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Senator John McCain drops to knees for Joe Biden! Not a hero in my book!

“It has been my greatest privilege in life to swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, beginning with my enlistment in the Navy and continuing through my service in the United States Senate,” McCain said in a release.” Senator John McCain 




Wake up Delaware Governor John Carney!

Trying to undo former Governor Jack Markell’s rape of Delaware public education without calling him out on the carpet is cowardly. 

Governor  Carney its time to end the specific interest charter school admission preferences. And you know what! It time to end all charter and magnet school admission preferences. Let charter school doors swing like traditional schools.

The time has come to fund traditional and charter school like votech schools, via of state legislators setting the local property tax rate. Perhaps this might end the political obstructionist.  

As far as the condition of education in Wilmington Delaware, the failures are directly associated with a Choice school system designed to appease whites and was initially driven  by the white status quo who wanted an end to force-busing. Nothing has been done to address the needs of poor Wilmington minorities re: the Choice transportation divide.

The Choice transportation divide is a Choice school process that provides no assistance to those parents without adequate personal transportation. Delaware’s current Choice school law requires parents to drive the children to a bus-stop within the Choice school or directly to the Choice school. Wilmington’s poor are forced to send  their children to the failing city schools! Don’t come at me teach! No one is blaming teachers for the failures in the city schools.

There is no traditional public high school in the city limits of Wilmington Delaware  and in Red Clay Consolidated School District  case, there is no traditional middle school is the city. When confronted about this the usual reply is, we don’t want to create the appearance of  segregated schools. Well hello McFly!! What about the Red Clay’s city elementary schools? Yea yea yea ! That where city parents choice their children. So all is well in Red Clay with de facto segregation and de facto failing schools.

Obviously it will be a cold day in hell when democratic control legislative hall will support a bill requiring legislators to fund all schools like votechs. What to do in the meant time?

In mean-time and to improve the lives of our at-risk Wilmington’s children we need changes in the Choice school and charter school cited earlier. Change in Choice school laws needs to be as followed; preferential Choice transportation for Wilmington’s children! Meaning Choice school buses come to the city and bus-stops in reasonable distance to students. Wilmington students get guaranteed first choice in suburban schools. Meaning before any student in suburban schools who choice to other schools within the suburbs and this will apply to their siblings. However, this plan would drive the sheets from out under the bed of a few suburban parents.

I could rant on and on however, the new found love for Wilmington’s poor students by our governor is nothing more than the same old same old. Then there are the righteous city brothers who proclaim they are civil rights leaders.

Yea ,yea Ted I remember the lesson, we need to build up not tear down! However, those proclaiming to be civil rights leaders need to spend less time breaking break with the white status quo who is at the driver seat of school reform. I continue to ask, why is it a bunch of rich white million and billionaire men dictating education reform for poor black children? The there are some Toms in the middle!

I love these so-called town hall education meetings where all questions must be written down and turned in to the facilitator of the meeting who in-turn cherry picks which questions or concern that they’ll reply to or ask for group engagement. We’ve allow the Rodel’s of the world to condition parents how to participate in these event to control the naysayers.

Governor Carney, if you care about the lives and social-well-being of the city of Wilmington’s children perhaps you help address the need for more boots on the grounds in fighting gun violence in Wilmington. As far as education!!!!! Clean house and distance yourself from Rodel and their satellites clones like the queen of charter schools! Parents and children are our guest! OMG bite me!

As for Wilmington parents! How long is long enough? You need to end the VT dumping ground in Wilmington schools. There are teachers not meeting goals in their suburban schools, in conflict with school administrators and some not suited for public education but their is no where for them to go. High needs schools need high performing seasoned teachers. Title 1 teachers are federally funded. The need to be taken out of the state funded unit count. You should have extra Reading teachers! And federal Title 1 funding should not be used for paying teachers to monitor recess and lunch. There are many sad events going on in America that question civil rights. However, if you can question civil rights in your child’s school! Turn of the TV! Stop the bitching and start pitching! You waste not time to snatch you child up up the street to avid getting killed by a speeding car but stand-by while those controlling public education kill your child’s chances for a quality education that doesn’t support social promotion. Your response to Governor Carney is, Walk the talk! Where’s the needed additional teachers in our city schools and why do you support funding for charter schools that exclude  at-risk children with specific interest test. 

