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Sleeping Kilroy’s Awakens! Forget Facebook !

Facebook has become very toxic where people can’t have honest debates or conversations without being attacked because of their political party affiliation or who they vote for president. Compound this with the Kavanaugh card where whatever comment or expression made on social media by a person no matter how long ago is used for a political take down of a public official or someone high-profile in various organization is preventing people from expressing themselves.

Yes yea blogs can be a verbal mosh-pit with obscene language and person attacks fly in all direction, I often refer to blog as a viral kitchen table were people spit-out what they have to say. HOWEVER on blogs one can remain anonymous or taken on a blog screen name. Some bloggers can be offensive and over the top. But there is a bloggers code you don’t out anybody. Over the years many people visiting blogs provide creditable information or clues to wrongdoing of some public officials or public agencies including public and charter schools. However, that isn’t what blogs are about. Blogs offer a platform where people can come and have conversation about anything on their mind and current events. The people who manage blogs where in some cases more that one person is the moderator and  referee. Many blogs are tolerant to name calling and usage of obscenities. Bloggers reserve the right to ban anyone they choose . Most all bloggers screen a commentator’s first comment to ensure someone isn’t push spam message and advertisement. But once in if commentators fail to follow basic rules they are out.

One thing about blogs is those commenting and engaging in conversation and debated choose to do so. Same goes to reading blogs. You must  come to the website or click the link to view.

Kilroy’s has been around since 2006 first under the name Kilroy Was Here which later became Kilroy’s Delaware and now Kilroy’s Slower Delaware since my move downstate. Yea yea Kilroy has a potty mouth! I have well over 2 million visits, But for the last few years I slowed down blogging. I hit a plateau. My mission was pushing for more transparency in public education. Long ago before legislation was passed creating public school Citizen Budget Oversight Committees, I was successful in convincing Red Clay School district to establish a Community Financial Review Committee on the heals of DE DOE Financial Recovery Team stepping in after Red Clay’s financial meltdown. I also led the one man fight to required traditional school, charter school and Votech school boards to digitally record the public session of their board meeting a post online for all to hear  and for the same for the Delaware Board of Education. I wrote the first rough legislation drafts and solicited legislators to support it and push it though the House and Senate. I took well over 5 exhausting years to accomplish this.  It’s very hard to express anger and outrage about something.  Freedom of speech is what its all about!  I received a lot of push-back from charter school advocates who felt recording of the public session of their board meeting was an infringement. For those who don’t know me. As a parents I got involved in the issues when my son was in the 3rd grade at Richardson Park . My son is now 32. I served as school level Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee  Chairperson, Red Clay District Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee Chairperson, School level PTA Vice President and President, a member of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council ( disbanded by Governor Markell) and severed on few Red Clay district committees. I participated in a few National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter Parents regional and national convention and more! I am not just someone on the outside throwing stones at the system. I crossed the line where parents aren’t allowed. The side of education that is controlled by power trips, politics and egos where Teachers , students and parents are the victims of many self-serving money and ego driven people.  

As those who want to engage others or Kilroy here you can use your real name or anonymous / screen name. If you go to leave a comment for the first time and are asked for an E-mail address put a bogus E-mail, Never use your own. You can change  your screen name over and over. However, you’ll look like a troll just starting trouble. Just pick a screen name and stick to it. If you want to privately E-mail a blogger and want to remain anonymous create a bogus E-mail with your screen name. 

There are so many people who want to freely express themselves but fear doing so could jeopardize careers. And OMG there are many who want to expose waste in government and schools.

Recently Facebook has been getting way too toxic and now has become a means for employers to spy on their employees social media activity and same goes for potential employers, but recently we’ve seen too much political showdowns, Then again who has time for any of this social drama shit. My grammar and writing skills suck.

Bear with me as I fire up this blog and remember your words are yours and mine are mine. One thing I ask of all of you is, if a legislators, news media personality or a high-profile person in government or education comes in here and want to engage please don’t use the opportunity to beat up on them. Engage them and tactfully engage them. Give them credit for the willingness to engage us. But if it WDEL Rick Jensen you are free to do what you want 🙂 LOL ! All are welcome here even Publius ;).