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Should police have used taser first in the Nevada incident ?


Another angle ! Nope ! Police made the right choice

WTF ? Christina to name another Interim Superintendent?


Dec 13, 2016 – General Business Session




Naming of Interim Superintendent



Recommended Action



OMG !!!!!!!! Why don’t they just just get on with it and named the new superintended the Star Chamber picked! Folks ! I ran into someone at Rehoboth Beach last week and they told me look out for color RED !  

If you support charter and choice schools you support Betsy DeVos @realDonaldTrump

I support charter , magnet and choice schools but I don’t support Delaware’s charter and magnet school laws that allow preferential admission based specific interest requirements.

Delaware charter and magnet school laws promotes de facto segregation and creates high concentration of poverty schools predominately African-American students.  

There is currently Delaware pending legislation that sets the stage for limited school vouchers and our state legislators need to get ahead of the train to address the concerns. We don’t need another Race to The Top fiasco.

The time is now for Delaware legislators to address discriminatory charter school and magnet school admission practices that is driving de facto segregation and a two-system public schools. All public school should have doors that swing equal for all students. Delaware has some amazing traditional public school teachers that don’t pick and chose their students and take the brunt of the criticism.

It appears more flexible education funding might be coming the states way and no doubt a push for school vouchers! Delaware legislators now is the time to study the possibilities and  impact,         


Image that! U.S Sec of Ed a person who never wrote a lesson plan or held teaching credentials @realDonaldTrump

Obama with Arne Ducan and now Trump with Betsy Devos!

Ducan, the Godfather of Common Core Standards and extending the intrusive reach of the federal government into local control and now Devos who supports pulling the pull on Common Core Standards and supports reducing the federal government’s role in local decision-making!

And like a Cobra in a basket education union come spitting in the eye of Trump! Then the is Delaware Governor Markell who held the open the gate supporting the Race to The Top Trojan Horse as DSEA led the trumpet parade cheering Jack Markell.

For the record when I refer to DSEA I am not referring to a particular person! I am not referring to dues paying teachers! I am referring to an internal leadership structural that broke under political pressure! Governor Jack Markell is an egotistic self-serving individual that caused great harm to Delaware Public School system And yes he made deals no one could refused!

Sadly we all pray incoming Delaware Governor John Carney support less intrusive government and the end to Common Core Standards.

I think we need to give President Trump a chance to live up to his campaign promises regarding public education. I agree talk of school vouchers is concerning and many don’t understand the turmoil it will cause with local school taxes. 

OMG !!! I can’t believe Christina is going to hire him!

When doing a job—any job—one must feel that he owns it, and act as though he will remain in the job forever. He must look after his work just as conscientiously, as though it were his own business and his own money. If he feels he is only a temporary custodian, or that the job is just a stepping stone to a higher position, his actions will not take into account the long-term interests of the organization. His lack of commitment to the present job will be perceived by those who work for him, and they, likewise, will tend not to care. Too many spend their entire working lives looking for their next job. When one feels he owns his present job and acts that way, he need have no concern about his next job. by Admiral Rickover 

Its a damn shame those interviewing applicants for superintendent can’t see a runner ! Furthermore, the diversity of Christina School District is fragile and no place for a weak-knee leader! Talk about “social justice” the district is tracking to an appointment that will be unjust! Christina children and staff need a well seasoned “leader” and shouldn’t be a place for OJT. I was walking along the beach at Rehoboth and ran into an old connected friend and boy did I get an earful! The CSD puppet fix is in! More to follow!   

WDEL runs circles around News Journal with OMG !!!!62 million dollars in unpaid school taxes in New Castle County

Odessa National Golf Club owes $500K+ in school taxes to Appoquinimink as district seeks referendum By Amy Cherry 11:14pm, December 4, 2016 – Updated 11:23pm, 

More than $50 million is owed in back taxes to New Castle County’s six school districts–money that could be used to help fund what many are calling an under-funded and broken education system.

Appoquinimink is owed more than $3 million, according to county figures from Sept. 30, 2016, which was the latest data available, provided in a Freedom of Information request. That’s the least amount owed in school taxes for the six school districts in New Castle County; however, it’s also home to one of the largest single tax scofflaws.

