Joe Biden “Gets It” re: Personal Space and Boundaries. Shame on Jill

Joe you’re not creepy! The world has changed! And yes , the Kavanagh political card was laid on you. But what I don’t understand is why didn’t your wife or family tell you the shit don’t look right? Politics and has gone to a new low where the people are pawns for the war Democrats and Republicans doing their dirty deeds.  We’re being USED! We’re being DIVIDED! Washington is UGLY! THERE ARE ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH. Public Education is a mess way before Trump! Immigration laws and enforcement of is a mess way before Trump! Healthcare can’t be locked down in Obamacare! It has to evolve! The mandate sucked! Obamacare should have been mandated for federal and state legislators. If it is good enough for the people it should be good enough for those who imposed it on the people. Don’t you think ?  FYI if you going to run , shit or get off the pot! Each day going forward YOUR party drifts further left which is no different to the far right! Like for most of us is in the middle! Just as side question! Did you have your hand on Jill’s leg when she hit the wall with her Corvette 😉      

2 responses to “Joe Biden “Gets It” re: Personal Space and Boundaries. Shame on Jill

  1. Don’t my you think it’s strange Joe didn’t throw his hat in the ring 4 years ago? As Veep, he had the natural succession rights.. But Felonious von Pantsuit had other ideas, and I’m positive beyond a shadow of a doubt, she and her crooked gang have a file on old Joe. What you are seeing now is some of that file. There is more. This was just a shot across the bow. This is why he won’t commit.. He knows they’ll burn him down.


    • kilroysdelaware

      One would think he won’t run as not to drag Hunter into the mud with some of his overseas $$$ dealings, getting kicked out of the Navy for testing positive and moving in on Beau’s widow! What kind of man would do that to his family?