Did Christina’s Superintendent Order Code Red on John Young?

ACTION ITEM Revision Policy #01.12 Statement on Board-Staff Communication-First Read

Superintendent’s Recommendation:
It is recommended that the Christina Board of Education approve revisions to Board Policy #01.12 – Statement on Board-Staff Communication as a First Read.

Good governance requires effective communication between the Board and the
Superintendent. Such communication should be conducive to advancing proposals for the continuing improvement of student achievement and for the proper disposition of personnel issues that occur.

Board-Superintendent relations must reflect a climate of mutual trust and respect. This
policy serves to maintain and transfer Board-Superintendent communications to reflect the
One District, One Vision, One Voice of the Board.
3. Fiscal Impact: None
4. Presented By: Board Members Harrie Ellen Minnehan and George Evans
5. Board Meeting Date: June 26, 2018

I can’t believe what I am reading! The Christina School District Superintendent Richard L Gregg brought forth the “recommendation” ! This action is a clear infringement of the power of school board members who are public elected officials. Folks this is dangerous actions on part of the superintendent ! Word on the street is the superintendent wants to block John Young and other opposing board members from having access to information about some of the district’s shady business. This action of the superintendent suggest he is hiding something!

Our state and local legislator need to wake up and smell the coffee because I believe the district is hiding something big. And as far as board members wanting more detailed information before voting on an action items THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOBS. 


17 responses to “Did Christina’s Superintendent Order Code Red on John Young?

  1. Every action item comes as a “superintendent’s recommendation” The item was offered by Mr. Evans, not Mr. Gregg.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Well if any board policy needs to change perhaps its the one where every board commendation that didn’t originate with the super should default to superintends recommendation. Also, if the super real wants transparency he should speak out he opposes such action. This policy will damage trust and faith in Christina School District. We elected board members to represent the people and pulling down the shade to transparency is shameful.


  2. There is a sense of irony here. People are screaming about the ability for information that could be blocked. One of them is John Young. But if you disagree with him on something he has no qualms about blocking you on Facebook. I guess censorship goes both ways.


    • Kevin, that’s not why you were blocked.


    • Without giving me the benefit of the doubt there is no real way to know that. We were having a disagreement over an article I posted about DSEA. Two seconds after you blocked me you put up a post about my blog “jumping the shark”. So let’s not pretend otherwise. But that wasn’t the first time. When I dared to write an article theorizing if Carney would “cremate Christina” you did the same thing. For someone who is so critical of the district you represent you tend to cherry-pick things when it is convenient for you. But when challenged, you would rather alienate than communicate. Which is how things led to this current policy.


  3. Kevin, I decided to support my friends. I’m proud of that. Nothing more.


  4. Be well Kevin.


    • Don’t get all sanctimonious with me John! You block people who call you out or disagree with you. People who thought you were a friend. You put politics and policy over friendships and don’t look back without a second thought. It is your Achilles’ heel. I wrote about a public person in education policy and even though we disagreed over the content it didn’t mean I felt anything different about the person. You took it upon yourself to throw me to the side despite years of friendship and conversation. And I’m not the only one. Not everything is black and white John. I hope one day you will realize that.


    • Furthermore, if I even believe an ounce of your “I decided to support my friends” you would have jumped to your friend’s defense when Kilroy was posting tons of stuff on Facebook about that friend. But no, you stayed silent. You are a hypocrite.


    • kilroysdelaware

      Yo bitch don’t be dragging Kilroy into this 🙂 lol. John and I have had our disagreements and because with have mutual respect for each other we keep it on the sidebar, As for MM yes I’ve been very hard on him and bait him out. He and I have our sidebars to the point getting down in the dirt. He has never once said he was going to block me. I have more respect for him than he might even know. I honestly feel his over the top political engagement alienates teachers and DSEA members. However, I’ve said my peace and no I didn’t give him a full apology, You see me and the professor go at it from time to time. However, I have great respect for him and his Mrs. I ‘ll admit I have an abrasive asshole style. No one have ever told me I need to make a choice between them and my views and opinions. My blog rule is keep their feet to the fire but don;t burn them. There was a time my intent was to burn Bec but I caught myself whereas I allowed my ego to take over my pride. I apologized to him in private and in public at a school board meeting. But I still dogged him on polices and positions, see my next post


    • And there have been times I’ve disagreed with you Kilroy. I still respect John and you though. And the only time I block someone is when they come after me at a personal level in public. Personal being my family. There have been many times I attempted to reach out to not just John but others in Christina prior to me posting something. But sometimes, and both you and John know this, bloggers post stuff to be proactive and prevent. It isn’t meant to cause “terror” but yes, it should cause people to be alarmed. I don’t post anything out of a vacuum. I don’t pick stuff up out of the air or some imaginary voice. It is based on real people talking. And because of a very real fear of termination, they can’t and shouldn’t be a named source. In the case John is speaking of, about Carney cremating Christina, that noise was going on for weeks prior to my publishing it. Just because John didn’t hear it doesn’t mean it wasn’t in the discussion stages. I’m not a big fan of backdoor meetings. But when I catch wind of them I think it is important to get the word out. Should teachers be concerned when I post stuff like that article? Hell yes! They should be concerned. It isn’t meant to cause panic.


