Yep! Looks like we’re going to see some busing in Red Clay after the CSD & RCSD merger!

 WEIC Update:

 8/17 – Red Clay WEIC Team met with John Laznik from UD Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research to begin looking at attendance zone impacts

 8/26 – Red Clay and CSD Operations teams met at Christina to begin discussions across district on logistics

 9/1 – DOE circulating data sharing agreement with Colonial and CSD so that UD can share student data related to WEIC with Red Clay Consolidated School District

 9/4 – RC Transportation reviewed/refined initial questions/concerns and provided to CSD Transportation office

 9/9 – RCCSD and CSD Transportation teams meeting 9/9 to collect data, propose resolutions to open issues

 9/10 -Ted met with Kelli Racca to review process for departments continuing to work through open issues and coordinate CSD and RC plans. Redistricting Committee met for the first time.

Parent Strike: What Is It? How Can I Help? What If I Can’t Come?

Source: Parent Strike: What Is It? How Can I Help? What If I Can’t Come?

Charter School Laws are they legal or not? Part 1

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Source: Charter School Laws are they legal or not? Part 1 by DelawareFirstState Kim Williams – State Representative – 19th District

Is Charter School of Wilmington’s lease with Red Clay in jeopardy ?? Could be!

As Red Clay and Christina’s School Boards spin their wheels in the mud re: merger of Wilmington’s Christina schools into Red Clay. We are forgetting the big picture. We’re not talking just Christina schools, we’re talking all K-12 Red Clay and Christina students living in the city of Wilmington. We’re talking 800 high school age students Red Clay would have to absorb! It won’t happen overnight. Christina students still in “Christina” high schools can elect to stay. However, 8th grade students heading to high school “will” be assigned a Red Clay high school. Yes, those student can Choice into Christina. But forget about transportation. More poor parents without reliable transportation will be locked out of choice. And do make note, the rule will apply to siblings!

Red Clay does not have the space to absorbs 800 high school student and any notion to disperse 800 students into McKean, Dickinson and A.I. high schools causing Wilmington students to be “bused” might provoke concerns question Red Clay’s DE DOE Neighborhood Schools Plan. And for sure the will be the need for legal review of Red Clay’s Neighborhood School Plan.

In comes Charter School of Wilmington! Per the laws governing Delaware public schools under charter schools, traditional schools district “must” lease unused space to charter schools.  Currently CSW is leasing unused space at “Red Clay’s Wilmington Campus aka the old Wilmington High School. If the merger goes through that space will be “needed” to avoid excess busing of Red Clay’s new high school students obtained via the merger with Christina. Technically the space would no be surplus as it “will” be needed.

There is another dilemma many aren’t seeing! With added Christina’s “Wilmington” K-12 students Red Clay in-district choice school student pool will be bigger. Its my opinion Red Clay will be forced to hold more students to their Red Clay feeder-pattern to make room for the influx of Wilmington middle and high school students. And also, even new acquired elementary students may want to take advantage of school choice to get out Wilmington school setting. Tempers WILL flare!   

foresee federal court intervention based on concerns of civil rights infringements. Surely there will be a community push to keep minorities in their city school settings and when the Red Clay school choice process gets strangled, guess who is going to yell foul? Suburban parents! 

I hope the powers to be at CSW are watching Red Clay and Christina navigate through this social crisis. The “surplus” space the current CSW leases will no longer be “surplus”.    

Folks call me all the names you want even nut job! But remember who warned you about Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balance Assessment. I know the Red Clay community and I am telling you, the ugly will come out!   The there is Red Clay’s lack of capacity to serve Christina’s most neediest student when Red ClaY struggles to serve their own. 

Wilmington Education Improvement Zone Plan

I am going to charge up the hill with another attempt to avoid another major Delaware education train-wreck. With the train-wreck being the merger of Christina School District’s Wilmington school into Red Clay School District authority.  

The proposed merge Christina’s school into Red Clay’s authority needs to STOP! We all know the root cause of many failing high poverty schools are a results of lack of “effective” meaningful engagement of parents, political seeded agenda that fragments community voice and local decision-making at the school and district level. But more importantly lack of need based funding! The proposed merger without tangible resources will result in failure.  

