DE DOE fumbles the ball re: Reach closure process

As you know Reach charter school has been ordered closed by the end of this school year 2014-2015.

It appears DE DE charter unit is fumbling the ball re: the charter school closure process. From Reach’s board meeting minutes January 2015:  

“Citizens Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) – a document from DOE regarding procedures for closure was very vague. Mrs. Thomas would like to produce a document which reflects all expenses through closure such as audit costs, vendor’s payments, payroll and student data documentation. The cost of closure could run to $30,000. Ms. Thomas wants funds to enable a “clean closure” – to show that all dealings were transparent and above board. She will verify what obligations need to be met, determine the costs and report to the Board.”

As you can see, ” a document from DOE regarding procedures for closure was very vague”. Isn’t amazing, DE DOE set the bar high on the charter school framework and low on themselves. 

Flags are flying high for a state audit of Moyer charter school and DE DOE does nothing

Folks “the law requires” each public school district, votech school district and each charter school to provide the public with a monthly financial report. Moyer’s last posted financial report was October 2014 and here we are March.

Moyer has been order closed at the end of this school year 2014-2015 and there is a possibility possible financial wrongdoings! Moyer isn’t using a state P-card and apparently using their AMX card.

The charter school office of the Delaware Department of Education refuses to address this issue! It’s like there is a secret and DE DOE is turning a blind-eye to keep in the dark! Wake up state auditor! Wake up DE AG!     

DE GOP Legislators attacks Red Clay referendum campaign tactics! And says nothing about charter school tactics

And another outsider rails against the government: Miro wrote a letter to Merv! Oh, no! What’s next?

March 3, 2015
Dr. Mervin Daugherty Superintendent Red Clay Consolidated School District 1502 Spruce Avenue Wilmington, DE 19805

RE: Questions regarding procedures and policy during Red Clay School District Referendum

Dear Dr. Daugherty,
We write following numerous inquiries from constituents who have concerns regarding perceived activity by the Red Clay School District as it pertains to the recent referendum on February 24, 2015. Putting aside the policy issues associated with the referendum, we believe that the questions raised deserve consideration, and we are asking for your assistance in determining how best to respond.

1. A number of documents presented to us indicate that school activities may have been specifically planned to coincide with the February 24, 2015 election in an attempt to impact the outcome of the vote. We have attached a link to a video invitation for the “Blizzard Blues Beach Bingo” event at the Linden Hill Elementary School which is one such event that constituents have brought to our attention. Is this true? If so, who covered the cost of these events? (

We understand that many other schools in the district scheduled and held similar events. We have received complaints about crowded parking lots and other inconveniences for voters trying to reach the polls. Can you please confirm the number of schools that scheduled similar events on February 24? Does the Board provide additional funding for these events or do they come out of each school’s budget? Can you provide an approximate district-wide cost of the events that were held in the district on February 24?

2. On Monday, February 23, 2015, a Red Clay School District principal utilized the District’s SchoolMessenger notification service to ask parents to support the referendum. Did the Board’s approval of the referendum also provide for the use of school resources such as the SchoolMessenger system and state email platforms to be used by District employees as campaign tools for passage of the referendum? We understand that additional emails were sent out as reminders to vote to support the referendum on the morning of February 24.

3. We have received numerous questions regarding questioning whether public outreach regarding the election was limited and may not have reached all voters who would be impacted by passage of the referendum. Could you please detail the public outreach, including the number of residents the District contacted during the course of the campaign?

4. Finally, constituents have expressed concern that campaign signs supporting the referendum were displayed well within the boundaries established by Delaware State Law that prohibits such activity within 50 feet of a polling place. We have also been told that signs supporting the referendum were located inside the polling places. Can you confirm that this did not occur?

We are sure that you will agree that public confidence in the process of our elections is of paramount importance. We appreciate your assistance in thoroughly investigating and responding to these issues, and others that might be brought to our attention, concerning the February 24 referendum. We look forward to your timely response.

