Delaware Governor John Carney refuses to address failure at “his” Delaware Department of Education! Bunting must go! RE: Abrupt closing of a public school

Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security abruptly closes Tuesday , Delaware News Journal

The Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security, which has been struggling to retain students and uphold academic standards, on Tuesday announced that it would be closing its doors — immediate

“Has been struggling.”  Delaware Secretary of Education Susan Bunting should have seen closure coming and had a plan in place.

Margie Lopez-Waite, who was recently made head of school at DAPSS, said the deficit is more than $500,000. Former Head of School Herbert Sheldon, who previously served as the school’s chief financial officer, is no longer with DAPSS. 

By law the Delaware Department of Education is to have a DE DOE representative present at every Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and be an active part of the committee aka member. How in the hell did Bunting and her CBOC puppet member not see this coming! 

“To our students, please know that we believe in you and what you mean to the future in our community,” the school board said in its letter. “Just yesterday, our students were out in the community visiting local public safety personnel on their yearly Day of Service.

“Your new schools will be lucky to have students with such energy and spirit. We wish you all well.” 

If I were a student or parent of  Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security I’d tell them to go fuck themselves! These people and Bunting should be sued for child abuse on the grounds of under emotional abuse!

Governor John Carney is like a ship without a rudder when it come to Delaware’s public schools. The reason Delaware public school “system” ( not 90% of the teachers) is because former Governor Markell hand the helm of our public school system over to the likes of Rodel and current Governor Carney has an idiot (Bunting) as the rudder steering our public school system. 

As always no one will be held accountable and the school closes and buries critical $$$ documentation hat could lead to federal charges of misappropriating federal funds and state funds. Bunting school have gone to court to get a court order seizing school records including financial records. As for our state legislators! Where is legislation modifying the charter school law that would require all school records including financial records be turned-over to DE DOE when it either order closed or close under its own accord.

Very sad day in Delaware public school history! Can you imagine what students and parents of this school are feeling and what they have to go through! By law in my opinion they school be given a seat in all public or charter school they choose ! Bunting and Carney have failed these children and will come up with some lame-ass excuse to cover their pathetic ass!    

3 responses to “Delaware Governor John Carney refuses to address failure at “his” Delaware Department of Education! Bunting must go! RE: Abrupt closing of a public school

  1. The Delaware DOE knew there was shady stuff going on last fall with enrollment numbers. It NEVER came up during their formal review in the Winter. That tells you all you need to know right there. They miraculously reached over 200 students last May but all of a sudden, a month into the school year, they “realize” they are down 30 students? It is a complete joke. This is the worst of school choice because that choice has been ripped out of students and parents hands. Failure to take action is what led to this. DOE and the State Board let this farce continue.


  2. Umm and what about that massive class act against Delaware DOE (all the charter schools are the plaintiff) for “withholding” funds allocated per student affecting … please, do pay attention … ONLY CHARTER SCHOOLS’ STUDENTS under baked-up “exclusions” bases? Has that one fell though the legal cracks already? Now would be a DAMN GOOD TIME to thrust it into the open, preferably at the federal level so that it could never be swept under a rug like they did with all the other court cases. DE DOE is to be held liable for this FIRST, they cannot just wiggle themselves out, there has been a string of drive-by closings, Pencader and all …

    School failure, yes, Board failure, yes, DOE failure, yes, but, please please please why is it that the students HAVE TO pay the price for all those failures? Why? According to WHICH LAW? State or Federal?

    No, hear me out, please, I am a parent of a student and I know EXACTLY what I am talking about – why is it that “all the laws were followed to the letter” (I suspect not – on many levels) yet this is the SECOND MASSIVE FAIL after the Pencader (and other, lesser known charters after that), and this time it is much, much worse – basically during the first month of the school year!

    Let’s refine this a bit – suppose, you are deployed to ‘Nam, deployed to the trenches, given rations, your trustworthy this and that, you see the enemy approaching, you start fighting and them wham! – you are suddenly told to surround your everything, a Huey suddenly flies in, takes all your rations, stuffs, etc. and flies away leaving you stranded in your trenches! Lucky those 30 who signed up and never showed up – they wisely defected away from this madness when there was time left – unlucky those left behind, now it is all up to the few schools with low enrollment who may take them – and we are NOT talking about NCS or Wilmington Charter or any of those nice shiny bastions of excellence – they do lottery and the fig they care or give flying *** about those who didn’t make it …

    Seriously, this is pure madness.


  3. Students in delaware are only cared about when it is referendum time