Can Joe Biden steal back the brainwashed Democrat-Socialist’s sheep?

This comment isn’t meant to be in support of Joe Biden. All the dirt piled on him from yesteryears isn’t going to take him out. His greatest challenge is the young sheep feeding in the Socialist sheep pen. They are being fed, America will tend to all your needs and corporate America will foot the bill. Mother America will meet your needs. Another big challenge is getting the independent vote back. And then there is Bernie Sanders! Super Delegates Coup against Bernie is being sown. Joe has to walk a fine line on the issues and attacking Trump beyond the issues.

Joe you have no coattails this time! Back to square one Champ! You got to walk the Biden talk! Don’t play the old change and hope political bullshit. The their is the minority vote! Joe your part.

Joe please tell Hillary and Bill Clinton thanks but no thank re: public support and please keep their mouths shut. Seriously Champ she’ll F it up! And as for your best bud Obama. Obama will let your struggle in the deep and of the pool. If Joe the life guard can save his own ass who is.

At the end of the day Joe! This the biggest political challenge of your political career. Its about you and America and the “issues”. Make it about Trump and you can forget about your party’s nomination.  One more thing ! Keep Corporate Seagull Jack Markell in the corner! 

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