Thanks to a few Red Clay Board member network with an anti-gun rights group just to take out a fellow board member wanting to run for board president Wednesday 8/14/2019 board meeting the pro and anti gun right groups will be pitted against each other.

This video is of Clint Brothers and I want to thank him for this sincere message.

I am very disappointed in the few Red Clay school board member who networked with the Moms in an unethical vendetta attack against board member Casper because he put his hat in the ring for Red Clay school board president. Also there were board members who referred to the person considering the VP position as ” inappropriate” for no communicating to other board member outside the board meetings that she wanted to run for VP. There is no law or board rule that one board member needs the permission of another board member to run for an board officer position. Apparently these unethical tactics were used because board member who also wants to be president and that person’s inner board click feared they would lose.

So on the surface the 1st and 2nd amendment issues stirring up many in the community but behind the curtain is the core motivation of the attack on Mr. Casper. The July 10. 2019  board meeting public record recording     start at 5.30 on the recording meter. You’ll hear the attacks on the board member who was not present who intended to run for board VP. As I said, no board member needs permission from another board member to run for an board officer position. Its a common courtesy yet if not followed its “inappropriate”. I feel the with the intimation factors by some board member there is questionable legal concerns of board election interference.

So to all coming out to the board meeting please respect the Red Clay community and do remember it “appears” the Moms were recruited to do the dirty deeds of some board members. If Mr. Casper didn’t desire to run for board president there would be no public issue involving certain board members egging-on the Moms.

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