WTF ! Christina School Board President Power Grab !

Christina School Board looks to limit its own access to public information , Delaware News Journal Published 10:30 a.m. ET July 11, 2018 | Updated 12:04 p.m. ET July 11, 2018

Christina School Board members voted Tuesday night to formally consider a new rule that would allow the board president to block other members from requesting information from the district.

Whatever happen to no school board member has greater authority of another?  

The proposed policy, which could be altered when it comes up again for the formal approval, would demand that board members submit all “administrative requests” to the board president, who would then choose, at his or her discretion, what was sent to the superintendent for action. 

What the FUCK ! If the superintendent and board president wants to put roadblocks for “board members” to get information can you image what information they want to hide from the public!

Those in favor of the policy say it will save district staff from performing needless, time-consuming and expensive searches for information. Those who oppose it say it will prevent elected board members from being fully informed or research controversial topics that the powers-that-be don’t want explored.

WTF ! Did we slipping into a black-hole ending up in Nazi Germany 1942 ?

The proposal was voted down on June 12 when it was first introduced by then-board president George Evans. It was re-introduced by him and then-board member Harrie Ellen Minnehan on June 26, but a vote was postponed until Tuesday. Since then, Minnehan’s term has ended.

WTF ? 

The board’s first reading of the proposed policy ended with it being approved 4-3, and it will now move on to the next stage of adoption. Board members Elizabeth Paige, John Young and Angela Mitchell voted no. Newly elected board president Meredith Griffin cast one of the “yes” votes. 

Young charged that the policy would, as written, allow the board president to act in an “arbitrary and capricious manner” and unilaterally deny or alter data requests. 

Meredith Griffin is a disservice to the community and needs to resign !

Two board members in particular — Young and Paige — are known for wanting as much information as possible before voting and have had votes tabled until they get what they want.

Let me get this right! Two board members aka elected official by the community wants to go the extra mile to do their jobs and what’s best for students and the taxpayers ?

2. Several board members have requested data. Evans said several board members have requested information from the district that required inordinate amounts of time and expense to compile, althoughhe could not provide a specific example.

“There are requests that require a great deal of work,” he said, questioning whether tying up district resources to satisfy a board member’s curiosity is worth the time and effort. 

And now you know why he is the former board president ! WTF does these people want to hide?

And what are state legislators going to do about  this obstruction of  duties of elected official aka board members?

 5. The district has a new motto. As part of its new strategic plan, the Christina School District has adopted the motto “One District, One Vision, One Voice.”

That of the board president !


Delaware legislators ruled schools are “not” required to report offensive touching, threats to kill and serious injury to public school teachers or student!

Delaware schools no longer required to report ‘terroristic threats’ , Delaware News Journal Published 9:46 p.m. ET July 4, 2018

Delaware schools are no longer required to report offensive touching or threats to kill and seriously injure public school students or employees to the state Education Department.

A notice of the administrative change was published this week, more than six years after lawmakers eliminated both terroristic threatening and offensive touching of school employees from mandatory reporting requirements.

Tell me I am dreaming and this isn’t true ?

Schools are still required to report violent felonies as well as instances of criminal mischief and vandalism, felony theft, possession/use of alcohol, drugs and inhalants, bullying, sexual harassment, fighting and teen dating violence, state regulations say. 

But a terroristic threat could also be classified as a felony, depending on the content and whether it forces an evacuation or lockdown. Since the shooting in Florida, several students have been arrested and charged after allegedly making threats to school safety. 

Folks offensive touching is a criminal violation in Delaware. Schools may not have to report it but you as a parent and teacher has every right to contact the police and press charges.

Offensive touching, which is the most-often reported offense in Delaware schools overall, could include intentionally touching someone, knowing that the person is likely to be offended or alarmed, or intentionally striking another person with saliva, urine, feces or any other bodily fluid. 

Asked about the time lag, the department’s spokeswoman Alison May said the change is occurring now because the department noted an inconsistency with state law during its regular review of regulations.


Kevin O is lighting CSD Fireworks on the 4th

Christina Board President’s Unprecedented Power Grab Is Fascist In Nature

A new board policy under review for the Christina Board of Education would give their Board President an overwhelming amount of power and weaken their board considerably.

