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Delaware Reef Project Seeks Clean Water And Oyster Population Growth

700 bags of oyster shells are being prepared for September’s construction of two oyster reefs in the Rehoboth Bay. This will mirror the one that was built in July in the Assawoman Bay.

Source: Delaware Reef Project Seeks Clean Water And Oyster Population Growth

OMG the Red Clay fix is in! Dysfunction

Yep De facto board president may be on the horizon ! How can you provide world class education to student with second-class leadership?

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Thanks to a few Red Clay Board member network with an anti-gun rights group just to take out a fellow board member wanting to run for board president Wednesday 8/14/2019 board meeting the pro and anti gun right groups will be pitted against each other.

This video is of Clint Brothers and I want to thank him for this sincere message.

I am very disappointed in the few Red Clay school board member who networked with the Moms in an unethical vendetta attack against board member Casper because he put his hat in the ring for Red Clay school board president. Also there were board members who referred to the person considering the VP position as ” inappropriate” for no communicating to other board member outside the board meetings that she wanted to run for VP. There is no law or board rule that one board member needs the permission of another board member to run for an board officer position. Apparently these unethical tactics were used because board member who also wants to be president and that person’s inner board click feared they would lose.

So on the surface the 1st and 2nd amendment issues stirring up many in the community but behind the curtain is the core motivation of the attack on Mr. Casper. The July 10. 2019  board meeting public record recording     start at 5.30 on the recording meter. You’ll hear the attacks on the board member who was not present who intended to run for board VP. As I said, no board member needs permission from another board member to run for an board officer position. Its a common courtesy yet if not followed its “inappropriate”. I feel the with the intimation factors by some board member there is questionable legal concerns of board election interference.

So to all coming out to the board meeting please respect the Red Clay community and do remember it “appears” the Moms were recruited to do the dirty deeds of some board members. If Mr. Casper didn’t desire to run for board president there would be no public issue involving certain board members egging-on the Moms.

It appears the Moms pulled back the call to arm but only pulled the communication to the general public and is quietly networking with thier inner city to come out to the Red Clay board meeting and do their dirty deeds for the sake of their school board member bedfellows

Come on Moms! You roused the public through you FaceBook and pulled it back but send a private message to the inner circle to still show up in force. So the call for Mr. Casper’s supporter and those demanding answers from the school board members who are intimidating other board members and next working with the Moms to obstruct fair and open school board officer elections, If Mr Casper has to go for so-called unethical comments on his Facebook the same should applied to a few board members and the board members who referred to a board nominee for VP as “inappropriate” for not following a “courtesy acknowledgement that she was running for VP”. That board member did not violate laws or board rules yet the unethical comment made by a board member on public record that the VP nominee was “inappropriate” is a personal attack and unwarranted. Shame on Red Clay’s new superintendent who has not connected with the board. The little Red Clay sandbox baby-fits of egotistical board member is a disservice to the Red Clay school community.

Looks like GAME ON at Red Clay school district’s school board meeting Wednesday night 8/14/2019 re: School board internal meltdown and at a historical ethical low. New superintendent is like a ship without a rudder.

Red Clay board member’s gun-related Facebook posts prompt criticism from parents , Delaware News Journal Published 6:00 a.m. ET Aug. 8, 2019 | Updated 8:11 a.m. ET Aug. 8, 2019

Meghan Walls, a Red Clay parent and member of a local chapter of Moms Demand Action, a grassroots group promoting gun violence prevention, said screenshots of the posts had been circulating among parents and educators for about a week.” 

“It’s not just Moms Demand Action members. It’s also moms and dads and teachers and taxpayers who aren’t in our organization who have seen this rhetoric and are angry today,” Walls said.

Above  is comments from the News Journal interview about the Red Clay School Board fiasco fueled by a few board members who want to take out another board member who want to run as school board president.

“weak rumors” are the Moms might stand down at Red Clay’s school board meeting this Wednesday night and not demand Mr Casper to step down. I get this bad feeling someone is blowing discourage supporters to come out to the board meeting in support form Mr Casper.

