Merv look close! There is only one $zero in Candyman Carney’s feel $good handout

$1 million in opportunity grants awarded to Delaware schools Jessica Bies, The News Journal

Gov. John Carney on Wednesday announced that nine school districts and charter schools will receive a combined $1 million in Opportunity Grant funding to support programs that help disadvantaged students and English language learners. 

The relatively small investment stands in contrast to $26 million in education cuts made by the General Assembly this year. It also falls short of the kind of support needs-based funding would provide for low-income, special education and English-learner students, making the grants a less-than-favorable alternative in the eyes of education advocates.  

$1 million dollars for a portion of Delaware neediest students is classic example as to why Delaware’s fair and equitable approach to education isn’t meeting the grade. 

Red Clay Consolidated School District – $106,832 – Richardson Park Elementary

Richardson Park will provide trauma-informed care to all students by changing the school-level climate. The school will support staff in reconceptualizing disruptive behavior to a trauma-informed lens and provide access to higher level of trauma care for students in need. The project will: 1. Produce school staff who can identify, support and refer all students exposed to trauma and who can integrate trauma-informed care with existing programming. 2. Increase access to more intensive care of students of need and their families. 3. Strengthen Richardson Park’s network of trauma referrals.

OMG Merv ! I though you burned those political knee-pads when the worst governor in Delaware history (Jack Markell) left office.  Merv your $$ laundry list of what you are going to do with $106.832.00 sounds like you’ll need $1,106.832.00. Just do us a favor and not kneel to kiss Carney’s hand when cameras are around.

While Governor Carney’s “grants” are welcome we must remember the pathetic financial condition of Delaware’s public schools is the result of Delaware governors overreach into public schools and overambitious politically-seeded reform involvement. Thee time has come to fund traditional public schools and charter schools the way votechs are funded. Our Delaware public funded schools can never be fair and equitable until we have fair and equitable funding. Our state legislator lack courage to once and for all address this issue. 


Rep Kowalko sounds wake-up call to Delmarva’s $$$ crushing rate increase request.

Dear all,

I’ve petitioned the Public Service Commission to intervene in the two Delmarva Power rate increase request dockets listed here. I have been granted intervener status in both cases and hope to be able to mitigate some of the economic burdens the ratepayers and business users will be burdened with.

I have intervened in more than a half-dozen cases previously with varying degrees of success on behalf of the electric and gas users. I believe that the amount of increase being sought by DP&L is excessive and would be punitive to middle-class and poor users as well as the small business community. It could also disaffect large industrial users and stifle job growth and economic progress. But it will require quite a bit of effort on my part and that of the Delaware Public Advocate’s office to influence the PSC commissioners in that regard. Our efforts, on your behalf, will also be more achievable if all of the members of the public and the business community participate in the process with public comments and by attending public comment sessions in substantial numbers. We are fortunate to have a new Public Advocate, Drew Slater, who is committed to working on your behalf and his office and I will try to establish a level playing field and dedicated advocacy that benefits your interests. Please watch this site for updates with regard to public meeting dates, times and locations and please attend and speak out on your own behalf.

Representative John Kowalko



PSC DOCKET NO. 17-0978 


(FILED AUGUST 17, 2017)






(FILED AUGUST 17, 2017)          

M Ryder calls-out JY and Mr DSEA

Kilroy, I know you don’t live up here any more but when it is a big education story that needs discussion, you owe it to your loyal readers to bring it to their attention. They still do follow your stories.



JY’s comment from facebook about the headline being crap is stereotypical of an addict who doesn’t want to admit they have a problem. The very first step in recovery is ADMITTING you have a problem. JY can’t complete the first step so it stands to reason he can’t begin recovery. Not surprising but par for the course.

Christina is not a district, it is a redistribution network. That’s why it doesn’t work. Christina Wilmington does not have the same problems that Christina Newark does. Exporting behaviors (good or bad) from one location to another will not solve problems. Good kids don’t make bad kids better but bad kids can make average kids bad.