Here is my Wilmington Education Improvement Zone Plan: A creation of a Wilmington School District funded by the same means as voctech schools. Yes funding on a county-wide tax revenue collection with Wilmington property owners including commercial owners paying current Christina school tax rate. The new Christina School District which excludes the improvement zone will operate as usually re: same local school tax process. YES sure those living in all of New Castle County will have an added burden to supplement the Wilmington Education Improvement Zone. However, the current situation via a Red Clay / CSD merger will impact Red Clay taxpayers at a greater $$$$ strain! Not I am not crazy.

Folks what goes on in Wilmington effects all of us including the state’s economy, crime and the explosive growing drug trade and “addiction”. Wilmington has become  not a “Place to Be Somebody” but rather a Place to Die and a place where business don’t want to relocate to. A creation of a Wilmington Education Improvement Zone with a school board of “citizens” and one appointed city council member focused on rebuilding community control of local schools free from outside politically seeded agenda, free of over-burdensome Delaware Department of Education with the exclusion of required state testing could set the path towards real local control. Teacher assessments weighed on the complete picture that include level of parental involvement and a evaluation system set by collaboration of those education, community leader and local government.   And to my labor leader friends, yes union representation.

In a nutshell Wilmington needs to stand on it’s own two feet and handing-over community local control to the rightful owners, parents.  

This is why Joe Biden is “needed” as president

Joe, if you believe in what you say than make this one of your missions! Re-write NCLB and set the path for more teachers and paraprofessional.

Joe, our education system is a mess because it was high jacked by Wall Street and the like of Rodel ! Return control to parents! Read Title 1 Section 1118. Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment is illegal as it did not meet the provisions of Section 1118.  


Fordham’s Petrilli and Pondiscio are political lapdogs !

Don’t shoot the test-score messenger, Delaware Michael J. Petrilli & Robert Pondiscio Michael J. Petrilli and Robert Pondiscio are president and vice president, respectively, of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and fathers of school-aged children.

First it’s important to remember why so many states started down this path in the first place. Under federal law, every state must test children every year in grades three through eight and once in high school to ensure they are making progress. That’s a good idea. Parents deserve to know if their kids are learning, and taxpayers are entitled to know if the money we spend on schools is being used wisely.

Petrilli and Pondiscio are stretching the facts. “Federal law” in this case only applies to states who accept federal grants particularly Title 1. There is no federal law arbitrarily requiring such testing.

Political lapdogs Petrilli and Pondiscio says nothing about how Arne Duncan blew in Obama’s ear to allow him to deface NCLB and Title 1 section 1118 via NCLB Waivers.  The rights of Title 1 parents have been high-jacked to point they are not partners in decision-making. Parents are indoctrinated in education agendas after the fact such as in the case of Race to The Top, Commons Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment.  

All this talk about college ready is a smoke screen! If we can’t get those below the achievement-gap particularity minority student “high school ready.” There is now way we’ll see them going to college.

Federally grant money via NCLB Waivers allows states and schools to that money for all students beyond the intended target group, high poverty students. We went from targeted assistance, to school wide and now for come on, come all. 

The Common Core should help to boost college readiness – and college completion – by significantly raising expectations, starting in kindergarten. But we shouldn’t be surprised that Delaware found that less than half of its students are “on track” for college. In fact, that’s what we should expect. Parents, in other words, are finally learning the truth.

The truth is , there is profit in poverty when it comes to K-12 education. All the money pissed away of new political laced public education agendas via testing and purchasing new education material from the test makers could be better served adding more teachers and paraprofessionals in high poverty schools. Why fix the problem at the root cause when it harms profiteers?

Delaware’s worst ever Department of Education leader depart 09/30/2015.

State Board of Education – Regular Monthly Meeting9/17/2015 – 1:00 PM

Cabinet Room Townsend Building

401 Federal Street Dover, DE

VII. A. Personnel


Mark Murphy, Secretary of Education, resignation effective September 30, 2015.

Never in the history of the State of Delaware has there ever been such a failure in a key education  position. I call what he did social rape! 

Delaware School Success Framework Is Regulation 103: * Opt-Out Penalty * Action Schools * Focus Schools * Priority Schools *

Source: Delaware School Success Framework Is Regulation 103: * Opt-Out Penalty * Action Schools * Focus Schools * Priority Schools *

September 17 is REFUSE THE TEST PARENT STRIKE in Delaware! Press Conference at 12:30pm!

Source: September 17 is REFUSE THE TEST PARENT STRIKE in Delaware! Press Conference at 12:30pm!

