Come smell the TFA DE Schutt House!

Teacher turnover stymies school progress in Delaware , The News Journal

Teach for America – which brings recent college graduates who have degrees in hard-to-find subject areas like science and math to teach in high-needs schools for a minimum of two years – is often criticized for contributing to that churn.

“I used to think that, too,” said Laurisa Schutt, who runs the program in Delaware.

But, she said, “I’ve seen that when schools create an environment with strong culture and strong leadership, the two years don’t matter.” Teach for America members often stay in the schools where they were placed after their obligation to the program is over.

Read the entire article about the struggles of teachers in high-needs public schools. However. to glorify Teacher for America  is shoveling bullshit to the moon! As the economy improves Teacher for America struggles! Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America /New York Times.  and Teach For America: Has It Betrayed Its Mission To Save Poor, Struggling Schools? / Huffington Post.

Schutt is part of the Rodel public education wrecking crew ! Board & Advisors | Rodel Foundation of Delaware She is on the board of trustees for the private school, The Independence School 

Putting those two things together – new teachers and high poverty schools – creates a guaranteed cycle of chronic teacher turnover, said Frederika Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association, which represents teachers across the state.

Right to the heart of the matter Jenner ! Why really sucks is the labeling of teachers “failures”  teaching in high needs schools. Schutt and her pro-charter crowd deem public schools failures to justify charter schools and then there is the Don! Its pretty sad calling for charter schools and then $$$$ capitalizing on them. But I must say, the VT option for low performing teachers who have no choice but to VT into a high-needs schools “because” those schools are the only one with teaching positions available is shameful. 

A number of previous studies had noted the correlation of high rates of teacher turnover and low levels of student achievement in poor schools, but this was the first study to show that the turnover rate caused lower test scores.

Cluster-fucks! The was no need for another study for the obvious!  

Getting to the point ! Funding for k-12 pubic education needs to change and of course allocation of the funds must be driven by need-basis! The first step is to end the school tax referendum for traditional public schools and replace with the same funding process as votech schools. Votechs don’t need to go to referendum because funding is determined by the legislators. Once we cross that bridge end the charter school movement by barring new charter schools. The existing charter schools can remain.  

As far as Wilmington city children being forced to ride the bus to suburban middle and high school, we need to provide preferential choice transportation and guaranteed first choice over out-of-district student and in-district suburban students. The would help defuse de facto segregation.

Lastly the erosion of public education was driven by those who undermined it to justify charter schools seeded with racist hearts!  A former board member commented to my concerns with “they have their charter schools” and ” why do they choose to go there”? Simple !!!!! High function charter school predominately white and Asian set deliberate barriers locking out at-risk children mostly black! 

Then the was the Skipper’s change agent Jack Markell politically bought and paid for by Rodel! Markell is the worst governor on education than any governor that served before him. Governor Minner may have had some political downfalls. However, “she” gave us extra funding for Minner Math and Reading Teachers! “She” gave us SEED and set the foundation for Delaware State University’s Inspire Scholarship! Markell erased Minner Math and Reading teachers and Extra-Time grant to fund charter school incentives! 

Nothing will change until public schools are returned to local schools! Teachers and parents know best and that is were we need real collaboration! Markell is a sell-out!   

Exceptional Delaware Dances with The Delaware Charter School Don

OMG you have to read Exceptional Delaware  post where he pokes his finger in the eye of the Delaware Charter School Don! 

Kevin when that man’s eyebrows touch flames blows out his ass like a rocket! Pandora use to bait his ass out at Red Clay school board meetings and she pissed him off many time! I swear one time he was going to yell out , shut the fuck up bitch! Other board member looked at him ans shook their heads no don’t do it! Damn he even once told the former DSEA president he’d throw he out if she didn’t shut up! I hear the current Pres call’s him “Sir”😉 Well one mistake you didn’t make was call him Pete DuPont’s lapdog!

