Christina School Board Member calls it quits and can no long serve on a dysfunctional school board not focused on students.

Christina School Board member resigns Amy Cherry  Published Feb 26, 2020 at 11:40 am

“There’s always this thought that if you get rid of a few board members things will change and things will be better, and that continues to happen, and nothing changes and nothing gets better,” she said.

When asked whether the board was effective in its mission to help students, she replied simply, “no.”

“We had an entire meeting last night that was about to adjourn and not one time was the word ‘student’ or ‘child’ or ‘kid’ mentioned in an entire board meeting,” she said. “I think this board currently, and at times in my history on the board, has been entirely too focused on the grown-ups and not the children.”

Hear me well ! Christina School District is imploding from the core! Major lawsuit brewing that could force CSD into Financial Recovery beyond a float-loan. June 2020 referendum is doomed.  Committee working on possible redistricting Wilmington’s schools will be undermined by the affluent suburban status quo.

Governor Carney is clueless and is going to plat Wilmington’s minority community. Same old same old! The Wilmington Village has NO MEN! Superman isn’t coming ! Wake up Wonder Woman ! 

CSD will see a mass exodus of high skilled teachers.

3 responses to “Christina School Board Member calls it quits and can no long serve on a dysfunctional school board not focused on students.

  1. “CSD will see a mass exodus of high skilled teachers.”

    where will they all go? there arent that many open positions around for them to flood into


    • My guess is out of state and into charters that see high turnover. DELAWARE May have an excess but our surrounding states less so.


  2. There are multiple forces triangulating in the entire state government educational system that are following the democrapic playbook of “don’t let a good crisis go to waste”.
    1. The districts and geographical delineation have been dysfunctional for decades while residents have been complaining for relief. The state has done nothing effective.
    2. The funding has been twisted beyond any logic. The state has done nothing effective to bring order.
    3. The educational performance of Delaware students has been pathetic. The state has done nothing effective to improve performance.

    Residents will now succumb to the will of our ‘esteemed’ elected officials who were elected by low information voters. Residents will throw up their hands in desperation of ‘do something to fix the mess’ created by the very representatives who contributed to the mess. Any bets on how this will turn out?

    -CSD is but one of several districts screaming for reorganization.
    -Referendums will not pass with the specter of redistricting hanging over the entire process.
    -State control of district cannot be much worse than the mismanagement it has endured as a result of ineffective and dysfunctional guidelines. If redistricting means nothing else, it means the state might (MIGHT) actually get some of its and the districts’ crap together.
    -Employees of the district have good paying jobs and with current paths of redistricting afoot, they will most likely ride the storm.
    -E. Paige might have been on theboard for well intentioned reasons, the reality is she was in a toxic and dysfunctional environment that deserves to be burned down. District officials in the know, DSEA officials in the know, and representatives in the know, should have been out front with the major issues over a decade ago. Instead they have played politics, worried about recorded meetings and changed the testing bar so many times the public has every right to be cynical and willing to burn it down.

    When the house (district) is burning should you be worried about the clothes (IEP’s) in your closet OR the people (students) in the building?