Delaware Governor Carney Jerry-Rigging Delaware’s School Board Election

Presidential primary date moved to June 2, school board elections to June 16 ; Coastal Point March 24. 2020

Additionally, all elections for school board members in any Delaware school district scheduled for May 12 are delayed until June 16 under Carney’s updated order on Tuesday. The order also states that social distancing due to COVID-19 is a valid reason to vote by absentee ballot.

At first glance it looked reasonable. However, in the case of Christina School District there is a scheduled referendum on June 9, 2020. Logically why wouldn’t he combine Christina School Board Election with their June 9, 2020 tax referendum. He has the authority to cancel and reschedule school board election but not public school tax referendums where the call for the referendum and setting the date is at the authority of the school board. The governor could have set the new school board election date to the same date as the referendum which makes sense re: social distancing. So, on June 9th there will be a tax referendum and 7 days later the community meets again to vote yes or no on a tax referendum.  By putting the school board election after the referendum he is giving the school board incumbents the edge and creating a disadvantage to their challengers. The lower the turnout is for school board election the greater the chance incumbents win. The referendum will fail especially with these unpredictable economic times associated with the Coronavirus. Referendum fails and the people who opposed it see it as a referendum on the school board and made their point. However, Christina School District will still be stuck with a corrupt dysfunctional school board.

During last year’s Christina School Board Election Governor Carney’s political Bedfellow State Representative Paul Baumbach endorsed and supported a board candidate who publicly stated they wouldn’t serve if elected. That person won with forced out a board member who was a strong advocate for special needs students and their parents and at-risk students. And that person walked away as promised and didn’t take the oath of office. The incumbent board member opposed Former Governor Markell’s Race to The Top ambitions and the standardize test call the Smarter Balance Assessment which many parents opposed. Rep Baumbach used his political position to undermine the school board election.

Now the question is will Christian School Board cancel or reschedule their tax referendum to avoid forces a community at a time off social distancing together risking the health of the citizens 6 days after the board election.

If Governor Carney really cared about public safety he would have worked with Christina School District to combine the board election and the referendum to the same date. Pretty slick move Carney!    

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