Delaware; Christina School Board throws up the white flag and calls for DE DOE to reach deeper into local control as superintendent bails out of the burning CSD plane. #netDE #eduDE

Feb 25, 2020 – General Business Session  


Motion to approve the Resolution to Request Aid from the Delaware Department of Education in the Establishment of a Transition Team as presented. 

Motion by Elizabeth Paige, second by Fred Polaski.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries

Yes: Meredith Griffin, Keeley Powell, Claire O’Neal, Fred Polaski

No: Elizabeth Paige

Abstain: George Evans

Not Present at Vote: Angela Mitchell

John Young flipping cars over at Transparent Christina 2.0

A Profile in Courage: Elizabeth Paige shines a deftly placed light on the board and district’s inability and refusal to serve its students. #netDE #eduDE

5 responses to “Delaware; Christina School Board throws up the white flag and calls for DE DOE to reach deeper into local control as superintendent bails out of the burning CSD plane. #netDE #eduDE

  1. Malfeasance- the performance by a public official of an act that is legally unjustified, harmful, or contrary to law; wrongdoing (used especially of an act in violation of a public trust)
    -Has redistribution of resources, social justice application, and political bias motivations, been harmful? Has it been contrary to the law establishing an Education department? Are financial and resource redistribution hurting the majority of residents’ need for public education?

    Since you haven’t had a lot of comments posted, here is mine again.

    How far up the political food chain should the application of malfeasance go? Local board members, local reps., governors? All the above? The districts and those that defend the incompetence, are guilty of not serving the majority of constituents through contrary, political, and biased means. The the ‘public’ that elects them have a reasonable expectation of competence OR those that are elected should face legal repercussions that will make them VERY afraid to circumvent the public trust / law. Don’t pass stupid laws, don’t appease minority interests if they defy the rights of the majority, and produce the reasonably expected results.

    Education = teaching students to meet reasonable expected results. (It is NOT a vehicle of social justice, equal outcomes, or financial redistribution)

    ALL the districts and reps have failed to comply with their purpose for years and now it has reached crisis mode?? You’re worried about recording meetings??? Really? The issue is much bigger: Incompetence and fraud. Whether at the local, state or federal level, the issue is that unless the full extent of legal repercussions are applied, chaos ensues.

    Christina district, along with the other districts need to be taken over. While control by the State is barely better, the chaos of the districts is unbelievable. Record the meetings?, indeed.

    Local board members and Reps like Baumbach, Kowalko, and Townsend have willfully circumvented the greater good of the majority, in lieu of political bias or social justice motivations.

    The crisis needed to be addressed years ago!!! That would have required voting for competent, non politically biased representatives AND making failure to comply with competence, punishable. Who is going to pay for the criminal neglect? The taxpayers of course, instead of those who have exercised their malfeasance freely.


  2. John writes that the board members are too “power hungry” what power do they have besides to destroy a district (which has been happening for 15 years). they arent garnering any income from it. they dont have huge contracts through their private companies making millions off the district. what does their power grab actually get?


  3. Arthur, there are contracts with relatives… the power is ego serving and dreams of public elected office/appointments in DE government…


  4. And the public is supposed to believe “It’s for the children”?

    Mr. Kilroy, with all your connections, (i.e.: Mr. Young included) instead of calling for burning down the district administrations, the efforts have been to support some board members, the DSEA ex-president, and others who willfully played the Delaware Way?? Really? Burn it all! It is all dirty and residents have been paying the price for years based on lies. There is ‘working within the system’ and then there is this chaos.

    DOE and the State are both quite culpablein this mess but the alternative of; throw more money on a dumpster fire is bat chit crazy. Local control by the likes of CSD board is not an option and the recent posts by Mr. Young and others prove it. Ceding local control over to the state at least gets rid of one level of dysfunction. Clean the slate- dissolve the incapable board (they should dissolve more than just CSD’s board) and immediately hold an election for qualified local control. “Qualified” meaning individuals who actually have proven effective expertise in education, not U of D theorists, but people who actually know how to manage and have real education experience.


    • kilroysdelaware

      I think it is a lost cause for Christina’s school board and a state takeover wouldn’t improve things. We’ve seen what happens when the state has a 3rd party like take of a school like Moyer. I say blow it all up and create a Northern New Castle County school district with Choice and with transportation. As far as school board members. They are elected by the public and for sure in most cases don’t have the inside know how to be effective in governing school districts. I am not bashing unions and there is a big difference between say RCEA and DSEA. former DSEA pres wants RTTT to be water under the bridge but RTTT supported by the scare mice at DSEA and Supers who think they are subordinates of DE DOE and the Governor caused irreversible damage to Delaware’s public schools. John Young , Liz at CSD and Becnel at Red Clay had the courage to tell DOE Dan at the RTTT Board MOU vote meeting to tactfully kiss their ass. NCLB that required standardized testing didn’t request consequences or Sokola’s 3-tiered punitive racist diplomas. And OMG BYU John Tanner came to DE DOE worked with HartCourt Brace to develop DSTP and took a dump on Delaware and end up at HartCourt Brace. Delaware politicians high-jacked Delaware public school system holding the door for the Wall Street educational poniz scheme. Schools are not broken ! They are victims of political rape and local district teacher’s union we’er played by DSEA and Judas who got the Limo Deal. The best thing for Christina teacher union is to cut ties with DSEA and take that dues money a retain a world class lawyer. Give PTA they boat and create district PTO where dues stay within. Sure I am a dreamer but the Twins have their “Dreams are Illegal in the ghetto”. Yes , the entire board needs to go and yes people with some good organizational skills are needed on the board. But one thing for sure is needed , is a new breed of young civil rights leaders not associated with the like of Rodel or Corey Booker want-to-be..