At this point I say “game on” please come out to show your support for Mr. Casper who is being victimized a few other Red Clay board members with bruised ego because apparently Mr Casper’s desire to be board present stepped on another board member who also wanted to be board president. Sure it looks like I am not making sense and what does it have to do with the Moms? It appears unhappy board members engaged the Moms to make the hit.

What appears to be Moms against gun violence in relationship to Mr Casper’s pro 2nd Amendment comments is more about Mr. Casper seeking board president position in which withdrew his nomination.

To me this is more about school board ethics when a few board members questions their ethics of Mr. Casper but yet they talk to their FaceBook to stoke the flames encouraging the Moms to descend upon Wednesday night school board meeting. Also if you listen to the recording of last months school board meeting you’ll hear a board member calling another board member not Mr. Casper because she didn’t inform that board member of her intent to run for VP. Folks board members don’t need permission from other board member to run for board officer positions. They call it professional curiosity. So ironic , one board member did not extend that professional curiosity is being “inappropriate”.

Honestly , in all the years of my involvement in the education issues particular in Red Clay I’ve never seen a bunch of F’ing cry-babies in a sandbox throwing sand at each other. A few members would go to the extent to want to take a man’s reputation and livelihood because he didn’t yield to the biggest cry-baby in the Red Clay board sandbox.

The new superientend is a complete failure and is blind to the dysfunctional group leaders that help him make Red Clay the best it can be. So sad for the Red Clay community. So those coming out to support Mr. Casper please do so in force. “

Sadly the divide is too busy being divided they don’t have the capacity to come together to communicate

In debate there is truth and if you can’t debate and respect the other parties right or wrong there will never be resolve. Its no about winning its about understanding.

Are the Moms burning cookies or are they sending smoke signals for peace at the Big Red Tipi




Momentum builds for ant-gun and pro-gun rights groups to battle it out at the next Red Clay School Board Meeting Wednesday August 14


School board member criticized for Facebook posts withdraws from presidency nomination, Delaware News JournalPublished 4:52 p.m. ET Aug. 9, 2019 | Updated 5:03 p.m. ET Aug. 9, 2019

“I will not accept a nomination for board president at this time,” said Jason Casper, who just started his third year on the board.

When asked what factored into the decision, Casper said the district should be focused on preparing for the upcoming school year and not on who is going to be the board’s president.

“I don’t want the focus to be on Jason Casper. This isn’t about me,” he said. 

Kilroy says, well it look like the Red Clay coup d’etat to get Casper to dropout of board officer race worked.

Looks like we’ll have a defacto board president and a possible investigation of school board election obstruction.

But I can’t believe how stupid a few board members are who stoke the flames of discontent by associating themselves with this outside group to interfere with their board baby fights.

Not good for Red Clay students and community for a gun rights battle to play out at a board meeting where attention needs to be focused on students and education. All because someone other than Mr Casper wanted to be board president ! A position that holds no real power or authority over other board members or any district employer. So sad that those who want to stroke their own egos goes to this extent to dishonor a fellow board member . Talk about self-serving. Sad !

Recording of Red Clay School Board Meeting July 10. 2019 leaks the dysfunction

listen to recording stating a 05.00   CLICK HERE 



Red Clay School Board members hit a new dysfunctional low @dedeptofed @DEStateBoardED @RedClaySchools @deldems @DeGop @NRA @WDEL @Delawareonline

Back ground if you are just joining, Red Clay Consolidated School District School Board is in the middle of school board officers elections. There appears to be an internal riff between board members as who “should” be board president and board vice president.  It appears those board members desiring a leadership role needs the blessing of other member and the forces within seems to be schoolyard clicks among groups of board members. Anyhow Board Member Jason Casper threw his hat in the ring for nomination for board president. apparently there are personality conflicts between other board members and Casper. Rather then let the election process to playout apparently a few board members aligned themselves with a anti-gun group who inturned took issue with Mr Casper’s Facebook on his pro position on the 2nd Amendment and a few sarcastic comments on his personal Facebook. This group got the attention of The News Journal aka Delawareonline who ran with the ball stoking the flames. There is creditable information that one board member is aligned with this anti-gun group. Gets better! There are sitting board members going on their personal FaceBook and is encouraging  members of this group to turn up in force at the next board meeting and publicly chastise Mr Casper with the intent to force him to resign. Due to pressure  and for the sake of the community Mr Casper withdrew his nomination for board president. I am going to call for an investigation looking into school board leadership election within that may pose a legal issue and intimidation of a board member.

