Former Christina School Board member rips current board members a new ass.

Elizabeth Scheinberg and John Young from CSD board members pushed CSD board to enact “policy” that the board record public sessions on board meeting. This was the first Delaware school board to make it policy. Christina and Red Clay were the first to come on board with recording board meetings voluntarily.

I started this recording revolution working with Rep Debbie Deborah Hudson where I gave her a rough draft of the legislation and she moved the legislative ball. Before the legislation requiring traditional, votech and charter boards to record the public session of their meetings there was legislation requiring the state board to do the same. Debbie worked with me on that legislation which passed was was stepping stone for all schools to follow. It was a 5 + year battle.

There was pushed back from the charter school crowd and a certain democrat legislator who was play political football. I was able to lobby many school districts in Delaware to volunteer to do the same. Things were getting bogged-down in Dover and I even go to the point of pushing on Debbie.

Without Debbie Hudson and the support of Elizabeth Schoenberg , John John M. Young and Rep Kim Kim Casey Williams Delaware would have not advanced such transparency in public education. And I want thank the countless people who jumped on the bandwagon during this fight! You too Yvonne Johnson. So !!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps we can ask the state legislators to do the same for their public meetings ! Here’s Lizzie kicking some CSD board ass got to 28:44 in recording time.


One response to “Former Christina School Board member rips current board members a new ass.

  1. Thank you for the shout out! Your post was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Shame it has to end with men and women who could be leaders but have subjugated their elected duties to the “poverty” supremacy theory. Polaski should resign like Odyssey’s board members. What he said was disgusting. What you couldn’t see was what happened off mic. I brought an open gift bag of books and donated it. George Evans broke protocol to try to warn the board that it could be dangerous and they shouldn’t touch it. We got into a shouting match and I left after my second comment. The audio from the end of the night contains a discussion about the newly deemed “wrapped package” and board member safety. Call out the bomb squad folks. Yep, I’m citizen X, the subject of a full on character assignation. They don’t my gift but they want to raise my taxes? Let me X that.