Daily Archives: October 18, 2018

Going to war or cutting diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi’s death is a foolish thought

No disrespect to Jamal Khashoggi and God protect your soul. However, the suggestion the United States go to war or cut diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia is foolish.

If America were to take such bold action of going to war to cutting diplomatic ties the world economy would take a major hit followed by further destabilization of the Middle-East and loss of allied Saudi Arabia. 

America’s interjection into the politics of Saudi Arabia or any other government to force changes in citizens freedom of speech to mirrors that of America’s is a fool journey. Though we in America enjoy our freedom of speech and expression we pay a deep price morally and politically. America is cracking at its foundation and with the political divide that stokes violence questioning the future existence of America. The freedoms in America could be the beginning of the end. We are the lines aka limits on how far people can go with freedoms. Killing each other over political affiliation? Attacking government official in public verbally and physically? America is a violent country!   

If freedom of the people in Saudi Arabia is so important to the Saudi citizens they should rise up and take it and power. Americans did just that with the American Revolutionary War. Folks with the declining morals in America where citizens can’t engage in politically debate without drawing blood. I don’t think we are poster child for free speech.

What about China ?