Stay off the roads to allow emergency crews full access

Folks those state and private employee clearing our road, highway and parking lots have been work long hours and many will tire. Our police and other emergency workers including utilities emergency crews need full access.

Though this blizzard isn’t the worst Delaware has seen but we are a growing state with many more miles of roads and highways and people.

It’s not too often I can say I am proud of Delaware Governor Jack Markell bit his actions in raising the State of Emergency to Level 2 does put lives before profit. Many workers in Delaware are often faced with braving the roads to appease their employers and the Delaware way is, “we’ll be disappointed in you if you can’t make it into work” aka code for we’ll get you later!

Please check on you elderly neighbors and help dig them out! Don’t worry about Pubilus he is well stock with Maker’s Mark 46. I hear he received an entire case of it for his support for Delaware charter schools ;).   

Should employers be libel for forcing employees to drive in Level 1 State of Emergency ?

UPDATE 8:30 A.M. !! Markell imposes level 2 driving ban in Kent, NCCo

b. Level 2 Driving Restriction: A “Level 2 Driving Restriction” shall mean that no person shall operate a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways when a Level 2 Driving Restriction has been activated, except for persons designated as essential personnel including operators of snow removal equipment employed or contracted by a public or private entity. “Essential personnel” for purposes of this subsection shall mean those employees and/or personnel who are necessary to maintain the core functions of a government body or entity, and to maintain the health and safety of the people in Delaware by providing services provided by public utilities as defined in § 102(2) of Title 26, healthcare services, and food and fuel deliveries during a state of emergency, regardless of whether they are employed by a public or private entity. A waiver from a Level 2 Driving Restriction may be granted when a significant safety, health or business necessity is shown for issuing such a waiver. The Secretary of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security shall promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this subsection. An employer or entity which has not been granted a waiver shall not terminate, reprimand, discipline, or in any way commit any adverse employment action against an employee who, as a result of the activation of the a Level 2 Driving Restriction, fails or refuses to report to work during the pendency of the driving restriction. Any person or entity who violates an activated level 2 driving restriction under this subsection shall be in violation of § 4176D of Title 21.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell declared a Level 1 State of Emergency 

“According to state law, a “Level 1 Driving Warning” means that any person operating a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways must exercise extra caution. All nonessential employees, public and private, are encouraged not to operate a motor vehicle unless there is a significant safety, health or business reason to do so.”

My neighbor’s daughter works at one of those big home improvement stores and is being told to come to work unless the governor imposes a Level 2 State of Emergency. The girl is a nonessential employee, cashier. She was told if stop by the police to show he employee ID and that the company would pay any fines. However, in her Employee Handbook there is no such reference. Employer told he to do what she wants but they would be “disappointed” if she didn’t come to work.

Here we are in Delaware in the mist of a major blizzard and Governor Markell’s actions caters to business and profits putting lives of Delawareans second. If today were a weekday you can bet all nonessential state employees would not have to report to work.

Folks people need to stay off the fucking roads to allow Deldot crews full access to clear the roads. To allow Police and EMT to respond to emergencies not related to some ass wanting to joy-ride in the snow or some poor high school girl stranded on the road because her employer played the psychological card ” we’ll be disappointed in you”.

I am hoping by time I push the publish button on this blog post that Governor Markell declared a Level 2 State of Emergency.  As far as my neighbor’s daughter, if something happens to her I would expose the personal and address of her employer.    

to all reading this please be safe 

Former Newark Charter School board of director is trying to box Rep Williams in the corner

Delaware lawmakers spar over charter school audit bills , The News Journal

State Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, and Sen. Dave Sokola, D-Newark, have proposed differing bills over how charter schools are audited.

State Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, wants the state auditor to select and oversee the firms that do the annual financial reports of charter schools. Currently, charter school boards work out those contracts themselves.

“We should be doing everything we can to ensure that the taxpayers’ money is not being misused,” Williams said.

But state Sen. Dave Sokola, D-Newark, has instead proposed a bill he says would strengthen the existing laws to clarify and tighten up the expectations for charter audits.

