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WTF ! Christina School Board President Power Grab !

Christina School Board looks to limit its own access to public information , Delaware News Journal Published 10:30 a.m. ET July 11, 2018 | Updated 12:04 p.m. ET July 11, 2018

Christina School Board members voted Tuesday night to formally consider a new rule that would allow the board president to block other members from requesting information from the district.

Whatever happen to no school board member has greater authority of another?  

The proposed policy, which could be altered when it comes up again for the formal approval, would demand that board members submit all “administrative requests” to the board president, who would then choose, at his or her discretion, what was sent to the superintendent for action. 

What the FUCK ! If the superintendent and board president wants to put roadblocks for “board members” to get information can you image what information they want to hide from the public!

Those in favor of the policy say it will save district staff from performing needless, time-consuming and expensive searches for information. Those who oppose it say it will prevent elected board members from being fully informed or research controversial topics that the powers-that-be don’t want explored.

WTF ! Did we slipping into a black-hole ending up in Nazi Germany 1942 ?

The proposal was voted down on June 12 when it was first introduced by then-board president George Evans. It was re-introduced by him and then-board member Harrie Ellen Minnehan on June 26, but a vote was postponed until Tuesday. Since then, Minnehan’s term has ended.

WTF ? 

The board’s first reading of the proposed policy ended with it being approved 4-3, and it will now move on to the next stage of adoption. Board members Elizabeth Paige, John Young and Angela Mitchell voted no. Newly elected board president Meredith Griffin cast one of the “yes” votes. 

Young charged that the policy would, as written, allow the board president to act in an “arbitrary and capricious manner” and unilaterally deny or alter data requests. 

Meredith Griffin is a disservice to the community and needs to resign !

Two board members in particular — Young and Paige — are known for wanting as much information as possible before voting and have had votes tabled until they get what they want.

Let me get this right! Two board members aka elected official by the community wants to go the extra mile to do their jobs and what’s best for students and the taxpayers ?

2. Several board members have requested data. Evans said several board members have requested information from the district that required inordinate amounts of time and expense to compile, althoughhe could not provide a specific example.

“There are requests that require a great deal of work,” he said, questioning whether tying up district resources to satisfy a board member’s curiosity is worth the time and effort. 

And now you know why he is the former board president ! WTF does these people want to hide?

And what are state legislators going to do about  this obstruction of  duties of elected official aka board members?

 5. The district has a new motto. As part of its new strategic plan, the Christina School District has adopted the motto “One District, One Vision, One Voice.”

That of the board president !