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Is Publius a ghostwriter for the News Journal ? Supports education czar Governor Markell

Don’t tie the next governor’s hands Our View / News Journal

A General Assembly proposal to tie the hands of the next governor is a mistake. Several legislators have introduced a bill that would require the next Delaware secretary of education to have taught a specific number of years in a classroom. The legislation would interfere with the next governor’s ability to pick his or her own cabinet members.

As such, it is a legislative overreach. The bill intrudes on the power of the executive branch.

I wonder if the News Journal would support allowing veterinarians to treat humans? Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy lacks natural leadership and relies on the Rodel / Vision education playbook stuffed in Jack Markell’s pocket with 10’s of thousands of campaign dollars. 

Cabinet positions are political positions. The governor is responsible for selecting the secretary. The governor then is responsible for the success or failure of that secretary. That is the way it should be in a cabinet system.

Well one thing for sure, that statement makes it clear. Even mainstream news organization can make an ass out of themselves like Kilroy.

Serving our children’s public education needs shouldn’t be part of a self-serving ego-stroking agenda like Jack Markell’s.    

Each governor should have a free hand to select the leaders of the executive departments. The governor is one of a handful of statewide elected officials. He or she is picked by the voters to run the executive department.

WTF don’t tell me the editorial is written by Jack Markell himself! Spock beam me up ! 

The bill is obviously aimed at Gov. Markell and his secretary of education, Mark Murphy. It is clear that several legislators and their allies in the teachers’ union and among school administrators are angry at the Markell administration’s push for standardized testing, teacher accountability and other programs related to the federal Race To The Top movement.

Yea and the fucking people aren’t part of the equation. And yep , News Journal has it correct! All is related to Race to The Top movement!  

If the Legislature is serious about fixing that problem, it should work toward clearing up the confusion. The lines of authority should be clear. The command structure should be flattened. Deviation from the organization’s goal should not be tolerated.

Hyman Rickover! Is that you?

Red Clay School Board Candidate Forum May 5 ,2015

Candidate’s Forum May 5

The Delaware PTA is sponsoring a candidate’s forum at Conrad Schools of Science on May 5 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.  Incumbent Martin Wilson Sr. is running against Alfred Lance Jr. from nominating District B.  Candidates must reside in the nominating district but run at large. The term runs to June 30, 2020.

No one filed against board member Catherine Thompson, who will serve another term also running to 2020.

The election will be held on May 12, with polls open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, including a list of polling places, visit the Department of Elections of New Castle County websitehere

The forum will include a question and answer period. Anyone with questions can contact Yvonne Johnson at

May 1, 2015

Delaware PTA’s Yvonne Johnson Will Be On WDEL w/Rick Jensen Tomorrow at 2:30 AND On Delaware Way w/Larry Mendte May 9th on Me-TV

Originally posted on Exceptional Delaware:

The Delaware PTA has been a HUGE advocate for parent opt-out in 2015.  They hosted Parent Opt-Out Town Halls in Newcastle County and Kent County.  They have gone to many meetings at Legislative Hall.  They passed a resolution supporting parent opt-out.  Now Delaware PTA’s own Yvonne Johnson is on the media circuit.

Tomorrow, May 5th, she will be on WDEL with Rick Jensen at 2:30pm.  This should be a very interesting interview based on Governor Markell’s potential veto of House Bill 50.  When I say potential, that’s if it passes the Delaware House and Senate.

Then, in a pre-recorded segment, she will appear on Larry Mendte’s Delaware Way on Me-TV on Saturday May 9th (time to be announced).  If you don’t live in Wilmington, Mendte puts all his Delaware Way videos up on Youtube a few days later.

Is Yvonne running for Governor?  Just kidding on that one.  I’m glad to…

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R.I.P! 83 get RIFF in Christina and 93 more shown the door! Prays for a yes referendum

Yep that is the word on the street! 83 getting RIFF and 93 on temp contracts shown the door.

Folks things are going to get ugly if the referendum doesn’t pass! 

Will Christina be taken over by DE DOE? God help us if that were the case!   

Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Role in Common Core

Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Role in Common Core.

Meece wants Christina collected local school taxes but wants to be his own district at the same time

Charter schools’ five-mile enrollment under scrutiny Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The only charter that currently uses that preference is Newark Charter School, which has almost 2,000 students in grades K-10 and is expanding into a full K-12 school. Eastside Charter and the Delaware Met have approval to do so in their charter, but have not yet exercised it because they have not had more applicants than available seats.

So changing the law will have minimal effect on the charter school movement.  

Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark, says Newark Charter’s five-mile radius preference leads to de facto segregation because it is situated in a mostly white, more affluent area of town.

I thought the call for charter schools was due  tradition public schools struggling with closing the achievement gap. Doesn’t sound like this is the case with Newark Charter School. 

Kowalko has proposed House Bill 83, which would eliminate charters’ ability to give preference to nearby families. He has long criticized the five-mile radius provision, and is a frequent charter school critic.

Greg Meece, the director of Newark Charter, says he’s “confused” as to why lawmakers would want to prevent charters from having a geographical preference when traditional schools have feeder patterns that are often smaller than five miles.

“The legislature listed this preference in order to keep communities together in order to encourage parent involvement in their schools and to mirror what is done in traditional schools,” Meece said.

I see the merits of Meece’s comment but, Newark Charter limits school choice whereas in traditional public schools students can choice across school districts. So Newark Charter School ignores the spirit of the state’s Choice School Law. Should that be allowed?  

Meece argues it doesn’t make sense to compare Newark Charter’s student population to Christina’s because the two are completely different. Christina’s schools include many urban Wilmington students in addition to the Newark suburbs in which the charter is located.  

Newark Charter School is located in Christina School District and is funded in part by local school taxes collected by Christina School District. Do each of Charter School of Newark parents pay school taxes equal to the per student cost? Perhaps Charter School of Newark be funded with the exact school tax revenues collected from parents of their students. 

Will H.B.# 50 vote mirror that of H.B.#334 ?

House Bill #50

Synopsis of Bill: This bill creates the right for the parent or guardian of a child to opt out of the annual assessment, currently the Smarter Balanced Assessment System.

House Bill #334 

Synopsis of Orginal Bill:

(without Amendments)

This bill provides for the transition of the statewide student assessment system, the Delaware Comprehensive Student Assessment (DCAS), to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System (Smarter). Specifically, the bill removes references to multiple assessments.

The House Vote on H.B.334:  30 yeas and 9 nays  

The Senate 2nd Vote  on H.B. 334 : 12 yeas and 9 nays 06/26/2014 09:34 PM

The Senate 1st Vote on H.B. 334 :  8 yeas and 13 nays 06/26/2014 08:31 PM 

No doubt with Governor Markell’s threat of veto if H.B.#50 clears the House and Senate Markell is working backroom deals.

Kilroy’s message to all state legislators: There is a national movement on testing Opt-Out and yes it will be a big win for labor. However, it is very clear parents and the community are sick and tired of the overreaching hands of the federal government and their puppets like Governor Markell.

We cannot address the real needs within Delaware’s public school system until we regain local control that includes parents and the community. Think about this, the current generation of student in the system now have be subjected to DSTP, DCAS and now The Smarter Balanced Assessment. And do forget the test-pilot years and the constant realignment of standards and curriculum. But let us be clear, The Smarter Balanced Assessment unlike DSTP and DCAS a “state level assessment” is a nationalized standardize “test”. It’s once a year and does not measure growth within the academic year. It is not an assessment tool that helps student stay on grade-level. It is after the fact at the end of the year.

Race to The Top was a Trojan Horse carrying the Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment in it’s belly. The agenda was planned long ago and as you see as predicted there are efforts to utilize the Smarter Balanced Assessment results as part of Delaware college application process. 

Those of you who supported H.B.# 334 and plan to do the same on H.B. # 50 are on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY! Mark my words, when Jack Markell leaves office the house of cards will fall! DE DOE will imploded and it will take every bit of 6 years to rebuild. The recovery needs to start now with supporting H.B. #50 which is a clear message to Jack Markell, your bullying and corporate agenda must stop. You as legislators need to focus on real transparency of our public schools that will give the community the tools to be the watchdogs! Your existence as state legislators are to serve the people not to serve a governor who is fixated on personal agenda and inflicted with an ego of a tyrant.  

Even If Governor Markell Vetoes House Bill 50, The General Assembly Could Override The Veto

Originally posted on Exceptional Delaware:

Governor Markell announced today he would veto House Bill 50 if it is passed by the Delaware House and Senate and comes to his desk.  However, in Delaware law, it could be overturned by the Delaware General Assembly.  Here’s how, taken from the Delaware Constitution:

§ 18 Approval or veto of bills, orders, resolutions or votes; repassage over veto.

