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Who Protects Kids When Teacher Unions Won’t? The DSEA and NEA Response To Shocking Video Is Horrendous!

Exceptional Delaware 2018

Project Veritas released a video on May 2nd about a teacher union president that clearly shows him admitting the union will lie and manipulate to protect a teacher in a student abuse situation.  The responses from the union president are shocking.  Even more shocking are the responses from the Delaware State Education Association and the National Education Association to help members deal with this video. I am putting the video up which you can see below.

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Forget about doing the right thing :The stage has been set for property reassessment to increase “public” school funding.

School District Consolidation Task Force issues final report 

Continuing the failed management of Delaware public education by pouring more money into public edification by victimizing taxpayers is immoral.

Delaware state legislators must fund traditional and charter schools as they do votech schools. Votech schools local funding via property taxes are set by the state legislators. Have you ever heard of a referendum for a Delaware public votech school? By requiring all public schools local property tax rate set by state legislators will force better financial management of all public and charter schools. When will DSEA come out and push for the needed change? Perhaps when it’s leader get his head out of national politics and focus on what he is getting paid for. The “D” in DSEA means Delaware ! But then again, the “D” could be for his performance as a DSEA leader.  We need radical changes in how Delaware public schools are funded and financially managed by superintendents. 

Being honest somethings offends friends. However, offended friends may not be friends

All I can say is shame on you and choke on your ego ! When leaders have no integrity their followers have no leader!  

The implosion of the former G.M. / Fisker Boxwood Plant will implode Red Clay local school taxes.

Former GM plant on Boxwood Road to be demolished, Harvey Hanna says in exploratory plan , The News Journal Published 7:00 p.m. ET April 16, 2018

After demolition of the near 3-million-square-foot facility, the Boxwood Road plant will be home to a business, fulfillment and distribution campus spread across four buildings with a smaller footprint than the previous structure.

Meantime back in the ranch Cowboy Merv is keeping the $$ card close to his chest. No one is talking about the property reassessment that lowers the value of this property whereas it would low school taxes to be paid, Who know what the property value will be after the demolition.  But in the interim Red Clay will see less property taxes being paid from this property.

For Fiscal Year 07/01/2017 – 06/30/2018 TOTAL SCHOOL DISTRICT TAXES DUE 2,015,608.27   

School District 

RED CLAY   38913100  2.31400 / 100   $900,449.13
NCC VOCATIONAL 38913100   0.16030 /100  $62,377.70
Total Current Tax    $962,826.83
Prior Balance             $907,570.23
Penalty                         $145,211.21

Tax History as of 5/5/2018 3:00:02 AM Do the math on what has been paid since Bill issues on 7/25/17


7/25/17 tax bill appears to be based on assessment value of 38913100 and this appears to be current assessment value: 

Tax/Assessment Info


Land: 5700200
Structure: 4100000
Homesite: 0
Total: 9800200
County Taxable: 9800200
School Taxable: 9800200


At 9,800.200.00 x last year’s 2.314 per 100.00 assessment this would equal $227,235.00 for Red Clay in contrast to $900,449.13 = 673,214.13 LESS in Red Clay School Tax. And this will be less once plant is demolished. 

Now I am no CPA but this what I see. But at the end of the day, there is an impact in Red Clay school taxes that will have to be made up through another referendum shifting the burden on others. The sad part of all this is, Merv is hiding in the corner like a scared mouse. Red Clay taxpayers need clarity on this issue and its impact. 

Holy EPER ! Has the time come to question the $$$ need of extracurricular activities?

I understands extracurricular school activities help shape students as individuals beyond classroom academics. However, with teachers being underpaid and deficiencies in material needs of the classroom the time has come to question what $$ is the priority of needs?

Spit is out! Should we need to consider cutting  after school extracurricular ? 


Teachers striking this time of year isn’t “for the kids”

I understand the issues behind the teacher strikes around the country. However, its having a negative impact on students currently in school. What right do teachers in these states have making current students sacrificial lambs for the better of the future of education in their state?

To the question of teacher compensation. I don’t see anywhere where people were rounded up and forced to work in public education. Obviously the choice was made by educated adults. Don’t get me wrong boy who can’t see his reflection in the mirror. But teachers public and non-public are valued members of society and I support traditional public education. But honestly, if there is money to be found and raised we need to use it to support and increase the needs of our law enforcement. Then there is this question, should teachers be paid more than social-workers? 

As far as looking at increasing public school funding in Delaware the time has come to fund all traditional public school like how Delaware votech schools are, The state legislators set the local tax-rates for votech schools. This is ground zero for the making positive changes in Public school funding. We need teachers in the classrooms teaching and legislators that have their backs. When we have legislators like Rep Paul Baumbach burning so much energy trashing President Trump while at the same time defending his support for former Governor Jack Markell who single handily upended Delaware public education  sits around with his thumb up is ass on Delaware school funding we’ll never be able to address the problem. 

Delaware needs to improve on the issues we’re seeing around the country is being held hostage by education labor leaders who spend more time on broad political rather than investing himself in a job that he is being “PAID” to do. I have the theory that to reform a nation we must do it state by state with common goals. Children who are undeserved is all areas of needs is a result of failed adults.

Rudy Giuliani to replace Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General @RealDonaldTrump

YeP ! Kilroy is calling it ! Giuliani to replace Jeff Sessions as United States Attorney General .

This how Harnett County North Carolina Democratic Party treats V.P. of North Carolina Progressive Democratic Caucus last night

No free speech for progressive in North Carolina  !