    • And that’s great you and John have disagreements and are able to hash it out in sidebars. When I attempted to do the same, I was cast out. And yes, I have a right to be pissed about that.


  5. Kevin, there is no sanctimony. It’s a personal FB page, I’m sorry you feel this way. I haven’t thrown you to the side, Kevin. I’ve made choices for me. I’m sorry you can’t see that. I was on the receiving end of the terror in the form of a dozen phone calls from employees I believe in and fight for when you made your CCC post. Your blog, your control. I wish you could understand the devastation caused by your wake sometimes. While I don’t think it is necessarily your intent to cause distress to innocent third parties, it has happened and I would have hoped you’d be more reflective. All I did was remove myself from your wake. I’m not angry Kevin, I’m taking care of myself.

    I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life. I’ve apologized aplenty(sometimes far too slowly)and am working on be better about the one you are alluding to here. It’s work, but I’m willing to do it. My world is every shade of gray.

    Be well, Kevin.


    • Please John, don’t even go there. Your own blog used to do the exact same thing. And if you think for one second if Christina didn’t pass the Carney/DOE MOU that further action would not have been taken, you are sadly mistaken. I have no doubt your own words or former blog posts have caused many calls of “terror” as you put it. The difference is a matter of control. When they are your own words, you can control that conversation. When it is others, you are stumped. I am angry. Do you know how many conversations I see on other Facebook pages where I only see half the conversation because of your serial blocking? Like it or not, you are an elected official. Your opinion does matter. But when you cherry-pick who sees what, that is not being faithful to your constituents. And yes, I will say your constituents are not just your friends. Christina is a part of Delaware. And they are a major part about education discussion in Delaware. I can’t tell you what to do, but this is my advice- if you are going to publicly comment on education policy on public pages, do it as a publicly elected official and not your personal page. State Reps and Senators do that all the time. You should not be different.

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  6. Gentlemen, let’s not behave like Congressional. Committee. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. In this day of spreadsheets and electronic media I find arguments about supplying data on finance or programs from a public institution very disingenuous. What type of public body does not know how much they are spending and on what program for how many persons? The answer is the administration of the Christian School District. The Emperor has no clothes! The Superintendent. and board President want to control the flow of data to the elected board. Why bother with public meetings,, elections or audits? Just tax and spend with the Devine Right like King George did in the 1700s. No chance of a taxpayer revolt.


  7. My oh my. Padawan learner (KO) having sparring sessions with his Jedi mentors (JY and K).

    Try getting a little more ‘woke’, would you please!? Christina residents have absolutely NO TRUST that its board or district will do the right thing. Those that know this fully, have given up trying to convince those with their head in the sand. I don’t know Gregg, but I think he knows the district better than the board knows the district. Wrestling control (and I use the word control very loosely) away from the district board or certain members of the board (as much as it is needed) will fail just as much as the board has failed. The board is elected by a minority of specifically interested residents, NOT a consensus of the residents. Evans wasn’t even elected right? AND YET, he’s president of the board. Come on fellas, this is worse than a Greek tragedy.

    I am a nobody and a know nothing when it comes to the back doors and friendship networking of the ‘delaware way’ but there is no denying, by any of you, that CSD is woefully out of step with effective education. Some of it, isn’t even CSD’s fault but it IS the fault of our conflicted residents who vote for representation that does not reflect the vast majority of residents AND our democratic legislators who appeal to the unions and the social justice warriors rather than effective education.

    With that said: here’s the broken record-
    Consolidate and reorganize NCC districts to allow the interests of the residents be reflected in their district. The city of Wilmington proper, needs its own district and if the Northwest residents don’t like it, then WILMINGTON needs to figure out how to serve its residents, not the surrounding areas. Disband the current school boards (elected by a minority of residents) and create state level criteria for new state and local representation on the boards. (i.e.: state accountants on every school board, state lawyer for every board, qualified education specialist on every board, and then some local representation.) ALL local representation should be ELECTED on the same day just as other elected officials. Super’s should be elected because let’s be honest, it is a political position and school boards have been completely incompetent in acquiring appropriate district administration. CSD alone has been governed by 3 supers with highly conflicted senses of what a SUBURBAN district administration is supposed to be.


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