I am not going to allow comments here because the Don has no mercy and will take a parent or member of the public for every dime they have! And OMG you shouldn’t of ever put baby in the corner !!!! 

One thing for sure is, Red Clay won’t challenge the lawsuit! They know better than to tangle with the Don.

Proof Newark Charter School is getting their fair share and more state funding!

Newark Charter School





Christina School District 

Why does Charter school of Newark receive 61% state funding and Christina 53%?  

Newark Charter School has a 5-mile enrollment preference all within Christina School District therefore, on can assume their 37% local share comes from Christina School District. Newark Charter receives very little federal funding because their poverty level is only 7.9% in contrast to Christina’s 43.8%.  Surely the court aka justice will be blind to these DE DOE published $ numbers!

DE DOE withholds $5 million dollars from traditional public schools to fund; “Charter School Performance Fund”

§ 509 School financing.

(m) The Department of Education shall administer a performance fund for charter schools, to be known as the “Charter School Performance Fund.” The Department of Education shall establish threshold eligibility requirements for applicants desiring to apply for funding, which shall include but not be limited to a proven track record of success, as measured by a performance framework established by the charter school’s authorizer or comparable measures as defined by the Department. The Department of Education shall also establish criteria to evaluate applications for funding, which shall include but not be limited to the availability of supplemental funding from nonstate sources at a ratio to be determined by the Department. The Department of Education shall prioritize those applications from applicants that have:

(1) Developed high-quality plans for start-up or expansion; or

(2) Serve high-need students, as defined by the Department.

The Fund shall be subject to appropriation and shall not exceed $5 million annually.

Perhaps traditional public school should sue DE DOE for discrimination.  

Newark Charter tries to rape Christina

Charter schools sue state, Christina , The News Journal

Fifteen charter schools have filed suit against the state Department of Education and Christina School District to get what they claim is their fair share of funding.

Christina has been withholding millions of dollars in local tax revenue from charter schools for years and the Department of Education has been complicit, the lawsuit says.

For Newark Charter School, one of the chief beneficiaries of those funds, that would have meant an additional $1 million in revenue.

Newark Charter School student profile:

English Language Learner



Low Income



Special Education



Christina School District Profile: 

English Language Learner



Low Income



Special Education



Newark Charter cries for weight based needs funding when Christina demonstrates  great need.

So charter school funding will be applied to lawsuits against Christina and DE DOE. One would think a state auditor’s investigation would suffice. 

In order to make the formula’s application uniform across the state, the Department of Education examined the exclusions that were being used and eliminated some of them. That process began in the spring and finished in the summer.

But, by mid-September, the department had faced severe backlash and reverted the system back to the way it had been.

DE DOE reverted back because the DE DOE Sec of Ed though he was above legislation and regulations that governors public education. If he was within the law his actions wouldn’t face a backlash.

Kendall Massett, director of the Delaware Charter Schools Network, said in a prepared statement, “We applaud the state Department of Education for recognizing the out-of-proportion exclusion requests from Christina School District this year and for taking steps to bring them in line, in the interest of fairness for students and to make the process consistent among all districts. But that decision was reversed after the deadline mandated by state law.”

I swear Publius must be blowing in her ear !!!!!!!!! Blind man takes Bambi for a walk down the freeway!

This was from the News Journal September 1, 2016:

Baumbach, D-Newark. “The main concern is that too few eyes were looking at the formula.”

Baumbach was among those expressing concern to Godowsky this weekend, and was joined in his distress over a lack of transparency in the process by state Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, who was also worried about the potential disruption to district budgets, which have already been passed for the year.

Perhaps Godowsky is a Rodel agent ! Odds are Governor Carney will keep him as Sec of Ed.

If the case has merit it should be reviewed by the state auditor and a legislative review committee! Where is our AG ?? If laws or regulations were broken he has an “obligation”. Chancery Court is stepping into a big pile of dog shit that will open Pandora’s box! 