To the Red Clay School District Board Members; as you address diversify in the district please take a hard look at district administration. When children and parents look up it would be nice to seen someone looking like them. Someone who came up the ranks in Red Clay not imported from outside. Relax rookie, go with the flow and don’t take any of this person and for God sake stop listening to the chef. And to princess! You are amazing! And to T , ( not you 1T) keep is spirit alive ! Find a way to sit at the table.

Johnny don’t go Jack on us!    

Trump wants to end welfare subsides for insurance companies ! GOOD FOR HIM

White House Says It Will End Key Obamacare Subsidies to Insurers

The White House announced late Thursday that it “cannot lawfully make the cost-sharing reduction payments” to insurance companies under the Affordable Care Act, a decision Democrats condemned as a “spiteful act” that would hike premiums.

President Donald Trump has said he was considering cutting off the cost-sharing reduction payments, which reimburse insurers for lowering out-of-pocket costs for customers, in order to increase pressure on lawmakers to repeal the ACA, also known as Obamacare.

Insurance companies are doing nothing to lower out-of-pocket cost and premiums. Highmark is raise premiums by 25% . Will healthcare insurance premiums increase for Delaware elected officials? Hell no! Will healthcare insurance premium increase for unionized state and federal employees! NO NO NO !!!!  If we want true cost sharing we need single payer healthcare where “everybody” pays the same!

Good for Trump and no he needs to man-up and end the mandate! If Obamacare is that great where millions flock to obtain it why the need for the mandate?

Educators want more money for education and with the financially unsustainable  welfare funding of insurance companies who have not lower the cost must stop!


Rep Kowalko taking on DPL rate increase request! Join him !

By Delaware State Representative John Kowalko

I am posting this “public comment meeting” scheduling in order to ask all Delmarva Power and Light Electric and Natural Gas customers to show up and speak up at these sessions. DP&L is requesting that another large increase be imposed on its ratepayers and business customers that might very well adversely affect your economic circumstances. The frequency and size of these rate increases is stifling and unfair to the public and the commercial business community alike. There are many knowledgeable experts who find these rate increases unjustified and excessive but it will take you and your neighbors and your entire community expressing their collective outrage and opposition at these public forums to force the Public Service Commission to mitigate these takings. I will do all I can to oppose any unfair and unjustified increases but my voice alone will not suffice. Please encourage your friends and neighbors and local business owners to show up at the Gilliam Building on October 23rd at 6 PM and sign up to speak out against these increases. You and your community’s voices echoing in this type of public forum will be heard and heeded but you must be there to speak out. 

I’ve petitioned the Public Service Commission to intervene in the two Delmarva Power rate increase request dockets listed here. I have been granted intervener status in both cases and hope to be able to mitigate some of the economic burdens the ratepayers and business users will be burdened with.

I have intervened in more than a half-dozen cases previously with varying degrees of success on behalf of the electric and gas users. I believe that the amount of increase being sought by DP&L is excessive and would be punitive to middle-class and poor users as well as the small business community. It could also disaffect large industrial users and stifle job growth and economic progress. But it will require quite a bit of effort on my part and that of the Delaware Public Advocate’s office to influence the PSC commissioners in that regard. Our efforts, on your behalf, will also be more achievable if all of the members of the public and the business community participate in the process with public comments and by attending public comment sessions in substantial numbers. We are fortunate to have a new Public Advocate, Drew Slater, who is committed to working on your behalf and his office and I will try to establish a level playing field and dedicated advocacy that benefits your interests. Please watch this site for updates with regard to public meeting dates, times and locations and please attend and speak out on your own behalf.