Thank you.
Greg Lavelle State Senator 4th District
Mike Ramone State Representative 21st District
cc: Members of the Red Clay Consolidated School Board-2-
Deborah Hudson State Representative 12th District
Joe Miro State Representative 22nd District

The practice holding get out the referendum vote rallies during referendum nights is nothing new and nothing illegal. Sure it gaming the system but why hasn’t any of these legislators introduced legislation forbidding such events on referendum voting days/ nights?

So what about this charter rally in Dover promoting charter schools. Who paid for all the buses to transport these kids to Dover and taking kids out of school for political rallies!! Come on folks.

Greg Lavelle State Senator 4th District voted yes for H.B.# 334 “Smarter Balanced Assessment”
Mike Ramone State Representative 21st District voted yes for H.B. #334 “Smarter Balanced Assessment”
Deborah Hudson State Representative 12th District voted yes for H.B. #334 “Smarter Balanced Assessment” 
Joe Miro State Representative 22nd District vote yes for H.B. #334 “Smarter Balanced Assessment”

Is Delaware Secretary of Education sending roses to charter schools using federal funds

Word on the street is, Delaware Secretary of Education is sending roses to schools to promote some BS Harvard survey! Just another case of wasteful spending by DE DOE. 

Exclusive: Governor Markell Letter To General Assembly, DOE Freaking Out Over Opt Out

Originally posted on Exceptional Delaware:

Parents are opting out.  Teachers are crying foul.  Legislators are demanding accountability from the Delaware DOE.  Schools are overwhelmed.  Students are walking out of schools across the country.  We are in test overload as a country.  So what is the DOE, members of the 148th General Assembly, and Governor Markell’s response?  Ease the problems by taking away what is surrounding the Smarter Balanced Assessment but by all means keep the test intact.

So who is this “small group” of legislators who have had closed-door meetings with the Delaware DOE?  Why is there no transparency with these discussions with parents or other stakeholders aside from DSEA or the Delaware PTA?

This is what you are going to see: more “extensions” for teacher accountability, a push to decrease the other tests students get during the school year, downplaying the parent opt out movement by making the Smarter Balanced Assessment less than what it is…

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Breakthrough coming on CSD priority schools with possible Red Clay takeover ?

CSD Board President: Agreement between Christina and DOE on Priority Schools is near By Amy Cherry / WDEL 4:33pm, March 3, 2015 – Updated 5:24pm, March 3, 2015

Christina School Board President Fred Polaski appears confident that the district will get to keep three Priority Schools for at least another school year.

In an e-mail sent to board members obtained by WDEL, Polaski said he met with Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) officials Friday.

Polaski said DDOE will treat the 2015-16 school year as an additional planning year for Stubbs and Bancroft elementary schools and Bayard Middle, but that major changes could come in the 2016-17 school year. The e-mail also made mention that an extra planning year would help Christina School District (CSD) transition its schools into the Red Clay Consolidated School District, a recommendation made by the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC). Christina’s Board previously passed a resolution in support of WEAC’s recommendation that has nothing with the Priority Schools plan.

The WEAC has no legal authority to make such a transition happen. The Red Clay school board members agreeing to such a move would be fools. And in the background is the union that would support the move to save union jobs. However, if Red Clay takes on these three schools the impact on Red Clay’s existing schools would be “negative”. Any deal is nothing more than a charter school Trojan horse. It will save union jobs for perhaps three years and then in comes charter school transitions. But then again, if CSD doesn’t buy in to a Red Clay equations the priority schools would become charter schools sooner than later. Yep it’s for the kids alright !

The best solution would be a Wilmington city school district and shift to needs based school funding from the state.  Red Clay refuses to offer traditional middle school and high school in the city so what makes one think Red Clay would give a shit about these kids? Remember force busing stills exists in Red Clay! Outbound Wilmington mostly children of color! 

Red Clay board member Martin Wilson has an opponent! Yikes! Charter connection ????