Is a certain North Carolina congressional district (D) $$$ dealing from the bottom of the $$$ deck to one of three candidates in advance of primary? @huffpost @TheNCpress @ap

There I was,  Saturday kicking back in my beach chair at Rehoboth Beach Delaware when a bottle with message in it washed ashore. The message said, a certain North Carolina congressional district (D) is funneling $$$$ to “one” of  the three candidates running for U.S Congress. After reading the message, I scratched my head and said, if this happened before party endorsement or primary election wouldn’t it be illegal?  Then I thought, be a hard thing to prove. On the back the message it said, “see next bottle”.  

Liberal Trojan Horse: calling for banning assault weapons is nothing more than stepping stone to eliminate 2nd Amendment.

I support certain aspects of gun law legislation but not changes to the 2nd Amendment. But of course, if I speak-out in defense of preserving the 2nd Amendment Liberals will claim I am not for protecting children. 

I’ve come to the conclusion, far left democrats want to disarm American. So, I’ll lose a couple of friends when I tell those legislators who support changes to the 2nd Amendment to go fuck themselves. 

Delaware: No Pot for Pain but Safe Shooting Galleries for those hooked on Horse

Is Delaware ready for safe drug injection sites?

Amen to that Matt

HB#2343: Terrorist can live in Delaware but can’t purchase or own firearms ? Walk the talk Debbie !

House Bill 343

149th General Assembly (Present)

Bill Progress

Current Status:

House Administration 3/20/18

What happens next?

Committee Hearing takes place within twelve legislative days.

Bill Details

Introduced on:


Primary Sponsor:

Additional Sponsor(s):


Long Title:


Original Synopsis:

Modeled after legislation passed in New Jersey on August 8, 2013, this legislation prohibits a person named on the federal terrorist watchlist from purchasing, owning, possessing or controlling a deadly weapon or ammunition for a firearm within the State.

Volume Chapter:


Fiscal Note/Fee Impact:

Not Required

This legislation makes no sense! The assumption here is, if you’re on the terrorist watch-list you’re a terrorist!  Why are these people permitted to live in Delaware? And why isn’t there a section in this legislation to require gun shops / dealers to report these individuals ? And the part referencing “possessing or owning” ! Would the attempt to purchase a weapon trigger an investigation to search potential buyer’s home? Looks like another feel-good piece of legislation.

This legislation must be modified to include any attempted purchases by these individual be reported to the Delaware State Police and FBI.  And the attempt to purchase weapons shall be probable cause for issuing a search warrant of the individuals home and vehicles. 

More Red Clay deception over Conrad Schools of Science! Lawsuit brewing!

Looks like Merv’s band of idiots are at it again!

Former Conrad Middle School a feeder school was replaced with an all Choice-in 6-12 magnet school aka Conrad Schools of Science.  Red Clay claims there we forced to make the change for failing to meet NCLB law. Conrad Middle School was failing to meet the needs of community students  based on NCLB standards. So Red Clay’s answer was , create a magnet school where community children must Choice-in. Therefore ending the feeder-pattern.  Currently children living in what was Conrad Middle School feeder pattern are assigned to Skyline or Stanton. Red Clay failed community neighborhood kids so rather than addressing their needs. Conrad reassigned them forcing longer bus-rides and requiring students who were in walking distance to Conrad to also be bused.

Conrad School of Science has a twisted admission entrance process with point values. HOWEVER, as agreed prior to the formation of this new magnet school. Students currently living in the Conrad Middle School feeder-pattern would be given an admission preference. That preference was water-down to a 1 point advantage. Keep in mind the Neighborhood Schools Act whereas Red Clay was required to get approval of their neighborhood school plan which they did. However, that was before the change at Conrad. Community members yelled foul re: infringements on students living in the Conrad neighborhood rights to their neighborhood school aka Conrad. Rep Kim Williams went to bat for the community when Red Clay made no reference to the admission preference and  Red Clay made sure it was noted on Conrad’s admission process which it is. HOWEVER, Merv’s bandits are at it again. He de-linked the old feeder pattern so that parents in the area have no clue or reference to what the old feeder-pattern was. So now we have a court issue. I have it on good word that a few parents may seek a legal challenge to Red Clay game of Where’s Waldo and to the legitimacy of their magnet school infringement on the spirit of  the Neighborhood Schools Act. In-between the lines there are issues of deliberate attempt to create a Choice-In Conrad to purposely keep out at-risk students living in the Alban Park and Robinson Lane area which were in the old feeder-pattern. The students actually ride past Conrad to get to Stanton and Skyline which are miles further. Those raising these concerns are asking for my support and testimony when the time comes.

Attached is the Conrad Choice Application process. You’ll see reference to the old feeder-pattern but not mention or link to finding the old Conrad feeder-pattern. But now the question of intent on shifting at-risk students out of Conrad whereas academically many don’t stand a chance of getting in comes in to play. Red Clay school have left the middle school feeder-pattern stand and made the high school component Choice-in. As of now students accepted into the middle school must reapply for the high school component. This will be favorable in the legal complaint.


Does the First Amendment only apply for student walkouts if the issue is gun control ?

School walkouts divide some Delaware schools, unite others , The News Journal Published 12:49 p.m. ET March 14, 2018 | Updated 8:51 a.m. ET March 15, 2018

While many of the students who walked out of Delaware schools to protest gun violence Wednesday felt supported by school administrators, others felt their First Amendment rights were squelched and that school officials were effectively silencing them by threatening to punish them for participating. 

What students did yesterday was great and I am so relieved there were no incidents of violence. We can’t fault those school districts who put safety first.

As for the First Amendment issues as it relates to K-12 students. Do they have all rights associated with the First Amendments as adults? Can they walkout of class over every issue even displeasure towards uniforms, standardized testing, quality of food being served in the cafeteria?  I say, I don’t think so while they are in school.