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Is the Immigrant Caravan a drug cartel created diversion ? @seanhannity

I woke-up this morning with a brain-fart ! The immigrant caravan seems so organized. I started to wonder if the drug cartel is behind it. Why ? Its a great diversion of U.S. border and Homeland security assets that could keep the left coast drug interdiction forces a little weak.  

Corey Booker releases 2020 Campaign Song @ingrahamAngle

University of Delaware rated #1 party school. 100 students arrested this weekend for underage drinking! They should be expelled from college.

Newark police cited 100 people at a large party in Newark Saturday, most of whom were University of Delaware students.  Delaware News JournalPublished 4:19 p.m. ET Oct. 22, 2018

Officers cited 100 tickets for underage consumption of alcohol, two of which were under 18. Most of the tickets were given to UD students. 

The two juveniles were arrested for underage drinking, and they were both released to a parent, Rubin said. 

Students who were 21 and older were released without charges. The party’s hosts were three UD students, all of whom have pending charges. 

These students should be expelled and if majoring in majors that will serve children such as school children they should be excluded from being eligible for state teaching certificates.

Death’s rattle at the gates of America

I am all for addressing the immigrant crisis and a pathway to citizenship for those illegals already here. However, how much can American bear!

Who pays to take care of all the needs of those breaking into America disregarding immigration laws? Agreeable many coming to America wants a better life, freedom and dreams that may become reality. But want about the needs of America’s poor who struggle who have dreams for a better life for themselves and their children. What about the additional strain on public education?  

America’s middle-class is shrinking and we’re heading for a two-class system. Yea yea make the rich pay more! Not going to happen! What’s left of the middle-class will bear the brunt. Yea yea all President Trump;s fault! Really ? The democrats failed at enforcing immigration laws.

Sadly there will become a breaking point and violence at America borders will get ugly followed by civil war 2.0 in America.

America can’t keep the promise made to African-American to a fair and equitable education and struggles with de’facto segregation in public schools created by charter school that have selective admission practices designed to give overachievers the edge and no worries! At-risk minorities get charter schools designed for them grouping them with other at-risk students. In the case of the state of Delaware, Delaware went from the white-flight in response to federal desegregation order. Otherwise know to racists whites as forced busing. Many upper-middle class and more affluent parents sent their children to private schools. Along comes charter schools fueling the bright-flight leaving traditional public schools. And lets not forget Choice schools where students can choose any public school they want. Dream on for poor at-risk student whose parents don’t have adequate transportation to meet school transportation problem to them. In comes the impact of non-English speaking immigrants. Nothing new to America that historically adsorbed wave on immigrants in 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. However, public schools in America are financially mismanaged and extracurricular programs take precedent of basic academic needs of student who struggle. Special Education in America ! I’ll leave that for another chapter.

America is like the TV show Star Trek where the U S S Enterprise is stuck in Warp Speed where engineer Scotty yells, “captain she can’t take much more”. How much more immigration pressure can America take to the breaking point until the  death rattle of America takes hold?   

Hicks Anderson didn’t march to the white man’s drum!

Is a Delaware non-profit suggesting white public school teachers aren’t giving 100% in teaching black and Hispanic students?

Do students learn better if they’re taught by teachers who ‘look like them’?

According to Atnre Alleyne of the Delaware Campaign for Achievement Now, the answer is “yes.”

WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! We’ve come so far from school segregation and now struggle with the charter school de’facto segregation where charter school student admission preferences allow discrimination.  

If anything all teachers need training in “culture” sensitivity and trialing in poverty how it translate to daily life and struggles with social acceptance. 

One thing I do know us children need parents being engaged parents whereas parents send their children to public school thinking teachers are surrogate parents.

What so f’ing ironic is the call for more African-America teachers particularly male at the sometime the likes of the Rodel clones want to rate schools based on teacher performance. HELLO McFly Atnre! Such ratings morally drag down public school teachers including African-America and Hispanic teachers. High needs schools needs, “need based” funding!

The real problem with public education is a bunch of million and billionaire  white men are leading education reform for black children! They are buying off brother who proclaim they’re fighting for social justice for minorities while riding on the coattails for civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King. Many businesses subscribe to the Vision play have issues with diversity in their own organization and Skipper the former “Rodel Vision Change Agent” headed a bank with serve loan discrimination practices that were harmful to minorities.

In my lifetime William “Hicks” Anderson , Jea Street and Theo Gregory were on the forefront of the civil rights movement as it relates to public education. And OMG Hicks didn’t hold back with some choice words!

Sorry to say, minorities who march to the drums of reform beaten by rich white men and their clones have no grasp of civil rights. I have yet to see any hope of a new young civil rights leader(s) in Wilmington or Delaware that can effectively speak for those that can “effectively” speak for themselves. Jea and Theo can’t hold the torch much longer  and bless them for their efforts. And God protect the soul of Hicks Anderson and an amazing man Ron Houston.