Below is the public comment schedule, which has been noticed. An Affidavit of Publication will be added to Delafile when Delmarva receives them from the newspapers.

Monday    6:00 p.m.   

(Electric Public Comment Session)

October 23, 2017       

Gilliam Building    Multipurpose Room

 77 Reads Way

 New Castle, DE 19720

 8:00 pm    (Gas Public Comment Session) 


Tuesday   6:00 p.m.    

Delaware Public Service Commission

October 24, 2017             

861 Silver Lake Blvd.

Dover, DE 19904


Wednesday     6:00 p.m.  

Indian River Senior Center

October 25, 2017             

214 Irons Ave.

 Millsboro, DE 19966

With new Governors comes another agenda to reform public education! WTF Johnny

Last year’s high school graduation class represented a generation of school children who endure three separate state assessment test. DSTP, DCAS and The Smarter Balance Assessment and the pilot-testing in-between.  In Come Johnny be good Carney!

Folks we need to stop the madness ! 50 years of testing has all ended with the same results! Children of poverty particularly African-American males perform at the bottom!

I am thinking there is agenda to keep African-American down and goes hand and hand to keep a race of people down you have to keep their men down.

Sadly the civil rights movement is fragmented and too busy standing ground for those who knee during the national anthem and demanding removal of statues of the likes of Robert E lee.  All have merit ! However, where is the community outrage and demands for change address the failure with in our public school system. No, I am not blaming teachers! I am blaming school district leadership, righteous so-called civil rights advocates looking for greenbacks for their involvement, clueless legislators and ass-wipe governors like Jack Markell.

We need to start putting more weight on classroom, school and district assessments aligned across the state. Use the NAPE test as means of comparison across the country/ Also weigh in SAT scores ! Also, we need high school exit exams and those scores factor in the schools performance. Yea yea Kilroy is full of shit!

Currently at the end of the day its nothing more than the dog chasing its tail! How many save public education plans have there been in the last 50 year? One thing for sure is, Rodel needs to be shown the door! If they want to prove themselves open a Rodel charter school for at-risk students! This way they can PROVE their theories ! But it will never happen! Because they can’t risk failure! Its much easier for them to point the finger of blame and filling the $$$ political pockets of the like of Jack Markell.

If Governor Carney wants to make real positive change he needs to boot the business round table from the education decision-making  table and replace them with teachers, parents , school administrator (not district administrators) and yes a few at-risk students. We honestly need a student summit where students can weigh-in on public education reform from their view.

I don’t have the answers! Just suggestions! But I know this, far too long those with PhD’s overseeing public schools have been living in their own fart-bubbles! 

Delaware Liberal spanks Brian Pettyjohn’s white ass!

Facing 10 years In prison, Pettyjohn cuts deal in Maryland gun case   Filed in National by  on October 2, 2017

Wherein we learn once again, that when a white guy tries to get on a plane with a gun it is just an “honest mistake”.

Notice Jason used the term “white guy” rather politician! I’ll bet if it were Tom Carper trying to bring his West Virgina flint-lock pistol aboard Jason would have said, feds are picking on our elder senator. 

As for Delaware Senator Brian Pettyjohn and OMG he’s my local rep, He didn’t board a plane with concealed hand gun. It was interception when his baggage was being checked. And for the record; “You may transport unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container as checked baggage only. Declare the firearm and/or ammunition to the airline when checking your bag at the ticket counter. The container must completely secure the firearm from being accessed. Locked cases that can be easily opened are not permitted. Be aware that the container the firearm was in when purchased may not adequately secure the firearm when it is transported in checked baggage. Contact the TSA Contact Center with questions you have regarding TSA firearm regulations and for clarification on what you may or may not transport in your carry-on or checked baggage.” 

So Brain Pettyjohn had a brain-fart and left his hand gun in his laptop computer case vs following procedure aka law in this case. There was no criminal content!

