Look out charter school organizers! DSEA newest member Odyssey Charter will create a DSEA Charter Executive Board representation seat.

The Odyssey charter school board of detectors’ blunders via their coup d’etat of former school leader to put one in one of their own in has caused a ripple that could cause damage to the charter school movement in Delaware.

Apparently Odyssey’s teachers have voted to unionize and join DSEA. With the out of control egos of the school board I can’t blame them for unionizing. The question now is, will DSEA create a charter school representation seat on their executive board? 

Personally I see this historic event as a double win. One for charter school teachers being bullied by their board and for organized labor.

One thing is quite clear is obviously the political underhanded hit on Mike Matthews may have been tied to the fall of Odyssey’s total control over its teachers. Say what you want about Mike but he was a true blue union boss and knew there is strength in numbers. Mike doesn’t have a poker face but rest assure he kept his cards close to his chest during the recruitment of Odyssey’s teachers. Mike took the ultimate hit for doing his job. And Odyssey’s boards blunder that set things into motion will damage the Delaware Star Chamber’s goal of busting the teachers union that for the most part control the political button during election time. I am hear to tell you! If Mike Matthews was President of DSEA  and a strong advocate for unions Odyssey teachers would have never come this far and organize labor wouldn’t have such a big win.

As much as I was right about DSTP and RTTT I am right about the charter hit on Mike Matthews. DSEA I am sure is celebrating the Odyssey win that will be played off as win for teachers and students and no them directly. Sadly a man’s career has been victimized by a bitter take-down by those bent on taking down traditional public education and prevailing wages. 

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