Public school districts in Delaware struggles to pass $$ referendums and state legislators have the fix and refuses to use it.

Delaware taxpayers are starting to say NO to public school funding referendums. Many say they see no improvement is student achievement promised in support of past referendums. Taxpayers who question school spending in opposition to referendums are call child haters! The there is, the increase school tax is a cup a coffee a day.

The reality in Delaware like many states is, public education is driven by political education agenda tied to Wall Street education ponzi schemes pushing testing and education material on to schools. In Delaware state legislators led by Governor Markell supported changes in state education laws and education regulations to accommodate Race to The Top a short-term federal grant. Once the grant funding was exhausted much of the funding to sustain the embedded Race to The Top programs are defaulted on local portions of funding provided by property owners via property taxes.

Then there are charter schools in Delaware that receives their share of state funding and a share of local funding. No other charter schools create a brain-drain from traditional schools, many traditional school building student population falls way below building capacity whereas the building needs same maintenance and  utilities needs as if it was full. Some say close the underutilize schools  and consolidate students creating full schools. Can’t do that in Delaware because of the neighborhood school Act (law).

What’s so ironic is, Delaware’s public votech schools are funded without referendums where the votech district goes to the state legislators with their needs and a plan for the legislators to review and then vote on setting local school property taxes. Because state legislators vote on raising local school property taxes  the perform an in-depth needs and impact study. This is  the way all public schools should be funded.  The legislators just introduce legislation to raise taxes without going to referendums. In others words, they want to give local school boards blank checks to do what they $$ want to.

The funding fix is simple! Make amendment to the law that governors votech funding adding all public school districts. This would fix the problem and add a layer of accountability when it comes to increase school funding request.

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