Perhaps these school districts put a lean against these properties ! Try not paying your federal income tax and see how fast the feds come in and tax action.

The taxpayers should not support any referendums until action is taken on this issue! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!

Join Kilroy in a viable call to reforming funding for Delaware’s traditional and charter schools! DSEA will you join me in this mission ?

Folks this how funding Delaware traditional public and charter school will look in the future if you join Kilroy in the call to fund these school like we do Delaware votech schools



Free Public Schools


§ 2601 Power of county vocational high school districts and county vocational-technical school districts to levy taxes for school purposes [Effective until fulfillment of 80 Del. Laws, c. 19, § 2]

(a) Any county vocational-technical high school district or county vocational-technical center district may, in addition to the amounts appropriated to it by the General Assembly, levy and collect additional taxes for school purposes upon the assessed value of real estate in such district, as determined and fixed for county taxation purposes, however:

(1) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 29.00 cents on each $100 value of real property in Sussex County for the tax year 2016, 30.00 cents for 2017, and 23.50 cents for 2018 and all years thereafter.

(2) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 14 cents on each $100 of value of real property in Kent County for the tax year 1993 and all years thereafter.

(3) The amount to be raised by taxation shall not exceed 15 cents on each $100 of the value of real property in New Castle County for the tax years 2015 and 2016, shall not exceed 16 cents on each $100 of real property in New Castle County for the tax years 2017 and 2018, shall not exceed 17 cents on each $100 of real property in New Castle County for the tax years 2019 and 2020, and shall not exceed 20 cents on each $100 of real property in New Castle County for the tax year 2021 and all tax years thereafter.

(b) Any county vocational-technical high school district, or county vocational-technical center district, shall not charge tuition to cover the cost of vocational-technical education for nonresident pupils and shall not, in formulating admission policy, give preference to any applicant for admission based on the residence of such applicant.

(c) In the event a general reassessment of all real estate in the county changes the total assessed valuation of a county vocational-technical high school district or a county vocational-technical center, the board of education of such district shall calculate a new tax rate which, at its maximum, would realize no more than 10 percent increase in actual revenue over the revenue derived by real estate tax levied in the fiscal year immediately preceding such reassessed real estate valuation.

(d) The provisions of subsection (a) of this section to the contrary notwithstanding, a vocational-technical school district which is required to provide a local share for a school construction project may establish a countywide tax sufficient to pay the principal and interest on the bonds for the local share of the project.

14 Del. C. 1953, § 2601; 56 Del. Laws, c. 111; 60 Del. Laws, c. 429, § 1; 60 Del. Laws, c. 435, § 1; 62 Del. Laws, c. 84, §§ 1, 2, 4; 63 Del. Laws, c. 30, § 1; 63 Del. Laws, c. 172, § 1; 66 Del. Laws, c. 146, § 1; 68 Del. Laws, c. 41, § 1; 68 Del. Laws, c. 156, § 72(c); 68 Del. Laws, c. 256, § 1; 68 Del. Laws, c. 257, § 1; 69 Del. Laws, c. 11, § 1; 76 Del. Laws, c. 91, § 1; 80 Del. Laws, c. 19, § 1; 80 Del. Laws, c. 24, § 1.;

The problem with police and teachers is the same! The idiots that manages them!

Plan to help at-risk Wilmington youth coming soon  , The News Journal6:05 p.m. EST December 3, 2016

The report found that indicators including repeated exposure to violence and shootings, high dropout rates in high school, unemployment and maltreatment as a child were constants in individuals that would go on to commit gun violence. The CDC suggested that it is possible to stop an individual from becoming violent by identifying them based on the indicators and intervening early.

In order to determine what early intervention services will work best in the community, a Community Advisory Council was created in March to support the efforts of DHSS. The council includes representatives from the faith community, community leaders, scholars, school officials, students and the Police Department.

An amazing conclusion to the impact on children living in the hood! Its just the first layer of the onion of truth.

