Is The Delaware Department of Education planning on appeasing Cory Booker want-to-be and take MM teaching license ? What does Whyy Guy know ?

I won’t get into all the rants but at the end of the day the comments Mike Matthews made on his blog 2006-2009 were prior to entering the teaching field in Red Clay.  He had the state credentials and license. Red Clay knew of his blogging and content, “many” legislators knew of his blogging and content in including those he may have offended.  He violated no law and no civil suits were filed against him. 

There is a current call for DE DOE to revoke Mike’s teaching license by the same group who used past comments on a blog to take Mike down knocking him out of President of DSEA ( Delaware’s teachers union). 

In the big picture, the political alignment of DE DOE with the Wall Street education wrecking ball creating tests after test after test and realigning standards and curriculum three times for one generation of students is more obscene  than a few distasteful shock and awl blog comments Mike made.

If anyone needs to go it should be decentralizing the Delaware Department of Education laced with Markell planted Rodel clones. Starting with Delaware Secretary of Education Bunting. 

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