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Delaware legislators ruled schools are “not” required to report offensive touching, threats to kill and serious injury to public school teachers or student!

Delaware schools no longer required to report ‘terroristic threats’ , Delaware News Journal Published 9:46 p.m. ET July 4, 2018

Delaware schools are no longer required to report offensive touching or threats to kill and seriously injure public school students or employees to the state Education Department.

A notice of the administrative change was published this week, more than six years after lawmakers eliminated both terroristic threatening and offensive touching of school employees from mandatory reporting requirements.

Tell me I am dreaming and this isn’t true ?

Schools are still required to report violent felonies as well as instances of criminal mischief and vandalism, felony theft, possession/use of alcohol, drugs and inhalants, bullying, sexual harassment, fighting and teen dating violence, state regulations say. 

But a terroristic threat could also be classified as a felony, depending on the content and whether it forces an evacuation or lockdown. Since the shooting in Florida, several students have been arrested and charged after allegedly making threats to school safety. 

Folks offensive touching is a criminal violation in Delaware. Schools may not have to report it but you as a parent and teacher has every right to contact the police and press charges.

Offensive touching, which is the most-often reported offense in Delaware schools overall, could include intentionally touching someone, knowing that the person is likely to be offended or alarmed, or intentionally striking another person with saliva, urine, feces or any other bodily fluid. 

Asked about the time lag, the department’s spokeswoman Alison May said the change is occurring now because the department noted an inconsistency with state law during its regular review of regulations.