Delaware State Legislators refuse to address Obamacare crisis by address state insurance regulations.

Yea yea it’s all President Trump’s health insurance premiums will be going up in the fall. And somehow he’ll be blamed for increases the years past.

Delaware regulates the insurance industry via the State’s Insurance Commission and state laws that govern.

Delaware state legislators still refuse to enact laws that allow citizens to purchase healthcare insurance plans across state lines. This coming fall Delaware citizens part of the healthcare exchange program will have only one choice.  

Delaware health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange

Aetna left, Highmark continuing to offer plans; 25% average rate increase based on elimination of CSR funding and lack of mandate enforcement

One choice “Highmark” ! As far as the elimination of the “mandate” ! Too bad! Obama had no business dictating to citizens they “must” purchase healthcare insurance through his unsustainable plan and noncompetitive plans.

Delaware legislators refuse to allow citizens the right to purchase healthcare insurance plans across state line. Delaware legislators refuse to promote competition that would help drive-down costs.  

Delaware legislators refuse to require themselves and all state-workers to go through the exchange. Why can the taxpayers paying for healthcare for state legislators get the same rates ?  Why are taxpayer burden with paying for legislators healthcare and their own? Where is single payer healthcare for all in Delaware ?

You’ll see! DSEA leaders will be one of the first blaming President Trump for increase healthcare cost but fail to call for fair share healthcare plans that include teachers and the public.

If Obamacare is good enough for the people it should be good enough for Delaware State Legislators.


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