Kilory’s Delaware blog as been in existence since 2006.  Sine then, Kilroy has effectively lobbied for changes in laws successful to date: Community Budget Oversight Committees for Delaware’s public schools. I was the founding member of Red Clay Consolidated School District’s Community Budget Oversight Committee.  Started the grassroots movement to require the Delaware State Board of Education and all traditional, charter and votech school boards to digitally record public sessions of their board meetings and post online and helped drafted the first draft of the legislation that did get enacted into law. I lobbied state legislators and wrote the first draft to modify Delaware school board oath of office which was enacted into law.

My involvement in Delaware education issues started in 1995 while getting involved in Title 1 in Red Clay’s schools as a parent. I severed on school level Title 1 Parent Advisory Boards , Severed as chairperson on the Red Clay District Title 1 Parent Advisory Board, Delaware State Parent Advisory Board, PTA President of Conrad Middle School, was a member of the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter Parents and served on various district and state level committees and was a speaker at various Title 1 conference events local and national. . Also a founding member of Advocates for Children’s Education a grassroots organization that confronted the state on punitive and unfair student state testing.

I am a great supported of traditional public education . I don’t oppose charter schools but I do oppose restrictive admission preferences . I feel all public funded schools should have doors that swing the same way for all who want to attend.

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  1. kilroysdelaware

    This site is dedicated to advocating for open government and accountablity in our public schools


    • Good day.

      This email is sent to formally gain your authorization for including your blog about Wilmington in our region called The Blog Patrol at no charge.

      This is the link: http://www.tpinetwork.com/networksearchwilmingtonblogger.htm

      Kindly inform me by return email if you approve.

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    • Kilroy: I would like your phone and/or email please. Rick Jensen WDEL rick@wdel.com 302-478-2700 x170


    • Kilroy, Could I get an email address for you. There is some information I would like to share with you that I am unsure of about publicly posted. However, it is information that I believe you should be aware of. Thanks.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Anon2 you can E-mail me at kilroywashere@comcast.net


    • You have followed very closely the question whether Fisker would end up avoiding paying its Red Clay school taxes for the Boxwood Rd. plant. Now that Fisker has filed for bankruptcy, do you have any further insights into whether Red Clay or NCC is pursuing that money and in particular whether school taxes might have first payment priority as a secured tax liability? Fisker seems to have listed NCC as an “unsecured creditor” for “property taxes.” I am not a tax or bankruptcy lawyer, but I always thought that school taxes held a “lien” on the taxed property dating to the date of levy of the tax. Perhaps as a secured claim, Red Clay would have a higher ranking in payment if the property is kept by Fisker , or if it is sold to a 3d party. Maybe you could seek answers in your blog from those with much more knowledge of bankruptcy law whether Red Clay is actively pursuing its claim in bankruptcy and whether it has considered whether it might be able to move its $1 million claim up and get payment. I would hate to see it simply be assumed that Red Clay’s falls into the hell hole with other unsecured creditors with no payment forthcoming.

      Gary Myers
      Rehoboth Beach, DE


  2. The TFA recruits are in boot camp….these are their blogs: http://teachfor.us/allblogs.php

    a lot of stuff here….


  3. I would like to get your email address as I send out updates on the reforms our Coalition is supporting in both our state Executive and Legislative branches.


  4. Contact: Dan Cole, Deputy Campaign Manager, 302.750.5713 Campaign@EzraTemko.com

    Temko To Formally Announce Candidacy

    Youngest Elected Official in Delaware seeks re-election to city council Ezra Temko, 24, will formally announce his candidacy on Saturday, December 12, thus kicking off his re-election campaign to continue to represent the Fifth District on Newark City Council. The event will begin at 3:30 pm and will end around 5:00 pm. It will be held at Councilman Temko’s home (42 Lynn Drive, Fairfield Crest; Newark, DE 19711).

    This announcement will kick off Temko’s second campaign for city council. Just as his first campaign was truly grassroots, this campaign will continue what Temko started. His campaign will be the start of a conversation with constituents about what he can do for the Newark community if elected to a second term. Temko will be visiting his constituents door-to-door over the next few months to get their feedback and ideas.


  5. Temko is running on the same platform of Committed to Community, focusing on three main issues: community vitality, environmental sustainability, and good governance. Temko’s first term was full of successes; his leadership ranged from starting the West Newark Civic League with Councilman Pomeroy to helping establish the first traffic calming committee in the city’s history. Temko’s work led to the establishment of the Newark Fellows Program, a Conservation Advancement Program, and a Citizens Academy. In his second term, Temko will continue to work hard at effecting positive change for Newark and bringing a fresh perspective to the city council.

    Temko is currently working as a 6th grade teacher at Prestige Academy in Wilmington, Delaware as part of the AmeriCorps program Teach for America. Temko is a Newark native and grew up in the Fifth District.