Delaware PTA knees are buckling under the weight of Markell’s parent power grab

It appears Delaware PTA retreated back sitting on the fence. Governor Markell poked his finger in the eyes of every parent in Delaware and the Delaware PTA re: vetoing the testing opt-out legislation. So I am wondering, is this Delaware PTA statement saying, it is what it is and we’ll have to make due but voice our opinion? Sounds that way to me! I understand Delaware PTA needs to maintain a professional image but, what Markell did warrants a major protest by Delaware PTA. Yea it is what it is but thank God we have people in the social media exposing Markell’s sins against the people. 

Good see this;

Delaware PTA Issues Statement On Smarter Balanced Assessment Results by Exceptional Delaware 

Delaware Governor Markell’s secret sex tapes !

Damn John Young, just spit it out! Go F yourself JACK! 

CSD selects former Red Clay super Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

Christina Board Votes to Appoint Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski as Acting Superintendent

Andrzejewski served as superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 1997-2009

The Christina Board of Education voted on September 3 to extend an offer to serve as Acting Superintendent to Dr. Robert J. Andrzejewski.

Dr. Andrzejewski has served since 2009 as the president and chief executive officer of Innovative Educational Associates, and has worked with the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce to redesign its Superstars in Education Program. He served from 2010-2014 as the executive director of the Delaware Mentoring Council. His experience as a public school superintendent includes serving as superintendent of the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 1997-2009. He also served in the Red Clay Consolidated School District as assistant superintendent for administrative services, as principal of Conrad Middle School and principal of Shortlidge Elementary School, and as an assistant principal at Dickinson High School and Conrad Middle School. 

He holds a doctorate degree in educational leadership, a master’s degree in special education, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology, all from the University of Delaware.

Odd as it may sound, Bob A may be a good choice! As much as some of  us can question Red Clay’s past agenda that includes charter schools and magnet schools, those are the things parents wanted. HOWEVER, at what price did charters and magnet schools cost other district schools and what impact has had on minority students?

Bob A may have alienated some of his long time colleagues and perhaps screwed over a few! Bob A and I used to go eyeball to eyeball on issues in Red Clay. But I’ll give him credit for putting it on the table. When I was Chairperson of Red Clay’s Title 1 Parent Advisory Board Bob A did delivery on expanding some middle school Title 1 programs and under Bob A each school level Title 1 PAB was given $1,000 each to use to help promote parental involvement as parent saw fit. We had a Title 1 Parent Center, Title 1 information centers in each office that consisted of a rack full of Title 1 information and other help community information. We had “real” Title 1 Annual meetings and various Title 1 events at each of the Title 1 schools.

One thing that really pissed me off was when Bob A signed a $300,000.00 no bid contract with Teach for America. He claim sole source vendor which was full of shit because their was TNTP. Bob A to this day blames me for some personal trash talking by others on my blog. But little does he know, I deleted them and fast as I could and actual switched blog host sites to WordPress which has more controls.

So I said my peace, and I “Think” I can take comfort in trusting Bob A will focus on the needs Christina’s children and with many being Title 1 students I hope Bob a can deliver Title 1 back to parents by honoring the intent of Title 1 Section 1118. I personally feel, merging CSD city schools into Red Clay is a big mistake! HOWEVER, Bob A is the Acting Superintendent and doubt one is such a position can make radical changes. But  CSD needs a leader at the helm until a decision can be made on a permanent super. BUT remember Freeman Williams current superintendent is out on “leave”. I think he would have to resign before the board can appoint a new super.

One thing many people don’t know about Bob A is his personal success beyond being a professional educator. This is not confidential information as Bob A shared it with many including a group of community leader at my house during a meeting. Bob grew up in Woodcrest near Conrad the next neighborhood over was Bestfeild where I grew up. Bob A was barely out of high school when he loss both his parents. He put himself and sister through college. The man can identify with personal struggles! And I am telling you, Bob and I could go head to head. However he included me on a few big things going on in Red Clay and openly asked for my opinion. Our phones rang both ways. So I owe him kudos for that.

One thing for-sure about Bob, he wasn’t loved by the unions. 

So for the sake of Christina School District, I’ll give Bob pace to help the CSD district right itself and I hope the CSD school board does the same. I also, hope with Bob A’s departure from Red Clay for a few good years I hope he has done some soul searching as to who he is and what new tools he can bring to the table. But I honestly think it politically too late to stop the CSD city school merger with Red Clay. Bob A has a few good miles (years) left on him. However at best, I hope he can set a path to transitioning a new community-focused non-ultra-political individual to take the helm. We need to get Dover and Washington out of CSD and engage the community / parents to take ownership of their child’s school and their child’s education. Folks it all starts at home and God help those CSD children ending up in Red Clay’s hands. Red Clay lack the capacity to effectively serve their most neediest students in their own district, and adding CSD’s would break the camel’s back!

