Delaware School Board Candidate says , she won’t serve if elected.

Christina School Board candidate says she won’t serve if elected By Brooke Schultz Apr 10. 2019

Katie Hegedus, who is challenging incumbent John Young, explained that shortly after she filed, “unexpected and very serious family health issues” arose. Due to that, she would be unable to serve on the school board if elected

Word on the street is, this candidate even if she is not withdrawing wants to force another school board election next year that will cost the district upwards to $60,000.00. Delaware school board laws allows people to run for school board seats even if they have no intention of serving. In this case, if she wins and doesn’t take oath of office the other candidate does NOT win by default. At best he can “request in writing”  to serve now vacant seat for one year until next year’s board election. It appears Hegedus has close family interest in an education supplemental education service. The sitting board member her opponent, along with one other board member voted NO on a district contract for this vendor. However, the other board members passed the motion for the contract. It appears the contract wasn’t being fulfilled to satisfaction of the district whereas, only a portion of the contract $$$ was paid-out for services rendered to the point of district dissatisfaction. Some in the community feels the is a vendetta against sitting board member, the opponent. It is also rumored other political entities are backing this unorthodox political strategies 




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