Breaking News: Prestige Academy Decides Not To Renew Their Charter, Will Close At The End Of This School Year

Exceptional Delaware

The Delaware Dept. of Education posted a letter from Prestige Academy on the charter school renewal portion of their website.  The Board of Directors has chosen not to renew their charter!  Read the letter!

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Trump’s tax stumble elevates Gary Johnson

Kilroy doesn’t think Donald Trump can overcome the latest tax scandal!   We keep talking about who is the worst of the two evils, Clinton or Trump! However, there is another choice ! Gary Johnson .

I have a hunch many Independents will shift support to Johnson and with Trump heading the locker room Republicans have to make a choice!  

Gary Johnson:


Most importantly, Governor Johnson believes that state and local governments should have more control over education policy. Decisions that affect our children should be made closer to home, not by bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, D.C. That is why he believes we should eliminate the federal Department of Education. Common Core and other attempts to impose national standards and requirements on local schools are costly, overly bureaucratic, and actually compromise our ability to provide our children with a good education.

I am on board with this!!!!!!!!!!!!


Governors Johnson and Weld believe that, instead of appealing to emotions and demonizing immigrants, we should focus on creating a more efficient system of providing work visas, conducting background checks, and incentivizing non-citizens to pay their taxes, obtain proof of employment, and otherwise assimilate with our diverse society.

Sounds good but how do we stop the “flow” of new illegals ? 


Governor Johnson advocates for the elimination of special interest tax loopholes, to get rid of the double-taxation on small businesses, and ultimately, the replacement of all income and payroll taxes with a single consumption tax that determines your tax burden by how much you spend, not how much you earn. Such a tax would be structured to ensure that no one’s tax burden for the purchase of basic family necessities would be increased. To the contrary, costs of necessities would likely decrease with the elimination of taxes already included in the price of virtually everything we buy.

I am on board with this play! Looks like a national sales tax where illegals are force to pay ! This consumption tax must”exclude” food , medicine, medical services and medical devices. 

Foreign Policy and National Defense:

Many senior military and foreign policy analysts have concluded that the rise of ISIS can actually be traced back to instability created by our meddling in the affairs of others. This is because the last several administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have used our military resources to pursue undemocratic regime changes, embark on impossible nation-building exercises, and to establish the United States as the policeman of the world.

War on Drugs:

The Federal government should not stand in the way of states that choose to legalize marijuana. Governors Johnson and Weld would remove cannabis from Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act, which will allow individual states to make their own decisions about both recreational and medical marijuana — just as they have done for decades with alcohol. Eliminating the Federal government as an obstacle to state legalization decisions is not only constitutionally sound, but would allow much-needed testing of marijuana for medical purposes, as well as regulation that reflects individual states’ values and needs. We need to treat drug abuse as a health issue, not a crime.  

The War on Drugs is an expensive failure. We spend money to police it. We spend money to incarcerate nonviolent offenders. And what do we get in return? A society that kicks our troubled mothers, fathers, and young adults while they’re down, instead of giving them the tools to be healthier and more productive members of society. 

I agree! 

Criminal Justice Reform:

How is it that the United States, the land of the free, has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world? The answer is simple: Over time, the politicians have “criminalized” far too many aspects of people’s personal lives.

The failed War on Drugs is, of course, the greatest example. Well over 100 million Americans have, at one time or another, used marijuana. Yet, today, simple possession and use of marijuana remains a crime — despite the fact that a majority of Americans now favor its legalization.

And who is most harmed by the War on Drugs? Minorities, the poor, and anyone else without access to high-priced attorneys.

More generally, mandatory minimum sentences for a wide range of offenses and other efforts by politicians to be “tough” have removed far too much common-sense discretion from judges and prosecutors.

These factors, combined with the simple fact that we have too many unnecessary laws, have produced a society with too many people in our prisons and jails, too many undeserving individuals saddled with criminal records, and a seriously frayed relationship between law enforcement and those they serve.

