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Delaware isn’t transparent in reporting bad teachers , The News Journal

The Delaware Department of Education won’t reveal what’s led to teacher discipline.

A nationwide survey that tracks how states handle teacher discipline – and how they share those records with other states – showed that while Delaware participates fully in a national indexing system, it does not make its records available for public scrutiny.

Delaware has suspended or revoked the licenses of dozens of educators over the last two decades and has given that information to an organization, the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, that records and shares it with districts across the country so that districts can check the background of a teacher before making hiring decisions.

Those records, however, are not open to the public in the First State.

“There should be a certain level of transparency,” Hodges said, arguing that the teachers’ records should be publicly accessible after the investigation is finished and parents should be notified. As it stands now, she said, the system is tilted toward protecting teachers.

School district and DE DOE hides behind the confidentiality of legal and personal matters!

Delaware has the online DEEDS feature where parents and the community cane check the credentials of teachers  and see in the case of those teachers featured in this articel re: revoke credentials. There NOTHING stopping DE DOE from adding to Revoke notations such as criminal convictions such as “felony” with notation of what they were convicted of. This would not break the law or infringe on confidentiality protection laws. The road block to such public information “enhancements” is people like Representative Debbie Hudson and Rep Valeria Longhurst. Folks the technology platform is in place.

We don’t need to go on a witch-hunt and demoralize all Delaware professional teachers. We just need to make sure we have the data base to identifies those teacher that have been convicted of crimes and what the convictions were. 

State Board of Education supporting redistricting will be catalyst for the elimination senior citizens school tax discounts

Inside intel is saying the Delaware State Board of Education will vote yes and approve the WEIC plan. 

Folks you’ll see a plan present laced with “one time” funding and new funding but it want be sustainable.

Red Clay will be forced to go to referendum for additional operation and capital funds. We’re talking mega referendums in the millions. At the end of the day you’ll see a call for ending senior citizen school tax discounts!

Red Clay school board all but one took the cowards way out with their so-called conditional approve if funding can be identified. The state board is poised to vote yes and there ain’t shit Red Clay’s board can do about it! We’ll hear the lame-ass game our hands are tie! You’ll need to call you state legislators.

Get this! Red Clay is walking into the dark in regards of capital improvements needed on the Christina’s schools they’ll inherit! You’ll look at every bit on 125 million dollars in repairs and upgrades in the building infrastructure. Does the WEIC plan identify funding for capital needs? HELL NO !

The millions of dollars of “new money” and other money could be better spent putting boots on the ground aka more teachers and more paraprofessional in high needs schools to effectively lower class sizes.

One state board member will vote “no” ! The rest will vote yes for master Jack Markell. Jack’s been working the board!  

Folks the problem isn’t the location of a school building or it’s poverty level. The problem is, the lack of equity in the high needs schools. More teachers and paraprofessionals are the key to raising student achievement not a Jack Markell seeded agenda with civil rights sell-outs by his side! 

Delaware Gov Markell caught having sex with the Tooth Fairy

Putting former DuPont employees back to work , The News Journal

“My administration is committed to a multifaceted approach that supports all DuPonters with opportunities to continue to thrive in Delaware’s workforce,” Gov. Jack Markell said Friday.

If you believe this crock of shit, you must believe in the Tooth Fairy. “Multifaceted” is code of, I don’y have a clue!  

Gov Markell apologizes for slavery but can’t walk the talk!

Editorial: Does an apology accomplish anything? The News Journal

Gov. Jack Markell on Wednesday signed a resolution that officially apologized for Delaware’s role in slavery. It was perfect timing. For one, it’s Black History Month. And two, this year marks the 125th anniversary of Delaware State University’s, a historical black college.

What a cracker-jack Governor Markell is! He bundles all the blackness in one month. He tactfully set the timing of his signing of this resolution to get more bang for the buck!

If Governor Markell were serious about an apology he’d end the charter school admission discrimination such as the specific interest! If charters school were “public schools” none would have doors locking out at-risk children.

What about preferential choice transportation JACK? Leveling the playing field would help reduce de facto segregation. 

Then there is the Markell Administration Plantation. 