Whatever JY wants to say in defense of the district is inconsequential to a 3%~8% pass rate on minimum competency tests. Gregg and the rest of the district should be pulling the alarm bells and demanding the state step in and / or handing out pink slips. If children can’t pass the minimum, then why are they being promoted to the next grade. No teacher in any school should have to accept a student who can’t pass the minimum competency of the previous grade. Where’s Mr DSEA president to demand that his members not be put in completely untenable situations. Make that a part of teachers’ contract. 

 M Ryder 

Does Red Clay really want law enforcement to curtails surveillance and frisks near school bus stops?

Red Clay Board of Education Resolution:
Safe and Inclusive Schools for All Students
September 2017

WHEREAS, federal immigration law enforcement activities and stop and frisk practices on or around district property and transportation routes, whether by surveillance, interview, demand for information, arrest, detention, or any other means, have the potential to harmfully disrupt the learning environment for all students, regardless of immigration status, race, religion, social class, or sexual orientation;

Are you f’ing kidding me !!!!!!!!!! So what does Red Clay want! A no touch 1000 feet zone! Red Clay doesn’t want law enforcement to stop suspicious persons ? Red Clay doesn’t want law enforcement to set up surveillance within 1000 ft of a school bus stop?  Yea I know over the top Kilroy!

Red Clay is doing a political dance  aimed at undermining the President of The United States. I agree no search without a warrant! Thanks is what it comes down to. Red Clay is grandstanding.

Dangerous path Red Clay is taking! And from a district leadership who kissed Jack Markell’s ass re: Race to The Top! I guess Red Clay can pick and choose who caused emotional damaged to children.



Red Clay makes blunder using live BoardDocs

On the night of Red Clay’s September 20, 2017 board meeting Red Clay posted the following: 

“It is the recommendation that the Red Clay Consolidated School Board solicit interested community members living in nominating district “E” to serve on the board through July 1, 2018. Community members shall express their interest through a letter of interest and resume’ submitted to the Superintendent by the close of business on October 5, 2017.

Motion by Kenneth R Woods, second by Martin A Wilson Sr.
Final Resolution: Motion Fails
Yes: Martin A Wilson Sr, Faith R Newton, Kenneth R Woods
No: Adriana L Bohm, Ashley Sabo, Catherine H Thompson”

After I posted on Facebook Last night ( copied and pasted) board member Ashley Sobo says this: “Ashley Sabo Kilroy’s Slower Delaware if you’re going to report make sure your facts are correct. Faith was No and I voted yes.” However, she went back and reviews the published BoardDoc and said this, “Ashley Sabo I apologize Kilroy for seeming to snap at you. The minutes are incorrect and I am asking for them to be updated. This has been quite a topic of discussion and I want the facts correct.”  And they were corrected.  Ashley also said this; “It was also resolved that night when it was brought to Merv’s attention filling the seat was not optional and the board only could vote on the procedure.” Wrong !!!!!!  

“Title 14, Chapter 10 Subchapter III § 1054 Vacancy on school board. “(a) If any school board member ceases to be a resident of the reorganized school district, that member shall cease to be a member of its school board.”

“(b) Unless otherwise provided in this chapter, a vacancy on a school board, for any cause other than the expiration of term, shall be filled by the remaining members of the school board for the remainder of the fiscal year, and a new member shall be elected at the next regular school board election to serve for the unexpired term as specified below:” 

Appears per law the remaining board members “shall” fill the vacant seat! 

(a) Each school board member shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Delaware, and the laws of Delaware governing public education, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of school board member according to the best of my ability; and I do further solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered or promised to pay, contributed, or offered to or promised to contribute, any money or other valuable thing as consideration or reward for the giving or withholding a vote at the election at which I was elected to said office, so help me God (or I so affirm).”

(b) The oath or affirmation shall be administered by the president or vice-president of the school board of the school district or in the case of a newly constituted board by a person appointed by the Secretary of Education to administer said oath.

Notice “laws of Delaware governing public education”.

Now Mr. Matthews if I error in citing the law whereas buried in some subsection of this law allowing board members not to fill the seat please lead me to it.

As for BoardDoc, when the school districts post information on the fly during board meetings they are no official board minutes. Before and during the next board meeting the board has time to review and correct minutes and then vote making them official.  However in the meantime, the information is posted for the public and indeed someone can jump the gun assuming information is accurate. But it appears our DSEA President must feel citizens should verify district published information be for sharing it or commenting on it.

