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Delaware State Legislator’s unethical attempt to unseat another public election official aka school board member! Wait until you see this! Just like a Joe Biden supporter.

Rep Paul Baumbach interference is Christina School District School Board Election by supporting a candidate who publicly announced she wouldn’t serve if elected in attempt to unseat board member John Young because he disagree with his position on issues will harm CSD. Rep Baumbach endorsement of the candidate who won’t serve isn’t about supporting the better candidate in his mind ( I wouldn’t take issue with that) but rather undermining an public elected official who has a responsibility to the taxpayers as well students, teachers, school administrator and parents of school children.

Rep Baumbach reserve his positioning on social issues such as gun laws that displeases many in the public. His participation in undermining an elected official such as John Young is unethical. John M. Young No position on the referendum and no position on terminating teachers is a attempt to force the hands of Dover to address a failed public school funding process. Rather than face responsibility to address this issue as a legislators Rep Paul Baumbach orders a political Code Red on John Young by urging his constituent to vote for a board candidate who has no intention serving if elected. Rep Paul Baumbach doesn’t share an issues of a SES Contract that went before Christina’s school board for a vote in which John M. Young voted no along with another board member. Other board members who supported the motion voted yes and SES contact was approve, That SES Contact entities have a connection to the other board candidate. There is an appearance that there could be retaliation as part of this election fiasco.

Rep Paul Baumbach appears to be clueless as what happen if Christina School District goes into Financial Recovery . Baumbach uses the term “bankrupt” which is a false analogy. This is what happens if any school district goes into financial recovery as Red Clay and Christina has. They didn’t go bankrupt:

Title 14 , Chapter 18 subsection 1802 (2) “During any period of time when it is determined that a school district or charter school is in financial distress, the Financial Recovery Team shall be empowered to exercise, subject to the approval of the Secretary, control over the expenditure of funds appropriated to a school district or charter school as deemed necessary by the members of the Team. Control shall include, without limiting the foregoing, the right to approve the school district’s or charter school’s annual budget and any subsequent material amendment thereto, the right to approve district tax rates, the right to request drawdown of state financial assistance if applicable, the right to approve financial reporting to the local board of education or charter school board, the right to approve accounting policies, procedures and reports, the right to require a Financial Responsibility Committee be established by the local school board or charter school comprised of 1 or more members of the said board and/or residents of the district or, in the case of a charter school, parents of students attending the school. The Committee shall examine and report on the financial status of the district or charter school and shall have the right to pre-approve any obligation or contract that would require the expenditure of funds by the school district or charter school. Notwithstanding any provision of either this Code or any applicable rule or regulation to the contrary, the authority extended under this section shall apply to the expenditure of all funds received by a school district or charter school.

Rep Baumbach is running a block to avoid a legislation solution to address Delaware’s out dated traditional school funding mechanism. Rep Baumbach supports legislation that allows Delaware public votech schools to circumvent the referendum process. Delaware votech local school property tax is set by the state legislators one they review the votech’s necessity of need via a funding request to the legislators. The legislators performs a needs and impact study before “voting” on setting new local school tax rate assets against property value. Rep Baumbach refuses to introduce legislation bring traditional public  and  public charter schools under the same funding umbrella as Delaware’s public votech schools.

I wouldn’t note take issue with Rep Baumbach if he supported a legitimate board candidate. Certainly that is his right. However , supporting a candidate who stated they wouldn’t serve is unethical and pays his constituents. If this candidate wins  and doesn’t serve her opponent John Young does not win by default. I would how Rep Paul Baumbach would feel when “he” runs unopposed voters can come in and vote yes or no. That doesn’t happen in Delaware/ Unopposed candidates win by default.