Expectations for charter audits ??? What find a better way to steal from the taxpayers? Rep Williams is on the mark, independent audits.

 “It just seemed to me that the high-performing charters that are doing a very good job with their finances are going to have to spend more money, and they’re already doing what they’re supposed to,” Sokola said. “The charters who might be struggling need more guidance and clarity.”

Dave , the law is fucked up! DE DOE has representatives as participating members of the CBOC per law! And yet even with them at the table the taxpayers are getting robbed! Moyer when unchecked, their AMX card! And then there was the shady land deal!

Hey Dave Sokola, many people don’t know you were one of the first board of directors for Newark Charter! Dave, you don’t give a shit about traditional public education! 

Trump will end Common Core! Ramone will suck start Harley Davisions

Dave Sokola Kicks Kim Williams In The Back And Then Thrusts The Knife Into It

Exceptional Delaware


Senator Dave Sokola pulled a fast one on State Rep. Kim Williams in his latest political trickery because of his uncontrolled bias for Delaware charter schools.

Last year, State Rep. Kim Williams’ House Bill 186 was approved by the Delaware House of Representatives on June 30th, the last day of legislative session. Senator David Sokola refused to suspend the rules and said this bill needed to be heard in the Senate Education Committee. Fair enough. It was heard in committee this week, and it was released yesterday. Fair enough. What he did behind the scenes is what defines him.

House Bill 186 deals with charter school audits. Rep. Williams felt the charter school fraud and embezzlement was a bit too much for Delaware taxpayers and she brought the bill forward to allow the State Auditor’s office to monitor charters more closely. This is something Kathleen Davies from State Auditor Tom…

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Yep ! There’s one in every crowd and Rep Ramone is it!

opt out vote


Teri Hodges calls! Votes were about power-playing! WTF YJ We’re happy re: Compromise ?

Veto override on testing opt-out fails in House Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Yvonne Johnson, the PTA’s vice president of advocacy, said she was upset that Kowalko’s bill failed, but said Miro’s resolution could end up protecting some of the same rights.

“I believe that, if the resolution is really treated seriously, it could be a good compromise,” she said. “We’re happy that they’ve come up with something to please parents, but we need to follow through.”

“There are a lot of representatives whose votes were about power-playing and not about the substance of the bill,” said Teri Hodges, the PTA’s president.

“I think it will be an interesting November,” she added, referencing the fact that House members are up for re-election this year.

Delaware PTA Pres.Teri Hodges is amazing leader

Veto override on testing opt-out fails in House Matthew Albright, The News Journal

“There are a lot of representatives whose votes were about power-playing and not about the substance of the bill,” said Teri Hodges, the PTA’s president.

“I think it will be an interesting November,” she added, referencing the fact that House members are up for re-election this year.

Teri brings fresh hopes in parents regaining rightful local voice and power. Today Delaware witness the Delaware way where political self-preservation rules the day! The leader of the pack was Delaware State Representative Mike Ramone. He’ll sellout parents to protect his so-called small business profits.

Teri, I just want to thank you for staying true to who you are! There is not “I” in team and you sure are proving that!    

Call to arms! Mike Ramone to be political sacrificial lamb

Today Delaware State Rep Mike Ramone decided not to vote on a motion to suspend the house rules to move forward re: Opt-out veto override. Ramone is a political pussy! He plays the fence and sucks up to Delaware PTA at the same time. I strongly urge the Delaware PTA to cut ties with State Rep Mike Ramone and isolated his ass!

Folks we can’t beat Dover! I am not happy one bit with those who oppose the veto override. But at least they voted and stamped their name on “their” Yes or No.  You can bet Mike Ramone will have some lame ass reason why he took the position not to vote! 

It looks like the only way parents can reestablish their power is to isolate legislators one by one and vote them out of office. Mike Ramone has sold his soul to special interest that don’t include parents. We need to find a candidate that has integrity who can at least take a position! It easier to explain you yes or no vote than no vote.    


