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Charter School of Wilmington needs radical leadership change ASAP or kneel before DSEA! @project_veritas

Charter School of Wilmington educators vote to join Delaware State Education Association , The News Journal Published 4:28 p.m. ET June 4, 2018

In a statement, CSW President Sam Paoli did not respond to questions about why teachers might want union representation but said he will respect the outcome of the vote. 

 “While we do not think the choice was best for the school and its stakeholders, we remain committed to ensuring that CSW continues its legacy of academic rigor and remaining the best high school in Delaware,” he said. “To that end, we are focused on bringing the CSW community together in a unified effort to foster the culture of inclusiveness, excellence and, achievement that our students and parents expect and perpetuate.” 

Apparently you have a serious defective in your thought process and you clearly expose the CSW model is that teachers aren’t stakeholders.  

The union discussion has been ongoing at Charter School of Wilmington. In a May 2017 letter to staff, Paoli and the school’s board questioned whether or not DSEA had charter school educators’ best interests at heart.  

With the new DSEA’s leadership political posture that clearly suggest a political bias to the”extreme” liberal left the victory is sweet! If there were a medal of honor for union leaders MM would receive one. CSW represents everything unions hate about elite charter schools.  If CSW moves under the umbrella of DSEA the domino effect will begin. Other charter schools will fall.

My recommendation to John C and the other board members is to embrace a close shop union and create a healthy environment of due process for all staff not just teachers. If you don’t build a capacity of trust and real partnership the mother ship DSEA will have the hooks in CSW. Better make some leadership changes A.S.A.P in good faith.  Go with the other Sammy with the red tie. 

Paoli and the school’s board said joining DSEA could hinder the school in its quest for academic excellence. Their letter to staff also warns that union dues or “budgetary changes resulting from additional expenses to the school that would inevitably follow unionization” may result in teachers getting paid less. 

“Regrettably, DSEA has a long history of opposing charter school efforts, and your dues would be used to support their anti-charter school agenda,” the letter says. “There is a reason that no charter school in Delaware is part of the DSEA, and we believe it is in your best interest to keep it that way.” 

Fucking clueless !! The egoistic leadership of CSW is all the reason to unionize. The ” letter” OMG! It’s like a slave-master throwing salt on an open wound he inflicted. The damage is done by the leadership and you better break out the peace-pipe before there is a union war.  CSW teachers and all staff needs due process but more importantly respect as professionals the are. When you have leaders who never walk in educators shoes you end up with just what happened. 

In a separate document, titled “Top ten reasons why DSEA is not the answer,” teachers are encouraged to vote “no union.” 

No. 5 on the list says “No matter what the DSEA says, they cannot guarantee you job security — only you can do that!” No. 10 says: “You don’t need a third party to do your talking for you.”

What next ? Is he going to go into the parking lot and bust headlights and right tickets? 

Charter school advocates say unionization can cost schools flexibility in how they do scheduling, professional development, teacher evaluations, pay and dismissals. For instance, charter schools that don’t have collective bargaining agreements can more easily replace staff that isn’t performing well. 

Kendall Massett, executive director of the nonprofit Delaware Charter Schools Network, has said in the past that it is charter schools’ flexibility that makes them successful. 

And in comes Baldwin Frankenstein! Flexibility like keeping at-risk minorities out?

I am hear to tell you ! If the CSW board don’t act now and work with a closed shop union and create real collaboration and respectful partnership the house the unibrow built will come down.

If you let MM and DSEA in the house the beginning of the end is near!