Are local state legislators working in the background on a coup to oust Christina School Board Member John Young? I support John Young for board member.

May 14, 2019 is school board election day in Delaware which includes Christina School District  where John Young has been a board member since May 2009 and is a candidate.

Board member John Young understands the importance of board cohesiveness. However, he understands the importance of individuality whereas, there are many concerned voices in the Christina School District and the encroachment of  external negative political and corporate forces trying to influence other board members, candidates for school boards and district administration. I think John Young and I agree that district school superintendents aren’t subordinates of the Delaware Department of Education, the United States Department of Education , State and National PTA , Delaware’s Governor or the likes of the Rodel Foundation.

John Young joined the Christina School Board not too long after the Education wrecking-ball of former Christina Superintendent Joe Wise that plunged Christina School District into financial bankruptcy. As John started his tender as board member just a Christina  came out of DE DOE financial recovery December 9, 2008 after paying back a $20,000,000.00 loan . Board member John Young has been an outspoken voice against overreaching local intrusion of Governor Markell’s education agenda that including appeasing the Rodel Foundation and  John opposed Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment all a proven failure. Board member John Young was one of a handful of school board members throughout Delaware that voted NO to Race to The Top. Board member John Young knew these initiatives were underfunded and financial unsustainable whereas built-in changes in state education regulation and laws would shift the lion’s share of funding back on the local tax share of school funding. Board Member John Young is a master at tact! He tactfully told Governor Markell and the Rodel Foundation including their founder to kiss his ass.  As Christina School District was crawling out of financial recovery Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda forced Christina School District to divert funds that were meant to transform Christina School District in to a vision Christina’s teachers, administrators and parents sought. Board member John Young has been an outspoken advocate for special needs children in his district and statewide. Board member John Young serves the community as an unpaid elected official and rejects a new legislation initiative that will give school board members $100.00 per meeting as compensation.  John Young is passionate about his service to the Christina School District community and public education throughout Delaware and the national. He gives up many hours of his time and family time to serve the community for FREE.

Board member John Young opposed Christina School District’s Operational Referendum on April 30, 2019 where 71% of the voters voted NO. Within minutes of the failed referendum a political plan was hatched and Delaware House Bill 129 was introduced to the Delaware General Assembly on May 2, 2019 Rep Jaques is primary sponsor with Additional Sponsor Senator Sturgeon and Co-Sponsors Senator Lockman, Senator Sokola, Senator Townsend and Senator Baumbach. This is legislation that will allow school boards the power to circumvent the current school local tax referendum process currently in place. Where 71% of the voters voices are being undermined. I urge every district school board to openly oppose this legislation. I urge every voter out there to remember the names of those legislators who singed onto HB129 and vote them out of office and if you don’t live in their district to send campaign contribution to their opponent. I urge the 71% of the voters who voted NO on the April 30. 2019 to get out an Vote yes for John Young for Christina School Board on Tuesday May 14. 2019. Don’t let Rep Jaques  primary sponsor with Additional Sponsor Senator Sturgeon and Co-Sponsors Senator Lockman, Senator Sokola, Senator Townsend and Senator Baumbach wash out your NO vote on the referendum.

As far as John Young’s opponent for school board Catherine Hegedus, she publicly announced in a letter to the Newark Post she will not serve if elected to Christina School Board   She is not withdrawing her name. If she wins John Young WILL NOT win by default. Another board election will be called for next year May 2020 costing Christina School District about $40,000.00. Apparently it’s rumored a family member of Hegedus went before Christina’s board for an supplemental education program contract whereas Board Member John Young voted no. However, the motion passed with support of other board member. Rumor has it this contact was not fully fulfilled. Rumor also has it some political entities urges her to stay on the ballot. One could question if there is a personal vendetta going on here.

I find it odd that there are local state legislators who have supported John Young for school board election in the pass and as a school board member one elected. Many claimed to be on his side when it comes to federal and state instruction into local education decisions. I have this hunch these legislators are now working with legislators who takes offense to Board Member John Young’s opposition to the recent referendum. These are the same legislators who refuse to fund traditional public schools as the Delaware votech schools are funded where state legislators set and approved votech’s financial need request by legislative vote . Keep in mind, these legislators working in the shadows undermining local voters are paid by the taxpayers with benefits and pension. Board Member John Young and all Delaware public school board members are unpaid. John Young could walk away from this underhanded political power- play but stands determined not to be intimidated nor distracted from his public service he does for FREE.            

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  1. john kowalko

    John Young has had and will always have my continued support.
    Representative John Kowalko