Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach leads the Socialist charge on charging “state” fuel tax by the mile via mail not at the pump

Delaware Progressive Democrat Paul Baumbach wants you to join him in participating in I-95 Corridor Coalition MBUF (Mileage Bases User Fee) Pilot, This is the first stage in moving state gasoline tax collection from the purchase at the pump to charging Delaware motor vehicle owners taxes by the mile via monthly billing. Drivers will be required to plugin a GPS tracking device in their car’s computer diagnostic port located under the dash. The same place your mechanic plugs in his diagnostic computer device and where DMV plugs their device into the same port during inspection. This GPS device tracks your vehicle and records miles driven on public, and private roads even when crossing into other states. 

Delaware’s current fuel tax at the pump is 23 cents a gallon and the pilot program indicates user fee per mile is 1.25 center per mile. Using that data, and as an example a car getting 20 miles per gallon would be charged 25 cents for the same 20 miles using the per mile formula . Yea sure not that much of a difference. On average motorist drive about 1000 miles per month. That would = $11.50 taxed at the pump (1000 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon x 23 cents). By the mile, 1000 miles x 1.25 per mile = $12.50 billed mailed to you for you to pay. No big deal it’s only 1 dollar more. But kept in mind, you’ll still have to pay federal fuel tax at the pump.

Here’s the insanity of the socialist inspired tax scheme. You have one more monthly bill to worry about and if you pay by credit card odds are you’ll have to pay an extra fee. If you  don’t then the credit card fees passes to the state who does the billing. Do you trust your state government to access your credit card with auto pay ?What percentage of people will pay their monthly tax by mile bill on time? What happens to poor people who live check to check and don’t have a credit card and don’t have the means to pay by computer? Odd are, monthly bill by mile will be done by home state and will include collection for other states you driven through that was recorded. Obviously DEDOT would have to have a billing and collection department for pay by mile. I wonder how much that would cost?

The need for this change is because vehicles have become more fuel efficient going further miles on a gallon of gasoline. Also, there are hybrid cars even using less gas and then , electric cars using no gas. Delaware and other states are losing fuel tax income because of  this efficiency . Why go through this complex process and just raise state fuel tax at the pump? Because our state legislators fear for the jobs whereas, its unpopular to raise taxes. Then there is special interest pushing this technology. 

How much will it cost to audit registered vehicles to ensure the GPS device has been installed?  Delaware has about 450,000 registered motor vehicles. How much will it cost to purchase and install the GPS device in each required vehicle?

If Delaware shifted towards this technology and remove fuel tax payment at the pump. How would they collect for people filling gas cans for for personal lawn equipment , lawn service companies and contractors towing equipment where they stop at a gas stations to fill those pieces of equipment? Same goes for someone pulling a boat and decides to stop at a gas station to fill the boat’s fuel tanks? At then end of the day. our state government is shifting towards socialism creating a cluster-fuck in regards to fuel taxation. 

Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach participation in this political socialist scheme isn’t for the best interest of Delawareans. This is the same legislator who wants to give school board blank checkbook powers to raise school taxes without local taxpayer’s approval aka with out going to referendum. Also, Rep Baumbach supported a Christina School Board Candidate ( a donor to his campaign)  that isn’t going to serve if elected. 

As some of you may know, Delaware installed a Pay Toll By License Plate om Route 301 extension. DEDOT Camera takes a picture you license plate and generates a bill that is mailed to you. There are no toll collector on Route 301 nor is there a place to pay your toll on on ramps and exits. So either you pay via EZ Pass account or Pay by Plate.  This is another Rep Baumbach’s pet project. In time we’ll see fewer toll collectors at the toll booths and eventually none. Then the next phase no automated cash payment options. 

Delaware quality of life and rights of the people are in serious jeopardy with such socialist driven agendas by the likes of Rep Paul Baumbach is sowing seeds for a takeover of those right. 

4 responses to “Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach leads the Socialist charge on charging “state” fuel tax by the mile via mail not at the pump

  1. Louise Truitt-Cecce

    What happens when you have a 1997 Ford F-250 that doesn’t have a computer port to plug in a GPS device.


  2. And when you have one of the same things that the insurance company provides to lower premiums are you supposed to get rid of it to pay higher premiums and higher taxes? and you know it wont be long till you start getting tickets in the mail for doing 65 in a 55 since they track that also. if they had just been smart and raised the tax one cent a year this would be a moot point.


  3. What about out of state drivers who clog up our roads in the summer and pump gas all the way to the beach? They get a free pass on us Delaware taxpayers?