“SCHOLARS” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scholars don’t live on the front-line in the streets or classroom! KIDS do and they hold the answers to unlock the truth !

Scholars don’t walk the streets of Wilmington or break bread with the community !

The front-line of  Wilmington Police Department are viewed as street jailhouse guards not members of the community! Some are afraid to read out or give a hug fearing they might get on in the back or front!  Those who show respect towards a police office are viewed as a sellout or snitch! And you know what snitches get! 

The front-line is our schools is a new generation of teachers that are nothing more than kids teaching kids! They are ask to fill the gap of a parent, should tolerance to behaviors some deemed associated with ethnicity but is many cases more of reflection of the culture of the street.

We have a generation of police and teachers being managed by leaders who are more concerned with their $$$$$$ jobs to extent they bow to the political masters!

A mom cries in the street holding her death child yelling. “why doesn’t anybody do something “? Yet that same mom looked away yesterday when another mom cried! When are the police going to do something about this? When is the community going to stop circling the police when the come serving warrants? 

The teacher is verbally  threaten and told deal with it! School leaders sweep shit under the rug to make sure their school isn’t rate persistently violent! Kids move blunts in the Bics and school administrator are clueless!  A gun is reported and SRO moves in to make an arrests! The student says, they are afraid of the street! Yet the school isn’t locked down for a full search. Yo !! The schools are becoming the streets! Teachers are told, teach to this test than to another than to another! Seasoned teachers views are pushed aside because its not aligned with the new data! A well seasoned teacher can spot children who have the greatest academic and social needs within the first week.

In comes the Uncle Toms looking for greenbacks! If Wilmington can’t handle their own schools they can’t handle their own streets! Farming out black city children to Red Clay is a sell-out! What next! Disband the Wilmington Police Department and let State Troopers take over?

If Wilmington City Council, the mayor and  school administrators need to look towards scholars for answers, the community has no real representation. 


OMG!!When is DSEA’s elections your business Kilroy ??

I come home from work to find a bogus E-Mail ridiculing me for saying something nice about DSEA President candidate Danny Rufo! “When has DSEA business become Kilroy’s business”.  

Well first thing is first! KISS MY ASS !!! The business of DSEA is every parent and taxpaying citizen’s business!!!! DSEA plays politics with the likes of Jack Markell claiming its for the kids! Breaks bread at the fucking Rodel table! I assume its for the kids also! I keep hearing let it go Kilroy ! Race to The Top is all water under the bridge! Bullshit! Our children were sold out for a limo deal!

As far as labor representing “our” public school teachers its time for “courage”, the likes I have seen since Barbara Finnan! Delaware’s Barbara Finnan delivers a masterpiece! OUCH ! Posted on  

And OMG ! Jack the Butcher Markell is going to be praised and thanked for all his commitment to education reform in Delaware with the crown jewel being “winning” Race to The Top funding!

I support traditional public school and choice including charters “IF” charter school doors swing the same way as traditional public schools! But they don’t! One thing I don’t support is this VT bullshit when teachers’ evaluations are sub-par forces them to leave. I support due process for teachers!  

All the baby-boomer who went into teachers are all about gone and seems like the union muscle has fizzled !!!!!

Today’s young “professional” traditional school teachers need a stable centered leader! And they better rally together !

So TFB it my business now!   

The real dangers of school vouchers for Delaware (other than Matthews having a baby-fit)

Approximately 22,258 students attend private schools in Delaware. The average public school per student cost is $13,103. 

If every private school parent was given a school voucher for $13,103.00 x 22,258 it would equal $291,646,574.00.

Currently those parents who choose to send their children to private school still pay local public school taxes “and” a portion of their income goes toward state share. About 58% of public education comes from the local share = $198,319,652.00. And what parent wouldn’t want a school voucher to cover the cost of private school tuition?

The impact on local school districts will be devastating! And what about the effects on charter schools in the same boat as traditional schools?  Would Charter School of Wilmington convert to a “private school” ?