House Republicans Try To Save Face With Useless Resolution About Opt-Out

Exceptional Delaware

The House Republicans, aside from one yes vote, are trying to save face by proposing a House Resolution directing the Secretary of Education to come up with opt-out policies for districts to abide by.  The resolution would call for these policies by May 1st, well into the testing window for Smarter Balanced.  I’m hearing the Republicans in the House want the corporate tax bill, House Bill 235, and made side deals to vote no on the suspension of rules for House Bill 50.  They know their House Resolution is useless, but they want to look good for the voting public come election day.

First off, a House Resolution is not enforceable at all.  Legislative resolutions typically apply to the rules of the chamber, the House or Senate.  It does absolutely nothing.  They want to attempt to shove a House Bill regarding opt-out and accountability that will sit in a committee…

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Ant Brain Longhurst’s after school program will cost $7.3 million a year







BILL:                      HOUSE BILL NO. 240

SPONSOR:               Representative  Longhurst




  1. This Act is effective upon signature of the Governor.

  1. This Act establishes the Statewide Afterschool Learning Program whereby schools that meet the State approved indicator for low socioeconomic status are eligible to receive grants to support after-school homework and enrichment programs.

  1. The grants support at least 3 hours of after-school programs that operate 4-5 days per week during the school year. The programs are staffed by a certified teacher at a ratio of 1 teacher for every 10 students.

  1. The grants support students enrolled in grades Kindergarten through 10th grade.

  1. There are a total of 147 Title I schools that may be eligible to participate in the program where the total enrollment in these schools, based on the September 30, 2015 enrollment count, is 78,950 students. Title I schools are schools that receive federal funds for supplemental educational services for students considered low-income.

  1. It is assumed the additional compensation teachers would receive is equivalent to the starting teachers’ salary on the State teacher pay scale, prorated for the minimum hours worked in the program plus other employment costs. As such, a $50,000 grant per school would serve 10% of the eligible population of students 4 days per week.

  1. This Act does not require a local match of program funds. However, participating local school districts have the ability to utilize their existing match tax for Extra Time programs to supplement State program funds.

  1. Inflation is assumed at 2.0% to account for growth in enrollment and personnel costs.

147 Title 1 schools at $50,000.00 a year =$7,350,000.00 a year. Grants ?? I wonder?? Competitive like a Race to The Top ponzi scheme? 

“This Act does not require a local match of program funds” But the fucking taxpayers have to foot the bill nim-rod! 

“However, participating local school districts have the ability to utilize their existing match tax for Extra Time programs to supplement State program funds.” There you have it! The stage is set to back-fill this feel good legislation and Longhurst will come along with a new law defaulting $$$$ back on the district.   

Rep Val Longhurst forgets who cleans her office at the end of the day

148th General Assembly

House Bill 240

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. Heffernan & Sen. Poore & Sen. McDowell Reps. Bolden Brady Carson Jaques J. Johnson Lynn Matthews Mitchell Osienski Paradee Potter Schwartzkopf M. Smith Viola Sens. Blevins Bushweller Ennis Hall-Long Henry Marshall McBride Peterson Sokola Townsend

This bill establishes the Statewide Afterschool Initiative Learning Program. The Program will provide grants to public schools, that qualify as Title I schools, to develop afterschool engagement of students that will provide extended learning, homework assistance, enrichment, and nutrition.

After school hours, from 3-6 pm, is the most dangerous time for youth and crime, accounting for the peak time for youth to commit crimes or become victims of crimes. 11.3 million children are unsupervised in the United States after school. 28,292 kids in Delaware are on their own during the hours after school.

What a dumbass! After-school program for Title 1 students aka high poverty to keep them safe while mom and or dad are still at work, 3-6 p.m.. Doesn’t this lady have any fucking clue who mops-up, picks-up, cleans-up and makes sure all is in order for the white slave masters come morning? Also, the kids spend all fucking day in school and you want to add three more hours. “Peak time for youth to commit crimes” ! So keep all the black kids after schools so not to victimize whites! “Victim of crimes” !! They are victimized every morning they walk through the front door of their schools thanks to Governor Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda!

Val, I don’t see the fiscal note $$$$$. Once again state seed-money for two-years than more programs on the backs of local taxpayers!  