Next Wednesday is the next board meeting and the anti-gun group is planning on attending and apparently with the intend to shame Mr, Casper. Also, the Pro-gun rights group got win and they plan to come to this board meeting. I’ve been putting many post on my FaceBook related to this issue and I’ll be pasting them here. Please check back as paste them. 

From FaceBook:

To everyone on FaceBook that can see this, I am sorry for my rants about Red Clay’s dysfunctional school board, I’ve been involved in the educational issue particularly in Red Clay for nearly 25 years when I attended many many board meeting, participated on district committees. Never in the history of my involvement have I ever saw an group of dysfunctional board members. They can’t even have basic respect for each other and that FLAW impacts providing education services to children. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! You can say you are for the children if you act like one! So that being said. Not that I am going to enjoy this, I am going to fire up my blog and move this unfortunate issues off of FaceBook. I create a link for you on FaceBook to come see on my blog and you are welcome to comment and not required to use your real name. But I ask you not use derogatory language towards individuals within topic or others leaving comments. Thank you


OMG !!! Years ago I developed a communication gateway where other send me information in a way their fingerprints are coded in an untraceable way protecting their identity. The Moms direct communication to a red devil is damaging to the Red Team deviants, If Jason is forced out another will fall out. Put it this way, the conspiracy link is real.


When there is a divided school board to the extent board members make derogatory remarks about each other or on social media it damages the entire board’s reputation and questions the unified commitment to children within, Board member are individuals with individual views and tactful sparring “is” healthy. However, going beyond tact to calling other members irresponsible is unprofessional. So sad! and what is the school board oath of office is he guilty of ?
§ 1053 .


and what is the school board oath of office is he guilty of ? 
§ 1053 Oath of office of the school board member.

(a) Each school board member shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Delaware, and the laws of Delaware governing public education, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of school board member according to the best of my ability; and I do further solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered or promised to pay, contributed, or offered to or promised to contribute, any money or other valuable thing as consideration or reward for the giving or withholding a vote at the election at which I was elected to said office, so help me God (or I so affirm).


Red Clay Star Chamber is working overtime !


Now that Red Clay School board is poised to add more policy regarding social media and their own board member re: not being unbecoming of a professional school board member. STOP don’t go there , I agree one board member social media posting might have been offensive! My point is school board members are publicly elected official not employees of their school district and restriction in the way of shaming them for personal no related speech is questionable and not the boards job. The public without the help of the board will rise up and confront any public official for their offensive comments.


Red Clay School Board Member’s personal FaceBook account comes under attack for him exercising his freedom of speech. Yet she enjoys her freedom of speech on her political platform trying to disarm America. He we go again ! A new low from the left attacking people for exercising their freedom of speech! How many teachers and admins are on Facebook expressing their personal views on social issue ?


Its way more thae a witch hunt. The coordinated efforts of a few board members recruiting an outside party to help them with an internal ego sickness. Board member encouraging an outside group to come in an chastise board member Casper demonstrates the current Red Clay School Board mix of individual board members are a disservice to children, parents , district employees and teachers. Why is the F would a board member encourage a group of politically charges people to come to a board meeting to purposely harass another board member? WHY ?


Thank you for your service and keeping America free Navy Seal Edward Gallagher

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Boycott Nike @nike

CNN Chris Cuomo stoking the flames of war with Iran

I cannot believe what I am hearing coming out of the mouth of CNN scum. Chris Cuomo’s degrading Trump trash-talk at time of a major crisis in the Middle East is nothing more than code-talk telling the Iranians President Trump is incompetent and weak. 

