Saving Miss Crabtree !

“I’m a teacher” he says! In a response to another post he starts with “I’am a teacher”. Not related to the original post this comment has me thinking. I watch a lot of old TV shows like Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons. Andy Griffith and even Leave it to Beaver . Theses TV show often have scenes dealing with school and school teachers. It seems back in that era , ” I’m the teacher carried a lot weight and respect that parents and community supported and ensure their children do the same.

Today’s public school teachers don’t have 100% support these day and sadly even some of their building and district administration don’t give that level of support. I think one of the main bitches teachers have about buying in to teacher accountability in relationship student achievement is, responsibility levels of all adults in a student’s life isn’t to the same accountability as required by teachers. Also, accountability of state legislators where many laws supporting a wrong-headed governor’s education agenda is counter-product.

On the flip-side playing. ” I’m a teacher” in trying to move one’s opinion on social issues outside the classroom doesn’t carry much weight especially if that teacher is partisan to their political affiliation. What makes a  teacher a special is the special person within.

Delaware is blessed with many many special public school teachers who pretty much are focused on their daily interactions with students and parents. Surely the appreciation of one parent or student goes a long way with a teacher.

I’d like to add a new twist to teacher appreciation day. All of us no matter the age should take time to let those teachers in our past who had a positive impact on our live know about that positive impact . Surely with today’s classroom pressures some teachers may feel it’s all for nothing, But it’s not.

Having a positive impact on even one person you encounter in life makes your life worth while. Move than one is a gift and many more is a blessing. I encourage all you teachers who may be reading this to not surrender and maintain the courage and strength to step into that classroom each day.

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