement.  Delaware Governor Jack Markell is going to have Dr. Paul Herdman, the CEO of the Rodel Foundation, serve as the Acting Secretary of Education.

This news came as a shock to not only employees of the DOE, but also Governor Markell himself.  He stated:

“Dr. Godowsky came at a crucial time for the Department, and his mark will not be forgotten.  He guided us through a very difficult transition period.”

Dr. Godowsky gave no reason to the media why he was retiring, but I heard from an ultra, top-secret source that he was very upset about something.  When pressed for details, the sordid truth came out.

Apparently Dr. Godowsky was upset the Townsend Building, which houses the DOE, the State Auditor’s office, and the Division of Corporations, didn’t have…

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Trump was right about Obama’s trip to Cuba! Here’s proof

Perhaps this is China’s secret to their public education success