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Right out the gate DE acting Sec of Ed is a coward hiding behind the PIO’s skirt

Opt-out penalty for schools considered  Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Delaware is working on a new accountability system that will give parents a score to figure out how well their school is performing. The U.S. Department of Education requires such a system and insists it must include “consequences” for schools that don’t get at least 95 percent of their students to take the statewide exam.

Department of Education spokeswoman Alison May said there are “a range of possible consequences for low participation rates that would be acceptable to the U.S. DOE, and Acting Secretary [Steven] Godowsky has not yet chosen which recommendation he will propose to the State Board to approve for U.S. DOE consideration.

So much for change at the Delaware Deapartment of Education! When a leader has to hind behind their Public Information Officer they are week-kneed leaders. As the “decision”, we all know Markell calls the shots!  

State Rep. Kim Williams, who attended several of the last few working group meetings, says the state should just take the group’s advice.

“They are the experts,” Williams said. “You’re talking about years and years of educational experience here. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just take the recommendation.”

Williams is one of several state lawmakers who want to see Delaware put up more resistance to federal mandates. In her mind, the working group’s recommendations “do the least damage” out of any of the options.

The federal mandates in this case are only applicable to the federal “grants” they are tied to. At the end of the day the feds gave Delaware the rope to hang itself. The ass-hats down in Dover legislative hall supported changing state laws and education “regulations” to mirror provisions in the Race to The Top applications / MOU. Our teachers unions including DSEA supported the Race to The Top MOU knowing Common Core and The Smarter Balanced Assessment were part of the deal. The unions worked in the shadows re: Parent Opt-out. The the agenda was railroad the 95% testing requirement to reduce the validity of the testing outcome. Remember DSTP? The unions cried, give us a growth model plan and we’ll be glad to be held accountable to “student growth”.  Many the of state legislators are clueless cluster-fucks when it comes to education reform. So pretty much the union and cluster-fucks got in over their heads and we’re stuck with their mess.

10% of Delaware education dollars comes from federal funding and not all is tied to testing. How much of that 10% goes towards administrative cost, required testing cost, testing development cost, consultants and staff development? Where have Senator Carper, Senator Coons and Congressman Carney on these issue critically impacting Delaware? Carney wants to be governor! So what is his education plan? And do make note, only 6% of charter school funding comes from the feds. According to Charter School of  Wilmington’s preliminary fy 2016 budget they receive only $147, 950.00 in federal aid. But what is the cost for their compliance to all the fucked up mandates?

Some of the items in Race to the Top, a $119 million federal grant Delaware won, also have drawn criticism, like teacher bonuses and performance evaluations tied to test scores.

“I think people are really tired of just being told ‘well, this is what the feds say we have to do,’ ” Williams said. “I think people want to see us start pushing back when we can.

But remember, it was Governor Markell holding the door open for federal control. He signed up Delaware for Common Core without consulting parents. He signed up Delaware for Race to The Top without consulting parents. He signed up Delaware for The Smarter Balanced Assessment without consulting parents. What he did after the fact was indoctrinate parents and the PTA’s willingness to educated parents on these programs was shameful. Honestly, there comes a time to fuck professional protocol. We all the , “it is what it is”, is because we have no backbone. There needs to be an organization for parents separate from teachers. Not to be counterproductive or undermine teachers but rather free from the infiltrators who penetrate parents groups and movement so they can sow seeds for the benefit of the union goals and agenda. Real! What do parents get out of opting out their child re: state testing? No a damn thing!   

To the Republican Party of Delaware! You have all the answers and all the bullshit talk about federal intrusion yet you struggle to take control. However, we know who blows who during the Delaware Star Chamber meetings. School Vouchers are coming and that’s the payoff for the likes of Hudson and Lavelle who bitch-slaps Markell in public but kisses his ass in private! So there is something for everybody in the Washington Wall Street Ponzi scheme! Except for the kids! Mark my words, traditional public schools “had” to fail to justify charter schools and now charter schools “have” to fail to justify school vouchers. 

As for the new acting DE Sec of Ed, man up! Stop hiding behind the PIO! Markell wrote the script for Murphy! So are you going to allow him to do the same for you? 

Will California’s ban on “Redskins” fuel Red Clay’s board debate on Conrad?

California Becomes First State to Ban ‘Redskins’ Nickname 

California became the first state to ban schools from using the “Redskins” team name or mascot Sunday, a move the National Congress of American Indians said should be a “shining example” for the rest of the country.

The law, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed Sunday morning, goes into effect Jan. 1, 2017. It’s believed to affect only four public schools using the mascot, which many Indian groups and activists find offensive, but its impact is significant symbolically — California has the largest enrollment of public school students in the nation, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

John Clatworthy nominated as CSW board “candidate” ; A good thing

THE CHARTER SCHOOL OF WILMINGTON 100 N. DuPont Road Wilmington, DE 19807 MONTHLY MEETING Board Meeting Minutes September 22, 2015

Mr. Stacy introduced John Clatworthy who had been nominated for a board seat by Mr. Becnel. Mr. Clatworthy addressed the board for a few minutes and described his background and interest in serving as community board member. After that conversation the board approved his nomination and will consider his appointment at the October meeting.  

