Daily Archives: October 22, 2018

Death’s rattle at the gates of America

I am all for addressing the immigrant crisis and a pathway to citizenship for those illegals already here. However, how much can American bear!

Who pays to take care of all the needs of those breaking into America disregarding immigration laws? Agreeable many coming to America wants a better life, freedom and dreams that may become reality. But want about the needs of America’s poor who struggle who have dreams for a better life for themselves and their children. What about the additional strain on public education?  

America’s middle-class is shrinking and we’re heading for a two-class system. Yea yea make the rich pay more! Not going to happen! What’s left of the middle-class will bear the brunt. Yea yea all President Trump;s fault! Really ? The democrats failed at enforcing immigration laws.

Sadly there will become a breaking point and violence at America borders will get ugly followed by civil war 2.0 in America.

America can’t keep the promise made to African-American to a fair and equitable education and struggles with de’facto segregation in public schools created by charter school that have selective admission practices designed to give overachievers the edge and no worries! At-risk minorities get charter schools designed for them grouping them with other at-risk students. In the case of the state of Delaware, Delaware went from the white-flight in response to federal desegregation order. Otherwise know to racists whites as forced busing. Many upper-middle class and more affluent parents sent their children to private schools. Along comes charter schools fueling the bright-flight leaving traditional public schools. And lets not forget Choice schools where students can choose any public school they want. Dream on for poor at-risk student whose parents don’t have adequate transportation to meet school transportation problem to them. In comes the impact of non-English speaking immigrants. Nothing new to America that historically adsorbed wave on immigrants in 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. However, public schools in America are financially mismanaged and extracurricular programs take precedent of basic academic needs of student who struggle. Special Education in America ! I’ll leave that for another chapter.

America is like the TV show Star Trek where the U S S Enterprise is stuck in Warp Speed where engineer Scotty yells, “captain she can’t take much more”. How much more immigration pressure can America take to the breaking point until the  death rattle of America takes hold?