Black lives matters even when it comes to public education

The time has come to charge Hillary Clinton!

Yes the time has come to put the crazy bitch away ! 

4 to fight out for Red Clay School Board Seat !!!

District “C” expires 2022 – Ashley Sabo (3/3/17)
Thomas Pappenhagen (3/3/17)
Henry Clampitt (3/3/17)
James R. Startzman, Jr. (3/3/17)

Governor Carney has grown some armor over the last 8 years and he has teeth .

Those who think they’re going to get tough with Governor Carney might have a big surprise coming!

John Carney was kicked to the curb in 2008 by those who supported Jack Markell during the 2008 primary. Jack Markell made a first class mess of public education and now as we see, our prison system.  Beating up on Carney for more public school funding by those who kissed Jack Markell’s ass won’t yield $$$$ anything. Thar look in Carney’s reads ,”I didn’t get us in the mess Jack did” and “I am not here to wipe Jack’s ass”.

Education issues has been my niche since I became in the education issue around 1995. Sometimes we get in our out bubble blocking out other important issues in our community! Public education consumes nearly one-third of the state’s budget and then there is the local $$$ share. I think Delaware taxpayers has done $$$$$ plenty to support public education. Blaming teachers for piss-poor performance of many students particularly our high needs kids is unfair! The problem with Delaware school is the Delaware Department of Education and over bloated $$$ district administration. Public education is BROKEN due to leadership not teachers! But I’ll add one thing! We need to end the VT system for those who received poor ratings from the building admins. Delaware allows out highest needs schools to become dumping grown for VT. HOWEVER, in those schools are some of the greatest teachers who are there because they want to be there! The time has come for the district to dictate which schools teachers are  to teach in as long as it’s in their subject matter.

Back to Governor Carney! He appears to be a person who won’t be bullied parents or legislators. And he doesn’t appears to be a person who’ll dream up ass-hat programs like Jack Markell did! I think he will study and digest all the information and facts! Then he will decide a course of action.

Delaware is tipping towards a recession and home forecloses are red flag supporting it! And for those who say, ” if you don’t vote yes for referendums you hate kids”! I’d say which union rep poured Kool-aid in the back of your head! More money isn’t the solution! Better efficiency of current funding is needed! So for those beating up on Governor Carney you might consider demanding you school district to expand their spreadsheet and reveal all their so-called consultants and their pay!

Word to the wise ! Be careful how far you push Carney!  

Governor Carney being nailed to the cross for Jack Markell’s sins

WEIC to Carney: We need weighted funding , The News Journal

Carney on Tuesday told the commission that with a projected $350 budget deficit, putting aside money for low-income students and English language learners was neither economically or politically feasible. He spoke instead of “opportunity grants” for schools and restructuring Title I funding to better help students with special educational needs, promising he and his staff would come up with a plan that would help improve educational outcomes in Delaware.

Allen said something to the same effect, writing in his statement that, “if it were true that we need not make any changes to the current system because of the performance of disadvantaged students up and down the state, then the commission would relent, disband and go on its way. As we all know, the reverse is true.”

DSEA & the PTA supported former Governor Jack Markell reckless education agenda by signing on to Race to The Top !

Folks this is all bullshit! Public school districts in New Castle County needs to become one school district! That would throw ice on WEIC , a wrongheaded plan that would burden Red Clay local taxpayers.

Delaware traditional and charter school public schools need to be funded like votech schools! Votechs have no referendums! Votechs local tax rates are set by the state legislators !  By doing so, our state legislators will think before they buy into another fucking Race to the Top Wall Street Ponzi Scheme!

We can have weighted school funding whereas the legislators control the $$$$$ ball! Governor Carney  is being nailed to the cross for Jack Markell’s fuck- ups!

Do remember one thing! DSEA jumped the Markell bandwagon when Markell pulled a primary on Lt Governor John Carney who also was running for governor in 2008. Also, DSEA didn’t get Carney elected in 2016! Carney did!  

“Delaware PTA will be advocating our butts off for that bill, and if you know me, you know that I’m not somebody who will back off,” she told Carney.

Carney can’t give you $$$$$$$$$$ what the state doesn’t have! Why not apply that pressure on state legislators to fund traditional and charter schools like votechs  They won’t because taxpayers would have a fit! But yet they’ll say they don’t want to intrude on local control! However, that is what Carney would do by fucking with Title 1 funding which will be illegal if not in the scope of the Consolidated Grant Application.