  6. I would like to speak with you to give you some information.


  7. Every school day nearly 7,000 students dropout out of high school – that’s about 1 in 3 students in the United States. The majority of these students have the desire and potential to graduate. In many cases, a sense of disengagement from their school and community and a lack of support lead a student to eventually dropout.

    The BoostUp campaign’s goal is to provide resources for parents, educators and friends to help at-risk students in our communities make it to graduation. A Boost can be as simple as a few words of encouragement or it can be giving time and volunteer hours to your community. BoostUp wants all students to receive encouragement, and we want all community members to know their support can go a long way to help keep a student in school and on the path to graduation.

    This Thursday, October 14th, the BoostUp campaign will launch a live Q&A event featuring former profiled BoostUp students to celebrate boosting a student in your community. On October 14, we will have past BoostUp students live for you to chat with. These students were all very at-risk of dropping out but through the boosts (support) they received, not only made it through to graduation, but in some cases continued on to college. During this event, you will have access to ask one-on-one questions directly to these students who were involved with the BoostUp campaign and hear from them about the power of boosting students and how life has changed since graduation. They have a lot of positive experiences to share and are excited to answer your questions!


  8. Sweet post. I really enjoy reading this blog. Keep up the good work.


  9. dear Mr or Ms Kilroy:
    Have you looked into what is happening with the Early Learning Challenge grant, the “baby” race to the top?


  10. here’s a question I would love for someone to answer In reference to a article i had read on Delaware online:


    and one on examiner.com:


    Why is no one looking into this and the fact that he is in a political appointee position in the New Castle County Recorder of Deeds Office?

    Not only was he conducting these coaching sessions on county time but also hiring his players in positions within the Recorder Of Deeds office ?

    For them to terminate his coaching tenure so quickly after he was hailed for so long with that school makes it look like it was something extremely bad on his part.

    The current New Castle County Recorder of Deeds Michael Kozikowski is seeking reelection with this guy as his chief deputy again !

    This is insanity.

    Hopefully you will not let this go unlooked like the rest of New Castle County Council !

    The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington has to stop covering this stuff up ! Haven’t they forgot what that has done for them in the past?


  11. Conrad Community Member

    An open letter to the Conrad Student Body from members of Conrad Alumni Association
    Last week thanks to the kindness of a community member we received the ideas of the Conrad Schools of Science Mascot/Logo Committee. We understand you are voting for one of these symbols over the next three days. We see that you have put time and effort into this process which is laudable. However we are a little confused and are wondering why the original logo is not being offered as an option? We outline the facts below.

    A group of us visited your principal in the fall and he explained the process.
    He also said this group would be choosing a new Mascot. At that meeting we requested the following:
    • To be kept in the loop during the process
    • If at all possible have a representative from the alumni come visit you to share history and answer any questions as to why the logo is important to the community and the association. Upon leaving we felt he was open to doing that. This did not occur since we never got to meet with you. We are confused because we do not know at what point who decided the process. This is unfortunate now since we only been given conjecture as to why the logo is not being considered and no facts.
    • At a recent alumni association meeting we were informed by the principal he would bring you our concerns. Did this happen?
    • Receiving this information has left us at a disadvantage. Along with your student body — there is a large group of people — besides students — who are alumni and community members that have had to accept the vote of the school board dropping the name Redskins. Although not in agreement we have no choice but to accept the decision of these 4 people.
    • The school board instructed the school administration to come up with a process that included students AND also instructed district personnel to continue with an education piece that would be shared with all of you — so you would have information that would help you make a balanced recommendation. This was never done.

    In politely accepting these guidelines our hope was:
    • There would be a way to honor the past by retaining the logo that now exists.
    • Share with your group the information we had gathered around the history of the school and the knowledge we had gained by speaking to Native American tribes across the country.
    • Have you experience the media piece the district would produce

    It is our understanding that you have not been able to openly discuss any of this in your talks because of the school board decision. We believe this is unfortunate. If all of these things have been discussed it would be helpful for the community and alumni to know about it. You are in a challenging position as students since you can only do what you are allowed to do and we appreciate that. We would however like to let you know with respect and kindness that losing this logo and what it has stood for over the past several decades means a lot to us. At the very least we think:
    • Students who support our thinking there should be given an option to write in or vote for the existing logo. If we had been given the opportunity to visit with you this would have been voiced
    • This might be easier to accept if you had received what we believe would have been a balanced presentation of all the data that exists.

    Like you we attended Conrad. It made such an impression on us we continue to honor and support the school in many different ways. Some day you will be alumni too. Once you become alumni you will look back at what made your experience great and what you carry into your lives as adults. For us, when we see the logo that now exists:
    • We think of the Love and Honor that we learned.
    • The family of alumni many of us still are and you are all becoming.
    • The fact this school was made into a high school again because of the tremendous support of the alumni and community and the legacy that exists and you are continuing to build now.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts with you. We are communicating this with you because we care as much as you and want to make sure we are heard by you. Thank you for your attention to this important matter,


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