Whisper of war in the air and CNN is stoking the flames @CNN @foxnews @washingtonpost @huffpost

 Kris Osborn,The National Interest Thu, Aug 23 7:20 AM EDT


The whisper of war is in the air and CNN’s distortion and speculation of the facts sends a message that America is in political chaos and no one is guarding the gate. The best time for an enemy to strike is when their adversary is distracted and looking the other way.  America is at its weakest time. Trump didn’t box North Korea in a corner. China pulled the strings and pull North Korea back. China was looking for a reward such as President Trump pulling back on the trade war. Putin and Russia was bitched-slapped with new sanctions. China and Russia will align and provoke Trump to make a foolish move. The fuel is there and what is need is someone to strike the first match. CNN distortions keeps piling the wood on.  CNN’s Chris Cuomo sends false messages aiding our adversaries.  Cuomo egos is just as dangerous as Trumps,

I have to share this, When I laid off I had to cut back on expense. Cable TV was one I had to cut. I dropped back to basic cable. It sucked not having CNN. However, When I was in a position to afford all the wonder cable channels I was delighted to get CNN back. But I was like WTF who is this wack-job! Many think President Trump is a danger to America. However Chris Cuomo is a greater threat! It’s not hard to see why CNN ratings are lower than that of Sponge Bob.

To America will never or drawn into a new war is a fantasy! It will happen and CNN’s Cuomo’s twisted ego and lies will aid our enemies.  Cuomo defends porn star a potential of graves for American troops. I’ll bet Ted Turner is rolling in his grave! Jeff Zucker you brought Cuomo with you tp CNN. Please bring CNN back to its greatness ! Get rid of the trash! America needs and want balance news. 

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