Current Board President George Evans and former board member Harrie Ellen Minnehan put forth a proposed policy which would limit the ability of all board members except the President in dealing with anyone in the district.



Trump’s education Executive Order April 26, 2017







Delaware liberals love affair will illegal immigrants! Yet Delaware homeless can’t set up tents on public property. And then there is DSEA

At the end of the day it’s all about human right and who controls those rights.

I for one, want secured borders and enforcement of immigration laws. HOWEVER, I am for the wall with one condition. All those illegally in American that are non-felony criminals in America or their home country can stay and given a pathway to citizenship.  We must secure the border before moving ahead with this plan.

Back to human rights in America! I don’t condone the defense of illegal immigrants. However, when you have labor leaders such as that of DSEA engaging in issues clearly centered on political bias, I have a problem. Using issues impacting such civil rights issues as a front for political advancement is a disgrace and its disheartening to see these people in jobs serving children. DESA leaders have alienated their own membership who happens to be Republican casting them as second-class members. Where is DSEA leadership leading groups into community serving homeless children and young adults? Did DSEA leadership organize members to open their homes to children of illegal immigrant parents where some are justifiably detained. Such as repeat offenders? In no means am I bashing union members! I support unions for the sake of due process. My dad was a union activist back in the 50’s and early 60’s. It cost him career advancement whereas he remained a grunt. As was happen doing so with no regrets. My point is , taking membership dues  and advancing bias political agendas while alienating members of the opposing political party ! Never in my over 20 years of engagement of educational issues have I seen a DSEA leader stand on such an egotistic self-serving politically bias platform. NEVER ! And yes , I know DSEA traditional is left leading. But former leaders have been more tactful and less disrespectful. The differences comes down class or ass! I hope Wilmington Charter School teachers move towards organized labor takes notice. They would be better off not funneling money to DSEA but rather build financial resources to ensure they have the means to be strong within. Being part of a politically bias group outside the scope of education is a poor path to solidarity. 

As far as homeless in Delaware, why can’t they setup tents on public property and why can’t law enforcement patrol those camps to protect these citizens? Why are the homeless citizens taking a backseat to non citizens aka illegals entering America illegally? BECAUSE YOU CAN”T BLAME TRUMP!

Then there is “Black Lives Matter” ! Yea ! Black Lives only matter when we get close to election time. Generation after generation of minority children have been failed by public school and may charter school systems. I am not saying teachers! I am saying systems. We hear , “we need more money to better serve minority children”. It hasn’t been working! Title 1 for an example went for targeted assistance for high poverty children to a school-wide system that serves all within. We allow teachers who receive poor evaluations on the verge of loosing their jobs to VT to other schools. Most often those school are high-poverty and high-minority schools. Poverty within public education has become an  “industry” that creates more jobs with more managers than needed. Obvious more community based education programs and year-round education services are needed. Traditional summer schools at public schools are nothing more than running mice on a treadmill. What about the disparities in managerial positions with state positions?

Criminal justice systems in Delaware. Police have become the enemy and prison have become dogs.  Talk about separating children from parents! OMG ! Delaware does that we’ll with its criminal justice system. More affluent whites and blacks buy their way out of jail whereas, poor blacks can’t. How many mom’s and children are separated by low-level drug offenses? Illegal entering this country over and over are defending by the white majority in this country demanding housing for families while illegal parents are criminally processed whereas most are released in America while waiting for further court appearances with NO $$$ Bail! Meantime, poor naturalized citizens busted for misdemeanors must pay bail or stay in jail separated from their children! Yea yea !! They broke the law and that’s what they get! So why doesn’t this apply to illegal  immigrants?   

Currently in Delaware and America black America and homeless America don’t mean shit! The war is on Trump and the battle field is now opposing Trump and defending illegal immigrants! Hang in there black Delaware and America! The tide will turn as elections get closer but you might have to wait until 2020. Sorry homeless people MM’s back yard is for his pleasure not your tent.        

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Delaware State Legislators refuse to address Obamacare crisis by address state insurance regulations.

Yea yea it’s all President Trump’s health insurance premiums will be going up in the fall. And somehow he’ll be blamed for increases the years past.

Delaware regulates the insurance industry via the State’s Insurance Commission and state laws that govern.

Delaware state legislators still refuse to enact laws that allow citizens to purchase healthcare insurance plans across state lines. This coming fall Delaware citizens part of the healthcare exchange program will have only one choice.  

