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Is the Immigrant Caravan a drug cartel created diversion ? @seanhannity

I woke-up this morning with a brain-fart ! The immigrant caravan seems so organized. I started to wonder if the drug cartel is behind it. Why ? Its a great diversion of U.S. border and Homeland security assets that could keep the left coast drug interdiction forces a little weak.  

Corey Booker releases 2020 Campaign Song @ingrahamAngle

University of Delaware rated #1 party school. 100 students arrested this weekend for underage drinking! They should be expelled from college.

Newark police cited 100 people at a large party in Newark Saturday, most of whom were University of Delaware students.  Delaware News JournalPublished 4:19 p.m. ET Oct. 22, 2018

Officers cited 100 tickets for underage consumption of alcohol, two of which were under 18. Most of the tickets were given to UD students. 

The two juveniles were arrested for underage drinking, and they were both released to a parent, Rubin said. 

Students who were 21 and older were released without charges. The party’s hosts were three UD students, all of whom have pending charges. 

These students should be expelled and if majoring in majors that will serve children such as school children they should be excluded from being eligible for state teaching certificates.