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Iranian Rial drop 100,000 to 1 U.S. dollar. Is a new Revolution coming to Iran?

Iran’s currency plunges to record low as US sanctions loom Rial has lost half its value since April amid weak economy and big demand for dollars by Iranians fearful of sanctions / Alzeera 

Iran’s currency has plunged to another record low, dropping past 100,000 rials to the US dollar, as Iranians brace for August 7 when the United States is due to reimpose the first batch of sanctions on their economy.

Yea yea Liberals say Americans suffer at the hands of President Trump! However , the good people of Iran real suffer at the hands of the Iranian government who controls their daily lives and “freedom”. Man-up Iranian men




The Iranian people are good people! Damn shame their government wants them to be sheep

Iran is crumbling from within! Keep the pressure on President Trump @realDonaldTrump

Delaware Dems busting on Trump needs to clean their own house !

Complaint filed to uncover Gov. Carney’s hidden Rodney Square bus hub emails , Delaware News Journal Published 6:00 a.m. ET July 26, 2018

The Coalition to Keep Bus Service on Rodney Square filed a complaint this week asking the Department of Justice to step in and order the emails be uncovered. 

“Governor Carney’s action in blacking out over 100 pages of emails regarding bus stops at Rodney Square does not promote governmental transparency, does not inform the electorate and deprives the public the ability to observe and monitor the decisions made by the Governor … ” the coalition wrote in an email on Monday. 

The letter was signed by over 55 advocates including state Rep. John Kowalko; New Castle County Recorder of Deeds Michael Kozikowski; Paula A Maiorano, chair of the Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow DE; members of the Delaware Coalition for Open Government, and others.

As many Democratic elected officials spin their wheels about their dislike of President Trump their own responsibilities to Delawareans takes a backseat. Not joining Rep. Kowalko demanding Governor Carney to open his E-mails demonstrates democrats only want transparency to apply to republicans.  

Odyssey Charter School board of directors are circumventing state finance law

“Each district and charter school shall post on its web site by September 1, 2009, and every 3 months thereafter a check register indicating the recipient of each check issued by the school district or charter school, the amount of the check, and identifying information regarding the check sufficient to permit members of the public to seek additional information regarding the payment in question. The only information excepted from inclusion in this database shall be records that would not constitute public records under § 10002 of Title 29, and records for which the disclosure would violate any federal or state law.”

Go to Odyssey Charter School’s web-page “Financial Reports & Tax Returns”   and go down page to  Transparency of District Fiances “State of Delaware Online Checkbook”.  They set you up for an endless games of Where’s $$$$ Waldo. The put you in a link to the state’s online checkbook without search by school mode. The LAW state “each district and charter school shall post on its web site by September 1, 2009 and every 3 months thereafter a check register indicating the recipient of each check issues by the school district or charter school”. The law doesn’t say just link you webpage to the state’s checkbook registry. It’s hard to believe their board consists  of lawyers and financial people  

House Bill No.21 requires that financial reports be posted on all public school web pages. The format of the report has been established by the Delaware Department of Education. Questions about Odyssey Charter School’s report may be directed to George Righos

Why is Odyssey finance director making making it hard for the taxpayer see their checkbook registry required by law ? 

Odyssey Charter School Students are pawns in administrative money grab

Odyssey Charter School board struggles to cope after president Dimitrios Dandolos steps down , Delaware News JournalPublished 7:00 a.m. ET July 20, 2018

Longtime headmaster Nick Manolakos, who had been the sole administrator, made about $165,450 a year before the board voted not to extend his contract past its end date of June 30. 

Big mistake pushing Manolakos out! It just goes to show you, even the best employees are disposable. Manolakos is a longtime Delaware educator who has great passion for education and serving children. He has been the heart and soul of Odyssey who ensured fair and open student admission practices.    

Odyssey Charter School parents and teachers have been packing board meetings this summer to question the hiring of a new co-administrator, the convening of committee meetings with little public notice and the resignation of a board president rumored to be in line for a full-time job. 

Obviously parents are being kept in the dark like clueless sheep and the board must feel its no of their business!

In June, they demanded to know why the board hired a second administrator at $150,000, plus a $7,500 signing bonus to cover health expenses. He will share control of the school with Denise Parks, who will also make $150,000. 

Somewhere is all of this there is political ass kissing 

The jobs were not advertised and stakeholders didn’t know about the change in leadership, they said.

Its new co-leadership model is unusual among Delaware schools, most of which have a single head of school, but more common in other parts of the country. 

Stoeckicht previously served as president and CEO for Innovative Schools and had been working for the school as a consultant on financial and other matters. His contract was about to end, but in 2018 Odyssey already had paid him $92,311 for his services, according to Delaware Open Checkbook

Bingo !!!!!!! Innovative schools ! “Financial and other matters”. One would think all of this would be noted on the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee meeting minutes. If note committee members are failing at their jobs. What were the “other matters” ? How to overthrow Manolakos? 