Okay by now I have Mike Matthews scratching his head and ass! So what stipulation would placed on private schools? Will they have to conform to Common Core Standards and participate in The Smarter Balanced Assessment? Wait Mr. Matthews !!!!! It gets better! As parents of current private schools students receive school vouchers so will parent who want to bail on traditional “and” charter schools! Wait Mr. Matthews!!! It gets even better! When the vouchers dust settles who is left behind? You got !!! Children whose own parents don’t give a rats ass as it is and won’t bother with school vouchers!

I’ve given the following so serious thought! Our young public school teachers who enter a cluster-fuck of a nightmare due to their union leadership dropping to their knees for Jack Markell’s personal egoistic self-serving education agenda Race to The Top buy-in laced with Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment suggest teachers need radical change in leadership! Therefore, I am going to run for DSEA President! Yea yea hear we go! Mr. Matthews says you can’t Kilroy you’re not a teacher! Bullshit !!!!!!!!!! I’ve been teaching all of you about the ills of federal intervention with the help of the Judas within ( No you Mike! ) You drank the RTTT Kool-aid! Boo whoo we didn’t have a choice !!! My ass !! You could of said no!  

I am a big fan of transparency and would make an executive order prohibition the president and or the vice president engaging in direct one-on-one meetings with the Governor Carney  and Delaware Secretary of Education. Furthermore, DSEA meeting with Carney and DE DE Sec will be recorded and made public. 2nd order of business! I’ll disconnect DSEA for Rodel! Shit he his goes again! Kilroy you’ll destroy the union!! So pal Judas and he band of idiots started that downward spiral.

The train has left the station on school vouchers one the RTTT MOU was signed! A little history folks! Traditional public schools “had” to fail at all means to justify charter schools and ques what ?? Delaware failing charter schools fuel the call for school vouchers!! Folks there was a calculates agenda in play for many years! Go ask Finnian! Also, my greenhorn friend ( this time its you Matthews :)! The end game has nothing to do with public education and has everything to do with busting prevailing wages ! Bring the Delaware teacher unions to their knees is the gateway of weakening the voice of organized labor! Teacher unions are the strongest and most organized! Without them  other trader and other unions would be a cake-walk re: rolling them over!

Just as “I” predicted Trump will back-peddle on his campaign rants! School vouchers in the next four years will be limited and waked up! Its all about sowing seeds for the next voucher advancement down the road. Those who want to bitch and protest Trump’s selection for secretary of education is creating a diversion to cover their tracks of inability to lead!  Stop the bitching and start pitching !! Elect Kilroy for DSEA President! And I promise you pot in every chicken ! Chill Mike !! I’ll have a DSEA job for you as my PIO and I’ll let you proof read all my written communications! 

Red Clay super cries the blues because he can’t meet the class-sizes law! Wants wavier from school board

November 16, 2016 – Public Hearing Class Size Waiver Presentation (audio recording)

Forest Oak, Brandywine Springs and Cooke needs waivers. Some other schools met class size via push-in support (push-in sounds like some bullshit scheme). It would cost the district about little over $500,000.00. Board member Adriana Bohm voices serious concerns with not meeting class-size cap. Glad to see a board member give some push-back! 

Merv tells the board members to contact their legislators. Why doesn’t the board tell Merv, tough shit find a way! How about cutting some EPR programs? Academics should always come first! Reduce the top heavy administration!

The public supported the operation referendum and district still can’t delver. 

God help us if Christina’s schools are forced on Red Clay

I’ll be curious to see how many of Merv’s bobble-head board members give him the wavier. And yest folks the class-size cap is an unfunded mandate backed filled by local taxpayers! Hey Merv! You know you can write an editorial in the News Journal!   


M Ryder is flipping cars at Kilroy’s and throws one at Kevin O!

