Daily Archives: March 16, 2019

Delaware Route 301 Toll Highway Robbery Brought You By Delaware Democrats

Mrs Kilroy and I made a trip north to New Castle County. Coming back we encounter the new Route 1 / Route 301 off ramp. Mrs Kilroy was driving and zigged when she should have zagged and ended up on the new Route 301 toll road.  I was like WTF! OK get off at the first exist and turnaround. Then we say this:


I told Mrs Kilroy to pay the toll and go back. She said look at the sign No case, E-Zpass or they’ll send you a bill in the mail. What the FUCK !!!!!!!! The Delaware is going to send a service fee on top the toll! Get this ! The toll sign doesn’t list how much the toll is!

OK the shit gets heavy here. Travelers no too familiar with Delaware have no clue how to get back on Route 1 Southbound. We ended up going through Middletown to get back on Route 1. So why at least no automated toll collection taking coin or bill changer? Yes I went on google where I got this picture and say the exit sign getting off Route 1 which is about 20 feet up.  It is what it is. However, charge a fee for mail a toll billed which has nothing to do with running the toll is FUCK UP and corrupt ! Yea yea live and learn! You can bet come this summer there will be some bad accidents related to RT 301 off-ramp with inadequate cash barriers. Just another fucked up Delaware way!