Nominating District “B” – Term expires June 30, 2020
Caleb Brokaw – WITHDREW Feb 12, 2015
Martin A. Wilson – Jan 16, 2015
Alfred Lance, Jr. – Mar 3, 2015

I am not sure if Alfred Lance Jr is the same Alfred Lance that sits on Freire charter school board but if it is; Title 14 Section 504:

(b) The board of directors of a charter school shall be deemed public agents authorized by a public school district or the Department with the approval of the State Board to control the charter school. No person shall serve as a member of a charter school board of directors who is an elected member of a local school board of education

So if it is the same person he’ll have to step down from Freire’s board! Word on the street it is but I can’t confirm! 

As you know, DE DOE shot-down two charter school applications and concerns with Wilmington might put future charters on ice. Therefore, Red Clay is the only other charter authorizing authority in Delaware. Folks the stage is being set for turning Christina’s priority schools into charters if those schools end up in Red Clay’s hands! However, Red Clay needs a few more charter friendly school board members.  One must question why Red Clay is being consider for takeover of Christina’s priority schools when the fact remains Red Clay hasn’t proven itself in turning around it’s own priority schools! Folks the stage is being set for Wilmington to be duked out traditional public schools. 

BREAKING NEWS !!! Joanne Christian running for Appoquinimink School Board


One Seat: At-Large – Term expires June 30, 2020
Michelle Myers Wall – Feb 12, 2015
Tara Greathouse – Feb 18, 2015
Debbie Harrington – Feb 18, 2015
Ryan Scott – Feb 18, 2015
Mark E. Heck – Mar 2, 2015
Joanne M. Christian – Mar 3, 2015

Want a field of candidates !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Joanne !! 

Breaking News: Priority Schools in Christina Will Convert To Red Clay in 2016

Originally posted on Exceptional Delaware:

According to a VERY anonymous source in the Delaware Department of Education, this is the plan with the three priority schools in the Christina School District:   Next year, Stubbs, Bancroft and Bayard will remain in Christina as they currently are but they will be given to Red Clay Consolidated School District in the 2016-2017 academic year.  Apparently a very small team from the Christina School Board came to the DOE for a meeting.  This meeting was hinted at in the 2/27 deadline letter in regards to the WEAC recommendations.

After everything, Christina still loses the three schools, but under their own terms.  It is unknown at this point if the schools will still have priority status by then because no one knows what will happen with the reauthorization of ESEA.  In my opinion, Christina successfully thwarted the DOE at nearly every level.  They never outright caved in to the demands inflicted…

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Jaques calls for high school in Wilmington Delaware

Lawmaker: Wilmington needs a high school Jon Offredo, The News Journal

A new high school in Wilmington? One state lawmaker is telling capital budget writers to bank on it.

Rep. Earl Jaques, a Glasgow Democrat and chair of the House Education Committee, told Bond Bill lawmakers Monday morning that as long there are studies on the future of education in the state’s largest city, financial planning for a new high school has to begin sooner rather than later.

“It’s time to resurrect Wilmington High School, the Red Devils,” Jaques said. “Those children deserve it, their parents deserve it and we need it to move forward in that area.”

I mean gee ! It would be nice for Wilmington public school students to have a neighborhood school promised under the Neighborhood Schools Act.  Now which school district will this new high school be located in?

Voter fraud in Delaware public school referendum??? No way!

Voter fraud alleged in Red Clay Matthew Albright, The News Journal 4:05 p.m. EST March 2, 2015

Sen. Karen Peterson, D-Stanton, has asked Attorney General Matt Denn to investigate possible voter fraud in last Tuesday’s referendum to raise property taxes in the Red Clay School District.

Peterson said in a news release that she had received a report that a group of parents who had just voted at one polling place said they were going to vote again at a second polling place.

Senator it’s a wild goose chase! The real fix is require referendums to held during general elections or require no after school activities at polling places and no large assembles where public and parents can attend during polling hours. However, do have AG Denn follow through and charge any violators. 

