It appears the Moms pulled back the call to arm but only pulled the communication to the general public and is quietly networking with thier inner city to come out to the Red Clay board meeting and do their dirty deeds for the sake of their school board member bedfellows

Come on Moms! You roused the public through you FaceBook and pulled it back but send a private message to the inner circle to still show up in force. So the call for Mr. Casper’s supporter and those demanding answers from the school board members who are intimidating other board members and next working with the Moms to obstruct fair and open school board officer elections, If Mr Casper has to go for so-called unethical comments on his Facebook the same should applied to a few board members and the board members who referred to a board nominee for VP as “inappropriate” for not following a “courtesy acknowledgement that she was running for VP”. That board member did not violate laws or board rules yet the unethical comment made by a board member on public record that the VP nominee was “inappropriate” is a personal attack and unwarranted. Shame on Red Clay’s new superintendent who has not connected with the board. The little Red Clay sandbox baby-fits of egotistical board member is a disservice to the Red Clay school community.

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