The question before the house is, why wouldn’t remaining board member want a vacant seat filled? Is it to protect the status quo or is that someone showing to fill the seat doesn’t appeal to certain members?

Rep Kowalko bitch-slap former Governor Jack Markell! OUCH !!!!!!

AN OPEN LETTER TO FORMER GOVERNOR MARKELL By Representative John Kowalko  25th District Delaware.

Dear Jack,

I’ve just finished reading your N.Y. Times op-ed and I feel it’s my obligation to Delaware’s taxpayers to respond. I’d like to think that your most recent missive has merely added to my disappointment in you but I think I’ve already passed the minimum expectations level in regard to your performance and legacy. I will try to be objective in my analysis and critique.

First, I find it unbecoming for you to use “revisionist history” as a crutch to support your crippling economic decisions. That pejorative explanation has become the trademark of Trumpism and the Republican Conservative ideologues and should be an embarrassing reference for any legitimate public servant who wears a “D” after his title. I’d suggest that you cease evading responsibilities, casting blame and rewriting reality or remove that “D”.

Your statement that I was as guilty as any elected official at playing this game” fails to adequately express the reality that you were much more “guilty” then other Delaware elected officials. You blithely dismiss the seriousness of this ongoing “economic/corporate welfare” threat by writing “And I don’t blame public officials, either, for their efforts to attract businesses with enticements, since they otherwise would risk losing out on new jobs, the transfer of old ones elsewhere and the bad publicity that could come with abandoning efforts to entice or retain companies”. That attitude and admission would be better relegated to a confessional for your personal “mea culpa” and forgiveness ask.

In your article some of the revisions you make to your economic tenure as Governor are merely omissions, others are misrepresentative of reality and others seem to be deliberate distortions. So I will attempt to briefly summarize what you’ve conveniently forgotten. During your 8 years as Chief Executive your DEDO/Strategic Fund doled out over $250 million (in grants and subsidies) in taxpayer money. Approximately 37% of the recipients where huge fortune 400 companies. This number does not include the more than $80 million in lost corporate revenue from your hastily contrived “Delaware Competes Act” (House Bill 235 quickly ushered through the Delaware General Assembly during the first few weeks of 2016 session) along with the “Commitment to Innovation Act” (SB 200). You mention the failed Fisker debacle but choose to ignore/deny your other expensive yet failed economic enterprise the “Bloom” subsidy. Not only has the cash grant/sunsidy failed to produce the promised jobs but you’ve ensured that 300,000 individual and commercial Delmarva ratepayers would be burdened with an additional 20 years of subsidies to a private speculator/entrepreneur at a cost of $12-$15 million per year. Your remarkably optimistic speculation that the two of three Dow/DuPont spinoffs was a victory belies the reality that a preponderance of the research jobs are gone and Delaware is left with a comparative handful of jobs at the two headquarters. This type of Pyrrhic victory should not be heralded as the sign of an economic boon to Delaware. You also failed to mention the layoffs of 1700 (six-figure) DuPont researchers especially in light of your Secretary of Finance Tom Cook’s testimony on the House floor in response to my query that those jobs are gone and not coming back despite the Competes/Innovates corporate tax cuts and the 13 million cash giveaways that Ed Breen publicly said would not affect DuPont’s plans for job cuts. To paraphrase Mr. Breen’s remarks in the News Journal article “that money won’t make a difference in our plans but I’m not going to turn it down”. And lest we forget Jack, $10 million to JP Morgan (declared $24 billion in profit the year before) $2.5 million to Sallie Mae ($71 million profit 2nd qtr. 2017), $70 million infrastructure improvements to the Astra Zeneca campus (dramatically improving the value of their property now being sold) housing an ever dwindling workforce.

I do agree with your sentiments expressed as such but it would be better for taxpayers if these kinds of cash incentives could be invested instead in such things as schools and infrastructure”. Maybe that will happen under your successor’s tutelage via the newly minted taxpayer giveaway mechanism named the “Delaware Prosperity Partnership”. Perhaps that corporate dominated cabal will accept applications for funding to restore the $27 million in cuts to education you made in 2009 that have continued to date (under the guise of flexible spending block grants) or the additional $31 million in cuts to public education in this year’s budget or maybe some of those poor and elderly former pharmaceutical assistance recipients could make their anguished cries heard.

