Seniors for Kerri E Harris for Delaware Senator. @deldems @deSenateDems @UDdems @AARPDE

Kerri supports Medicare for All, importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, and investing in resources to tackle the opioid crisis.

Sen. Carper voted against Medicare negotiating drug prices. He also voted against allowing the import of prescription drugs from Canada.

Senator Carper refuses to join others in fighting to reduce the cost of proscription drugs, He is out of touch with Delaware seniors and their healthcare hardships.  

Kerri supports a “Smart on Crime” approach that emphasizes restorative justice and ending mass incarceration, while also providing economic opportunities for our returning citizens.

Sen. Carper oversaw the “the largest prison expansion in state history” and pushed for longer sentences which led to a near doubling of the Black incarceration rate

The prison system in America has become and industry and isn’t focused on rehabilitation and black men have become a commodity for the white status quo to cash in on! Perhaps the shortage in prison guards in American has more to do with many white men don’t want the job because they have to look black men in the eye knowing the injustices that put them there. Perhaps many black men don’t want the job being their brothers chain keepers. Senator Carper needs to go! Elect Terri Harris. 

Kerri knows that the water crisis is nationwide issue that we must address immediately. She also opposes our fossil fuel economy and believes we must transition away from our dependence on fossil fuels.

Sen. Carper voted for offshore drilling four times; he voted in support of the Keystone XL Pipeline; and he voted for the appointment of Rick Perry — a climate change denier — as US Secretary of Energy.

Carper sucks ! 

Kerri supports raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and indexing it to inflation.

Sen. Carper opposed Obama’s proposal to raise minimum wage to $10.10. Instead pushed for a lower minimum wage of $9 an hour.

Obvious Tom Carper feels minimum wage worker don’t vote! I urge every minimum wage earners and those making less than $15.00 an hour to get out and vote for their raise. No to Carper ! Yes to Harris !

Kerri believes we must execute all diplomatic options before moving towards military action, and diverting defense dollars to infrastructure and healthcare.

Sounds nice ! War on cancer not with the world !

The time has come to to purge the old guard and bring American into reality ! Vote Harris !


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