Section 18. Every bill which shall have passed both Houses of the General Assembly shall, before it becomes law, be presented to the Governor; if he or she approves, he or she shall sign it; but if he or she shall not approve, he or she shall return it with his or her objections to the House in which it shall have originated, which House shall enter the objections at large on the journal and proceed to reconsider it. If, after such reconsideration, three-fifths of all the members elected to that…

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Delaware legislators sounding the alarm re: under qualified state secretary of education

Should top school leader have more class experience? Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Senate Bill 72 would limit the governor to picking someone who has at least 10 years experience in the school system, including six years of classroom experience and at least two years as an administrator.

Currently, the rules only require five years experience, with no specific minimums for time spent as a teacher.

Sound like a good piece of legislation to me !

Murphy spent three years as a teacher, teaching physical education, third grade and special education. He spent two years as an assistant principal and four years as a principal.

After that, he was executive director of leadership development at New Leaders for New Schools, a national nonprofit organization, where he helped train school leaders and staff. He then took the helm of the Vision Network, a coalition of 26 Delaware schools, before Gov. Jack Markell picked him to be Secretary of Education.

Murphy was picked because of his relationship to the Rodels of the world and was compensation for political $$$ Markell received.

Murphy has made a mess of the charter school system with his fractured charter school framework being in the hands of incompetent subordinates. Don’t forget Murphy is a proud member of Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change!  

One thing for sure, once Markell is out of office the next governor will have to take out the DE DOE trash!   But you’ll see, the ones at DE DOE with any creditable credentials will bails before the 2017 house-cleaning!  

I hope our state legislators support this legislation so the groundwork for selecting the next DE Sec of ED is laid. Murphy though a very personal individuals lacks the grit to lead as a natural leader. He was politically groomed to be the front man for the so-called education reform movement. His leadership was nothing more than a hollow man allowing himself to be filled with corporate bullshit ! 

Face it! Beau Biden is out for contender is governor’s race !

Beau Biden expands role at law firm  Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, who has said he is planning a run for governor in 2016, is expanding his role at Grant & Eisenhofer, the Wilmington law firm he joined in January.

A spokesman for Biden did not immediately respond to questions about whether Biden is still committed to a gubernatorial run next year, and how his work at the law firm fits into those plans.

Face it ! Beau Biden is OUT ! So now we’re down to Matt Denn and Tom Gordon as the main contenders! 

DE DOE turns a blind-eye to Moyer’s half-day professional development scam days

Half Day – Professional Development

Date: Today

Half Day – Professional Development

Date: May 6

Half Day – Professional Development

Date: May 13

Half Day – Professional Development

Date: May 20

School Closed: Memorial Day

Date: May 25

Half Day – Professional Development

Date: May 27

They did the same for the month of April and check out the scam for June

See which Delaware state rep voted to raise school taxes without a public referendum re: HB# 100

HB 100 w/HA 1 Schwartzkopf Passed


Date: 04/23/2015 04:32 PM Passed

Vote Type:SM Yes: 36 No: 1 Not Voting: 3 Absent: 1



J. Johnson






Q. Johnson














B. Short






D. Short


Briggs King




M. Smith
























K. Williams
























Kilroy says ; why not use the same process in setting traditional school local tax rates? I don’t oppose this method of funding public schools.  However, to me I see an equity issues whereas we must beg local taxpayers to fund the diverse needs within traditional schools. No disrespect to votech students, parent and teachers but the time has come to readdress funding public schools.

Delaware’s current secretary of education’s lack of experience forces state legislators to up the position qualifications

148th General Assembly

Senate Bill 72

Primary Sponsor(s):


Additional Sponsor(s):    Rep. K. Williams & Rep. Miro & Rep. Lynn


Sens. Henry, Peterson; Reps. Baumbach, Bennett, Bolden, Briggs King, Hudson, Kenton, Kowalko, Mitchell, Osienski, Outten, Spiegelman, Viola, Wilson

Introduced On:


Synopsis of Bill:

This bill increases the teaching and administrative experience qualifications for the Secretary of Education from 5 years to 10 years. The Bill also clarifies that at least 6 years must be of teaching experience and at least 2 years must be of administrative experience.

Current Status:

Senate Education Committee   On  04/28/2015

State legislators freezes school choice re: moratorium on new charter schools

Delaware Senate passes Wilmington charter moratorium

Lawmakers in the Delaware Senate gave final legislative approval on Tuesday to a bill that will halt the authorization of new charter schools in Wilmington through June 2018, or until the state develops a strategic education plan statewide.

Delaware Rep. Charles Potter Jr., a Wilmington Democrat, sponsored the measure. It cleared the House on April 2 and Senate lawmakers sent it to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell’s desk with a 12-8 vote on Tuesday. Markell plans to sign the legislation, a spokesman said.