After reading this I now support federal school vouchers. PTA support School Choice but oppose vouchers! Really nice ! Keep minority children in public school prison where same old same old! We need more money! Perhaps we cut pension for state legislators and require them to get their healthcare via the federal healthcare exchange! 

Yes we need to address school funding! But the time is to cut cost by consolidation!

At the end of the day! Jack Markell Fucked $$$$$$$$$$$ up and now John Carney has to wipe his ass!  Beware! John Carney does have teeth!   

Governor Carney hammers nails in WEIC’s coffin!

Carney: Funding WEIC proposal would handcuff state , The News Journal

Gov. John Carney said Tuesday a weighted funding model proposed by the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission would “handcuff the state,” especially as it faces a $350 million budget deficit.

He also made it clear there would be little to no funding available in the state’s budget for an ambitious redistricting plan proposed by WEIC in 2015. If approved, the Christina School District would give all of its schools and students in the city limits to the Red Clay Consolidated School District, a move commission members say will create a more unified vision for the city’s students.

Well that puts the final nail in WEIC’s coffin!

Folks the notion Red Clay could improve the lives of student Christina School District has fail is insane! Red Clay’s high poverty students aren’t out achieving Christina’s. It would nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the Titanic.

Carney, who said he is committed to improving education in the state, said he isn’t wedded to the weighted funding model. He spoke instead of “opportunity grants” for schools and restructuring Title I funding to better help students with special educational needs.

Johnny, I don’t think you can mix Title 1 funding with IDEA funding! Also, Title 1 is strained as it is! 

“We have weighted funding,” he said. “It’s called Title I.” Johnny, do you have a medical marijuana card for that shit you’re smoking! Title 1 funding is “supplemental funding”. And you shouldn’t be using Title 1 teachers in the state teacher to student funding ratio. Title 1 is “supplemental funding”. 

“The department is going to be one that is dedicated to support and service,” Education Secretary Susan Bunting said.

“You have my commitment that we are going to work with you to make this possible,” she said. “No money, but we’re going to make progress.”

Wasn’t this lady the Super of Indian River School District ? Say no $$$ more ! 

While WEIC previously predicted it would take an additional $6 million in state funding to make redistricting possible, it now predicts a funding gap of between $7.5 million and $10 million.

That wouldn’t even cover the repairs to Christina’s schools Red Clay would inherit ! And of course Red Clay Taxpayer will foot the bill! “

There is literally 40 proposals in both of our reports,” Allen said. “Redistricting is one of them.”

No matter how you spin the roulette wheel! Red Clay taxpayers would lose! 

About 4,357 students would switch districts, and Christina would lose eight of its school buildings to Red Clay. An estimated $1.089 billion in tax income would also change hands – though new expenditures taken on by Red Clay would be greater than that additional revenue.

And thee you have the final nail ! Sleep tight WEIC !!!!!!!!

No takers on Red Clay open board seat race yet !Who wants to sit at the power table!

AS of today 2/26/2017 no one has filed to run for the open school board seat. 

“The filing deadline for School Board elections is the first Friday in March at 4:30 p.m.”


District “C” expires 2022 –

If you live within this area you can run 

Delaware’s quirky law allowed 16 year olds to vote. @washingtonpost @foxnews

HB 281 Signed into Law September 10, 2010. Republicans didn’t have the foresight to make an amendment to exude Special Election. The intent of the law was clear as it referenced “general elections”. However, laws for those who can vote in special election reverts back to the same for general elections. 

Legislation: HB 381

Current Delaware law allows individuals 18 and older, and those who will turn 18 before the next general election, to register to vote through the Division of Motor Vehicles.  This act would allow 16 year olds to register to vote through the Division of Motor Vehicle at the time they first apply for their driver’s license. Such individuals, however, will not be allowed to vote unless they will turn 18 before the next general election.

Delaware House of Representatives

Date: 5/6/10 05:23 PM

Status: Passed

Vote Type: SM

Yes: 27
No: 9
Not Voting: 3
Absent: 2

Hansen way out in from of Marino re: Delaware 10th Senate Race! DEGOP leaders blindsided with 16th year-olds vote loophole.

Stephanie Hansen leads looks to big for John Marino to overtake ! Loophole in the law allowed 16 year-olds to vote in Special Elections! Law has been on the books since 2010. Delaware GOP Officials asleep at the wheel! Marino’s team found out a bit late whereas Hansen team played the card! Hansen’s lead is big and odds are the 16 year-old factor wouldn’t have made a difference!