Jack Markell makes some confessions to The New York Times.

Let’s Stop Government Giveaways to Corporations By 

Amazon recently sent state and city officials across the country scrambling to respond to its announcement that it was seeking enticements to build a second headquarters, promising 50,000 new jobs and $5 billion in investment to the winning location. Governments are mobilizing to devise lucrative incentive packages. I know how this works, because I spent eight years supporting these types of incentives as the governor of Delaware.

Amazon’s public encouragement of a bidding war highlights a competition that state and local governments engage in every day. I became very familiar with this process: A big business promises thousands, hundreds or even dozens of jobs and waits for offers from mayors and governors eager to demonstrate to voters that they are bringing them jobs. In Delaware, our economic development office, with my full approval, was busy calculating direct subsidies to corporations through grants and tax breaks.

I was as guilty as any elected official at playing this game. But it’s a game that should stop. There’s a better way to compete for business.

A New York Times investigation in 2012 found that states, counties and cities were handing out more than $80 billion a year in incentives to attract and retain companies. Amazon, for example, has already benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies as it expanded its warehouse network around the country, according to a report last year by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

The company’s new request for proposals seeks a combination of the types of direct payments that governors and mayors regularly make to businesses: incentives to reduce initial capital costs, relocation and work force grants, tax credits and exemptions, reduction of other fees and assistance with utility costs.

In Delaware, despite some notable failed investments (especially trying to save a closed General Motors factory), government incentives during my tenure resulted in the reopening of a refinery, the near doubling of employment in the state by one of the world’s largest banks and keeping two of the three spinoffs from the Dow/Dupont merger in Delaware. I don’t regret making those investments to keep jobs from going to other states. But it would be better for taxpayers if these kinds of cash incentives could be invested instead in such things as schools and infrastructure.

I don’t blame companies like Amazon for playing the incentives game. They have a responsibility to do their best by their shareholders and workers in a climate where competitors are benefiting from similar payouts. Interestingly, though, the chief executives I worked with as governor were less interested in short-term incentives and more focused on long-term partnerships that would help ensure their success. They viewed these incentives as evidence that state and local officials were committed to their company’s future.

And I don’t blame public officials, either, for their efforts to attract businesses with enticements, since they otherwise would risk losing out on new jobs, the transfer of old ones elsewhere and the bad publicity that could come with abandoning efforts to entice or retain companies. That would be the equivalent of competing with other cities and states with one arm tied behind your back, and like other leaders, I wasn’t going to do that as governor.

The result is a market failure in which neither side is motivated to fix the problem. State and local policy makers can’t unilaterally opt out without potentially negative consequences for their constituents, while businesses have a fiduciary obligation to pursue these short-term direct incentives. Competition for jobs should not be seen to hinge on which government can write the biggest check to an employer but on the kinds of things that officials in Delaware and other states spend so much time on to make their communities places worth living in: the quality of schools, work force development programs, the transportation grid and other infrastructure, and the overall quality of life.

The solution is straightforward: Congress should institute a federal tax of 100 percent on every dollar a business receives in state or local incentives that are directed specifically to that company. This would not include investments in public infrastructure, work force development or other investments that can attract employers while also providing a significant long-term benefit to taxpayers.

This tax would, however, end payouts that go directly to a company’s bottom line and would eliminate the pressure these companies are under to pursue such enticements. I’m talking about incentives like direct grants to a company in exchange for the creation of a specific number of jobs (something we did in Delaware while I was governor) or free or reduced land or the passage of a tax policy tailored specifically to one company.

States would still compete for these jobs — but they would do so in a way that better aligns with the long-term interests of taxpayers and the businesses themselves.

States and municipalities would also retain the ability to institute tax-friendly policies for certain sectors — like small businesses or high-tech firms (Delaware, for example, has instituted one of the most attractive research and development tax credits in the country).