Fortunately, a growing number of state and local governments are taking steps toward meaningful criminal justice reform. The federal government must do the same, and Gary Johnson is committed to bringing real leadership to this long-overdue effort.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are committed to meaningful criminal justice reform.

I am on board !!!!!!!!!!

Support Our Veterans:

For Gov. Johnson, honoring our veterans begins with a pledge that those serving in the military today will only be asked to go into harm’s way for clear, defined and justified reasons. The men and women of our armed forces signed up and swore an oath to protect and defend the United States – and that is precisely the mission they will have with Gary Johnson as Commander-in-Chief.

They will not be sent to risk their lives just because politicians decide to topple a foreign government — with no clear U.S. interest in doing so or plan for what comes next. Our military will not be asked to engage in nation-building or to somehow resolve conflicts on the other side of the globe that have defied resolution for hundreds of years. The men and women of our military will only be asked to protect and defend the United States – and to do so with a firm understanding of the objective.

For our veterans who have served and returned to civilian life, many with injuries and emotional scars, Gov. Johnson pledges to provide them with the health care, support and transitional assistance they deserve – and rightfully expect.

I am good with this!!!!!!

Yep!!!!!!!!! I made my mind up and Gary Johnson is the person I will vote for! Call it a waste vote if you want! However, Trumps is out and why reward Hillary Clinton! 

I doubt an endorsement from a small town blogger makes a different but Gary Johnson has it!


Greater transparency is the only way to save Delaware’s charter school movement and public education!

Many Kilroy visitors see Kilroy as a charter school obstructionist.  Over and over I stated I am pro school choice which includes charter schools. However, I take issue with Delaware charter school laws under student admissions. I feel charter school doors should swing the same way as traditional public schools! Also, I take issue with magnet school admission practices.

The turmoil Delaware charter schools have seen over the last few years with charter school closures and modifications of some charter school regulations were a result of failed charter school leadership, not charter school naysayers.

Two of the most successful charter schools ( open for interpretation) Charter School of Wilmington and Newark Charter School has taken the brunt of some negativity from those who question charter schools in Delaware. And yes from me on the selective admission practices. These schools had nothing to do with recent turmoil in Delaware charter school movement! What has brought the charter school approval and review process to chaos is the Delaware Department of Education, the Delaware State Board of Education and unqualified near corrupted leadership of charter schools ordered closed by the state. Also, Governor Jack Markell must bear responsibility for the charter school mess.

Kilroy takes pride in the one man battle to require the Delaware Department of Education, traditional public school school ,votech school district and all Delaware charter school board of directors to record the public session of their board meeting and post online for all to hear. Its be about a 7 year battle for me to make it happen with the  help of many friends and supporter with a special shout-out to John Young. I may have laid the foundation for the recording law but John Young laid the foundation for board member to cut across the grain and stare the like of Rodel in the face and the corrupt Markell administration. The recordings are about greater transparency not a game of gotcha! They are about bring communication of school leadership into the fold of today’s technology and to those parents and legislators who are consumed in responsibilities preventing them from attending school board meetings.

Parents of failed charter schools were blindsided when the announcement of closure of their child’s charter school. Many were mushrooms in the dark as failed charter school leadership where in many cases leaders we consumed in self-serving egos trips. Their were a few charter schools placed on probation where I communicated to their leaders to voluntary record their board meeting and put online for all to hear. Maybe I am a dreamer but I felt it would force those boards to get their shit together and allow legislators, parents and even DE DOE a peak at leadership in action. We all know high poverty schools often fail to meet the standards of school with low poverty levels. The progress for high poverty schools is slow but as long as their is positive improvement we need to re-think closure. When a charter school fails they are order closed. When traditional school fails, school leadership within the district is rotated in and out of those schools. At the end of the day parents must take some responsibility for entrusting school and district leadership in away they feel they don’t need to engage! As for the righteous Wilmington leaders, they too have failed and feel allowing one failed school district (when it comes to inner city children) be taking over by another failed school district is the best course of action. The best course of action for all schools is “transparency” that leads to better communication and access to real-time information. From the beginning of the concept of school school boards the community had to wait a month plus about 10 days for board meeting minutes. However, action items discussed at the previous meeting took place before previous meeting minutes were released. With new legislation recordings are to be posted within days of the meeting. This way parents, community, legislators and the clueless Delaware Department of Education have greater insight of the governance of these schools. The Delaware Department of Education’s charter school unit are pretty much cluster-fucks on some kind of authoritarian power-trip whereas, they should be partners helping all schools correct deficiencies!  At the end of the day, schools don’t fail! The leadership within and the support structure from school district leadership, school board, the Delaware Department of Education,  state legislators and even parents are responsible for failures.

