Lawsuit Brewing in Christina School District that could send the district into financial recovery and send teachers fleeing the district

DE DOE Mouse sending smoke signals indicating possible lawsuit targeting CSD and it’s board. If true  legal fees and /or settlement which seems to be the logical solution could send Christina into Financial Recovery that will require more than a float-loan from DE DOE

Of course any personnel related lawsuit is confidential and protected from confidentially laws.

Many Christina School District teachers have had it with the dysfunctional leadership at the hand of pro-political board members whom some were hand picked but less discreet than Baumbach’s puppet. Next Friday March 6 is last day to file for school board seat for upcoming board election in May.  Everyday parents and good involved community members don’t have a fighting chance to get on the board. When you have state legislators endorsing and supporting board candidates who make it public they won’t serve if elected the scale of fairness and governance of public education is tilted. I see some underhanded activity brewing to undermine the Redding plan to redistrict Wilmington city schools that could change local school boundaries. 

Wilmington’s children are the biggest victims here as DE DOE and elected officials on ego power-trips undermine local public school authority that manipulates local school boards to a point it leads to personnel lawsuits against the district where the “local” taxpayers foot the settlements they’ll never see $$         

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