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Israel’s worst nightmare heading towards a victory!

Who ate Bill Clinton’s nuke biscuit ?

WFT !!! Hillary reveals classified nuclear launch protocol during the debate!

Rafael Correa drops to his knees for John Kerry!

John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with “grave consequences for Equador” if Assange is not silenced

Amazing John Kerry plays defense to cover Hillary’s crimes and lies ! 


One lies the other swears to it ! Hillary Clinton and John Kerry ! And the coward Rafael join them!

Boycott Educator products and produce ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Delaware AG Denn’s proposed justice Star Chamber may undermine due process

State to consider claims of innocence , The News Journal

Attorney General Matt Denn’s office is launching an Actual Innocence Project to review petitions from inmates.

The office of Attorney General Matt Denn is launching an innocence project to review petitions from inmates who have evidence that they did not commit a crime.

The Delaware Department of Justice announced the new effort, called the Actual Innocence Project, on Friday.

“Our prosecutors believe in justice,” Denn said in a statement. “That means ensuring that people who have committed crimes are appropriately punished, and it means ensuring that people who have not committed crimes are not punished. The Actual Innocence Project is another tool for us to ensure that we are fulfilling that responsibility.”

Matt no questions to where your heart is and this a noble undertaking ! However, if inmates provide evidence pf their innocence  we’ll have to question due process. Would the same provisions apply to those convicted but served no time but rather paid fines and sentenced to probation? What about those who served their time and stigmatized by a wrongful conviction?

If we’re going to streamline backdoor appeals we must do it in a way of providing “equal justice for all”. This means, not only for those incarcerated but for all those wrongly convicted and stuck with “conviction” labels!

These actions will further erode confidence in our men and women in blue! If there is problems with our justice system fix it at the front door rather than creating backdoor justice. Why have a jury system ? Right constitution !

Innocent men and women have been wrongly convicted mainly due to “poverty” in the way of equal representation and strong-arm tactics forcing defendants to take plea-bargains rather than public defenders fighting for real justice. Surely defendants must tell their court appointed lawyers the say so-called evidence proclaiming their innocence!

Matt if you really want to help! Support legalization of marijuana with taxation revenues going to law enforcement to “supplement” the current underfunded local and state police. Give the police investigator better tools to collect evidence.   

Message to Joe Biden re: Cancer Moonshot! Go get them general !

Will Biden Cancer Moonshot survive a new administration? , The News Journal

President Barack Obama designated $195 million for cancer project, but funding picture is murky in Congress

As Vice President Joe Biden — unofficially dubbed the nation’s “Cancer Advocate-in-Chief” — prepares to leave office, political observers and cancer researchers are hopeful that he has shored upenough public and private support for his Cancer Moonshot to survive the changing of the guard.

But there are no guarantees.

“Naturally, I think there’s probably a little bit of anxiety and some questions about what will happen with this initiative,” said Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community, who called Biden “the greatest advocate in this country for cancer patients and their families.”

“I do feel strongly that the work is going to continue and (Biden) will make sure of that,” Thiboldeaux added. “I think the questions are around the details: How will it be funded, resourced, staffed?”

Joe, I know Kilroy’s Delaware is your favorite Delaware blogger🙂 LOL. 

Joe, the Bidens are Delaware’s Kennedys! But hear me well! I didn’t vote for your ass (Obama) in 2012 and the only reason I voted for him in 2008 was because of you and no because you are a Delawarean. You call it as it is and your chairmanship of Committee on Foreign Relations was the best in history! Sadly I don’t think President Obama utilized your talent in regards to foreign affairs! Sure you have a big mouth and that slip of the tongue is unpredictable! But that is what makes you special.

Sadly your loss of a son may be a gain to others! re: your war on cancer! Your job serving America in the political role  is coming to an end! Your job serving people will never end! You have the $$$$ power to raise millions upon millions via speeches, books and encouraging private fundraising to fund your vision re: War of Cancer! Your political legacy will be a small shadow of a great man taking up the mission War on Cancer. My fellow Delaware blogger Kavips  might come in here and saying I am kissing your ass! But in reality he knows my passion for what I do! Kavips and my good friend Kevin over at Exceptional Delaware are small sometimes irreverent but in our way we do make a difference. So Joe ! What I am saying is don’t always look towards Washington D.C. for help achieving your dreams in honoring Beau via your War on Cancer.  You mission will take on national steam and Kilroy wishes you the best of luck! 

One of my favorite photo-shops ! Always keep you sense of humor which is a great part of your charisma.  


John there is “no draft” ! BUT !!!!!!! A President Hillary Clinton ripens the world for war!

