Joe Biden’s Delaware bends over for Amazon with $4.5 million dollars in corporate welfare @seanhannity @ingrahamangle @BernieSanders @warren @PeteButtigieg @MikeBloomberg @amyklobuchar

Delaware to give Amazon $4.5M for distribution center in Newport WDEL Staff P ublished Feb 24, 2020 at 11:28 am

The Delaware Council on Development Finance approved a $4.5 million grant from the state’s Strategic Fund for Amazon Monday.

Amazon is seeking to build a “next-generation” fulfillment center on the site of the former General Motors plant on Boxwood Road in Newport, officials for the company said on February 24, 2020.

How in the hell is Joe going to fight corporate welfare in America when he can’t control it it in his own state ? 

2 responses to “Joe Biden’s Delaware bends over for Amazon with $4.5 million dollars in corporate welfare @seanhannity @ingrahamangle @BernieSanders @warren @PeteButtigieg @MikeBloomberg @amyklobuchar

  1. More corporate giveaways at the taxpayer’s expense. You get what you vote for folks!


  2. At the risk of being politically biased and stereotyping, not all voters are qualified nor vote for the candidate who represents the greater majority. Delaware (a heavily blue state) in particular has followed a path of appeasement and handouts over responsibility and proven effectiveness. Representatives have spent billions of taxpayers’ money on the basis of hope rather than proven, guaranteed methods. Stop voters from voting for hopeful goodwill gesture candidates and start demanding actual results and returns (a 50 million dollar school grant in Wilmington will not address the rampant waste and ineffectiveness of or Educational department). This means profiling the voters for competency and stop allowing voters uninformed of the topics, to vote. Watch how irate voters become when their competency is questioned. Has DE set the world on fire FOR DELAWAREANS with its negotiations with the likes of Fisker, Bloom or other handouts? If the answer is No, then the Amazon deal is just as dirty. Bezos made 9 billion (with a ‘B’) last year. He just gave 10 billion for climate change. Does Amazon need any taxpayer incentives from any state? Every representative needs to answer the question of have they been responsible and guaranteed a return of the 4.5 million? How long will Delawareans wait for the return? Is it a guaranteed return? These are the questions our esteemed representatives should be asking but will they? Have Delawareans been told these details or should we just ‘hope’ they make a good deal? Hope and change are policies of the lazy. Bad voters, biased voters, uninformed voters = bad representatives, biased representation, uninformed and conflicted representatives.