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These are the committee’s option for redistricting New Castle County Delaware public school districts. Action is need to address the abandonment of Wilmington’s children through de facto segregation driven by Delaware education laws such as charter school law , magnet school law, Choice school law and the Neighborhood Schools law.  Some of these laws were crafted and support by people who opposed the desegregation aka force busing of Delaware’s public schools in New Castle County Delaware.    

Which option plan do you support ?



Option 1

Boundaries for the Christina School District (CSD) would no longer include City of Wilmington residents and would include only areas in what is now the western portion of the district. The Red Clay, Brandywine and Colonial District boundaries would continue to include areas in the City of Wilmington.

Option 2

Boundaries of both Christina and Colonial School Districts would no longer include the City of Wilmington. Residents would now receive public education services from the Red Clay and Brandywine school districts, charter schools and the vo-tech district. This option would reduce the number of traditional school districts serving Wilmington from four to two.

Option 3 

Wilmington District Description: Reestablish a Wilmington school district that would serve all City of Wilmington residents.

Option 4

Northern New Castle County Unified District: Create a single school district serving northern New Castle County comprised of the City of Wilmington, the City of Newark, and all suburbs north and west of the city. 

Option 5 

Northern New Castle County Dual District Description : Create two school districts for Northern New Castle County. One option would create three districts total in NCC. A northern district would consist of Wilmington as well as the current Brandywine School District and Red Clay. The mid-county district would consist of the current Christina and Colonial district. Appoquinimink would continue as the southern NCC district.

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