Val, WTF are you doing! Doesn’t it make sense to wait until we see what happens with the Red Clay takeover of Christina’s schools?

Val, where is the transparency ?? You blocked legislation to require school boards to record board meeting! And who will be running these after school programs? Markell lap-dog minorities who stand shoulder to shoulder with him when he lies to parents. What about the Opt-Out Val? Folks, some of  these people are so fucked up in Dover! We need more reading teachers during the day not bullshit lego clubs after school. Val, if we can’t get it right during the day when students are rested what the F do you think we’ll do after school? 

Red Clay teachers stands with parents and not Governor Markell

From Mike Matthews Facebook

At tonight’s Representative Council, the Red Clay Education Association took an official position of support for the legislature to override Gov. Jack Markell‘s veto of HB 50, the Parent Opt Out Bill

Lets hope our state legislators support parents and teachers in this matter! No word from DSEA!!! Looks like the mother-ship went flat-line.  

Delaware Gov Markell burning midnight oil to shutdown Opt-Out Veto @washington post @huffingtonpost @TheFIREorg @DEStateBoardEd @delawareonline @FOX29philly @WSJ @CNBC @CNN

I am getting intell that Governor Markell is working the phones and wallet to gain support to block Rep Kowalko’s plan to suspend the rules and move forward on a Opt-out veto override!

Word has it DSEA is in stand-down mode re: not to stoke the flames of parents and those in the community pushing for the Veto override! So where are our district level union reps on the issue? Will they come into the fold with DSEA?

Folks the heart and soul of the parent opt-out movement (seeded with the help of labor) is about local control and standing against federal intrusion though puppet Makell third reich.

I just hope Delaware PTA has the courage to overcoming some weak-knees. DE PTA PRES Terri Hodges, no matter the end game thank you for showing such bold leadership and being true to who you are! Your up-against the Delaware way now and the game because politics where parents don’t matter. It’s a Markell political hardball game now and all must drop and kiss is ass! 

Here is the vote list for passage of H.B. 50 that call for parents rights to opt-out their children re: state testing, the one Governor Markell vetoed. This week a motion in Delaware State House of Representative will be made to suspend the rules and call for the veto override. You get to see the cowards re: flip-flop vote that will block the moment to override Markell’s Veto 

HB 50 Roll Call

May 7, 2015 

Charles Potter Jr        YES

Stephanie Bolden     ABSENT

Helen M Keeley         YES

Gerlad L Brady           YES

Debra J Heffernan     YES

Bryon Short                YES

S.Quinton Johnson   YES

Kevin Hensley            YES

Sean Matthews         YES

Jeffrey Speigelman   YES

Deborah Hudson        YES

John Mitchell Jr          YES

Peter Schwartzkopf    YES

Valerie Longhurst        YES

James Johnson             YES

Michael Mulrooney     YES

Michael Barbieri           NO

Kimberly Williams       YES

Stephen Smyk               YES

Michael Ramone         YES

Joseph Miro                 YES

Paul Baumbach           YES

Edward S Osienski      YES

John A Kowalko          YES

John Viola                     YES

Earl Jacques                 NO

William Carson            YES

Trey Paradee                YES

Bobby Outten              YES

Sean Lynn                     YES

Andria Bennett            YES

Harold J Peterman  ABSENT

Lyndon Yearick             YES      

David Wilson                 YES

Harvey Kenton              YES

Ruth King                        YES

Ronald Gray                    YES

Daniel Short                    YES

Timothy Dukes               NO

Richard Collins                YES 

There will be an attempt to block the call for a roll call on the Veto override. Nervous legislators are worried the public will see which legislators  supported H.B. # 50 and now protecting Governor Markell by blocking the attempt to override his veto.  Folks it will be hard to vote those legislator will flip-flop their vote. However, I think we can take-down three at a time this election cycle by coming together and persuade others not to vote for them.  

Its a real sad time in Delaware when one minute legislators support the parent Opt-out movement the kiss Governor Markell to protect his integrity. The establishment of our free government was by the people for the people. Howe as you’ll the with this weeks movement to override Markell’s veto it will be FUCK THE PEOPLE.