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Crow Pie for Publius re: Christina is open to approve charter schools

Agenda Item Details


Aug 09, 2016 – General Business Meeting




Board Policy Manual Review – Policy #02.23 Charter Schools



Recommended Action

It has been requested by members of the Christina Board of Education to reaffirm approval of Board Policy 02.23 Policy Statement on Charter Schools and declare itself open to the submission of charter school applications during the 2016-2017 school year for schools opening in Late Summer/Fall 2018 and beyond.
Interested charter school organizations may submit their applications to the Christina Board
of Education, 600 North Lombard Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801 

2016-08-09 Bd Policy 02.23 Charter School COVER.pdf (107 KB)2016-08-09 Bd Policy 02.23 Charter School.pdf (30 KB)

Motion & Voting

It has been requested by members of the Christina Board of Education to reaffirm approval of Board Policy 02.23 Policy Statement on Charter Schools and declare itself open to the submission of charter school applications during the 2016-2017 school year for schools opening in Late Summer/Fall 2018 and beyond.
Interested charter school organizations may submit their applications to the Christina Board
of Education, 600 North Lombard Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801

Motion by John Young, second by Frederick Polaski.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yes: Elizabeth Paige, George Evans, Frederick Polaski, Margaret Mason, Harrie Ellen Minnehan, Shirley Saffer, John Young


Appo Super debunks Kevin’s $$$$ scrutiny

Appoquinimink addresses tuition tax hike concerns By Yossi Goldstein 1:13am, August 10, 2016 – Updated 3:30pm, August 10, 2016 (WDEL)

After the initial tax hike notice, one area blogger claimed the district’s tuition tax was not justified based on the increased special needs enrollment and the money had either been transferred out of the tuition fund–or was missing altogether.

At the behest of District Superintendent Matt Burrows, Director of Finance for Appoquinimink Dr. Charles Longfellow provided a presentation at Tuesday night’s monthly board meeting.

“It was just a case of someone not understanding everything,” Board President Richard Forsten said to WDEL after the meeting.

Appo Super was responding to this Blog post by Kevin at Exceptional Delaware ; Appoquinimink Gouges Taxpayers For Special Education Tuition Payments But $5 Million Is Unaccounted For.

Appo Super is digging a $$$ hole with his explanation

“Those $5 million of expenditures are essentially captured somewhere else, and when you actually look everywhere, the money is there,” explained Forsten.

During his presentation, Dr. Longfellow noted the “missing” money wasn’t in the State of Delaware’s checkbook, as it was used to help for payroll and other expenditures. Those funds totaled nearly the entire $5.3 million.

Wait the money was there but “somewhere else”? “It was just a case of someone not understanding everything,” Well when you shift funds from one bucket to another bucket with the intention of putting the funds back in the original bucket how in the fuck do you expect the community to keep up?

Lastly, to the charge that money was transferred out of the tuition fund, Longfellow said that was true, but said that happens nearly every year and is a legal maneuver.

Additionally, Forsten explained that the money went to funds that help settle costs that aren’t part of the tuition tax budget itself.

“Administrative, transportation, stuff like that which isn’t captured in the budget gets transferred to the general operations fund to help defray the costs,” allowed the Board President. “That’s where those expenses are paid.”

So that explains it all right ????????????????? WTF

“All the numbers are there and they’re all justified, its just that you have to know what you’re looking for,” said Forsten.

The increase to the tuition tax went into effect last month, and will come out to $5.42 monthly to the average homeowner, or $65.04 for the year.

Send me the Appo $$$$ decoder ring please !!! Hey Appo Super perhaps you should report by IBUs & MBUs. 

Were minorities in this video paid by Trump to trash Hillary?

The destruction of Red Clay school district delayed

WEIC pushes back redistricting timeline 

 , The News Journal

The timetable for redistricting schools in Wilmingtonhas been pushed back, but the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission is still working toward consolidating half the city’s students into one district.

Adding more at-risk students to Red Clay without sustainable weighted-funding will break Red Clay’s back and negatively impact all students.  Notice I said, “without sustainable weighted funding.”

The time has come to fund all Delaware public schools like Delaware votechs! The state legislators set property tax-rate for Delaware votech schools. They need to do the same for all public schools that might end the $$ waste. If our state legislator don’t have the courage to take control of school funding they should at least do what it right by requiring all public schools including charter schools to report financial expenditures by IBUs “and” MBUs. Also make it a crime for school boards to approve and permit the use of commercial credit cards beyond the state P-cards. All school district should be required to report P-card expenditures by cardholders like Colonial School District does.

WEIC plan cannot work unless radical changes are made to the current school financial structure. Red Clay taxpayers should not fund a wrongheaded plan and no school board under the current financial cat and mouse game should have the authority to raise school taxes without a referendum.          

