Delaware State Board of Education approves student representative to the board.

D. Discussion of Appointment of Student Representative for SBE
A motion to approve the creation of a subcommittee with representatives from the State Board, the Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, the Delaware State Education Association, and the Delaware Association of School Administrators to determine the process for selecting a student representative to the SBE was made by Vincent Lofink and seconded by Wali Rushdan II. The motion carried (6 Yes to 0 No’s – Bunting, Fifer, Lofink, Noble, Rushdan, and Sweeney).
A motion to approve Vincent Lofink as the SBE representative on the subcommittee was made by Wali Rushdan II and seconded by Nina Lou Bunting. The motion carried (6 Yes to 0 No’s – Bunting, Fifer, Lofink, Noble, Rushdan, and Sweeney).

Good start and every school district board should do the same! 


3 responses to “Delaware State Board of Education approves student representative to the board.

  1. Delaware Law
    CHAPTER 160


    AN ACT to provide for the establishment and maintenance of a general and efficient system of Free Public Schools.
    How will this improve our schools? Just This is just wasting time and money.


    • kilroysdelaware

      So many attempts to reform public education and each time no real dialogue with the most importation stakeholder! Students! Not much money involved. Board members don’t get paid. Also I doubt very much the student would be allowed in executive session.


  2. This non-voting member will give a student voice to the State Board of Education. I sincerely hope this student will reach out to other districts and charters so the State Board doesn’t just get the voice of one school.

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