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Hicks Anderson didn’t march to the white man’s drum!

Is a Delaware non-profit suggesting white public school teachers aren’t giving 100% in teaching black and Hispanic students?

Do students learn better if they’re taught by teachers who ‘look like them’?

According to Atnre Alleyne of the Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now, the answer is “yes.”

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve come so far from school segregation and now struggle with the charter school de’facto segregation where charter school student admission preferences allow discrimination.  

If anything all teachers need training in “culture” sensitivity and trialing in poverty how it translate to daily life and struggles with social acceptance. 

One thing I do know us children need parents being engaged parents whereas parents send their children to public school thinking teachers are surrogate parents.

What so f’ing ironic is the call for more African-America teachers particularly male at the sometime the likes of the Rodel clones want to rate schools based on teacher performance. HELLO McFly Atnre! Such ratings morally drag down public school teachers including African-America and Hispanic teachers. High needs schools needs, “need based” funding!

The real problem with public education is a bunch of million and billionaire  white men are leading education reform for black children! They are buying off brother who proclaim they’re fighting for social justice for minorities while riding on the coattails for civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Many businesses subscribe to the Vision play have issues with diversity in their own organization and Skipper the former “Rodel Vision Change Agent” headed a bank with serve loan discrimination practices that were harmful to minorities.

In my lifetime William “Hicks” Anderson , Jea Street and Theo Gregory were on the forefront of the civil rights movement as it relates to public education. And OMG Hicks didn’t hold back with some choice words!

Sorry to say, minorities who march to the drums of reform beaten by rich white men and their clones have no grasp of civil rights. I have yet to see any hope of a new young civil rights leader(s) in Wilmington or Delaware that can effectively speak for those that can “effectively” speak for themselves. Jea and Theo can’t hold the torch much longer  and bless them for their efforts. And God protect the soul of Hicks Anderson and an amazing man Ron Houston.

Children of all colors need teachers of all colors but to suggest segregation of teachers is a step backwards and in the wrong direction of reformed needed. Parents and students know best for themselves and we need a four were the likes of Rodel doesn’t set the script with some puppet roaming the stage wearing a Madonna mic headset! Good intention but being led by greenback not the roots tied to core issues.