U.S. Selective Service System

It is the Law

Virtually all male U.S. citizens, regardless of where they live, and male immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, residing in the United States, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. 

The law says men must register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. That means men are required to register with Selective Service sometime during the 30 days before their 18th birthday, their 18th birthday, and the following 29 days after their 18th birthday – that is a 60-day registration period.

Men who do not register with Selective Service within the 60-day window are technically in violation of the law and should register as soon as possible. Late registrations are accepted up to the 26th birthday. However, once a man reaches his 26th birthday and still has not registered with Selective Service, it is too late!

It’s important to know that even though a man is registered, he will not automatically be inducted into the military. Registering with Selective Service does not mean you are joining the military.

In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in a sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical, and moral fitness by the military before being deferred or exempted from military service or inducted into the Armed Forces.

But there is  and active draft preparation for combat process ! The sheep are in the pen and all it will take is a stroke of the president’s pen! Why is it necessary to have a “draft registration” aka “Selective Service ? So the reality is , the draft is inactive until activated! 

The embers of world war are being stoked. Who will bring us to closer war Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton is “weak” and writes off the deaths of Americans in Benghazi as , water under the bridge! If I were a young man no why in HELL would I serve a President Clinton! I doubt if I’ll eat crow by making this statement; voluntary military enlistment under a President Clinton will be % down. Trump ??? Yea unpredictable! Our military (and local police) men and women “protecting  us ” are the greatest in the world! Trump would listen to the professional soldiers via their generals.

I never thought the prospect of World War III would happen in my lifetime. However, the battle ground is be prepared in the middle-east including it’s surrounding bodies of water. Israel will strike Iran under operation Grand Opera ! a President Hillary Clinton is creating the ripe time for these events! Trump’s unpredictability would a caution to any attempts to light up the world!  Nuclear war will not be global thermonuclear war. It will be tactical nuclear war!  


Just as I was right about Race to The Top, The Smarter Balanced Assessment, Teach of American and Jack Markell being the worst governor in the history of Delaware; I believe a President Clinton will brings us closure to another World War to a point the military draft will be activated !

It will take nearly two months to activate the draft to a point of actual induction of those drafted and three month to get them battle field ready! By May 2017 the reality of this prediction might come true! 

Don’t be fooled boys and girls there is a military draft system in America! 


Hillary plans to add girls to military draft

WEIC will dump unsafe Christina buildings on Red Clay Taxpayers

Mold discovered in Pulaski Elementary , The News Journal

There is concern mold discovered in one Christina School District building is just the most obvious manifestation of the problem.

School district officials identified mold in three classrooms in Pulaski Elementary, 1300 Cedar St. in Wilmington, prompting air quality tests which began Wednesday and will conclude Friday. Though unidentified elsewhere, school board members and teachers believe many of the district’s old buildings have the same problem.

This was one of my concerns with the WEIC plan !! Red Clay taxpayers would inherit failing school buildings! To address all the problems associated with out-dated Christina school building, we’ll be looking at $200,000,000.00 (200 million dollars) in capital funding! I urge Red Clay school board to disengage from the WEIC plans or revisiting of those plans. Its time to pull all the cards off the table.

As far as the immediate “health concerns” , Christina parents and community leaders should “demand” an independent top to bottom inspection / assessment of every Christina school building.

Blame Christina’s board all you want! However, the current capital funding method of all traditional public schools is BROKEN! The time has come to fund all traditional public school the same way as votech schools ! BY LEGISLATIVE ACTION! And for you charter schools folks! Sure give the same consideration! However, the State of Delaware must go on your deeds as co-owners !  

Sorry to say Christina, lawsuits from parents and perhaps teachers will come out of the woodwork!    

Trump busted for plagiarism! He stole Bill Clinton’s speech

Come smell the TFA DE Schutt House!

Teacher turnover stymies school progress in Delaware , The News Journal

Teach for America – which brings recent college graduates who have degrees in hard-to-find subject areas like science and math to teach in high-needs schools for a minimum of two years – is often criticized for contributing to that churn.

“I used to think that, too,” said Laurisa Schutt, who runs the program in Delaware.

But, she said, “I’ve seen that when schools create an environment with strong culture and strong leadership, the two years don’t matter.” Teach for America members often stay in the schools where they were placed after their obligation to the program is over.

Read the entire article about the struggles of teachers in high-needs public schools. However. to glorify Teacher for America  is shoveling bullshit to the moon! As the economy improves Teacher for America struggles! Fewer Top Graduates Want to Join Teach for America /New York Times.  and Teach For America: Has It Betrayed Its Mission To Save Poor, Struggling Schools? / Huffington Post.