This approach would provide a significant victory for taxpayers. Instead of making direct payments to businesses, states and municipalities would invest in and compete solely based on factors that make the most difference for an area’s economic potential and for a company’s ultimate success, like the abilities of the work force, the excellence of their schools and the quality of life for residents. That is a competition worth having.

Why aren’t weather reporters in Florida not wearing hardhats or protective helmets?? @weatherchannel @cnn

One of these days we’ll see a weather reporter die before our eyes during a live weather during a hurricane !

Like many foreseeable tragedies, its after the fact something will change to prevent another!

So sad !!!

Delaware legislators refuse to fund all public schools the same! @dedeptofed @destateboarded @johncarneyde @

On the table of possible school funding reform is reassessment of all property! Sure sounds like a possible solutions to address education funding shortfalls. However, why is there funding shortfalls?

Another possibility is school district consolidation. But the gains in savings is a drop in the bucket and a short-term fix.

Organized labor within public education would love to see property reassessment. Sure their own property taxes would go up! Part of share to pain I guess! But dare ask for more contributions from employees toward healthcare cost. The impact of property reassessment would cause hardship on seniors, struggling middle-class and small business. And don’t for get those renting do pay school taxes factored in the rent.  

Before we make any radical moves we must ask hold did we get into such a position? Damn right I am going to blame former Governor Jack Markell! Damn right I am going to blame many Democrat elected offices that were is lapdogs. Makell’s obsession to build a world class public school system pissed away millions of dollars. Then there is his mismanaging of Delaware economy which is still relatively stagnate! Delaware’s middle class is still shrinking and Delaware homes are going into foreclosure higher than national average.

Do we do noting? No!! However, we need to hold our state legislator more accountable and requiring them to fund traditional public school and charter schools  the same a votech schools would fit the bill. In case you didn’t know, Delaware votech local share taxes is set by the legislators. Take a look at you country tax bill and you’ll see a separate line for votechs  and local school districts. When was the last time you saw a tax referendum for votech schools? Never! Our state legislators don’t want more burden by setting local taxes for all public schools.  Get this, they claim they don’t want to infringe on local control! If they took on this responsibility they would think twice about getting in bed with the like of Jack Markell and Rodel. Reassessment of property doesn’t end the political football with education funding.  We need radical change as follows:

1. fund all traditional public schools the same way as votechs

2. Make the Delaware Secretary of Education an elected official rather appointed  by the governor, Currently the Delaware Secretary of Education is nothing more than the extension of the governor arm. Much of the problems with Delaware public schools system is rooting in intrusion of self-serving governors.   

3. Yes ! Increase gasoline tax by 5 cents and those funds goes towards supplement funding high needs schools.  

4. Purge those legislators who supported Governor Markell’s education agenda. Wait ! Make this number

5. Purge Rodel of the education ! They were Jack Makell puppet master!

We need radical changes how we fund our public schools but can’t move forward until our state legislators step up to the plate and realize their failures and accept responsibility that can only be achieve by funding all public schools and charters the same way as they do with votech schools.

Rep Kowalko on his soapbox bitch-slapping


If you’re still upset about Hillary Clinton’s $600,000 price tag for delivering inspiring speeches to Corporate American entities than consider the following in the matter of Delaware taxpayer giveaways and job creation: 

By my calculations JP Morgan can afford 16.6 Hillary speeches paid by Delaware taxpayer money alone. DuPont/Dow can buy about 20 H. C. inspirational talks. Sallie Mae can afford about 6 sessions. The list goes on and on. So if you’re looking for job and business creation from the Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate extortion/welfare extraction of taxpayer money (eagerly and equally supported by Republican and Democrat politicians alike) look no further than the opportunity for a newly created Clinton venture. Godamighty can you imagine all the hall-rental, catering and logistics support jobs that will be created if those motivational/inane speeches are scheduled for Delaware. Maybe that’s the criteria that the Governor can insist that his newly created (albeit extremely secretive) public/private job development include as a prerequisite for filling those greedy little corporate mitts with your money. Happy days are here again. Step right up to the (“$$$ buffet”) trough Chamber and friends. Your waitstaff for the evening will be a bi-partisan group of dedicated (to their reelection?) legislators and your meal will be creatively crafted by the improved and freshly funded son of DEDO. Sponsors of the event include the 5,000 seniors and poor who have gladly donated their pharmaceutical assistance money to help fund the activities, the local public school districts, teachers and students who are contributing an additional $36 million of their expected revenue this year and those poor wretches on General Assistance (cash money) who have historically received nearly $3 dollars per day until that item was removed from the budget. We could go on and on here crediting the 300,000 Delmarva ratepayers who are generous enough to pay $15 million per year to subsidize private businesses such as Bloom. Next year those ratepayers may take heart in the fact that they will be able to each contribute an additional $120 per year when DP&L (re-birthed as EXELON) receive its recently applied for Gas and Electric infrastructure increases. No need to conclude with the standard politically ingratiating “God Bless America” he apparently already has blessed (Corporate) America and that blessing should trickle down any time now.

