Delaware liberals love affair will illegal immigrants! Yet Delaware homeless can’t set up tents on public property. And then there is DSEA

At the end of the day it’s all about human right and who controls those rights.

I for one, want secured borders and enforcement of immigration laws. HOWEVER, I am for the wall with one condition. All those illegally in American that are non-felony criminals in America or their home country can stay and given a pathway to citizenship.  We must secure the border before moving ahead with this plan.

Back to human rights in America! I don’t condone the defense of illegal immigrants. However, when you have labor leaders such as that of DSEA engaging in issues clearly centered on political bias, I have a problem. Using issues impacting such civil rights issues as a front for political advancement is a disgrace and its disheartening to see these people in jobs serving children. DESA leaders have alienated their own membership who happens to be Republican casting them as second-class members. Where is DSEA leadership leading groups into community serving homeless children and young adults? Did DSEA leadership organize members to open their homes to children of illegal immigrant parents where some are justifiably detained. Such as repeat offenders? In no means am I bashing union members! I support unions for the sake of due process. My dad was a union activist back in the 50’s and early 60’s. It cost him career advancement whereas he remained a grunt. As was happen doing so with no regrets. My point is , taking membership dues  and advancing bias political agendas while alienating members of the opposing political party ! Never in my over 20 years of engagement of educational issues have I seen a DSEA leader stand on such an egotistic self-serving politically bias platform. NEVER ! And yes , I know DSEA traditional is left leading. But former leaders have been more tactful and less disrespectful. The differences comes down class or ass! I hope Wilmington Charter School teachers move towards organized labor takes notice. They would be better off not funneling money to DSEA but rather build financial resources to ensure they have the means to be strong within. Being part of a politically bias group outside the scope of education is a poor path to solidarity. 

As far as homeless in Delaware, why can’t they setup tents on public property and why can’t law enforcement patrol those camps to protect these citizens? Why are the homeless citizens taking a backseat to non citizens aka illegals entering America illegally? BECAUSE YOU CAN”T BLAME TRUMP!

Then there is “Black Lives Matter” ! Yea ! Black Lives only matter when we get close to election time. Generation after generation of minority children have been failed by public school and may charter school systems. I am not saying teachers! I am saying systems. We hear , “we need more money to better serve minority children”. It hasn’t been working! Title 1 for an example went for targeted assistance for high poverty children to a school-wide system that serves all within. We allow teachers who receive poor evaluations on the verge of loosing their jobs to VT to other schools. Most often those school are high-poverty and high-minority schools. Poverty within public education has become an  “industry” that creates more jobs with more managers than needed. Obvious more community based education programs and year-round education services are needed. Traditional summer schools at public schools are nothing more than running mice on a treadmill. What about the disparities in managerial positions with state positions?

Criminal justice systems in Delaware. Police have become the enemy and prison have become dogs.  Talk about separating children from parents! OMG ! Delaware does that we’ll with its criminal justice system. More affluent whites and blacks buy their way out of jail whereas, poor blacks can’t. How many mom’s and children are separated by low-level drug offenses? Illegal entering this country over and over are defending by the white majority in this country demanding housing for families while illegal parents are criminally processed whereas most are released in America while waiting for further court appearances with NO $$$ Bail! Meantime, poor naturalized citizens busted for misdemeanors must pay bail or stay in jail separated from their children! Yea yea !! They broke the law and that’s what they get! So why doesn’t this apply to illegal  immigrants?   

Currently in Delaware and America black America and homeless America don’t mean shit! The war is on Trump and the battle field is now opposing Trump and defending illegal immigrants! Hang in there black Delaware and America! The tide will turn as elections get closer but you might have to wait until 2020. Sorry homeless people MM’s back yard is for his pleasure not your tent.        


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