Cornel West not sweet on Hillary

Heed Cornel’s warning and don’t heal for Hillary !


Newly released Oval Office picture


The Jack Markell Email That Has Delaware Teachers Seething

Exceptional Delaware


Governor Markell sent an email to teachers and administrators thanking them for the latest Smarter Balanced Assessment results.  Meanwhile, people don’t care.  In the grand tradition of the former and very much lamented Transparent Christina, I hereby present the red-line edition of Jack’s chest-thumping email!

From: Markell, Governor (Governor)

Gee really, you need to write it down twice?

Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016 2:01:51 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
K12 Employees
Thank you to educators and school administrators

Thank you Governor Markell for forcing students to take this test and for teachers to administer them.  God bless the opt out parents!

Dear Educators and School Administrators,

What, no love for the parents? 

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer.

You too Jack.  Speaking on behalf of teachers, thank you for interrupting our bliss and harmony with this email.

As many of you may have seen…

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Exceptional Delaware

Delaware education funding is out of control. It is unsustainable!!!!  Something is going to have to give.  Kids can’t take any more hits, so it is going to have to come from the adults.  I hate to say this, and teachers, principals, administrators, and superintendents will want my head on a platter, but your pensions and benefits are skyrocketing through the roof.  Every time you get a step raise, your OEC (benefits and pensions) go up as well.  When these OEC amount to 44% of your pay, we are having serious issues keeping up with it.  I know you want raises, but you actually get raises every year because your benefits keep going up.  For those who aren’t state employees, our insurance rates keeps going up as well, but we pay for much more of it than you do.  It comes out of our take-home pay where yours are not like that. …

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Did Fethullah Gülen donate $$$$ to the Clintons?

Published on Jun 8, 2016 robertamster

Did U.S charter school funds help fund attempted Coup in Turkey right under Hillary’s nose ?

Republic of Turkey Targets Houston-Based Charter School by  May 19, 2016 The Texas Tribune

The Republic of Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is waging a well-documented war against critics, hired London-based Amsterdam & Partners last fall “to conduct a global investigation into the activities of the organization led by moderate Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen,” according to the firm’s website. Gulen is a reclusive Turkish expatriate living in Pennsylvania whom news reports have linked to Harmony and other U.S. charter schools. Harmony, which focuses on science and math education, is the second-largest charter network in the United States and the largest in Texas. It operates 46 schools here where nearly 31,000 students are enrolled.

Looks like the warning signs were flying high!

U.S.-Based Cleric Fethullah Gulen Blamed by Erdogan in Turkey Coup. NBC News  JUL 16 2016, 2:21 AM ET

When elements of Turkey’s military attempted a coup Friday night, the Turkish government accused a cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania of being involved in the turmoil.

“Turkey won’t be frightened with this kind of uprising and Turkey cannot be governed from Pennsylvania,” President Tayyip Erdogan said after arriving in Istanbul’s airport early Saturday.

“They were being told what to do from Pennsylvania,” Erdogan said of those involved in the coup. Turkish officials also blamed the attempted coup on followers of the cleric, Fethullah Gulen.

When will Wanxiang cleanup their Delaware Boxwood Eyesore ?

Fisker Karma (Now Called Karma Revero) Back In Production, In California July 6th, 2016 by James Ayre 

Notably, while all of the original Fisker Karmas were manufactured under contract in Finland by Valmet Automotive, the new Karma Revero (along with other coming models, probably) is being manufactured at a company-owned factory in Moreno Valley, California.

As noted at the start of the article, pilot production at this Californian production facility is now underway. Once production has been ramped up fully, the 550,000-square-foot facility will churn out up to 3,000 units a year, according to those involved.

Face it folks! Wanxiang has no intention of building any cars at their Boxwood plant. According to Jack Markell , Wanxiang is a good neighbor funding trips to China for local students. Yet they leave their property a MESS.



Did Gov. Markell tell AG Denn to kiss his ass ? re:FOIA

Markell files challenge to AG’s opinion on email request Associated Press 3:36 p.m. EDT July 8, 2016

Gov. Jack Markell has filed a court challenge to an attorney general’s opinion directing his office to review its handling of a Freedom of Information Act request from former state treasurer Chip Flowers.

In its court appeal, the governor’s office claims state law does not require it to explain its rationale for withholding records under the legislative exemption.

Classic Jack Markell play the King Card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Clay’s Skyline Middle School promotes all students 100%

Skyline Middle School
 Date updated – Spring 2016

School Promotion by Grade

Grade 6 100.0%
Grade 7 100.0%
Grade 8 100.0%

The way Skyline parents descends upon the school board with complaints of out of control student behavior to a point they are concerned about their children’s safety one would think a few of these thugs would have been held back!