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Delaware Governor John Carney slips in the shower and chokes on Rep Baumbach’s soap on a rope @JonhCarneyDE @DEDeptofEd @wdel @DeStateBoardEd @DSEA1 @Delaware_gov @christinak12 @DEcharterNetwrk @CRI_Delaware @delawareonline @DeGop @DelawarePTA

Delaware Governor John Carney weighs in on failed public school referendums across the state.“You really have to look what is at play when those referendums fail,” he said. “Whether or not it’s an appropriate public response to lack of performance or whether it’s just people who don’t want to pay more in taxes.” This is proof on Delaware Governor is out of touch. What an idiot !

Taxpayer are tired of being nickle and dimed to death every other year by a public school funding system that doesn’t work. Taxpayers who questions school referendum are often accused of hating children if they don’t support the referendum. Then there is “it’s only the cost of a cup of coffee a day.” I think we’re to the point where its the cost of the stove that the coffee pots sits on. As far as performance, the state under former Governor Jack Markell engaged in a reckless political Wall Street laced national public school reformed agenda that increased the size of oversight of public schools adding to the already over-bloated administrative positions and caused greater financial burden on local schools.

Giving traditional school district school boards the freehand to raise local school taxes 2% a year is asinine. The schools board members for the most part a being pulled around by the noses and being fed Kool-aid to support whatever the district superintendent wants. Dopey Ass Delaware State Representative wants reduce school board terms from 5 years to 3 years. Folks it takes about a year and half to train a school board member. Rep Baumbach supports Christina School District school board candidate who said she wouldn’t serve if elected.   

Governor Carney refuses to fund Delaware traditional public schools as he does Delaware public votech schools that don’t require referendums. Votech public school district presents a necessity of need for more funding to the state legislators who in- turn reviews it and votes up or down on setting new local votech school tax rates. When you look at you property tax bill you’ll see a tax for your local school district and a seperate line for votech school tax. When was the last time you voted on a Delaware public votech school referendum? Some think their local traditional school tax is shared with votech schools. That is wrong! The local school tax is shared with charter schools within that district.

We need radical changes in how we fund our public schools. Reassessment of properties for the sake of generating more money for schools is a fools-journey. Giving school boards the discretion to raise school taxes every year by 2% leaving themselves as the means of checks and balance is like leave a 3 year old unattended in a candy shop. 

The time has come to fund all Delaware traditional public schools the same way Delaware votech are funded. Governor Carney needs to stop playing games and not worry about former Governor Jack Markell ridiculous Delaware education legacy. Carney needs to man up or move the hell over !