Children of all colors need teachers of all colors but to suggest segregation of teachers is a step backwards and in the wrong direction of reformed needed. Parents and students know best for themselves and we need a four were the likes of Rodel doesn’t set the script with some puppet roaming the stage wearing a Madonna mic headset! Good intention but being led by greenback not the roots tied to core issues.  

Going to war or cutting diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi’s death is a foolish thought

No disrespect to Jamal Khashoggi and God protect your soul. However, the suggestion the United States go to war or cut diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia is foolish.

If America were to take such bold action of going to war to cutting diplomatic ties the world economy would take a major hit followed by further destabilization of the Middle-East and loss of allied Saudi Arabia. 

America’s interjection into the politics of Saudi Arabia or any other government to force changes in citizens freedom of speech to mirrors that of America’s is a fool journey. Though we in America enjoy our freedom of speech and expression we pay a deep price morally and politically. America is cracking at its foundation and with the political divide that stokes violence questioning the future existence of America. The freedoms in America could be the beginning of the end. We are the lines aka limits on how far people can go with freedoms. Killing each other over political affiliation? Attacking government official in public verbally and physically? America is a violent country!   

If freedom of the people in Saudi Arabia is so important to the Saudi citizens they should rise up and take it and power. Americans did just that with the American Revolutionary War. Folks with the declining morals in America where citizens can’t engage in politically debate without drawing blood. I don’t think we are poster child for free speech.

What about China ? 

Is The Delaware Department of Education planning on appeasing Cory Booker want-to-be and take MM teaching license ? What does Whyy Guy know ?

I won’t get into all the rants but at the end of the day the comments Mike Matthews made on his blog 2006-2009 were prior to entering the teaching field in Red Clay.  He had the state credentials and license. Red Clay knew of his blogging and content, “many” legislators knew of his blogging and content in including those he may have offended.  He violated no law and no civil suits were filed against him. 

There is a current call for DE DOE to revoke Mike’s teaching license by the same group who used past comments on a blog to take Mike down knocking him out of President of DSEA ( Delaware’s teachers union). 

In the big picture, the political alignment of DE DOE with the Wall Street education wrecking ball creating tests after test after test and realigning standards and curriculum three times for one generation of students is more obscene  than a few distasteful shock and awl blog comments Mike made.

If anyone needs to go it should be decentralizing the Delaware Department of Education laced with Markell planted Rodel clones. Starting with Delaware Secretary of Education Bunting. 

Look out charter school organizers! DSEA newest member Odyssey Charter will create a DSEA Charter Executive Board representation seat.

The Odyssey charter school board of detectors’ blunders via their coup d’etat of former school leader to put one in one of their own in has caused a ripple that could cause damage to the charter school movement in Delaware.

Apparently Odyssey’s teachers have voted to unionize and join DSEA. With the out of control egos of the school board I can’t blame them for unionizing. The question now is, will DSEA create a charter school representation seat on their executive board? 

Personally I see this historic event as a double win. One for charter school teachers being bullied by their board and for organized labor.

One thing is quite clear is obviously the political underhanded hit on Mike Matthews may have been tied to the fall of Odyssey’s total control over its teachers. Say what you want about Mike but he was a true blue union boss and knew there is strength in numbers. Mike doesn’t have a poker face but rest assure he kept his cards close to his chest during the recruitment of Odyssey’s teachers. Mike took the ultimate hit for doing his job. And Odyssey’s boards blunder that set things into motion will damage the Delaware Star Chamber’s goal of busting the teachers union that for the most part control the political button during election time. I am hear to tell you! If Mike Matthews was President of DSEA  and a strong advocate for unions Odyssey teachers would have never come this far and organize labor wouldn’t have such a big win.

As much as I was right about DSTP and RTTT I am right about the charter hit on Mike Matthews. DSEA I am sure is celebrating the Odyssey win that will be played off as win for teachers and students and no them directly. Sadly a man’s career has been victimized by a bitter take-down by those bent on taking down traditional public education and prevailing wages. 

Sleeping Kilroy’s Awakens! Forget Facebook !

Facebook has become very toxic where people can’t have honest debates or conversations without being attacked because of their political party affiliation or who they vote for president. Compound this with the Kavanaugh card where whatever comment or expression made on social media by a person no matter how long ago is used for a political take down of a public official or someone high-profile in various organization is preventing people from expressing themselves.