“In the last four months, a lot of surprises have occurred with this board,” said Jon Stewart, Odyssey’s facilities manager, talking to the board at Wednesday’s regular meeting.

Odds are the next surprise is termination of your job Jon. Pretty bold of you making this comment! But thank you for showing a sense of integrity.  

When several staff members said June 4 that they were concerned about the quick hiring, the personnel committee’s LeGrow said that in an ideal world they would have had a nationwide search.

“But we aren’t living in that ideal world,” LeGrow said June 4. “The reality of the situation is we’re up against a timeframe, that didn’t, in our view, as a committee, allow us to perform that search.”

At the end of the day it will be teachers, students and parents suffering because Odyssey’s financial positioning is taking a negative turn. Also. one must question the personal morals of the board of director who appears to be serving an outside political influence   

I urge Odyssey’s teachers to consider unionizing to protect themselves and students from a board of directors who appear to be putting politics before student and staff needs. I am not the biggest fan of DSEA but it might be time to reach-out.

Odyssey charter school board of directors is taking Odyssey down a wrong path and for-sure at no fault of the teachers  quality education services will erode.

I urge Odyssey parents to organize a PTO that they control and focused on real share decision-making. Don’t be clueless sheep for a self-serving board of directors.  

Compromise on starting Delaware public school after Labor Day

I’ve been living in Sussex County for a year now and can see the impact of losing summer seasonal labor negatively impacting local business.

A few years ago Delaware State Representative Gerald Hocker was pushing legislation call for the state of Delaware public, Votech and charter schools to start their student school year “after” Labor Day. Rep Hocker is a business owner in Sussex County and relies on seasonal employee. I saw this legislation as self-serving and intruding on local school board control.  We the days of the sidewalks rolling up at Delaware beaches after Labor Day are gone. Summer season in Delaware have expanding beyond Labor Day which is healthy for Delaware’s economy.

I feel a comprise to support the business needs of Sussex County would be legislation allowing students who “wish” to remain working until after Labor Day do so with the condition they send a letter to their school from their employer verified their employment. In return the school district , votech or charter gives the student until the end of the first marking period to makeup any missed schoolwork. This way we don’t intrude on local board control and support business needs that does impact Delaware’s economy.

Red Clay’s 2018-2019 School Calendar indicates high school grades (certainly those students employed working Sussex County would be high school students)  first day is Tuesday August 28, 2018 / Also, Red Clay is closed on Friday August 31, 2018. So we’re talking 3 days where working students can request off. Newark Charter School first day for high school is Monday August 27, 2018 and they also are closed Friday August 31, 2018.

I honestly feel  this plan is a fair compromise and can work.

Time to restrict school board election to board member’s nominating district !

It makes no sense for residents living in Hockessin to vote a board member representing residents of the city if Wilmington.

The time has come to only permit residents living in a given school board nominating district to vote within that nominating district.

We need to end power grabs like Christina’s school board president is trying to pull! 

Oops my ass ! Incompetency still runs deep at the Delaware Department of Education ! And may God be on your side Secret Squirrel :)

Oops. Delaware schools do have to report terroristic threats to the education department, after all , Delaware News Journal Published 11:58 a.m. ET July 12, 2018 | Updated 12:19 p.m. ET July 12, 2018 

One week after it announced schools would no longer be required to report offensive touching or threats to kill and seriously injured students or employees to the state, the Delaware Department of Education has reversed course. 

Clueless ant brains !

Follow up blogg post from this one:

Delaware legislators ruled schools are “not” required to report offensive touching, threats to kill and serious injury to public school teachers or student! Posted on  | 1 Comment | Edit

Did Christina’s Superintendent Order Code Red on John Young?

ACTION ITEM Revision Policy #01.12 Statement on Board-Staff Communication-First Read

Superintendent’s Recommendation:
It is recommended that the Christina Board of Education approve revisions to Board Policy #01.12 – Statement on Board-Staff Communication as a First Read.

Good governance requires effective communication between the Board and the
Superintendent. Such communication should be conducive to advancing proposals for the continuing improvement of student achievement and for the proper disposition of personnel issues that occur.

Board-Superintendent relations must reflect a climate of mutual trust and respect. This
policy serves to maintain and transfer Board-Superintendent communications to reflect the
One District, One Vision, One Voice of the Board.
3. Fiscal Impact: None
4. Presented By: Board Members Harrie Ellen Minnehan and George Evans
5. Board Meeting Date: June 26, 2018

I can’t believe what I am reading! The Christina School District Superintendent Richard L Gregg brought forth the “recommendation” ! This action is a clear infringement of the power of school board members who are public elected officials. Folks this is dangerous actions on part of the superintendent ! Word on the street is the superintendent wants to block John Young and other opposing board members from having access to information about some of the district’s shady business. This action of the superintendent suggest he is hiding something!