Reflecting back, I could not of accomplish what many said an impossible goal without State Representative Debbie Hudson. She took my rough draft of the legislation and introduced it to the Delaware House of Representatives. And yes I turned on her with my obscenities. This in not an apology for my actions! My persistence even to the point of obscenities kept the the dream alive and finally signed into law for both recording of the state board of education and all local school boards including charter schools. Hudson is a Republican claiming to be for open government and through a long rough and tough process she delivered!

Delaware public K-12 education is a drunk hitting rock-bottom! Funding for both traditional and charter schools are in shambles. meantime back on the ranch Delaware Votech are sitting $$$ secure due to the fact they are financed via legislation not a referendum process!

I do not wish the failure of any school and my mission has always been noted at the top of my blog under Kilroy’s Delaware; “Dedicated to transparent public education”. 

A shout-out to Charter School of Wilmington ! Your recordings are 5 by 5 (do the math:)

Hey Bec ! Now that you have some free time would you like to be co-host of Kilroy’s ? Good luck and I know for 20 years we haven’t always looked at public education through the same glasses. However, we are determined in our own respects! Thank you for tactfully telling DE DOE to kiss your ass on the Race to The Top board vote! If every board member and the sell-out union took the same stance we wouldn’t be funding those initiatives with local funding. You and the uni-brow man that sat on Red Clay’s board with you gave me a gift a long time ago! “PERSEVERANCE” Right or wrong, I feel transparency to the extent of recordings are beneficial to forward progress of school improvement!  Merci Beaucoup                  

The Charter School Movement Has Failed. Time To Bury It.


Remember the bally-hoo over Obamacare?  It has performed better than have Charter Schools.

Remember the bru-ha-ha twixted up over Benghazi?  Even that has weathered better than have Charter Schools…

Remember the IRS scandals over investigating the Tea Party?  Those were nothing compared to the malfeasance being reported daily in Charter Schools across America.

Remember the Maine?  No, …no one was alive then who is alive today….

But despite the last exception, Charter Schools have performed worse than anything in American History… Even the futures on American Indians performed better across time.

A quick review of the record shows that Charter Schools underperform their public counterparts.  Charters under-educate their students.  Teachers have better knowledge and credentials at public schools.  Cost per student is cheaper at public schools.

The only valid reason for continuing Charter Schools is to allow whites to go to school where Blacks can’t get in.

Other than…

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Well for sure Hillary isn’t a witch! Missed it by one letter! Bitch!

On Bill and Hillary Clinton’s watch !


We were getting blown up while Bill was whoring around. 1993 was a test-run ! A probe for 9/11

Would Hillary have such courage to confront Iran?

This guy would make a great U.S. President

Where do leaders of failed charter schools go! Yep ! DE DOE


Proficient in English (district average)25%

Proficient in Mathematics (district average)25%

New Hope Academy Charter School appeal denied POSTED 6:48 AM, APRIL 9, 2014, BY MELANIE ORLINS

After quite a fight, New Hope Academy Charter School in York will in fact close its doors forever.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld the decision that it must close its doors by the end of the year

Go see what Kevin has at Exceptional Delaware : The Charter School Office At The Delaware DOE Has A New Director