Yes yea blogs can be a verbal mosh-pit with obscene language and person attacks fly in all direction, I often refer to blog as a viral kitchen table were people spit-out what they have to say. HOWEVER on blogs one can remain anonymous or taken on a blog screen name. Some bloggers can be offensive and over the top. But there is a bloggers code you don’t out anybody. Over the years many people visiting blogs provide creditable information or clues to wrongdoing of some public officials or public agencies including public and charter schools. However, that isn’t what blogs are about. Blogs offer a platform where people can come and have conversation about anything on their mind and current events. The people who manage blogs where in some cases more that one person is the moderator and  referee. Many blogs are tolerant to name calling and usage of obscenities. Bloggers reserve the right to ban anyone they choose . Most all bloggers screen a commentator’s first comment to ensure someone isn’t push spam message and advertisement. But once in if commentators fail to follow basic rules they are out.

One thing about blogs is those commenting and engaging in conversation and debated choose to do so. Same goes to reading blogs. You must  come to the website or click the link to view.

Kilroy’s has been around since 2006 first under the name Kilroy Was Here which later became Kilroy’s Delaware and now Kilroy’s Slower Delaware since my move downstate. Yea yea Kilroy has a potty mouth! I have well over 2 million visits, But for the last few years I slowed down blogging. I hit a plateau. My mission was pushing for more transparency in public education. Long ago before legislation was passed creating public school Citizen Budget Oversight Committees, I was successful in convincing Red Clay School district to establish a Community Financial Review Committee on the heals of DE DOE Financial Recovery Team stepping in after Red Clay’s financial meltdown. I also led the one man fight to required traditional school, charter school and Votech school boards to digitally record the public session of their board meeting a post online for all to hear  and for the same for the Delaware Board of Education. I wrote the first rough legislation drafts and solicited legislators to support it and push it though the House and Senate. I took well over 5 exhausting years to accomplish this.  It’s very hard to express anger and outrage about something.  Freedom of speech is what its all about!  I received a lot of push-back from charter school advocates who felt recording of the public session of their board meeting was an infringement. For those who don’t know me. As a parents I got involved in the issues when my son was in the 3rd grade at Richardson Park . My son is now 32. I served as school level Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee  Chairperson, Red Clay District Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee Chairperson, School level PTA Vice President and President, a member of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council ( disbanded by Governor Markell) and severed on few Red Clay district committees. I participated in a few National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter Parents regional and national convention and more! I am not just someone on the outside throwing stones at the system. I crossed the line where parents aren’t allowed. The side of education that is controlled by power trips, politics and egos where Teachers , students and parents are the victims of many self-serving money and ego driven people.  

As those who want to engage others or Kilroy here you can use your real name or anonymous / screen name. If you go to leave a comment for the first time and are asked for an E-mail address put a bogus E-mail, Never use your own. You can change  your screen name over and over. However, you’ll look like a troll just starting trouble. Just pick a screen name and stick to it. If you want to privately E-mail a blogger and want to remain anonymous create a bogus E-mail with your screen name. 

There are so many people who want to freely express themselves but fear doing so could jeopardize careers. And OMG there are many who want to expose waste in government and schools.

Recently Facebook has been getting way too toxic and now has become a means for employers to spy on their employees social media activity and same goes for potential employers, but recently we’ve seen too much political showdowns, Then again who has time for any of this social drama shit. My grammar and writing skills suck.

Bear with me as I fire up this blog and remember your words are yours and mine are mine. One thing I ask of all of you is, if a legislators, news media personality or a high-profile person in government or education comes in here and want to engage please don’t use the opportunity to beat up on them. Engage them and tactfully engage them. Give them credit for the willingness to engage us. But if it WDEL Rick Jensen you are free to do what you want 🙂 LOL ! All are welcome here even Publius ;).       

Delaware State Board of Education approves student representative to the board.

D. Discussion of Appointment of Student Representative for SBE
A motion to approve the creation of a subcommittee with representatives from the State Board, the Department of Education, the Governor’s Office, the Delaware State Education Association, and the Delaware Association of School Administrators to determine the process for selecting a student representative to the SBE was made by Vincent Lofink and seconded by Wali Rushdan II. The motion carried (6 Yes to 0 No’s – Bunting, Fifer, Lofink, Noble, Rushdan, and Sweeney).
A motion to approve Vincent Lofink as the SBE representative on the subcommittee was made by Wali Rushdan II and seconded by Nina Lou Bunting. The motion carried (6 Yes to 0 No’s – Bunting, Fifer, Lofink, Noble, Rushdan, and Sweeney).

Good start and every school district board should do the same! 




DSEA stands behind Senator Tom Carper an admitted wife beater who lied and said, ” I only slapped her once” and didn’t saying anything about locking her in the closet until she shuts up! If DSEA supports Carper that means all members who don’t question DSEA’s support also supports a wife beater representing Delaware!

When Tom Carper slapped his wife only once why the diverted trip to a Lewes hospital