Daily Archives: March 12, 2019

The Pelosi CNN Vendetta against Trump is pushing those who reluctantly voted for Trump back in Trump’s corner.

Yes I voted Donald Trump. There was no way I would have voted for Hillary Clinton. I support immigration reform, healthcare reform and muck more. And yes I support the wall but also support immigration reform giving those who are here illegal with no felony charges in the U.S. and / or their home county a clear pathway to citizenship.

CNN and Nancy Pelosi vendetta against Trump driven by pure partisan politics shaming everyone who voted for Trump don’t understand many Trump voters. Many of us feel Americans have been getting screwed by the same old same old Washington politics. Our country is a mess long before Trump. So a vote for Trump for many was our way of F’ing Washington back. We cannot go back to the same old same old political bullshit. Nancy Pelosi represent the same old same ol Washington and if Joe Biden is elected America will be back in that rut.

All of us are waiting for Robert Muller’s report in which many America thought it would end  the bullshit one way or another. However Pelosi’s D.C. clones have laid out plan A , B ,C , D and E to keep Trump on the ropes with hearings after hearings after hearings. This will not win over anyone who voted for Trump.

Bring out the trash on Donald Trump and his family will result in bring out the trash on Joe Biden and family. Yea Trump might have a bigger pile of trash but Joe Biden and family aren’t saints. Do we need all this in an election? NO ! Do we need to address all the concerns such as for once all fix the immigration problem and healthcare problems? Yes! Obama-care was a step in the right direction but the mandate wa to puntivie. It was like, we’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse. Then Obama cheered , looks how they love it ! Without the mandate doesn’t look like there is a lot of love now!