Pastors: Markell should fire bosses accused of racism Karl Baker, The News Journal

A group of African-American Delaware ministers and NAACP officials on Wednesday said responsibility for ending discrimination in the state Department of Labor is with Gov. Jack Markell and not Patrice Gilliam-Johnson, whose nomination as head of the embattled agency was approved by the Senate on Wednesday.

“Because this is a law-breaking issue, it should be handled before her first day on the job,” said the Rev. Christopher Curry, a member of the Committee on Racism in State Government.


Black leaders claim ‘culture of racism’ flourishes in Delaware government ; Delaware State News August 29, 2015 · by

DOVER — Many black men and women employed by the state of Delaware do not feel comfortable in the workplace environment, religious and community leaders allege.

They claim a culture of discrimination exists, where black employees are sometimes unfairly passed over for promotions, where they must endure racial insults, and where they are punished if they report improper treatment.

To that end, leaders from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Interdenominational Ministers Alliance and Interdenominational Ministers Action Council have formed a committee to hear complaints of racism from state workers.

You know Jack! Sometimes I am sorry just doesn’t cut it! Walk the talk!!!!!

“Governor Markell gives us Chicken wings and soda, and that’s all we get from him”


Breaking News: Newark Charter School Let Her In The Lottery!!!!

Exceptional Delaware

I just heard from the father of the daughter with a rare disability that Newark Charter School’s admissions office is letting his daughter into their lottery.  This is good news, and I’m glad for everyone who reached out to Greg Meece at Newark Charter School.  I got an email this morning from someone in Florida who emailed Meece!  While this is not a guarantee she will be accepted into the school, she has a chance which is all the parents wanted based on her very unique situation.  From what I’m hearing, there were 3,500 applicants and only 80 slots are open.  The school has 190 Kindergarten students, but because of their enrollment preference that siblings get first dibs, that filled 110 slots already.

I wish this family all the luck in the world and I look forward to hearing the outcome.  There are still some questions regarding the admission policy…

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Newark Charter School Denies Lottery To 6 Year Old Girl With Rare Disability @usedgov @foxnews @cnn @huffingtonpost @washingtonpost @disabilitygov @aapd @bostonchildrens

Exceptional Delaware

The Newark Charter School admission policy has hit a new low. They are not allowing a child with developmental disabilities apply to the school for Kindergarten because she will be six years old when she enters Kindergarten next August.  Newark Charter School will have their lottery this coming Monday, February 8th at 6pm.

The parents’ daughter has an extremely rare disability called radioulnar synostosis that impacts her fine motor skills and limits the use of her hands and arms. According to Boston Children’s Hospital, this disability is defined as: Congenital radioulnar synostosis is a rare congenital difference in which there’s an abnormal bony or soft tissue connection between the two bones of the forearm—the radius and the ulna.  This disability is so rare, only 400 cases have been reported worldwide.

Her parents made a choice, at the recommendation of her pre-school, to keep her there another year.  According to…

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Back to The Future Red Clay Desegregation

Don’t worry white folks, your white kids won’t be bused to Wilmington! The crystal ball says, black students will be force to ride the bus to the suburbs! Even today, Red Clay buses black Wilmington Red Clay middle and high school students. Red Clay justifies building new suburban schools citing the Neighborhood Schools Act requires them to do so!  However, for some reason the Neighborhood Schools Act doesn’t require Red Clay to build “traditional” Red Clay middle and high schools in Wilmington. I am sorry but it has to be said, giving Red Clay more Wilmington black children would be like letting the KKK babysit newborn black children in the maternity floor of the Christina Hospital. If there is no social justice for the black children currently in Red Clay what makes anyone think adding more from Christina School District would change things? Furthermore, Delaware Choice School Law didn’t address the inequities with the lack of adequate transportation among Wilmington’s poor!

Red Clay has money to transport school sports teams but not a few buses to provide preferential Choice busing for Wilmington’s children! Address the flaws that actually may be intentional in regards to Choice school just might ease de facto segregation. Also, why does Red Clay’s all Choice magnet schools with specific interest student admission rules receive Choice transportation approved by the state legislators? Why isn’t there legislation requiring preferential Choice transportation for Wilmington’s poor?            

OMG! Kilroy concedes to Senator Hocker re: start of school after Labor Day

I was just reviewing Red Clay’s 2016-17 calendar and have to admit, the school year should start after Labor Day.