I have mixed feelings on the outcome of this case. I don’t think it should warrant jail-time and though probation seems appropriate. I personally feel loss of concealed permit for 5 years should be applied to him or anyone if deemed no criminal intent. Call it the stupid consequence. 

I do plan on going to one of Senator Brian Pettyjohn’s meet and greet coffee get together or possibly see him at the annual Long Neck Groundhog Cook-off or Paradise Bar and Grill Show Me Your Ass Tattoo night. But than again if he is packing it might not be a good place for a blogger to go to.  I hear Dogfish is coming out with IPA Gunpowder Ale just for Brain. God ! I hope its better than that Chocolate Lobster shit. 

Brian, I don’t care what Delaware Liberal Jason or Senator Sokola says about you. Shake if off and move forward. And please don’t take you laptop to PO appointments. 

Here we go again on gun reform! Democrats try to capitalize on death!

We are all sadden by the horrendous act of one man in Las Vegas but democrats act like ambulance chasing lawyers. Yes we need a serious bipartisan conversation on automatic and semi-automatic guns. No I am not cold-hearted and yes I have concerned about these kinds of weapons! However, I take no comfort in allowing democrats to rewrite gun laws. What will happen is all those suffering from PTS and PMS will end up on a list of those prohibited from owning guns.

As far as automatic and semi-automatic weapons make that the topic of gun control legislation and keep it transparent. It a straight or question of yes or no and permits.

Lets say we ban ownership of all automatic and semi-automatic weapons! Do you honestly think the bad guys won’t have access to these weapons? 

Americans have constitutional rights to bear arms and when grandstanding politicians want to have it their way we must be concerned. 

Yes we need a serious transparent conversation about these issues. Saying fuck the constitution rights of  the non criminals in America is unjust and to suggest those suffering from PTS and PMS could be a threat and question their rights to bear arm is also unjust.

OMG Trump didn’t say gun control! Watch hold the democrats spin this.   

Teacher claims she can reduce crime if elected to Delaware House of Representatives but says nothing about ending social promotion

Adding reading specialists could help fight youth violence: Delaware Voices Rachel Blumenfeld teaches special education English in Delaware’s public schools. She is running for state representative in the 12th district. / News Journal 

Delaware schools have statutorily-determined units with which to hire teachers, specialists, and administrators. Each time the state budget makes cuts to education funding, schools struggle more and more when deciding how to assign these units

Aren’t forgetting something call federally funded Title 1 ? Red Clay alone received nearly 6 million dollars last year. What about all those mentors coming into schools. 

Unfortunately, one of the last units to be prioritized is arguably one of the most important positions – the reading specialist.

So what you are saying is, after securing extra funding for teacher and admission raises there is much left to head students falling behind in reading!

However, schools in Delaware are not required to have reading specialists, and many do not. In fact, if districts do have specialists, they are often only in the elementary schools — and when schools face budget cuts, this is one of the first roles to go.

Long live EPER for extracurricular activities !

It is not news that students in Delaware are not performing well on state tests, and that Delaware students have low proficiency rates in English. But knowing that “fewer than three quarters of Delaware students in the third grade are meeting reading proficiency levels” doesn’t tell the full story.

Why are we spending millions on testing? One would think a classroom teacher can identify students not reading at grade-level!

Knowing that 92 percent of the students at Bayard Middle School in Wilmington are not proficient in English isn’t enough information. It doesn’t tell you how many of those students are not just below proficiency, but like my student, are actually illiterate.

So what you are saying is the democrats rolled out Race to The Top and it did not work! DSEA and all the local teacher associations aka union supported it. The president of DSEA was on the RTTT D.C. Dream-team to make sure children you speak of get services they need. DESA ends up working for DE DOE. 

As Mayor Mike Purzycki noted on Sept. 9 at an event to discuss how to combat crime in Wilmington, violence is often the result of hopelessness. How can we expect Wilmington’s teenagers to feel anything but hopeless when they can’t read, when they know that they cannot fill out a job application, never mind bringing valuable skills to a workplace?

And what is Mayor Purzycki doing about after school and summer reading programs?