Representative John Kowalko

Message to North Korea military leaders save your families from Kim Jong-um #NORTHKOREA @DPRK_News

Kim Jong-um rein of terror is DOOMED !! When the dust settles North Korea’s military leaders will be brought to justice for their blind support for Kim Jong-um. 

Image result for north korea  military leaders

All those medals for kissing Kim’s ass and none for real bravery ! Medals of shame!

China is North Korea’s puppet-master! Stop shopping at Walmart!

The is only two options to stop North Korea!

A) President Trump man’s up and takes military action

(B) Punish North Korea’s puppet master by stop buying Chinese made products by boycotting Walmart.

At  the end of the day, sending North Korea a “strong” message is meaningless unless China receives a hard message! Stop shopping at Walmart to protest China’s protection of North Korea. 

News Journal paints Newport Delaware as a crime-ridden town

All Delaware police agencies submit crime reports to the state. The state provides The News Journal with weekly updates, excluding reports of rape to protect victims’ privacy. Each crime’s location is mapped on a statewide system of zones, which The News Journal has simplified for this publication. Each entry shows the date of the crime and the type of crime. The number in parenthesis is the number of such crimes reported on that date in the zone; they may or may not be part of the same incident. Each crime is reported separately. A mugging would be listed as a robbery and an assault. An assault on two victims would be listed as two assaults; an assault on one victim by two assailants would be listed as only one assault.

4. New Castle/Newport
aggravated assault (1)
assault (8)
burglary (5)
criminal mischief (20)
disorderly conduct (5)
domestic (12)
drugs (12)
forgery (1)
fraud (1)
local fugitive (22)
local statute (15)
obstruction of justice – courts (1)
obstruction of justice – police (3)
prostitution (1)
recovered property (6)
stolen property (1)
theft (68)
traffic (6)
trespassing (8)
vehicle theft (3)

Newport is a stand alone town with its own police department and is part of New Castle County but by no means is consider “New Castle”. Where did the News Journal place Elsmere Delaware in the News Journal’s “simplified publication”? Newark is in New Castle County also. However, the News Journal has Newark standing alone in the report.  

The News Journal’s “simplified publication” is unfairly damaging the Town of Newport. There is a Red Clay school (Richey) in Newport and inaccurate crime reports like the News Journal’s many have an impact on parents choosing Richey fearing its in a high crime area.

Governor Markell’s incompetency killed Lt. Steven Floyd

Officer’s request could have prevented prison siege and his death , The News Journal

Lt. Steven Floyd requested on Jan. 20 that specific inmates be moved out of Building C at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center. 

His request was never carried out, according to a final review of the Feb. 1 prison siege. Weeks after Floyd’s request, he was killed inside that same building by inmates at the state’s largest prison. 

“Most unfortunately, the Independent Review Team believes that had the request for the removal of certain inmates from the C-Building — made on Jan. 20, 2017, by the very correctional officer who was killed during the incident that began on Feb. 1, 2017 — been taken more seriously and carried out, the incident and the resulting death may not have occurred,” the report said.

Not only was Delaware Governor Jack Markell the worst governor in Delaware’s history on public education. He was the worst governor is protecting the people and those who protect the people!  He should be held libel for the death of Lt Steven Floyd.  Markell should be stripped of his state pension!