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Delaware: Greek charter school leaders may be taking their heads out of their asses !

Odyssey delays vote to hire former board director with six-figure salary , Delaware News Journal

Odyssey Charter School postponed voting on whether to hire its former school board director as a third administrator with a salary over $150,000 Tuesday night, and parents and teachers are relieved.  

Another Delaware charter school being mismanaged 

Odyssey became mired in controversy over the issue during the summer. After voting not to renew its contract with longtime headmaster Nick Manolakos, the school board hired two new administrators to take his place with no notice to parents and staff. 

When something isn’t broken don’t screw with it ! But yet dip-shit board of directors wanted to taken care of their own! 

Parent Ryan Connell asked the board Tuesday night to not vote without input from parents and teachers. Later, he said, the decision had lacked transparency.

Public schools “including” charter schools belong to the public and hats off to this parent.

Parents worried that hiring Dandolos could cut into the academic budget. Odyssey’s finances already have been stretched by several construction projects.

“This is an absolute waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s not your money to play with,” Ballas said to the board. “We need money invested in the school. We have leaky roofs. There’s that 12th grade school we are building. We need elevators put in.”

Outstanding parents! I think Odyssey’s board of directors need more parent power as board members.

“This is half a million dollars spent at the administrative level with a third head. No charter school has that,” she said. “Everything they do should be benefitting the school, the kids. I don’t see that happening with this decision.”

And where is Delaware Secretary of Education Bunting? And the DOE idiot serving on Odyssey’s CBOC ? Delaware needs serious change in Dover and Governor Carney better step-up and address the fracture leadership at DE DOE.

Delaware Governor John Carney MIA on Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security. COWARD !

Delaware Governor John Carney remains in his political bunker like a coward!

Boy am I so pissed! Our state legislators are equally to blame for the abrupt closure of this school! Students and parents suffer great hardship over this nightmare while Carney and state legislators sit around with their thumbs up theirs asses while Delaware Secretary of Education Bunting playing stupid!   

Can you image being a high school senior and getting screwed like this?

The charter school law needs to be amended whereas; if a charter school is order closed or closes on their own the students will be giving a seat in any public or charter school of their choice.

I urge parents and students of Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security to bond together and sue the Delaware Department of Education and the governor for emotional abuse and demand the removal of the Delaware Secretary of Education. The heartless bastards in Dover needs to be accountable.   

Delaware Governor John Carney refuses to address failure at “his” Delaware Department of Education! Bunting must go! RE: Abrupt closing of a public school

Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security abruptly closes Tuesday , Delaware News Journal

The Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security, which has been struggling to retain students and uphold academic standards, on Tuesday announced that it would be closing its doors — immediate

“Has been struggling.”  Delaware Secretary of Education Susan Bunting should have seen closure coming and had a plan in place.

Margie Lopez-Waite, who was recently made head of school at DAPSS, said the deficit is more than $500,000. Former Head of School Herbert Sheldon, who previously served as the school’s chief financial officer, is no longer with DAPSS. 

By law the Delaware Department of Education is to have a DE DOE representative present at every Citizen Budget Oversight Committee and be an active part of the committee aka member. How in the hell did Bunting and her CBOC puppet member not see this coming! 

“To our students, please know that we believe in you and what you mean to the future in our community,” the school board said in its letter. “Just yesterday, our students were out in the community visiting local public safety personnel on their yearly Day of Service.

“Your new schools will be lucky to have students with such energy and spirit. We wish you all well.” 

If I were a student or parent of  Delaware Academy of Public Safety and Security I’d tell them to go fuck themselves! These people and Bunting should be sued for child abuse on the grounds of under emotional abuse!

Governor John Carney is like a ship without a rudder when it come to Delaware’s public schools. The reason Delaware public school “system” ( not 90% of the teachers) is because former Governor Markell hand the helm of our public school system over to the likes of Rodel and current Governor Carney has an idiot (Bunting) as the rudder steering our public school system. 

As always no one will be held accountable and the school closes and buries critical $$$ documentation hat could lead to federal charges of misappropriating federal funds and state funds. Bunting school have gone to court to get a court order seizing school records including financial records. As for our state legislators! Where is legislation modifying the charter school law that would require all school records including financial records be turned-over to DE DOE when it either order closed or close under its own accord.

Very sad day in Delaware public school history! Can you imagine what students and parents of this school are feeling and what they have to go through! By law in my opinion they school be given a seat in all public or charter school they choose ! Bunting and Carney have failed these children and will come up with some lame-ass excuse to cover their pathetic ass!