Schutt is part of the Rodel public education wrecking crew ! Board & Advisors | Rodel Foundation of Delaware She is on the board of trustees for the private school, The Independence School 

Putting those two things together – new teachers and high poverty schools – creates a guaranteed cycle of chronic teacher turnover, said Frederika Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association, which represents teachers across the state.

Right to the heart of the matter Jenner ! Why really sucks is the labeling of teachers “failures”  teaching in high needs schools. Schutt and her pro-charter crowd deem public schools failures to justify charter schools and then there is the Don! Its pretty sad calling for charter schools and then $$$$ capitalizing on them. But I must say, the VT option for low performing teachers who have no choice but to VT into a high-needs schools “because” those schools are the only one with teaching positions available is shameful. 

A number of previous studies had noted the correlation of high rates of teacher turnover and low levels of student achievement in poor schools, but this was the first study to show that the turnover rate caused lower test scores.

Cluster-fucks! The was no need for another study for the obvious!  

Getting to the point ! Funding for k-12 pubic education needs to change and of course allocation of the funds must be driven by need-basis! The first step is to end the school tax referendum for traditional public schools and replace with the same funding process as votech schools. Votechs don’t need to go to referendum because funding is determined by the legislators. Once we cross that bridge end the charter school movement by barring new charter schools. The existing charter schools can remain.  

As far as Wilmington city children being forced to ride the bus to suburban middle and high school, we need to provide preferential choice transportation and guaranteed first choice over out-of-district student and in-district suburban students. The would help defuse de facto segregation.

Lastly the erosion of public education was driven by those who undermined it to justify charter schools seeded with racist hearts!  A former board member commented to my concerns with “they have their charter schools” and ” why do they choose to go there”? Simple !!!!! High function charter school predominately white and Asian set deliberate barriers locking out at-risk children mostly black! 

Then the was the Skipper’s change agent Jack Markell politically bought and paid for by Rodel! Markell is the worst governor on education than any governor that served before him. Governor Minner may have had some political downfalls. However, “she” gave us extra funding for Minner Math and Reading Teachers! “She” gave us SEED and set the foundation for Delaware State University’s Inspire Scholarship! Markell erased Minner Math and Reading teachers and Extra-Time grant to fund charter school incentives! 

Nothing will change until public schools are returned to local schools! Teachers and parents know best and that is were we need real collaboration! Markell is a sell-out!   

Exceptional Delaware Dances with The Delaware Charter School Don

OMG you have to read Exceptional Delaware  post where he pokes his finger in the eye of the Delaware Charter School Don! 

Kevin when that man’s eyebrows touch flames blows out his ass like a rocket! Pandora use to bait his ass out at Red Clay school board meetings and she pissed him off many time! I swear one time he was going to yell out , shut the fuck up bitch! Other board member looked at him ans shook their heads no don’t do it! Damn he even once told the former DSEA president he’d throw he out if she didn’t shut up! I hear the current Pres call’s him “Sir”😉 Well one mistake you didn’t make was call him Pete DuPont’s lapdog!

I am not going to allow comments here because the Don has no mercy and will take a parent or member of the public for every dime they have! And OMG you shouldn’t of ever put baby in the corner !!!! 

One thing for sure is, Red Clay won’t challenge the lawsuit! They know better than to tangle with the Don.

Proof Newark Charter School is getting their fair share and more state funding!

Newark Charter School





Christina School District 

Why does Charter school of Newark receive 61% state funding and Christina 53%?  

Newark Charter School has a 5-mile enrollment preference all within Christina School District therefore, on can assume their 37% local share comes from Christina School District. Newark Charter receives very little federal funding because their poverty level is only 7.9% in contrast to Christina’s 43.8%.  Surely the court aka justice will be blind to these DE DOE published $ numbers!

DE DOE withholds $5 million dollars from traditional public schools to fund; “Charter School Performance Fund”

§ 509 School financing.

(m) The Department of Education shall administer a performance fund for charter schools, to be known as the “Charter School Performance Fund.” The Department of Education shall establish threshold eligibility requirements for applicants desiring to apply for funding, which shall include but not be limited to a proven track record of success, as measured by a performance framework established by the charter school’s authorizer or comparable measures as defined by the Department. The Department of Education shall also establish criteria to evaluate applications for funding, which shall include but not be limited to the availability of supplemental funding from nonstate sources at a ratio to be determined by the Department. The Department of Education shall prioritize those applications from applicants that have:

(1) Developed high-quality plans for start-up or expansion; or

(2) Serve high-need students, as defined by the Department.

The Fund shall be subject to appropriation and shall not exceed $5 million annually.

Perhaps traditional public school should sue DE DOE for discrimination.