What fuck happen to CNN? I never thought I’d see a day when CNN would side with the likes of Iran. WTF !!!!!!!!!! They bomb oil tankers and shootdown American air craft and Cuomo sides with Iran. 

Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach leads the Socialist charge on charging “state” fuel tax by the mile via mail not at the pump

Delaware Progressive Democrat Paul Baumbach wants you to join him in participating in I-95 Corridor Coalition MBUF (Mileage Bases User Fee) Pilot, This is the first stage in moving state gasoline tax collection from the purchase at the pump to charging Delaware motor vehicle owners taxes by the mile via monthly billing. Drivers will be required to plugin a GPS tracking device in their car’s computer diagnostic port located under the dash. The same place your mechanic plugs in his diagnostic computer device and where DMV plugs their device into the same port during inspection. This GPS device tracks your vehicle and records miles driven on public, and private roads even when crossing into other states. 

Delaware’s current fuel tax at the pump is 23 cents a gallon and the pilot program indicates user fee per mile is 1.25 center per mile. Using that data, and as an example a car getting 20 miles per gallon would be charged 25 cents for the same 20 miles using the per mile formula . Yea sure not that much of a difference. On average motorist drive about 1000 miles per month. That would = $11.50 taxed at the pump (1000 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon x 23 cents). By the mile, 1000 miles x 1.25 per mile = $12.50 billed mailed to you for you to pay. No big deal it’s only 1 dollar more. But kept in mind, you’ll still have to pay federal fuel tax at the pump.

Here’s the insanity of the socialist inspired tax scheme. You have one more monthly bill to worry about and if you pay by credit card odds are you’ll have to pay an extra fee. If you  don’t then the credit card fees passes to the state who does the billing. Do you trust your state government to access your credit card with auto pay ?What percentage of people will pay their monthly tax by mile bill on time? What happens to poor people who live check to check and don’t have a credit card and don’t have the means to pay by computer? Odd are, monthly bill by mile will be done by home state and will include collection for other states you driven through that was recorded. Obviously DEDOT would have to have a billing and collection department for pay by mile. I wonder how much that would cost?

The need for this change is because vehicles have become more fuel efficient going further miles on a gallon of gasoline. Also, there are hybrid cars even using less gas and then , electric cars using no gas. Delaware and other states are losing fuel tax income because of  this efficiency . Why go through this complex process and just raise state fuel tax at the pump? Because our state legislators fear for the jobs whereas, its unpopular to raise taxes. Then there is special interest pushing this technology. 

How much will it cost to audit registered vehicles to ensure the GPS device has been installed?  Delaware has about 450,000 registered motor vehicles. How much will it cost to purchase and install the GPS device in each required vehicle?

If Delaware shifted towards this technology and remove fuel tax payment at the pump. How would they collect for people filling gas cans for for personal lawn equipment , lawn service companies and contractors towing equipment where they stop at a gas stations to fill those pieces of equipment? Same goes for someone pulling a boat and decides to stop at a gas station to fill the boat’s fuel tanks? At then end of the day. our state government is shifting towards socialism creating a cluster-fuck in regards to fuel taxation. 

Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach participation in this political socialist scheme isn’t for the best interest of Delawareans. This is the same legislator who wants to give school board blank checkbook powers to raise school taxes without local taxpayer’s approval aka with out going to referendum. Also, Rep Baumbach supported a Christina School Board Candidate ( a donor to his campaign)  that isn’t going to serve if elected. 

As some of you may know, Delaware installed a Pay Toll By License Plate om Route 301 extension. DEDOT Camera takes a picture you license plate and generates a bill that is mailed to you. There are no toll collector on Route 301 nor is there a place to pay your toll on on ramps and exits. So either you pay via EZ Pass account or Pay by Plate.  This is another Rep Baumbach’s pet project. In time we’ll see fewer toll collectors at the toll booths and eventually none. Then the next phase no automated cash payment options. 

Delaware quality of life and rights of the people are in serious jeopardy with such socialist driven agendas by the likes of Rep Paul Baumbach is sowing seeds for a takeover of those right.