Daily Archives: April 5, 2019

Hey Joe Biden ! Its up to you to save your party from the Socialist Wing-Nuts within


Don’t get me wrong, though I feel you loss sight of our changing societal norms re: personal space and boundaries, I still feel you served us well and yes thank you for your service. I voted for you every time as a senator and once for VP. The reason you didn’t get that second vote for VP is because, Obama didn’t deliver on important issues of mine. I don’t care what anyone thinks but, I think you might the best choice for your party.

I think you can bring your party back from the insane left. I am not sure if you can beat Bernie because the youth movement is being indoctrinated by the socialist ideology of the whack-jobs in your party on the hard left. Yea ! I voted for Trump because, I saw and still believe Hilary Clinton was the worst of the two evils. And let me tell you this; you have a big ego but DAMN! Hillary’s is twice and big as your’s.  You might talk the shit. But she is full of shit!

If you are going to run, PLEASE run on issues! Please come with a plan! Please end the Facebook civil ware where friends and family are at each other. They are being played by their respective parties to go low.! Yea yea, I know I am not perfect. You know damn well the creepy Joe and the Hunter shit will come up! It is what it is and all is fair in love, war and politics.

Politically, Trump is tripping over his tongue and making a fool of himself. HOWEVER, look at the wingnut candidates on the far left! At the end of the day of it will come down to you or Bernie against Trump. Though, I voted for Trump, I was SHOCK he won. He won because, Hillary’s Ego was running for president and she ran the same old standard bullshit political playbook with her head up her ass. 

Champ, the longer you take to step up and throw your hat into the ring the more your party splinters and the socialist will set hook into “your” party. But OMG ! PLEASE IF YOU WIN DON’T BRING JACK MARKELL INTO YOUR ADMINISTRATION.  

If you get it about personal space and boundaries! You need to get it the your party has gone nuts with socialist wing-nuts!  

FYI! Obama isn’t going to hug your ass until he sees you having the party nomination. He wants you to walk the talk on your own. You and I know, you rode his coattails into history. Get up and move old man!