How can we expect our youth to get well-paying jobs, to grow into contributing adults, when they do not possess the most foundational skill, even on a functional level? 

We continue to lie to children and parents through social promotion and teachers and their unions who do not call for an end to this programs are enablers.  

If we want to help make Delaware a safer place, a state with a better economy, a state that serves its citizens, then we need to require at least one reading specialist in each school.

And one reading specialist will meet the needs of all students in need? Also, lets not forget the Title 1 teachers serving many schools. 

If we want to help make Delaware a safer place, a state with a better economy, a state that serves its citizens, then we need to require at least one reading specialist in each school.

And how does getting you elected to the Delaware House of Representatives ensure we’ll get the funding for at least one reading specialist in each school? How are you going to pay for it? Spit it out! You support property reassessment and have no interest in school district consolidation or requiring teachers to pay a little more for their healthcare.    


10,000 shipping containers stuck in port in Puerto Rico! Relief is there but truck drivers are needed and roads need to be cleared !

OMG CNN fueling the hate!

I get it ! President Trump has his head up his ass and quick with the mouth. BUT CNN is is fueling the the hate by baiting people. CNN isn’t reporting the news! They are creating it! 

The CNN reporter in Puerto Rico stokes the flames of Trump hate!

We all need to focus on getting help to the good people (our brothers and sisters) help and start the long task of rebuilding. 

Honest President Trump should cancel his trip to Puerto Rico and make damn sure aid to Puerto Rico get ramp-up! If he goes we’ll see more of this political CNN hate toward President Trump. 

Save the political shit for election time!  As for the Mayor of San Juan! She stepped across the line for going for Trump’s throat!  

Such a sad time in America! Fuck CNN !


How to fight resegregation and inequality in our schools: Dialogue Delaware Leo E. Strine, Jr.

In 1996, Delaware obtained relief from the federal court supervision imposed after the state had to be forced to desegregate its schools.

In arguing that Delaware could operate its schools consistent with constitutional principles of equality, the state said: “The Four Districts went far beyond constitutional requirements by continually readjusting attendance zones to maintain racial balance [and achieved] … unprecedented and sustained racial balance for seventeen years.”

Delaware School Choice does not address the transportation inequities locking out poor families who don’t have adequate transportation to drive their children to the school of choice or a school bus-stop within. We need to provide preference transportation to the city of Wilmington children to a choice school within the district.

Delaware’s Charter School Laws encourage de facto segregation because schools like Charter School of Wilmington is permitted to exclude at-risk student because their academic performance doesn’t meet the criteria of the school’s admission standards. The 5 mile preference radius locks out Christina School District students from attending Charter School of Newark even -though  Newark Charter is located in Christina  School District.

The Delaware charter school law was crafted by those harboring dissatisfaction with the court order desegregation aka force busing. It allows charters schools to set specific admissions standards that can exclude at-risk students and charter schools to serve at-risk student which are predominately African-Americans.  One former member of Red Clay’s school board responded to my concerns charter schools are creating de facto segregation. Response was, “why do they choose to go there”?

“We the people” of Delaware took responsibility for giving life to our constitutional commitment to racial equality.  What did we do with that responsibility?

We resegregated our schools — by both race and poverty. 


By contrast, in the city, Warner Elementary’s test scores are among the lowest in the state. Warner’s student body is 76 percent black, 3 percent white, and 83 percent low income.  Fifty-four percent of the teachers at Warner have less than 10 years of experience.

Red Clay refuses to end the VT dumping ground in Warner ! No teacher should be able to VT into Warner based on poor evaluation from their former school ! 

Dropout rates for black students are nearly three times as high as dropout rates for white students in New Castle County. Black students performed 28 percent worse on state English exams and 31 percent worse on state math exams in 2015-2016

Relax give the schools time to use those Race to The Top best practices!