Delaware health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange

Aetna left, Highmark continuing to offer plans; 25% average rate increase based on elimination of CSR funding and lack of mandate enforcement

One choice “Highmark” ! As far as the elimination of the “mandate” ! Too bad! Obama had no business dictating to citizens they “must” purchase healthcare insurance through his unsustainable plan and noncompetitive plans.

Delaware legislators refuse to allow citizens the right to purchase healthcare insurance plans across state line. Delaware legislators refuse to promote competition that would help drive-down costs.  

Delaware legislators refuse to require themselves and all state-workers to go through the exchange. Why can the taxpayers paying for healthcare for state legislators get the same rates ?  Why are taxpayer burden with paying for legislators healthcare and their own? Where is single payer healthcare for all in Delaware ?

You’ll see! DSEA leaders will be one of the first blaming President Trump for increase healthcare cost but fail to call for fair share healthcare plans that include teachers and the public.

If Obamacare is good enough for the people it should be good enough for Delaware State Legislators.


Delaware Governor Carney Morphing into Trump

In a dramatic example of a petulant personality that cannot get his way through the legitimate legislative process, Governor Carney has chosen to emulate a Trumpian tactic that shows a healthy disdain for the democratic principle of separation of powers. After failing to get support for his balanced budget constitutional amendment (HB 460), the governor has signed an executive order today, the last day of the legislative session, attempting to force the same mandated budget cuts onto Delawareans through his preparation of next year’s budget bill. In this blatantly disrespectful attempt to abrogate power from the legislature, the governor even barred members of the public from attending the press conference where he signed the executive order.

This lack of respect for the legislative process and separation of powers should never happen in our constitutional democratic republic. It is totally unacceptable in Delaware and should be rejected by the Delaware people.

The press release is below, and the the full text of Executive Order #21 can be read by following the link.

 Representative John Kowalko

What I love about Kowalko is , he calls it like he sees it ! And listen to podcast of Kowalko talking to WDEL’s Rick Jensen !


June 30, 2018 


Jonathan Starkey

Cell: (302) 256-8364 

TODAY: Governor Carney To Sign Executive Order on Budget Smoothing 

DOVER, Del. – At 4:30 p.m. today at Legislative Hall, Governor John Carney will sign an Executive Order to implement recommendations of the DEFAC Advisory Committee on budget smoothing. Following the signing, Governor Carney will be available for media to answer questions on the final day of the 149th General Assembly. 


Governor Carney will sign an Executive Order on budget smoothing, and hold media availability on the final day of the 149th General Assembly. 


Governor John Carney

Mike Jackson, Director, Office of Management and Budget

Rick Geisenberger, Secretary, Department of Finance

Jeff Bullock, Secretary of State

Michael Houghton, Chair, Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council 


Saturday, June 30, 4:30 p.m. 


Governor’s Office

Legislative Hall

411 Legislative Avenue

Dover, DE 19901

Senator Gillibrand call for abolishing ICE is TREASON

New York’s Kirsten Gillibrand, Bill de Blasio echo progressive calls to ‘abolish ICE‘ , USA TODAYPublished 4:17 p.m. ET June 29, 2018

“zero tolerance” immigration policy.”I don’t think ICE today is working as intended,” Gillibrand said on CNN Thursday evening. “I believe that it has become a deportation force, and I think you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues. And I think you should reimagine ICE under a new agency with a very different mission and take those two missions out”

ICE = U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “ENFORCEMENT”

“In March 2003, the Homeland Security Act set into motion what would be the single-largest government reorganization since the creation of the Department of Defense. One of the agencies in the new Department of Homeland Security was the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, now known as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.”

ICE is doing their jobs within the immigration laws! Abolishing  ICE and replacing it with something better doesn’t change the fact many illegals will be deported!

At the end of the day, Senator Gillibrand is protecting her senate seat appeasing radical liberals. She doesn’t care about the safety of America or immigration law. 

Delaware Senator Carper wants more border guards but no arrest !

BREAKING! NOT FAKE NEWS; Senator Tom Carper has a D challenger



600 W MATSON RUN PKY, WILMINGTON DE 198021911    05/07/2018

106 WESTOVER DR, DOVER DE 19904      06/29/2018

Harris :  “Healthcare is a human right, and Kerri supports the move to a single payer healthcare model.” 