Election official is a good guy and the law is correct!

You know we see a bunch of bull shit divide over Trump’s victory and I for one say, it is what it is so given Hansen the respect!  I hope she can help put an end to Delaware’s death spiral but she has a lot of political payback owed to others.

I enjoyed hanging out on Facebook with the Marino crew who did a great job! Marino didn’t lose! Delaware did!    

I am sure they’ll be some public backlash about 16 year-olds being allowed to vote in this Special Election! 

Delaware GOP leadership hangs on the outcome of Special Election in 10th Senate District!

I am still holding to my prediction John Marino will still win the Special Election in the 10th Senate District. However, GOP leadership caught off guard with issue of 16 year-olds be able to vote! Yes !!!!!!!! Loophole in the law would allow 16 year-olds pre-registered at time of getting their driver’s licences!

Delaware GOP leadership and John Marino’s campaign team jump into action and phone tree was lit-up to get all GOP 16 year-olds out to vote before 8:00 p.m.

Marino’s loss would me major shakeup in Delaware GOP leadership! But I am still call it for Marino !

Delaware State Election official blunders interpetation of law ! And No Lavelle you didn’t sponsor law! You voted NO ! @CNN @washingtonpost UPDATE ! No blunder ! State Election official correct!

UPDATE !!!!!!!!!! Special Election Law 

Title 15

Chapter 71

(a) Every special election in a representative or senatorial district shall be provided for, opened, held, conducted and closed and the result thereof ascertained and certified in the same manner, at the same places and subject to the same laws, so far as the same may be applicable, as prescribed for the general election; unless otherwise provided for in this chapter or elsewhere in this title.

Looks like loop hole in the law that will allow these 16 year olds to vote !!

UPDATE AND OMG !!!!! Election officials may be correct !!!!!!! The next General Election is November 2018 and technically those 16 today will most likely be 18 at the “next General Election” OMG ! But wait! Let’s review the law for “Special Elections”  

House Bill 381 145th General Assembly (2009 – 2010)


Rep. Longhurst & Sen. McDowell

Reps. Barbieri, Carson, George, J. Johnson, Q. Johnson, Keeley, Kowalko, Mitchell, Plant, Schooley, Schwartzkopf, Scott, B. Short, Viola, Walls, D.E. Williams, D.P. Williams; Sen. Blevins, Hall-Long, Katz











Section 1.  Amend §1701, Title 15 of the Delaware Code by designating the entirety of the existing section as subsection “(a)” thereof and by adding a new subsection “(b)” thereto as follows:

“(b) The Department shall permit registration of any citizen and bona fide resident of this State 16 years of age or older through the Division of Motor Vehicles as set forth in §2050(a) of this Chapter, provided that such applicant shall not be a qualified voter unless the person will be 18 years of age or older on or before the day of the general election next succeeding the applicant’s registration.”.

Section 2.  The provisions of this Act shall take effect on January 1, 2012.



Current Delaware law allows individuals 18 and older, and those who will turn 18 before the next general election, to register to vote through the Division of Motor Vehicles.  This act would allow 16 year olds to register to vote through the Division of Motor Vehicle at the time they first apply for their driver’s license.  Such individuals, however, will not be allowed to vote unless they will turn 18 before the next general election.

Breaking News !Reports of 16 year-olds voting in Delaware Senate Race !!! @delawareonline @wdel

ATTENTION: If you are 16 or above, you may vote in this election. Democrats seem to know of some loophole?? So we have just been informed at 5:23 that 16 AND ABOVE CAN VOTE!!! I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE THIS! Please take your 16 and ups to vote for John Marino!

Kilroy's Delaware
Kilroy’s Delaware…

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Lisa Grizzel Coleman
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Kilroy's Delaware
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Kilroy's Delaware
Kilroy’s Delaware NO read this! “Yesterday, September 8th, Delaware governor Jack Markell signed into law House Bill 381, allowing 16 year olds to preregister to vote at age 16 when they register for a driver’s license. While the teenagers will be preregistered to vote, they will not be eligible to vote until after their 18th birthday.”…

Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke Department of Elections is letting them vote!
Kilroy's Delaware
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Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke 16 year old Democrats have been voting ALL DAY LONG!!!
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke Dept of Elections is letting them, but when some of our kids tried to vote they were denied.
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Cindy Ray Cook
Cindy Ray Cook You knew they’d try to steal it……again !
Cindy Ray Cook
Cindy Ray Cook Cheater always …
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Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson Age: Must be 18 years of age by the date of the next General Election
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke This is not a general election.
Martin Nicholson
Martin Nicholson This is illegal and does not follow the Federal Constitution. This does not fall under the 10th…
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Joseph Lanzendorfer
Joseph Lanzendorfer So if any democrats were allowing 16-year-olds to vote just because they were pre-registered, they were breaking the law. I doubt the people at the polls were allowing this. There names shouldn’t have even been on the lists.
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Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke They are allowing it.
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke The names are on the list.
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke If you have a drivers license, you are automatically registered and your name comes up in the registry. They obviously knew this.
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke
Lisa Marie Mercaldo Radke We were informed at 5:23pm today of this.
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Kilroy's Delaware
Kilroy’s Delaware

Whenever there is a vacancy in either house of the General Assembly, by reason of failure to elect, ineligibility, death, resignation or otherwise, within 10 days of the creation of the vacancy a writ of election shall be issued by the presiding officer of the house in which the vacancy exists, dire…

School districts call for more referendums while doing nothing about deadbeats like Wanxiang!

By Jack Wells 

Why we must reduce funding in our Department of Education and our 19 school districts NOW.  Fund.  our schools or overhead. 

Currently Delaware’s home foreclosures rank 2th in the nation, until our Governor, our legislators and some of our school boards, especially Red Clay’s,  realize the property owners in New Castle County are hurting financially, foreclosures and delinquent school taxes will increase.   

It’s ALARMING that delinquent school taxes in New Castle County have increased from $17,274,903 in 2012 to $50,512,276 by November 2016, an increase of 341.9%. {If the senior tax credit of $500.00 is rescinded, this will make these problems worst.} 

Provided below by district, is delinquent school taxes in 2012,2016 and percent of increase. 


       2012               2016             Increase      Increase
  1,526,547      3,068,582      1,542,035         101.0       Appoquinimink
  2,375,895      7,137,251      4,761,356         200.0       Brandywine
  4,839,627    13,478,596      8,638,969         178.5       Christina
  3,324,084      6,922,340      3,598,256         108.2       Colonial
  3,700,858    16,082,998    12,382,140         334.5       Red Clay
  1,507,892      3,822,506      2,314,614         153.4        NCCVT
17,274,903   50,512,276     33,237,373        192.4 


Our Governor, our legislators and some of our school boards have a choice, fund our schools based on the needs of our children, or continue to provide excessive funding for overhead in DOE and our 19 school districts. {I convinced if overhead is not reduced, our schools will received less and less funding.} 



Delaware Death Watch re: election 10th senate 2/25/2017! Elect Hansen Delaware dies !

No disrespect  to a few democratic elected state official that I admire and respect! But your party allowed Jack Markell  to destroy the solid foundation that once made Delaware a beautiful  safe state to build a career and raise a family! Our prisons are in crisis to a point of Helter Skelter! Our State Police force is underfunded and undermanned! Wilmington is Murdertown USA! Jack Markell’s re-engineering of Delaware’s public school system was a train wreck victimizing amazing public school teachers and our children! Electing Stephanie Hansen will be rewarding failure and would continue the collapsing  of this amazing state!

If your worried about John Marino and man who put himself in harm’s way during his years as a police officer followed by serving his community! I’d say don’t worry! Worry about Stephanie Hansen who couldn’t stand on her own during her campaign and had to have the “former” governor of “Maryland” to campaign for her! Go figure ! Hello !! McFly !! We’re talking a Delaware political race! Why this guy from Maryland coming in? Then there is former V P Joe who had no contact or business with Hansen the last eight years!  Folks the political pony show is all about the democrats maintaining power that would push Delaware deeper in debt as they raise taxes on seniors and small business owners!  Delaware has one of the biggest home foreclosures  in the nation and OMG ! Jack Markells Chinese butt-buddy Wanxiang owes $1,000,000.00 dollars in back school taxes and fines! Red Clay’s share is about $800,000.00! Red Clay admin tells me to tell my elected officials ! Well duh! Red Clay school board members are elected officials! Hansen doesn’t have the GRIT to confront these issues !! John Marino does!

To all the voters in the Delaware 10th Senate District! Please help take Delaware off the death watch! Please vote for John Marino!  Save our state ! Elect John Marino!