Delaware Governor John Carney MIA on Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security. COWARD !

Delaware Governor John Carney remains in his political bunker like a coward!

Boy am I so pissed! Our state legislators are equally to blame for the abrupt closure of this school! Students and parents suffer great hardship over this nightmare while Carney and state legislators sit around with their thumbs up theirs asses while Delaware Secretary of Education Bunting playing stupid!   

Can you image being a high school senior and getting screwed like this?

The charter school law needs to be amended whereas; if a charter school is order closed or closes on their own the students will be giving a seat in any public or charter school of their choice.

I urge parents and students of Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security to bond together and sue the Delaware Department of Education and the governor for emotional abuse and demand the removal of the Delaware Secretary of Education. The heartless bastards in Dover needs to be accountable.   

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