The notion, let the kids get summer out of their system and get settled in before Labor Day has merit. However, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. 

OMG! Delaware economy is down in the dumps and Hocker has a valid point re: the summer positive financial impact on the Delaware’s economy. As for kids, for many summer might be the only time the get to work!    

M Lomax kisses the hand of Jack Markell

Investing in excellence, equity and energy for students Delaware Voice Michael L. Lomax

Today’s battle is being fought across the country, including – once again – here in Delaware, led by Gov. Jack Markell, who won a round when the state Legislature failed to override his veto of “opt-out” legislation that would have allowed parents to exempt their children from rigorous tests that gauge how much they’re learning.

Sustaining the governor’s veto was round one. But the fight is not over. The people of Wilmington need to fight on, to demand equity, excellence and high standards of our schools and leaders across the board – equitable funding levels, excellent teachers in every classroom, state-of-the-art school facilities – for all Delaware students, not just some.

Michael L. Lomax is president and chief executive of the United Negro College Fund, the nation’s largest private provider of scholarships and other educational support to African-American students and a leading advocate of college readiness.

Governor Jack Markell is doing nothing to address the core problems in public education such as not addressing the cherry-picking of charter schools and specific interest charter school admission that locks-out at-risk minorities. Equity cannot be had with charter schools and traditional public not equal in student admissions.

As far as Mr. Lomax’s slap in the parent face re: the testing Opt-out, he is not on the side of parents and seems to support the Wall Street testing ponzi scheme. We’ve collected enough data over the last 50 years to conclude the white status-quo doesn’t give a rat’s ass about black children. Delaware School Choice law lacks transportation accommodations for Wilmington poor while the Neighborhood School Act allows white suburbia to build new schools rather than utilize empty seat in Wilmington school at the same time, Red Clay Wilmington children are bused to the suburbs do to no traditional Red Clay middle or high school in Wilmington.  

In deed we need needs based funding! However, millions being wasted on the Smarter Balance Assessment could be better served providing tangibles to our most neediest schools such as in more teachers and more paraprofessional. District level “assessment” have revealed for years the same conclusions as statewide assessment test. Every time there is a call to reform public education we add more consultants and more administration. Look how over-bloated the Delaware Department of Education is. We have a charter school unit who send state representative to charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committees and we’re being robbed blind! Right under DE DOE’s nose!

The are those who claim public education is the most important civil rights issues of this generation! Folks that is a white diversion! Civil right issues are the most important issue of every facet of life! There are those in Wilmington are all so willing to farm-out black children to the white suburban master who fail to see, Red Clay hasn’t been living up to the promise of equity. Then there is Jack Markell who takes his public education marching orders from rich million-billionaire white men! Again, why is it rich million-billionaire white males control public school reform efforts?

Nothing will change in Wilmington until “fathers” act like men and advance the civil rights agenda impacting black children on their terms! As far as those minorities standing shoulder to shoulder with those seeking radical reform in Wilmington shifting more minority children under the watch of failed white suburban leadership you better take a long long long look in the mirror! You are enabling the capitalist to $$ feed off your children. You have an independent voice and “you” must use it!

A day will come new young civil rights leaders will emerge and there will be hell to pay!

Those who are praising Jack Markell as if he is some kind of civil rights white knight are on the wrong side of history. If Markell cared about equality he would have eliminated the charter school specific interest and replaced it with a transparent lottery where all have equal chance of admissions. Charter schools aren’t the problem but rather the charter school law that allows such discrimination. Many who seeded the charter school law openly and quietly oppose desegregation. Charter school are a good option. However, charter schools must allow equal access to all children without barriers!



Will the Bucky Bailey C-8 curse take down Dow-DuPont?

DuPont to face 40 trials a year in C8 lawsuits , The News Journal

The initial 40 trials will be selected from between 250 and 300 lawsuits filed by individuals in the Mid-Ohio Valley area alleging DuPont’s use of C-8 at its Washington Works pant near Parkersburg, West Virginia, is responsible for their testicular and kidney cancers. About 7 percent of the total cases are focused on individuals claiming cancer and the remaining 90 percent of the cases will remain inactive during this period.

