When was the last time you voted is a Delaware Votech Operating or Capital Referendum ?

Like a broken record, I am here to tell you, Delaware’s Votech school property tax rates are set by the state legislators not by local the same means as Delaware’s traditional schools via referendums where the public approves. 

The time has come to fund all Delaware public schools be the same means! Our state legislators are reluctant to support the plan because they would bear greater responsibility for financial oversight. They’ll use the tactic to avoid this by saying they support local control. Total bullshit! They are afraid that when they decide to raise the local tax rate the backlash would be losing their state representative or senate seat. And those legislators supporting allowing local school board seat the tax rate without going to referendum which the notion it would crate stronger local control are full of bullshit! Though local school board member are elected by the public they end up supporting the agenda of the school district superintendent and pro-union. Public school board members ideology is the needs of students are priority one. Yes I agree that could be true. How the priorities are often tied to the district superintendent agenda. We can’t have school board members’ hand on the public cash register.

Our Delaware public schools are in dire need of ground up reform. We have many many wonderful dedicated professional teachers serving the needs of our children. However, they are in the crossfire of a political war between politicians and unions.  At the end of the day we have a school funding and school financial management problems. Needs-based funding sounds wonderful but I question the accountability. I personal feel the school board hires and fire district CFO and that CFO needs protection from stepping up and questioning district superintendents agendas that puts financial pressure on the district’s budget.

Back to local tax levies. Votech schools district boards aren’t require to go hat in hand to the public via referendums. However, they do have to go to the state legislators who many scrutinize the district far greater than the public. Not necessary its the right thing to do but more about covering their asses to minimize public backlash when the legislators increase the votech tax rated.

So do the legislators set school tax rates per county or one rate statewide. And what about teacher pay? Wouldn’t it be nice every teacher be on the same pay scale? Would it be nice to have school boards focus on meeting the educational needs of students not hindered by labor management wage negotiations. But you know, I don’t think our state legislators will want any part of this plan. Legislators doing the right thing could jeopardize their union endorsement if they don’t play $$$ ball with union desires.

re-assessing property values for the sake of rasing school taxes via increased property values would be one of the most deceitful actions against the public taxpayers. It does not to address the fractures in public school finances! Pouring more money on an uncontrollable fire isn’t the answer. superintendents with brain-farts of an agenda the ends up pissing money away on a fool plan isn’t a crime. School employees who misappropriate funds benefiting themselves and changes don’t often end up serving jail crime. We need all traditional public schools funded like votech schools .


2 responses to “When was the last time you voted is a Delaware Votech Operating or Capital Referendum ?

  1. Will Garfinkel

    Kilroy’s, you laid out the facts perfectly and the logical solution. It’s too bad we live in brain dead Delaware where taxpayers just don’t pay attention to the biggest tax hit on their homes, but that’s Delaware for you. So we default to the General Assembly. PS. Local Control is an illusion.


  2. Just wait until you see what this education funding lawsuit does. It is all smoke and mirrors. A judge will tell the General Assembly the only way to solve this is to make property assessment values current with modern-day formulas. Since the General Assembly would never do this willingly because they would kiss their seats goodbye, the judge will “mandate” they “mandate” this. Calling it now!

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