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Love hate relation with Joe Biden (insight on Military Draft and If he does 2020)

All’s is fair in love , war and politics ! I have vote for Joe Biden every time he ran for office including his first VP term with President Obama. In fact, I wouldn’t have voted for Obama if Joe wasn’t his running mate. Joe’s service as a senator involved in foreign affairs was something I thought was good for Obama. However, President Obama didn’t earn a second-term vote from me. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was pathetic!

Joe Biden is an outspoken person and I like that. However, if he plans on running for president in 2020 on President Obama’s record and rants against President Trump and Trump so-called dirty laundry rant than what Joe Biden will bring to American table he’ll fall on his face. It’s very doubtful Joe Biden will have a plan to address healthcare, immigration and American’s role in peacekeeping around the word. Joe may take cheap shots at President Trump’s plans for a Space Force. However, Joe Biden knows space is a battleground when it comes to destabilizing critical communication, GPS and surveillance. Satellites are on the list of targets among our enemies.

I’ve post some dirty Biden laundry to remind everyone Joe ain’t no saint and his family has its crisis like many American families. My way of reminding Joe to be careful how you  through the moral stones.

In 2004 there was the rumor of the return of the military draft. Young men in America are still required to register for the draft. So it’s a matter of if the draft would be activated. Biden himself received a pass on the military draft because of his asthma. I have to laugh Joe. The mouth your’s does spout off and no one has ever seen you pop an inhaler in your mouth :). And yes Trump got his deferment or 4-F whatever. The draft-dodger shit is getting old. We have many people yelling draft-dodger that didn’t serve. And same people who failed to enlisted to serve in current conflicts. Draft-dodger are also known as cowards! So would those who did voluntarily sign-up to help brothers in arm cowards? We need to move beyond all this bullshit.

The attached letter is a direct response to me from then Senator Biden about the military draft and its way too long and in-dept to be written by a staff person. So here, I respect him for the head-on response to the question. God forbid we ever active the military draft but keep in mind our National Guard and Reservist are called to duty along side active service members. The question of required national service might come up before any talk of activating the draft. Sad to say, this divided national to the point the American Flag falls victim is disheartening. No matter who the next president will be they’ll be faced with pressure of military engagements and risk of World War III.  As far as North Korea, their nuclear program wasn’t keep in check during the Obama, Clinton or Bush administration. Deals $$ cut with Iran didn’t stop their nuclear advancements. So, Joe, the political battle between the left and right is POLITICAL ! Our enemies advance during our bickering. If you run it would be time to man-up for American not your party! Don’t come out swing the chance bullshit! Your getting old enough to fat-dust and rumor has it your Social Security number is in Roman Numerals. Personally Champ, I don’t think you can beat Trump.