Kilroy says, “YES”

Harris : “Kerri believes in strong labor rights. She understands the value of collective bargaining and is staunchly pro-union.” 

Kilroy says, how  about due process for all workers?

Harris: “For too long, Delaware has placed the interests of large corporations above the material needs of ordinary citizens. We must rein in unchecked corporate welfare spending and instead create an economic system that supports ALL Delawareans.”   

Kilroy says, What about government welfare! Delaware legislators raises taxes on the citizens while giving themselves a raise !

Harris:  “The cost of U.S. higher education has crippled graduates’ economic prospects well into middle age. Our country must act to make higher education affordable and accessible to every person, no matter their socioeconomic status.”

Kilroy says, YES ! 

Harris: “We cannot incarcerate our way out of crime; we must address root causes such as poverty, segregation, and the lack of availability of opportunity and jobs.”

“Kerri supports various policies and efforts to end mass incarceration, including:”

“Federal initiatives to end cash bail”

“The legalization of marijuana”

“Ending mandatory minimums in sentencing”

“Investing in rehabilitation and re-entry programs for incarcerated populations”

“Addressing prison overcrowding and lack of resources in Delaware’s own prison system, which has left many correctional officers overworked and underfunded, and many prisoners living in unsafe and inhumane conditions”

“Kerri is strongly opposed to the death penalty, which has historically been over applied to people of color, poor people, and those with cognitive disabilities. Furthermore, death penalty cases require public funds that could otherwise be spent on projects for improving our infrastructure or providing healthcare.”


Kerri believes that we should “support the troops” by not sending our military to occupy foreign countries or wage unjust wars; we must understand that every life is valuable and war causes long lasting trauma for many veterans as well as citizens of foreign countries.

Folks we have an opportunity to make real change her and have someone who is in touch with the NOW ! Tom Carper time has come and now the time is for the people. 


OMG ! Red Clay Super Merv working for Peanuts

How much does your district’s superintendent make, per pupil? , Delaware News Journal Published 10:38 a.m. ET June 29, 2018 | Updated 2:04 p.m. ET June 29, 2018

Red Clay


Mervin Daugherty





Richard Gregg



Indian River


Mark Steele



School District
Salary per student
Matt Burrows
Mark Holodick
Caesar Rodney
Kevin Fitzgerald
Cape Henlopen
Robert Fulton
Daniel Shelton
Richard Gregg
Dusty Blakey
Charity Phillips
Indian River
Mark Steele
Lake Forest
Brenda Wynder
Shawn Larrimore
Kevin Dickerson
NCCo Vo-Tech
Victoria Gehrt
Mark Dufendach
Red Clay
Mervin Daugherty
David Perrington
Patrik Williams
Sussex Tech
Stephen Guthrie
Heath Chasanov

See what charter school supers makes ! Yea right charters do it cheaper !

Damn Merv, MM makes about as much as you being a union mouth piece! 

Did you notice in Delaware FY19 Budget legislators gave themselves a $1000.00 a year raise; $45,291.00 to $46,291.00

JUNE 12, 2018


Just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black lives only matter during election time and in the mean time, racial bias laws continue to separate African-American children from their parents using bars and razor wire.

How is it Liberals rise up to defend those violating federal law as the enter the United States illegally and then don’t shit about the unjust incarceration of African-Americans who have full natural American citizenship?

The services required to provide care and housing for illegals could be better served delivering the promise to black America.

The jobs in American that not even African-Americans want have been devalued by illegals who work for half.

If we’re going to hand-out Green Cards to the promise land how about keeping the promise for those who were given a Red , White & Blue Card on the day they were born in America!

Why is black American being push to the back of the bus so that illegals can get on?

Then there are the MM’s of the world who call for move funding for public education to address the needs of at-risk African-American students. As long as teacher unions protect those who are forced to VT to the lowest performing schools often high poverty / minority schools because they received unsatisfactory evaluations, poor African-American students will continue to struggle. Poverty is a profit center in public education. If we were to effectively close the achievement-gap many would lose their jobs. Why move kids off the poverty train if it jeopardizes the union gray train.  Same old Same old! Ho long is long enough ? 

Obama caught telling white lies about immigration