M Ryer’s response to this Kilroy post ! More proof Delaware traditional and charter schools need to be funded like Votechs

OK Kilroy, KO has got lot’s of posts about this topic and it’s really funny that he’s using the same arguments AGAINST IRSD as many did here in NCC against CSD’s referendum. His history of disclosing identities precludes posting there. He is literally criticizing IRSD for mishandling of district funds and suggesting the public withhold support for their referendum. Wait, isn’t that what many residents did in CSD and weren’t they criticized for penalizing the students?? You need to call him up and tell him he’s arguing the same point CSD residents’ had only this time it’s someone else’s district and he isn’t friends with the board members. Mishandling and Mis-prioritization of district money. I’d say he’s a little too close to the older ‘Pugsley’ CSD school board member and his fellow board member, ‘Tuesday’, for his own good to be objective. Drain the swamp at CSD, drain it at IRSD.

What I don’t see in your point, is how putting the funding issue into the hands of the legislature would prevent districts from continuing to play fast and loose with the money. The legislators are removed even further from the sordid details of district exclusions, payments, and transfer payments. The crux of the argument is ‘accountability’. If the administrators and board were held legally accountable for misdirection, mishandling, and failure to comply with said goals of referendums, we wouldn’t have as many shenanigans. If the super of IRSD goes to jail, maybe other supers would be less inclined to dabble in the gray areas. If the last 4 supers from CSD were found criminally guilty of obfuscating their fiduciary duty by withholding funds from charters, maybe residents wouldn’t be so cynical. If board members were held legally bound to fund what is stated in referendums, maybe they wouldn’t let supers run amok. They’d whistle blow. Wait… DE state residents keep voting Dems into office who put Dems in charge of DOE who are in collusion with DSEA unions who cajole board members. hmmm, who to whistle-blow on when they are all in on the game.

The real issue is state ed. employees, gov’t employees and our legislators are not legally bound to their choices. They can make financially inappropriate decisions and then blame it on everyone else. New Jersey legislators funded schools and the unions, so much that most of their budget is now unfunded liabilities OR they have school taxes comparable to private school tuition. They are never to blame, it’s always ‘the system’, there’s always a scapegoat and the public scratches its head; “what does it take for them to do go to jail”. Will Hil(liar)y go to jail for breaking federal law? Will she be held responsible for not sending people in to protect our Libyan emissaries? What does it matter, right? They’re dead! Taxpayers are dead tired of the BS.

Educational funding has been redistributed, bungled and mismanaged for decades and now 30-40% are fed up getting no service while paying the bulk of the bills. No one has gone to jail. The legislature will not fix this and they’ll continue to fund ventures that fail. It’s in their nature: Bloom, Fiskar, Wind turbines, RTTT, SBAC, Common core tests, etc. Start investing educational dollars in students who appreciate and will provide some form of educational return vs. rewarding bad behavior or poor academic performance. That isn’t elitist, that’s simply the reality of rewarding students/ parents who put forth effort vs. rewarding students for inappropriate behavior. You want more funding for schools, show they are providing value don’t cry the charter’s are skimming. They wouldn’t be ‘skimmed’ if the residents felt they were getting an educational value. Legislators are disinclined to offer any penalty to dysfunctional school performance. Maybe school boards and supers need to be disbanded/ criminalized by the auditor or law enforcement for financial stupidity.

Fight for ALL students not just the ones that Social Warriors believe ‘deserve’ support.

M Ryder 

My rationale for wanting legislators to fund traditional and charter schools like Votechs (by legislation) is to shift greater burden on them. Many state legislators sold-out to Jack Markell’s butchering of traditional public education and shifting funds to charter schools.  When charter schools buy restate that restate becomes exempt from local school taxes. Combined those loss in local school tax with local share to charters within they get their 100% of local taxes. Also, when Red Clay raises operational funding via referendums, charter schools get a kick back (share). Also, all the federal and state mandates associated the Rodel’s of the world takeover of public schools forces local taxpayers to back-fill loss in federal and state grants. Then there is education union leaders and former snow-blind on the realities of hardships on taxpayer re: healthcare cost, no step-pay in private sector, no wages increase or cost of living increases for private sector and much more. They said, let’s share the pain but the reality is the taxpayers are getting fuck paying for better healthcare for educators than themselves. I am not taking cheap-shots at teachers BUT DAMN some of their fearless leaders pretty much say TFB taxpayers! Yea its all for the kids! A cup of coffee a day! Remember the Bell to Bell shit! It was more like your kids can go to hell because we want a raise and we don’t want to share the pain when it comes to healthcare cost!