Sargus’ order was issued in the case of Re: E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company C-8 Personal Injury Litigation.

Be careful of the DuPont Miracles of Science ! Go ask Bucky Bailey 


Image result for c-8 teflon


Thanks to Copeland , Pete Schwartzkopf has the Speaker’s job for life

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf amasses power in Dover James The News Journal

The most powerful Democratic legislator in the Delaware House of Representatives, Pete Schwartzkopf, has never faced a challenger in a primary election since taking office in 2002. Since 2010, he has not had to fend off a Republican candidate seeking his seat, either.

Delaware’s GOP Chair Copeland has driven the party so far right it dropped off the cliff. There is no viable Delaware Republican Party! Independent and disenfranchised Republicans have no voice are faced with sitting out another election.
Schwartzkopf is powerful controlling the House Agenda. Nothing gets voted on by the House unless Pete gives the green light. So it is what it is! Delaware’s quality of life continues to erode. Charter schools are robbing the public blind and not one charter thief has been arrested. Legislative hall continues same old same old, its not who you know but who you blow ! We can only wait out the changing of the guard  in Dover and just hope the next batch is better than the last.
Copeland is too busy pushing the agenda Don’t Support Trump and is content with Schwartzkopf! If Delaware Republicans want to regain their footing perhaps the best place to start is to fire Copeland. 

DE DOE Jenny sleeps as Delaware charter schools robs taxpayers

Audit finds Providence Creek school leaders misused funds , The News Journal 4:32 p.m. EST January 27, 2016

“Our inspection identified over $247,000 in various personal purchases, unsupported transactions, and non-compliance from July 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2014,” said State Auditor Tom Wagner Jr., in a statement.

The charter school’s “deficient fiscal operations and close network of personnel” led to the misuse of funds, according to the report.

Investigation into the charter school, which serves students in Kindergarten through eighth grade, began after a tip was received on the state’s fraud hotline. The Department of Education also contacted the state auditor.

Here we go AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

736 Local School District and Charter School Citizen Budget Oversight Committees

4.0 Committee Members for Charter Schools

4.2 The Committee shall have at least five (5) members with representation from educators and parents of students in the school and representation from the Department of Education. In addition, where possible, the Committee shall have at least two members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. Further provided, Committee members shall not be compensated, except for allowable mileage for training or similar activities, for participation on such Committee.

FYI the representation for the Department of Education is not an observer but committee member! How is it possible we keep seeing this shit with DE DOE sitting at the table? Why isn’t the CBOC reviewing credit-card purchases  and overall monthly expenditures?

Good old Delaware! Laws are created for the people and don’t apply to government and it’s agencies! Will AG Matt Denn bring formal charges to any of these thieving bastards feeding of school funds? 


Governor Markell in denial re: encroaching recession

Governor Markell’s State of State address painted a picture of Delaware being out of the wood re: great recession. 

Folks over the last year we watched the stock market roller coaster and what was driving it was, manipulation by China. Well folks, reality is setting in and the stock markets is sending smoke signals a recession is heading our way.

Some of you are saying fuck Publius and his rich Wall Street buds! But take a look at your 401k.

Meantime back on the ranch Jack Markell is blowing smoke out his ass about all the good paying jobs he created. Middle-class Delaware is shrinking.

Governor Markell will hand the next governor a pile of shit! You can bet state-worker’s healthcare cost will be in the bulls-eye for cost savings!   

Redlining The DOE Press Release On Acting Secretary John King’s Visit To Delaware

Exceptional Delaware

In God we trust, all others show data.


Putting a new spin on the words appearing on US Currency, State Rep. Debra Heffernan’s words above shot the smoke and mirrors involving testing, as quoted by Newsworks/WHYY.  My response to Rep. Heffernan: What in God’s name are you even talking about?

On the cusp of the biggest blizzard to hit Delaware in Governor Markell’s 2nd term as Governor, Acting US Secretary of Education John King came to Wilmington yesterday and the biggest topic was tests.  More specifically, standardized tests.  What came out of this visit highlights this insanity inflicted on our children.  Below is the press release with my comments on this in red.   After that, a quote from a State Representative showcases the growing frustration parents, teachers, and legislators are having with this environment.


Acting U.S. Secretary of Education John King praised Delaware…

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