Our state and local legislator need to wake up and smell the coffee because I believe the district is hiding something big. And as far as board members wanting more detailed information before voting on an action items THEY ARE DOING THEIR JOBS. 

WTF ! Christina School Board President Power Grab !

Christina School Board looks to limit its own access to public information , Delaware News Journal Published 10:30 a.m. ET July 11, 2018 | Updated 12:04 p.m. ET July 11, 2018

Christina School Board members voted Tuesday night to formally consider a new rule that would allow the board president to block other members from requesting information from the district.

Whatever happen to no school board member has greater authority of another?  

The proposed policy, which could be altered when it comes up again for the formal approval, would demand that board members submit all “administrative requests” to the board president, who would then choose, at his or her discretion, what was sent to the superintendent for action. 

What the FUCK ! If the superintendent and board president wants to put roadblocks for “board members” to get information can you image what information they want to hide from the public!

Those in favor of the policy say it will save district staff from performing needless, time-consuming and expensive searches for information. Those who oppose it say it will prevent elected board members from being fully informed or research controversial topics that the powers-that-be don’t want explored.

WTF ! Did we slipping into a black-hole ending up in Nazi Germany 1942 ?

The proposal was voted down on June 12 when it was first introduced by then-board president George Evans. It was re-introduced by him and then-board member Harrie Ellen Minnehan on June 26, but a vote was postponed until Tuesday. Since then, Minnehan’s term has ended.

WTF ? 

The board’s first reading of the proposed policy ended with it being approved 4-3, and it will now move on to the next stage of adoption. Board members Elizabeth Paige, John Young and Angela Mitchell voted no. Newly elected board president Meredith Griffin cast one of the “yes” votes. 

Young charged that the policy would, as written, allow the board president to act in an “arbitrary and capricious manner” and unilaterally deny or alter data requests. 

Meredith Griffin is a disservice to the community and needs to resign !

Two board members in particular — Young and Paige — are known for wanting as much information as possible before voting and have had votes tabled until they get what they want.

Let me get this right! Two board members aka elected official by the community wants to go the extra mile to do their jobs and what’s best for students and the taxpayers ?

2. Several board members have requested data. Evans said several board members have requested information from the district that required inordinate amounts of time and expense to compile, althoughhe could not provide a specific example.

“There are requests that require a great deal of work,” he said, questioning whether tying up district resources to satisfy a board member’s curiosity is worth the time and effort. 

And now you know why he is the former board president ! WTF does these people want to hide?

And what are state legislators going to do about  this obstruction of  duties of elected official aka board members?

 5. The district has a new motto. As part of its new strategic plan, the Christina School District has adopted the motto “One District, One Vision, One Voice.”

That of the board president !

Delaware legislators ruled schools are “not” required to report offensive touching, threats to kill and serious injury to public school teachers or student!

Delaware schools no longer required to report ‘terroristic threats’ , Delaware News Journal Published 9:46 p.m. ET July 4, 2018

Delaware schools are no longer required to report offensive touching or threats to kill and seriously injure public school students or employees to the state Education Department.

A notice of the administrative change was published this week, more than six years after lawmakers eliminated both terroristic threatening and offensive touching of school employees from mandatory reporting requirements.

Tell me I am dreaming and this isn’t true ?

Schools are still required to report violent felonies as well as instances of criminal mischief and vandalism, felony theft, possession/use of alcohol, drugs and inhalants, bullying, sexual harassment, fighting and teen dating violence, state regulations say. 

But a terroristic threat could also be classified as a felony, depending on the content and whether it forces an evacuation or lockdown. Since the shooting in Florida, several students have been arrested and charged after allegedly making threats to school safety. 

Folks offensive touching is a criminal violation in Delaware. Schools may not have to report it but you as a parent and teacher has every right to contact the police and press charges.

Offensive touching, which is the most-often reported offense in Delaware schools overall, could include intentionally touching someone, knowing that the person is likely to be offended or alarmed, or intentionally striking another person with saliva, urine, feces or any other bodily fluid. 

Asked about the time lag, the department’s spokeswoman Alison May said the change is occurring now because the department noted an inconsistency with state law during its regular review of regulations.


Kevin O is lighting CSD Fireworks on the 4th

Christina Board President’s Unprecedented Power Grab Is Fascist In Nature

A new board policy under review for the Christina Board of Education would give their Board President an overwhelming amount of power and weaken their board considerably.

Current Board President George Evans and former board member Harrie Ellen Minnehan put forth a proposed policy which would limit the ability of all board members except the President in dealing with anyone in the district.