Most in the political-know, knows John Clatworthy has long history with the Delaware Republican Party. Back in the day when I was very active in the party serving as GOP RD Chair of the 19th RD John was Regional Chair and did an outstanding job. I know from working with him, he is a very respectful young man who values everyone’s opinion. I have no doubt John may share the charter school vision and that’s o.k. as we all have our own opinions and rights. I share the charter school vision but question the admission laws that appears to be discriminatory. However, John Clatworthy will make an outstanding board member and know he’ll be responsive to the community no matter what charter side the debate fence they are on. Now I just hope, I get invited to that celebration Crawlfish Boil at Bec’s house if John gets board appointment during October’s board of directors meeting. 

In other CSW news, Mr. Henry Clampitt has retired from the CSW board of directors after serving 5 years. I only met him twice while attending Red Clay board meetings. We did get a chance chat and we pretty much left it at, we agree to disagree! The CSW honored him and his service with crystal trophy. Me, I am holding out for honors from the Delaware legislators for my courage and perseverance to cut across the grain. Well that will happen when Hell freezes over. LOL :).

So in the big picture, the dynamics of CSW board of directors is changing but structurally sound. 

Teach for America Principal Certification Program to be approved by Delaware State Board of Education!

State Board of Education – Regular Monthly Meeting 10/15/2015 – 1:00 PM

Cabinet Room Townsend Building

401 Federal Street Dover, DE

1. New Program for Approv ..


SECTION 1: APPLICANT RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Applicant Recruitment Our underlying framework in school leader recruitment is anchored largely in Teach For America’s recruitment model; similarly, our thoughts about what it takes to be successful as a leader are based in Teach For America’s Teaching As Leadership curriculum and approach. At the center of this framework is the core belief that effective educators are like effective leaders in any context: they set a big vision and related goals, then develop and utilize a set of knowledge, mindsets, and skills to help them realize both vision and goals. We believe that exceptional teachers, who have demonstrated effective leadership in that role, have the highest potential of all other potential recruits to become excellent school leaders. Therefore, we will focus our recruitment on current teachers.

The Delaware Department of Education and the State Board of Education are a disgrace!

Delaware Department of Education playing a shell game October 10, 2015 · by Sen. David G. Lawson

Last spring, the Delaware Department of Education asked for $7.5 million to, among other things, continue funding 10 Race to the Top positions. The Joint Finance Committee was quite clear on the subject when we told DOE, “No.” We gave them $3.75 million as direct pass-through money to go to programs in schools and very clearly said the funds were not for salaries.

* The salaries of the positions in question:

Assessment, Accountability, Performance and Evaluation Branch
Chief Officer for the Branch: $134,337
Director, Office of Assessment: $110,551
Chief Performance Officer, Office of Performance Management: $116,419
Deputy Officer, Office of Performance Management: $85,020
Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Branch
Chief Officer for the Branch: $134,337
Director, Educator Effectiveness and Talent Management: $110,551
Deputy Officer, Talent Recruitment and Acquisition: $99,750
Chief of Staff for the Branch: $116,000 

Gee now they get it ! Race to The Top was a bad deal and now local tax dollars are back-filling the agenda

My so-called friends in the education community wants me to forget Race to The Top and the fact the local teacher unions and DSEA supported the RTTT MOU. Yea yea I know, it was a Markell deal they couldn’t be refused.

Now we have local elected officials sounding the horn about DE DOE employees working beyond the RTTT expired grant. All the Race to The Top red flags were flying from day and many state legislators supported legislation to align state laws and education regulations with the RTTT agenda. Many state legislators who helped light the match that started the RTTT fire are yelling fire! 

As for Sir Lancelot of Red Clay, he raised his sword in defiance of the system supporting the commoners but dared not point his sword in the direction of the Delaware King. 

So now well enter the diversion phase and soon more fingers will point towards a Markell failed administration. But the damage is done! We’re beginning to see the DE DOE exodus. For those who are building a resume of lies, they’ll need to ride-out Markell’s last year in office so the reason for leaving would be based on change of administration. 

One thing this for sure, Delaware Governor Jack Markell is the worst governor when it comes to education reform in the state’s history.


Markell’s agenda has cause pain and stress to children and parents. He vetoed the testing Opt-out legislation which signified he owns, the state legislators, teachers, school administrators and children. 


Glitch In DOE Reporting Fails To Show School Offenses & Crimes Data For Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware College Prep, & Delaware Military Academy

Source: Glitch In DOE Reporting Fails To Show School Offenses & Crimes Data For Charter School of Wilmington, Delaware College Prep, & Delaware Military Academy

Delaware State Rep Longhurst caught with her pants down

Rep. Valerie Longhurst criticized over ‘scathing’ email Jon Offredo, The News Journal

House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst is under fire over an email response she sent to the University of Delaware and one of its employees who questioned and criticized lawmakers over exclusive raises given to legislative aides.