But he can’t tackle these problems unless we all recognize our obligation as citizens to make our constitutional ideals a reality

When minorities in Wilmington disengage in the issues dealing with race and focus on the home front we might see some improvement. How about every minority parent of a Red Clay student come to a board meeting and step up to the microphone and say NO MORE SERVE OUR CHILDREN EQUALLY !

The only way to make the promise of equality in our Constitution genuine is to be willing to fight for what is right. It’s now over a generation since the courts trusted us to guarantee the constitutional promise of equality.  

The time for excuses, delay, and lack of action has run out.  It’s time we do something, and something big,

 Sorry but it appears the rat race is over ! The white rats won !

How many white guys does it take to screw in a light bulb in Delaware?

DelDOT diversity report confirms racial discord at facility , The News Journal

he workplace culture within the Delaware Department of Transportation’s North District is not inclusive, and a lack of “diversity at all levels” indicates systemic bias, according to a report published last week by consultants investigating allegations of racial discrimination in state government. 

A 2015 News Journal story detailed racial tensions at the DelDOT northern road maintenance facility, where workers mow grass, clean trash and plow snow from I-95 and other highways.

Employees at the time alleged that workers of different races often were assigned to separate tasks, with white employees doing the most favorable work. Supervisors said race was not a factor in job assignments.

The consultant report said festering “us versus them” tensions between people of different races have gone unaddressed by facility supervisors, who rely too much on personal relationships as “proxies for effective and consistent leadership.”

Until we put an end to de facto segregation in Delaware public schools and move towards needs-based funding we’ll never see true diversity in the adult world of Delaware.  Perhaps our state legislators don’t want to get their heads out of their asses or out from up politicians asses because, the world will always need someone to take out the trash and wipe the asses of the status quo. 

Is Governor Carney code talking about requiring state employees paying more towards their health care ?

Delaware officials discuss state employee health care issues Associated Press Sep 28, 2017 

Gov. John Carney is meeting with state government employees to discuss efforts to reduce health care costs in Delaware. 

Carney planned to hold a town hall meeting Thursday at Delaware State University to answer questions from employees and discuss the need to reduce taxpayer spending on health care.


Merv look close! There is only one $zero in Candyman Carney’s feel $good handout

$1 million in opportunity grants awarded to Delaware schools Jessica Bies, The News Journal

Gov. John Carney on Wednesday announced that nine school districts and charter schools will receive a combined $1 million in Opportunity Grant funding to support programs that help disadvantaged students and English language learners. 

The relatively small investment stands in contrast to $26 million in education cuts made by the General Assembly this year. It also falls short of the kind of support needs-based funding would provide for low-income, special education and English-learner students, making the grants a less-than-favorable alternative in the eyes of education advocates.  

$1 million dollars for a portion of Delaware neediest students is classic example as to why Delaware’s fair and equitable approach to education isn’t meeting the grade. 

Red Clay Consolidated School District – $106,832 – Richardson Park Elementary

Richardson Park will provide trauma-informed care to all students by changing the school-level climate. The school will support staff in reconceptualizing disruptive behavior to a trauma-informed lens and provide access to higher level of trauma care for students in need. The project will: 1. Produce school staff who can identify, support and refer all students exposed to trauma and who can integrate trauma-informed care with existing programming. 2. Increase access to more intensive care of students of need and their families. 3. Strengthen Richardson Park’s network of trauma referrals.

OMG Merv ! I though you burned those political knee-pads when the worst governor in Delaware history (Jack Markell) left office.  Merv your $$ laundry list of what you are going to do with $106.832.00 sounds like you’ll need $1,106.832.00. Just do us a favor and not kneel to kiss Carney’s hand when cameras are around.

While Governor Carney’s “grants” are welcome we must remember the pathetic financial condition of Delaware’s public schools is the result of Delaware governors overreach into public schools and overambitious politically-seeded reform involvement. Thee time has come to fund traditional public schools and charter schools the way votechs are funded. Our Delaware public funded schools can never be fair and equitable until we have fair and equitable funding. Our state legislator lack courage to once and for all address this issue.