Is Delaware’s Governor and Legislators really going to support radical changes in Delaware Public Education to correct the injustices of their ignorance negatively impacting Wilmington’s children of color? @delawareonline @naacp @blkagendareport

Sadly, I think those who are giving heart , soul and a lot of their time serving on the committee looking at redistricting of Delaware public schools for the sake of abandoned Wilmington Delaware students are being taken for a ride.

The reform can has been kicked down the road to an awaiting wall where the can bouncing back off the head of those kicking it.

Our state legislators of non color will not cross the line and piss off the core of their white base. Sure many will support giving school districts the power to raise local taxes without going to referendum. Yea yea yea ! They’ll say they don’t want to intrude in local control. But yet these same legislators enact underfunded and unfunded mandates negatively impacting school finance. Allowing the same broken system to continue with the district’s free reach into the taxpayer’s pockets is insane!

Radical changes in how we finance Delaware tradition pubic schools that includes better oversight can only be be achieved by funding all Delaware’s traditional public school like Delaware’s votechs schools. Governor Carney refuses to support funding all school like votechs. He’ll let the hardworking community representative and state legislators pour their hearts out and at the end of the day he’ll just say sorry but we tried.

I honestly CRINGE when I see leading minority leaders surrounding the governor during his photo-ops like little birds hoping to get some crumbs of  $$ bread. We’ve had some great civil rights leaders who move the ball of change. After the loss of Dr Kings the change in public education has slowed to a snail’s crawl. Billion of dollars has be spent of educational reform plans as billions were made by those selling their educational ware and test after test after test. Poverty in public education has become an industry. Wilmington, Superman ain’t coming! You’re on you own as always.

I’ve thought about it! I am not for reshaping the four school public school district serving the city of Wilmington’s school children. We should be in it all together and a New Castle County wide school district is the best path and that district should oversee the all charter schools within as authorize and reauthorizing body. Delaware legislators need to amend the charter school law removing the current student admission preference and requiring all charter schools within to have open admission with a transparent lottery process.

The countywide school district could have a 10-12 member school board with representative from the city of Wilmington and members representing the existing districts. Delaware has made some advancement in school board communications where all public session of board meetings are digitally recorded.  And with one school board their is no reason to video tape public session and post online.

Sure Kilroy your in dreamland like positive change could actually happen. Well one thing is undeniable! Delaware needs radical changes in school funding and radical changes in how we serve at-risk students. But again, like in the past, reform movements involvement committees within the community seems to end up being more beneficial for white students than minority students.

If the good brothers and sister don’t wake up in the state the inequities in Delaware will continue and another generation of minorities with not achieve real equality.   

I feel these good people are being taking for a political ride and reform they are working for will be for nothing because the governor and the white status quo who owns the state legislators will not support needed radical change. 

Please visit this website and see what’s going on : The Redding Consortium for Educational Equity

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  1. DE is integrated racially to the extent of who and where people ‘choose’ to live. The State has NO business attempting to socially engineer via what some governor or state legislator deems the appropriate demographic or dictate ‘where’ people should live. Funding should be as fair as humanely possible and districts should be given the latitude to utilize their resources fairly across ALL students (not dictated by what race they are) but what their capabilities are. Redistribution of educational resources via government fiat is socialism no matter how you want to describe it and is immoral.

    I agree there should only be countywide districts. There are way too many districts (fiefdoms) in DE and consolidation is both more fair and appropriate given the dysfunction rampant in many districts. The districts have not proven they can manage themselves and the State needs immediate action to restore some credibility to them. The districts should NOT be given the authority to raise taxes given the aforementioned dysfunctions. Radical change is needed but it is not in the funding formula. It is the consolidation and improvement in educational delivery/ results.

    If our districts were functional, there would be no need for charters. As these districts are NOT functional and driven by dysfunction, charters (the functional ones) show a bright light of what can be done in education when not burdened by the district fiefdoms and state educational system. Get the districts and state educational system in order and the issues of charters and funding become MUCH SIMPLER.

    Our educational system CANNOT assume the role of parents. At-risk children and aspirations of a funding formula to address them is folly. There isn’t enough funding nor can the state satisfy the demand. To contemplate an adjusted funding formula is idealistic at best, at worst, it is state mandated socialism. Ideally all parents would be responsible for their children. To mandate that the responsible individuals be financially on the hook for irresponsibility, especially individual or state IRRESPONSIBILITY simply is not dealing facts or reality. Education should focus on making sure students know the facts and discern facts from information. Assumption of parental roles via re distributive tactics will only propagate more state dysfunction and inefficiency.

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