Fran Fletcher, a policy scientist at UD, sent an email from her university account to Longhurst and other lawmakers last Wednesday, writing to express her “total disgust” with the raises, some of which were substantial. She questioned where the lawmakers stood on the issue and asked what they would do about it.

Legislators’ emails are not considered public records under Delaware state law, but the exchange and succeeding emails were obtained by The News Journal.

“I am outraged that someone from leadership would use their position to threaten a constituent and their job because she asked questions about an article in the paper,” Rep. Kim Williams, D-Newport, wrote in an email to House Democrats.

Longhurst copied UD interim President Nancy Targett in her response last Friday that explained how the raises were given and pointed out that lawmakers control the purse strings for Delaware’s institutes of higher education.

“I do as ALL members of the General Assembly respect our state employees for they serve our state in many capacities,” Longhurst wrote. “We also respect our universities and colleges by supporting them through funding and benefits.”

Look how she eye-balls Governor Markell! I wonder if she pulls his string! 


Delaware DOE Keeps 8 Race To The Top Positions From General Fund “Vacancies” With Salaries Over $800,000

Source: Delaware DOE Keeps 8 Race To The Top Positions From General Fund “Vacancies” With Salaries Over $800,000

Should Delaware teachers be permitted to carry concealed weapons with proper permits and special training?

All the gun control laws in the world won’t stop a determined person.

I for one feel teachers and school administrators should be permitted to carry concealed weapons (handguns) with proper permits and specialized training.

This is a first class F’ing joke, Bulletproof whiteboard shields placed in school Matthew Albright, The News Journal. This board only protects the torso and the person (teacher holding it). Delaware has some good action plans as part of policy such as lock-downs. However, we need to get serious and have an offensive plan of action. 

Guns In Schools: Firearms Already Allowed In 18 States … Huffington Post. The time for Delaware to permit the same is now.

Publius being the teacher’s pet you go first! 

More STEM stuff that will happen in our life time! Mining the Moon! Will America re-engage the space race ?

Will China claim the Moon for itself! America better get it’s ass in gear and get back in the space race !

OLED ! Now this is some STEM stuff to get excited about !

DuPont opens OLED facility in Newark Jeff Mordock, The News Journa  l4:34 p.m. EDT October 2, 2015

DuPont is upping its investment in the organic television and phone imaging market – one that is expected to exceed $44 billion by 2020 – with the opening of a new production facility in Newark.

The plant will manufacture materials to create large-format Organic Light Emitting Diode, or OLED, displays. OLED displays are used in large-screen televisions, mobile phones and computers to create a brighter, more vivid and longer-lasting images.

Avula said DuPont’s investment in the market could one day help consumers spend less money on large-screen televisions. Currently, such televisions cost between $2,000 and $2,500.

I’ve been watching this technology unfold for years! And someday we’ll be able to roll up our TVs and put them in shipping tubes. But in the big picture, the application can save manufactures millions in packaging and shipping.  And for consumers WOW what a technology !  As for new jobs (additional), not so fast. This technology “will” reduce labor currently being use in assembling plants, parts suppliers and raw materials used to make plastics that currently encases TVs. 

Check out this videos:

This video was made in 2010 ! WOW!

Folks  great place to invest your $$$$$$$$$$$ 

Retired U.S. Sec of Ed Arne Duncan drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers

Why is Red Clay giving DCPA waviers on required monthly financial reports? Does Red Clay supersede state law?

Financial Reports

SY 2014 – 2015

Aug 2014

Sept 2014

Oct 2014

Nov 2014

Dec 2014

Jan 2015

Feb 2015

March 2015

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

Citizen Oversight Committee

SY 2013 – 2014 Minutes

Oct 2013

Dec 2013

Jan 2014

Feb 2014

Mar 2014

Title 14  Education ; Delaware Administrative Code /  Code 736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

Title 14 Chapter 10

(a) Each school board member shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, take and subscribe to the following oath or affirmation:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Delaware, and the laws of Delaware governing public education, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of school board member according to the best of my ability; and I do further solemnly swear (or affirm) that I have not directly or indirectly paid, offered or promised to pay, contributed, or offered to or promised to contribute, any money or other valuable thing as consideration or reward for the giving or withholding a vote at the election at which I was elected to said office, so help me God (or I so affirm).”

(b) The oath or affirmation shall be administered by the president or vice-president of the school board of the school district or in the case of a newly constituted board by a person appointed by the Secretary of Education to administer said oath.

So it appears Red Clay’s board turning a blind-eye makes them in violation of their oath of office.

DCPA is a mess because Red Clay’s board the legal charter oversight authority defaces state laws that governs them and charter schools. Even the vote back in May 2007 by the former Red Clay board whom a few are associated with charter school made an improper approval vote on DCPA. But I’ll admit the heart and soul now former founder and school leader Anita Roberson told a convincing story during that public presentation. But the DCPA board put the screws to her and perhaps she saw the power-play being pulled by the board as writing on the wall as what was to come!  

So why no monthly financial reports and who are the members of DCPA CBOC ???