Requiring  state legislators to set the local school tax rate may make them think better before they kiss John Carney’s ass like they do Jack Markell. Also, it will end the disruption of referendums and end the cat and mouse gave of bullshit Red Clay events tactfully set on referendum vote nights. P.S the judge isn’t going to require Red Clay to give $$$$ it back but will make recommendation schools be closed on referendum days or at best no after school activities in the buildings referendums are being held! Also, before any weighed funding is permitted we must required legislators to set local school tax rates.

More proof Delaware traditional and charter schools need to be funded like Votechs

Delaware black parents needs to stop following the White Pied-Piper

Delaware education conference focuses on achievement gap , The News Journal

The past few years’ education reforms have not done enough to help disadvantaged children catch up, so Delaware’s education system should make “closing the achievement” gap a top priority.

WTF ??????????? DSTP was to be the holy grail is closing the acheivment gap! DSTP was rolled out Sprinf od 1998! Almost 20 years ago! And guess who behind it all! You go it Rodel with their raod map to nowhere 

That was a theme that ran throughout the Vision Coalition conference Monday, an annual event that draws some of the state’s most influential school leaders and experts. And where was the “voice of 

Recognizing and Addressing the Achievement Gaps in Delaware Schools (2002)

See the date of this report!!! 2002 !!!!!!!!! 14 YEARS AGO

Like much of the country, Delaware focused many of the past few years on setting high expectations for students with the Common Core academic standards and on holding schools and their staff accountable for how kids performed, often measuring success with standardized tests

BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!! No body wants to be accountable for the failure of parents and the communities they live in! 50 years of testing keeps coming back to the conditions of poverty that impedes one’s ability to learn and one’s ability to teach!!!

Weighed funding sounds good in theory! However, without engagement of parents of children most effected it will be same old same old!

The time has come for a real grassroots movement from parents within the forgotten community and community leaders aren’t hooked into the Rodel network!

Freeing one’s self of oppression can only be achieved by standing up to the oppressor! Why is it white male millionaires and billionaires control the education reform of African-American children?

It amazes me! A community will jump to arms to protest Trump but sit by allow a corrupted education system repeatedly fail at-risk minorities children?

No one has question the re-written of ESEA where Title 1 Section 1118 as we know it is no more! The works of William Hicks Anderson have been swept under the white carpet!  

The teachers union said, give us a growth model test and we’ll be glad to be held accountable! And when it was time to pay the piper BOOM GONE! New test coming with a union lead stop the test! Who supported Jack Markell’s “need” to win Race to The Top ? The union! Who was given a job with DE DOE after the RTTT win? The head of the union! DON’T GET ME WRONG! I SUPPORT LABOR WHEN IT COMES TO FAIR PAY AND DUE PROCESS! But they have blood on their hands and want to pull a Hillary as, ” RTTT is water under the bridge! Move on “. And now you’ll hear President Trump is bad for public education!

The locks on the chains were unlocked years ago and yet many just lay there and fail to rise! Honestly ! 

Susan Bunting, superintendent of Indian River School District in Sussex County, talked about “Project Village,” a program her district created to help low-income 3- and 4-year-olds get their reading skills up to speed before entering school.

Beautiful Susan!  But injecting “village” is nothing more than trying to inject a sense of tribal culture!  Sounds African so gee must be good! 

Indian River has a high percentage of students who are learning English as a second language, and Bunting said the project helped those students overcome the hurdles that come with that. But there was no mechanism for her to pay for the program without spending money designed to pay for a classroom teacher 

Beautiful Susan but what about teaching those with English as their first language! Money? Don’t we already pay for English teachers?  

The coalition of city leaders and school officials has said so-called “weighted funding” is key to improving the city’s educational woes. But they’ve also said this is not a Wilmington-only problem, and that downstate districts like Indian River need extra resources as well.

And with an ineffective parent to parent outreach program it won’t work! The only ace in the hole Title 1 Parents had was , Title 1 Section 1118  and it’s GONE