Delaware legislators leaves student safety up to a “may” legislation Re: School Bus Stop Arm Cameras. Baulks on State Funding ! Defers cost to schools !

This bill allows school districts and charter schools in Delaware to utilize external camera systems on school buses to catch motorists that illegally pass school buses and punishes these motorist by issuing them a civil penalty. The purpose of this bill is to protect children as they are in the process of boarding and exiting the school bus and to spread awareness of school bus traffic safety. At least 16 states have implemented similar legislation, including Pennsylvania in 2018. This is a discretionary program that is not required, but is encouraged to be used by the Delaware school districts and charter schools.”

This the Synopsis for House Bill 111 re: safety camera on school buses to catch drivers disregarding stop school buses with lights on and stop arms extended. I am 100% for this kind of devise on school buses and it needs to be the law with “shall” not “may”. In other words this legislation makes it an option no requirement. It also, I see no fiscal note associated with this legislation. The cost to install these devises are deferred to the school district and charter schools. No funding from the state ? And this ”

Any school bus utilizing the school bus safety camera system must display at a minimum, a strip of 6-inch, 14 red and white, high-intensity, reflective conspicuity adhesive tape on the front and the back of school bus stating, “Fine 15 for Passing When Red Lights Are Flashing”.

This 6 inch strip with warning should be on each and every school bus regardless if the devise is on board or not. Why let asshole drivers know which bus is carry the devise. Otherwise these assholes will blow by the buses without the sign. Put the warning sign on every bus that will serve notice to all drivers that these devises are coming and as a ongoing reminder. .

Also, I smell lawsuits down the road for school districts and charter school who many don’t own the school buses re: contracted whereas, a parent may sue because the district or charter school opted out or put devices on selected school buses. WTF ! Raise the fuel taxes to create a funding to pay for devises in all school buses!!

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