Yep more data blunders found in DE DOE’s 2013-14 high school dropout report!

Page 4 “Highlights”

“Last year, out of 39,949 students enrolled in grades 9-12, 817 students left school”

Page 8 “Dropouts and Student Enrollments by County by Grade”

State (9th grade) 11,544, (10th grade) 9,822, (11th grade) 8,901 and (12th grade) 8,682   All 38,949

Folks the last time I checked, Delaware had three counties. So how does DE DOE report 39,949 9-12 grade students on page 4 and 38,949 on page 8? Delaware Dropout Summary Statistics 2013-2014 

DE DOE did go back with a little help from Rep Baumbach and revised data after I reported this re: DE DOE idiots screw up again re: High School Dropout Data! See for yourself. Posted on by kilroysdelaware re: Delaware Academy of Public Safety but did not provide # of dropouts within the <15 equations.

So obviously the 39,949 total is 38,949. Yea just a little human error! However, this is more proof collecting and reporting data is susceptible to “human” error. If we are going to hold teachers and schools accountable based on data there isn’t room for errors when we’re talking careers! I assure you, if I keep digging I’ll find more errors and deviations in dropout data collection methodology across the collection years to prove the data isn’t apples to apples and skewed enough to be invalid. 

Could this be Red Clay School Board on the Merv question

Sunday sermon for Red Clay School Board

Those who sit at the right and left hand of the Red Clay God (Merv) better take a hard look in the mirror. Though school superintendents make many request for school board approval it is the school board who makes the final approval with no veto power on the super’s part. In the big picture the super’s failures are the board’s failures.  

Merv like every super in this state is a CEO of a unionized corporation where the workers own many legislator. Somewhere in the middle are the children who we always seem to want to put first. Public education is ugly and driven by power, ego, politics and money which are never aligned for the true benefit of children. I can and have straight-up or in my cryptic way ridicule many including Merv. My dislike of some players in this equation like Markell, Hudson and now Lavelle among others has nothing to do with them personally but has to do with their roles in education. I don’t share confidential E-mails or sources. Publius is disliked by many but I respect his rights to weigh-in but certainly don’t always agree with his positions. I’ve been picking on DE DOE Penny but give her much credit for going across the grain to reach out is her bold way. I respect that! In a nutshell, many of us who engaged in public education do so by career choice certainly wanting to make a difference and some of us who don’t ask for a dime do so as part of good or bad is some eyes as our mission to give back. 

I am dishearten to hear (rumor of course) some board members want to throw Merv overboard midstream (before the end of his contract). Those who think Merv may be the problem are just as much the problem. I must remind everyone, it was the unions including DSEA who approved Race to The Top laced with Common Core and Smarter Balanced seeds. And now we hear all the crying from labor as to the ill-effects of the fallout! Yet labor refuses to put a face on the “system”! They refuse to chastise Governor Markell who alienated even his close friends with his love affair with his own ego! Markell pulled the D.C. and Wall Street Trojan Horse threw the gates of Delaware. Markell bullied Merv and all other supers and many board members to kiss his royal ass! The “union” were Markell enablers with Judas carrying the flag! 

I urge Red Clay board members plotting against Merv (rumor of course) to pull their horns in and not degrade the “man” who is stuck in the same political bullshit as many of you. Also board members keep in mind, you are “politicians”. You ran for public office with many promising transparency and courage to lead! Don’t get me wrong for the most part you are doing a great job and I love the individuality among you that does cause friction. A board that refuses to be individuals and cut across the grain is a dangerous body of people. We’ve seen what Markell has assemble within DE DOE! A puppet show full of Rodel clones and ass kissers! So I urge the Red Clay school board members who are sowing a coup to back off (rumor of course). Think about it, should we demand each board member who approve the Markell priority school agenda even in a water-down version to step-down? If you have the courage to tarnish a man’s career why not let that man be Markell and not Merv (rumor of course). Let the man compete his contract if he wishes and then assets and evaluate the direction “you” want the district to go!    


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