So Welcome back Bob A and always remember, sharks never sleep!      

From the News Journal 

Christina picks acting superintendent MATTHEW ALBRIGHT, THE NEWS JOURNAL

“We had 10 applicants and had several, in my opinion, worthy resumes,” said board member John Young, who voted not to approve him. “I thought we were going to narrow those ten or so to a shortlist. That’s a much more deliberative and transparent process.”

I agree John ,it sucks and you are correct. I hope the process of selecting a permanent super goes your way re: transparent process. 

America’s war on closing the achievement-gap has failed and has become a profit center for Wall Street

I have no doubt the majority of educators would agree, that by time a student reaches the third-grade the markers of success and failures are evident.

For years there was the debate on school-wide Title 1 vs targeted assistance Title 1. Target assistance is were students are pulled out of class to attend Title 1 reading class. This is how Title 1 started out back in 1965. Then the debate began! Title 1 pullout program presented a racially identifiable program. Then came school-wide Title 1 programs where all students within poor and not poor could be served by Title 1. Also, there was the debate and support for funneling Title 1 $$$ into K-5. This was all about early intervention! Educators complained Title 1 was an underfunded program and it might just be. For YEARS the formula for dividing up the federally funded Title 1 pot of goal was based on the district’s % of free and reduced lunch application which measured poverty. Somehow Title 1 a supplemental federal funded program became a cash cow where schools district use federal monies to pay district level administrators, Title 1 coordinators and even Title 1 parent liaisons.  And OMG Title 1 funding was / is being used to send school and district administrators to Title 1 conventions national and regional.  

The war on closing the achievement gap has grown into billions of dollars a year industry whereas, testing companies many who are also education supply vendors for things such as textbooks, software and consultants. Folks poverty in education has become a profit center and sadly as the data supports, majority of students continue to falling below the achievement gap are minorities. 

If we were analyze student testing data for the last 20 years we’ll see the same pattern. African-American lags behind their whites peers and African-American males tend to rank the lowest in achievement. How many reinventions of standardized test do we need? A simple classroom observation at the third-grade level will reveal student’s reading level and math level. Reading is the key to real achievement. If one weren’t proficient in reading and reading comprehension one surely wouldn’t be proficient in other subject matter such as science, social studies, history and even math. 

The billions of dollars spent nationalized standardized student assessment tests, attempts to reform education every 7-10 years and buying new texts books from the same vendor selling standardized test could be better served by providing more reading teacher and more para-professional in grades k-5.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s education agenda is nothing more than selling snake oil to a clueless community. If now is the time to take action perhaps now is the time for the many in minority community to stop kissing Jack Markell’s ass! I assure you, demanding funding for lower class sizes, more reading teachers for grades K-5, we could see remarkable improvement in student reading proficiency. But schools can’t do it alone. We need funding for community-based education centers monitored by the state. 

As far as Jack Markell the gatekeeper for Wall Street and Washington profiteers, I still stick by concerns about rich white million and billionaire male pushing education agendas for minority children. Corporate American hasn’t been all that fair to racial diversity in the workplace. Discrimination is alive and well in the workplace.  Markell sees China as America’s number one market place competitor! Markell supports the notions jobs go overseas because America can’t meet the skilled labor requirements needed. Many of us know its all bullshit because jobs go overseas because of CHEAP LABOR! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work on an assemble-line doing repetitious task like assembling parts. Yes unions or rather union wages in America  drove many job offshore! But what about a livable wage? And guess who is profiting here in America? See Jack’s stock portfolio and you can be it include education related tech stock! 

America’s war on the achievement gap will never end until the ability to profit on those efforts are eliminated.  America teachers are being abandoned and being used as scapegoats via testing data that is so skewed because of the constant changes in test methods that makes year to year comparison invalid! 

The biggest insult to America’s civil rights movement is the NCLB Waivers which pretty much null and voids Title 1 Section 1118. The works of William Hicks Anderson has come under attack and his own kin dances with Markell.  Taking away real parental empowerment and placing such trust in a self-proclaimed proud card carrying capitalist is a fool’s journey.